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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

(Reynold, co. Bedford). Ar. on a bend az. betw. two greyhounds courant bendways sa. three Cornish choughs or. Crest—A pewit's head ar. collared sa. wings endorsed bendy of four or and sa.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Scroggs Coat of Arms and Family Crest

Scroggs Meaning, Origin and Etymology
While it is possible that the name Scroggs derives from the Middle English ‘scrag’, a nickname for a person of scrawny stature in medieval times, it is generally considered that the name is locational and Scottish and comes from the lands of Scrogges in Stobo, Peeblesshire, where a family seat was held from the 12th century. The name likely came from the word ‘scrog’ meaning a stunted shrub, bush or branch, possibly relating to a particular plant at the residence.

During the middle ages there was an increase in people relocating for work, and as such it was common to use one’s place of origin as a surname for ease of identification. It is likely that this was the main contributor to the dispersal of the name.

Variations of the name Scroggs include, but are not limited to: Scrogges, Scrogs, Scruggs, Scroggis, Scroggin and Scroggins. Related names which may be of similar etymological origin include: Scrouggs, Scoggs, Scraggs, Screggs, Scrugga, Scriggs and Scroogs.

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
Some 2,348 people in the world bear the name Scroggs, making this unusual surname the 158,127th most popular on earth today. Though the name is generally considered to be Scottish, only 26 Scottish people currently carry the name. It is far more popular in the United States, with 2,037 reported cases. The spread is fairly even over the USA, but the highest incidence is in the state of Georgia, where 311 residents proudly bear their small, bushy surname.

Early Bearers
The earliest recording of any variation of the name belongs to Robert de Scrogges, and comes from the ‘Records of Peeblesshire’ from 1208 during the reign of King William ‘The Lion’ of Scotland. Later Adam of Skrogges, burgess of Haddington, and William del Skogges of Peeblesshire were recorded rendering homage in 1296. The ‘Scrag’ variations are found with the christening of Danyell Scragg in London, 1558; the marriage of Alexander Scrag and Jean Black in Aberdeen, 1656; and the christening of An Scragg in London, 1687.

History, Genealogy and Ancestry
One John Scroggs was born in 1723 in Edinburgh, Scotland and married 3 times: Eleanor Jane McDuff, Sarah Carter and Margaret Thompson around 1751 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. With Margaret, he had the following issue: John, Jeremiah, Margaret and David. His son John was born in Cumberland County in 1752, and married Margaret Hill. They had a son, Hiram, in 1798. Hiram Scroggs married Jemima and they had a son together, Decatur L. Scroggs, in 1845.

Moses L Scroggs was born in 1827 in an unknown location and married Harriette Stacy in 1850. He died in 1857 in Iredell, North Carolina. He and Stacy had 3 children including Moses Rollin Lloyd Scroggs, who married Nancy McKoy. They had a son, Roland Lloyd, in 1856 in North Carolina.

Early Settlers
There is a record of a Sydney Malet Scroggs landing in Wellington, New Zealand, aboard the ship ‘Brougham’ in 1842.

We have 1 coat of arms for the Scroggs surname depicted here. This blazon is from Bernard Burke’s book The General Armory of England, Ireland, and Scotland, which was published in 1848. The bottom of this page contains the blazon, and some historical, geographical, and genealogical information about where the coat of arms was found and who bore it.

Notable people through history who carry the surname Scroggs include Sir William Scroggs (1623-1683), who presided as Lord Chief Justice of England during the ‘Popish Plot’ conspiracy; and William A. Scroggs (1896-1984), the founder of the ‘Kappa Kappa Psi’ fraternity at Oklahoma State University. Disclaimer: Parents carrying the name Scroggs should not be limited to ‘William’ when naming future heirs.

Scroggs Coat of Arms Meaning

See glossary for symbol meaning.

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