How do I search for coats of arms?
Type the surname in the scroll above and click Search.

What reference material was used when researching coats of arms?
Here’s a list of some of the main sources:

  1. Rietstap’s Armorial General; it was compiled in the late 19th century by Johan Baptiste Rietstap from the Netherlands, and contains some 130,000 blazons of European Families.
  2. Burke’s General Armory; a registry of Armorial Bearings for England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of Arms
  3. Dizionario Storico-blasonico delle famiglie nobilie notabili Italiane; probably the best resource for Italian coats of arms; it was authored by G. B. Di Crollalanza in 1886 and features about 1400 blazons.
  4. The Encyclopaedia Heraldica, 1828, by William Berry, who was the registering clerk for 15 years, for the College of Arms.
  5. A Complete Body of Heraldry, Edmondson, Joseph, 1780
  6. Grosses Wappenbuch, Johann Siebmacher’s (1605); nobility of Bavaria, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bukovina, the Baltic states, Alsace, and numerous other kingdoms and principalities on the continent…
  7. Irish Families-Edward MacLysaght , former Chief Herald of Ireland.
  8. Irish Arms-by Paul Murtaugh
  9. La Methode du Blazon-C.F. Menestrier
  10. Diccionario de Heraldica-J.A. Schnieper, one of our Spanish resources.
  11. Armorial Lusitano-a Portuguese resource, by Zairol
  12. Bolton’s American Armory-Charles Knowles Bolton, American Heraldry
  13. L’Heraldique Napoleonienne-Philippe Lamarque

Hundreds of other reference books were also used.