About the Company was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating a central location where hundreds of thousands of real, historical coats of arms can be viewed for free.

Your surname and your family’s coat of arms are important links between the past and the present that help you understand your roots. That’s why we offer a genealogy research service to trace your ancestry to help determine which coat of arms was associated with your family.

We also supply a wide choice of products – you can order t-shirts, hoodies, posters, pillows, mugs, and stickers with your family crest printed on them.

We work closely with our fulfillment service,, who handles all our order processing and shipping from their three strategically located facilities in California, North Carolina, Mexico, and Latvia.

About the Owner

John Lehman holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and Economics, having graduated Summa Cum Laude from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan on an academic scholarship. John was also awarded membership into Phi Beta Kappa, America’s most prestigious honor’s society.

He also holds a Master of Arts in Economics from the same university, also on academic scholarship. His cumulative grade point average GPA was 3.95.

John has worked for over 11 years as a Cost/Price Analyst for the United States Department of Defense, helping to audit sole-source proposals from some of the world’s largest defense contractors. John served as lead negotiator on hundreds of contracts, several valued at over $2 billion dollars. John was selected as the Army Contracting Command’s Outstanding Price Analyst (Major Weapons Systems) in government fiscal year 2016.

John has also been active in the print-on-demand industry since 2002, having generated over $4M in revenue for companies such as Zazzle and Cafepress.

John resides with his wife and two children in metro Detroit.

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