Selby Coat of Arms

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selby coat of arms, selby family crest
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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Biddleaton, co. Northumberland; descended from Sir Walter de Selby, temp. Henry III.). (Winlaton, co. Durham, and Swizel, co. Northumberland). Barry of eight sa. and or, quartering Perchat, Lounde, Fauconberg, Darcy, and Tuite. Crest—A Saracen's head ppr. wreathed about the temples or and sa. Motto—Semper sapit suprema.
2) (Whitehouse, co. Durham, bart., extinct 1668; Sir George Selby, Bart., of Whitehouse, son of Sir William Selby, Knt., of Winlaton, same co., and grandson of William Selby, Sheriff of Newcastle 1564, was ao created 1664, d. 1668, leaving a soil, Sir George Selby, second bart., who d. within an hour after his father). (Denmark; borne by Charles Borre Selby, Baron de Selby, of that kingdom, aon of the late Charles Joseph, Barom de Selby, third son of Thomas Selbt, Esq., of Biddleston). Barruly or and az.
3) (the Mote, co. Kent; an ancient family, seated at that place at an early period; the direct male line of this knightly family terminated with Sir William Selby, Knt., who devised the Mote to George Selby, Esq., of London). (The Mote, co. Kent; descended from George Selby Esq., to whom the Mote was devised by Sir William Selby, Knt.; the said George Selby, Sheriff co. Kent, 24 Charles I., d. 1667, leaving two sons: 1) William Selby, of the Mote, whose grandson, William Selby, devised the Mote to his kinsman, John Browne; and II. Sir Henry Selby, Knt., Serjeant-at-law, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Richard Amherst, Esq., of Bayhall, and d. 1715, leaving (with a son Charles, of Bayhall, who assumed the name of Amherst, and d. s. p. in 1745), a dau. Dorothy, wife of John Browne, and mother of John Browne, who succeeded to the Mote under the will of William Selby, Esq., and assumed by Act of Parliament, in 1784, the name of Selby; his son Thomas Selby, Esq., of the Mote, d. March, 1820, leaving, by Elizabeth, his wife, to whom he bequeathed the Mote, dau. of Robert Walford, co. Essex, a son. Rev. Charles Bridge Selby, who at his decease in August, 1820, left a son, Thomas Selby, Esq., who succeeded to the estate of Whitley, under the will of his kinsman, Thomas Walford, Esq., in 1833). Barry of eight or and sa.
4) (Whitley and Wimbish Hall, co. Essex, representative and male heir of Selby, of the Mote, co. Kent; Thomas Selby, Esq. of Whitley and Wimbish Hall, co. Essex, only son of the Rev. Charles Bridge Selby, who was disinherited by his father, Thomas Selby, Esq., of the Mote, co. Kent, represents the old family of Selby, of Twizell, and ia ninth in a direct descent from William Selby, of Branxton, who purchased Twizell, temp. Henry VIII. There were several knights of thia family, viz.: Sir John Selby, of Twizell, Gentleman Porter of Berwick, temp. Elizabeth; Sir Willism Selby, of the Mote, M.P.; Sir Ralph Selby of Twizell; Sir William Selby, of Branxton; Sir John Selby, M.P. for Berwick; and Sir Henry Selby, Knt., Serjeant-at-law, whose great-great-great-grandson was Thomas Selby, Esq., of Whitley and Wimbiah Hall). (London; John Thomas Selbty Esq., was only surviving son, by Teresa his wife, sister of Charles, fifteenth Earl of Shrewsbury, of Robert Selby, Esq., fifth son of Thomas Selby, Esq., of Biddleston). Barry of ten or and sa. Crest—A Saracen's head ppr. Motto—Fort et loyal.
5) (Twizell House, co. Northumberland). Barry of ten or and sa. Crest—A Saracen's head ppr. Motto—Fort et loyal.
6) (Yearle, co. Northumberland). Barry of eight sa. and or. Crest—A Saracen’s head ppr. Motto—Semper sapit suprema.
7) (Swanafield, Alnwick, co. Northumberland). Barry of eight or and sa. Crest—A Saracen’s head affrontee couped at the shoulders ppr. wreathed about the temples or and sa.
8) (co. Hereford). Per chev. sa. and erm. in chief two mullets ar.
9) (co. Kent). Barry of twelve or and az.
10) (co. Kent). Barry of fourteen or and sa.
11) Ar. a Saracen's head ppr. wreathed gu. a chief per pale or and az.

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