About Us

COADB.com was founded in 2015 with the goal of creating a central location where hundreds of thousands of real, historical coats of arms can be viewed for free.

Your surname and your family’s coat of arms are important links between the past and the present that help you understand your roots. That’s why we offer a genealogy research service to trace your ancestry to help determine which coat of arms was associated with your family.

We also supply a wide choice of products – you can order t-shirts, posters, pillows, mugs, canvas prints, and face masks with your family crest printed on them. There are more products to come in the future.

We work closely with our fulfillment service, Printify.com, who handles all our order processing and shipping from their three strategically located facilities around the world.


About the Owner and Genealogist


‘Passion is energy, feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.’

This quote represents a certain ideology, an ideology that Tammy Eledge has embodied in her life. Hailing from Kansas and making huge strides in the Technological industry, she graduated from Southeast Community College in Milford, Nebraska with an Associates in Computer Programming Technology degree. Currently, she has 15 years’ worth of experience in Software development and implementation which she has used admirably in her business.

Tammy is the current owner and the genealogist here at COADB.com and has been in this industry of genealogical research and customer service since 1990 and in 2010 she switched to genealogy research for full time. She began working with COADB.com in 2018 and has expanded her knowledge of genealogy into heraldry research as well. 

Her interests being reading, genealogy, researching, and spending time with family also align with her current business venture. She is independent, fearless, and is confident in herself and the work she does. She knows fully well when to take the reins and when to let them go. Her passion and her business combined have truly made her a force to be reckoned with.

Tammy knows both Hardware and Software technology. She uses her knowledge expertly to cater to her customers both virtually and in written format when presenting them with online family trees or Genealogical reports. She has made sure that each experience she has gained in life is impactful and meaningful and this is seen with the way she has arranged and lived her life till now.

Although she is now the owner of COADB.com and is happy with her research and work in Genealogy, she has reached this place in life through extremely hard work. Her beginnings are humble like all others, from a cook, to waitress, bartender, manager, convenience store clerk, customer service associate and so on. She has worked hard and done her best in each position, slowly and steadily working her way up. She has veritable skills in project management, employee training/coaching as well.

Tammy Eledge is the go-to person for Genealogy. Her knowledge on that subject and all things technical is unparalleled. She is one of a kind individual working to achieve and spread her knowledge holistically in the world.

She currently resides in Waldo, Kansas with her two children and grandchild. 

If you’d like connect with her, please contact her at tammy@coadb.com

About our Founder:  Our founder John Lehman resides in Michigan with his family.  He had a vision in 2015 to bring heraldry and genealogy to as many people that he possibly could.  Today his legacy will live on through COADB.com. 

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