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A leading historical coat of arms site, COADB.com, was launched in 2015. It provides access to hundreds of thousands of coats of arms, surname histories, genealogy research, and much more.

The coat of arms of your family and your surname are links between the past and the present that help you learn more about your roots. That’s why we are the only coat of arms company to offer a genealogy research service to trace your ancestry to help determine which coat of arms was associated with your family.

We also supply a wide choice of products – you can order t-shirts, posters, pillows, mugs, canvas prints, and much more with your family crest printed on them. There are more products to come in the future.

We work closely with our fulfillment service, which handles our merchandise order processing and shipping from their strategically located facilities around the world.


About the Owner and Genealogist Tammy Eledge

When one of your favorite things as a child is to fill out pedigree charts, reading old books & newspapers, visiting cemeteries, and listening to your family talk about your ancestors – you know you’re meant to be a genealogist!

Scrawling the names of her ancestors on pedigree charts, going to libraries and courthouses and searching through old books and newspapers, and recording it in a notebook in handwriting much too large and messy to fit on the lines was just the beginning of Tammy’s life-long passion for family history.

Raising two children and other priorities came first over the years, however, genealogy always remained a favorite pursuit. Working as a volunteer at the local libraries was a great help in learning to decipher antiquated handwriting and provide hours of satisfaction. Researching her British. Scottish, German & French ancestry brought new challenges to overcome as she worked to bring accuracy to her family tree with archival records, newspaper articles, and cemetery research. In 2010, she decided it was time to take her knowledge and expertise and assist others who may need their ancestors found.

She formed Eledge Family in 2010 and started assisting clients. In 2018 she joined forces with COADB providing surname research services & genealogy research. Her ownership of COADB became effective in 2020 and COADB/Eledge Family were merged. She has continued to serve as a researcher, genealogist, and family historian. Below you will find some recent reviews from actual clients that Tammy has assisted with their research!

SC – I want to give a big Thank You to Tammy for helping me with my family tree. It’s been a long journey finding out all about my ancestors and where they came from. I can’t wait for her to do another part of my family. Thank you again, Tammy 

MW – Tammy and the team at COADB are wonderful people to work with and provide a tremendous set of resources and knowledge for anyone’s genealogy research project(s). The fees are extremely reasonable given the time and effort they put into each search. It is really hard to beat from a total value standpoint. The finished product is extensive and all the data, resource findings, and support materials are included with the final report. The final report is worthy of mention since it distills the data and research into a well-laid-out presentation of a surname’s history. I cannot say enough about how satisfied I am with the end product I received.

Lola – Tammy is incredibly talented at what she does. I am blown away at how much she found in my genealogical background, and with such pristine detail! I was also taken aback at how she felt taking 2 weeks to complete this task was perhaps going slow on her end. This lady knows her craft so well and her customer service skills are impeccable! And, the cost of this was extremely reasonable! I wish I could give her more than 5 stars! She is one of a kind and I HIGHLY recommend her!

TM – I am totally and completely satisfied with my experience with COADB! Tammy was awesome in finding my Genealogy. I highly recommend COADB.. You won’t be disappointed… My thanks to Tammy.. Im so excited! 


About our Founder:  Our founder John Lehman resides in Michigan with his family.  

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