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Our staff writers produce occasional articles of interest to the general heraldry community, they can be found below. Please get in touch if you would like to suggest a subject for a future article.

Heraldry. And what it might mean to you.

Is there such a thing as a family crest? No! And yes… America is a country of immigrants. We have removed ourselves from every country and nations on Earth to live in The United States of America. It has long been a strength of the USA anyone can become anything they are willing to work […]

Heraldy Explained

The History of Heraldry Heraldry is both a study of history and of war. What we think of as a family coat-of-arms was, in fact, used to tell the other man exactly who it was they faced across the killing ground. It started out as the Medieval way of identifying an individual on the battlefield […]

Historical Timeline of Western European Surnames

Historical Timeline of Western European Surnames This is an attempt to introduce the reader to the wonderful world of surnames, the study of which, is a fascinating glimpse into both human and societal evolution. With a goal towards being specific this article will stick primarily to Western European naming traditions and how those traditions have […]