Electronic PDF
Delivery Method: Email
Paternal OR Maternal: $350
Paternal AND Maternal: $540
Hardcover Leatherbound Book
Delivery Method: Real Mail
Paternal OR Maternal: $600
Paternal AND Maternal: $790
What's included in the report?

Pedigree chart (“family tree”) showing your relatives as far back into as history as records allow


Photographs of people, places, and graves/tombstones


Records associated with relatives(ex. census, marriages, birth, death)

Information meaning, origin, and history, of your surname

Identification if coats of arms associated with your surname

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New information and stories you didn’t know about your family

Reasons to Purchase a Report​

Research conducted by professional genealogists with +25 years of experience.


Being a small family-owned company, we can give your report the personalized attention it deserves.


Makes for a great keepsake to pass down to future generations of the family.

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Makes for an interesting item to bring to the next family reunion.


Makes for a unique Christmas, birthday, or wedding present.

The cost can be split with another family member.


Sample reports available upon request.

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Real Testimonials

"John, thank you so much for recommending your genealogical service by Tammy E. She produced a very professional report on our Family Tree and did it in an amazingly short time! The beautifully formatted pages with filigree, provide table of contents, family member groupings, pedigree/ancestral charts, photos, many references and an index of individuals. The whole package just seems to say 'grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the details---all 106 pages!' It was money well spent! Thank you again."
William D. from California, November 2018
"I had a wonderful experience with COADB. The genealogy reports I ordered were specifically tailored with my requests and presented the data in various formats that were helpful based on what you were looking for including locations of birth, alphabetical, by generation, and the standard family tree. I also had a specific request about a family coat of arms for one side of my genealogy, they provided in depth research and two potential examples of coat of arms that may have been part of my family. The customer service experience was excellent. They made the experience personal for me and even provided me some additional information that I would not have thought to ask for. I highly recommend working with COADB, their small company provided a great experience for me.​"
Carina H. from Connecticut, February 2019