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COADB’s expert genealogists have helped thousands of families uncover their history all they way back through The Victorian Era, The Renaissance, and The Middle Ages.

Jillian, a 60-year-old grandmother from Canada, always wanted to learn more about her genealogy. Her own grandmother used to tell her that she came from a very noble family that lived in castles and accomplished great things throughout history.

With her first grandchild on the way, it would be the perfect time to fill in the blanks and ensure that their history was passed down to the next generation.

With a little input from Jillian, we traced her family history all the way back to the 1200s, discovering that her grandmother was right! She had multiple Coats of Arms in her lineage and descended from a long line of noblemen and women. Below is the story of just one of the many interesting figures that we brought back to life for Jillian and her family.

Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy was born in 1550 in Glenorchy, Argyllshire, Scotland. He was known as “Black Duncan.”

Black Duncan was knighted in 1590 and held the office of Member of Parliament in 1593. He also held the office of Hereditary Sheriff of Perthshire for life and became 1st Baronet Campbell of Glenorchy, Co. Perth (Nova Scotia) in 1625.

One of his main pursuits was building and acquiring castles. Apparently he was quite prolific in this endeavor, and ended up owning many castles and estate lands during the course of his life.

And this is only the beginning of the story!

COADB’s Genealogy Research Services didn’t stop with tracing Black Duncan’s entire life story for Jillian.

Our Expert Genealogist also found details on the Campbell lineage all the way back to the early 13th century, and multiple ancestors who had been granted Coats of Arms!

Earliest known Campbell,
Cailean Mor Caimbeul (1230-1296)

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House of Campbell
Ancient Arms

The ship on Black Duncan’s Coat of Arms symbolizes adventures at sea.

Our genealogist was able to uncover 800 years of Campbell family history!

How COADB’s Genealogy Research Works

Our goal is to give you and your family a deeper understanding of where you came from and a closer connection to your history.

Every family tree and coat of arms search begins with what the family already knows about their lineage. That is then entered into what we call a working tree.

The next step is to find any and all supporting documents to prove the next ancestor back. In the Campbell case, the family tree information was known for the first four generations.

Once all the known generations are verified with Census Records, Birth and Baptismal Records, Genealogies, books such as Burkes Family Records, and Parish Records, we move on to searching online databases as far back as they go.

After this initial search is done we can go back even further by contacting repositories such as libraries, historical societies, or archives.

In the last 16 years we’ve helped tens-of-thousands of families discover who and where they come from.

We serve families and individuals who are descended from English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, German, French, Spanish, Swiss, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Belgian, Italian, Russian, Austrian, Polish, Portuguese, and even some Eastern European countries.

Real Testimonials

“I had a wonderful experience with COADB.

Thank you, Tammy, for your amazing work on behalf of my family! Through your research, I came to know my brother as a person, rather than the icon of the family, gone too soon. It will be my sincere pleasure to recommend your company to family and friends. You have been extremely thorough and detailed. In addition, I appreciate how promptly you answered my questions and provided files according to my timeline. This has been a fabulous experience!

– Lisa H., from Nebraska, November 2023

I would give COADB 10 stars if I could. On my initial call with Tammy (owner) she couldn’t have been more patient with me and answered all of my questions. I had never traced my heritage before and had no idea the detail that goes into this type of research. She stayed in touch with me and assured me she was collecting data that I would very happy with. She was wrong, I was not happy.. I was ecstatic! She far exceeded my expectations and I was blown away by all the files she sent me. I have told family and friends (even my ex-wife) about 10 star Tammy (my nickname for her) If you are interested in your family lineage, stop looking and call COADB, you will not be sorry. I honestly, can’t wait to work with them again! Tammy – you and your company are rock stars!!!

– William B., January 2022

Woman pondering the past
Grandfather hugging his grandson

“COADB and the team were a GREAT resource in helping me find the coat of arms I was looking for.

They also went above and beyond to perform the genealogy research needed in order to identify the coat of arms. I would use them again for sure! The service provided is personal and direct and the follow through went beyond my expectations.”

– Cory L., from Massachusettes, August 2019

“I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all the work you and the rest of the folks at COADB did on this report. The little details you were able to put into the report made me feel good about it, and it will mean that much more to everyone.

It is truly going to make a wonderful gift not only for my mom but for the entire family. You have helped us recapture our history and tie us to our past in a time when everything seems to be reaping the whirlwind. I will be sure to mention how excellent you have all been on Christmas morning.”

– Joel S., from Pennsylvania, December 2019

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What you’ll get in your Genealogy Research Report:

A family Pedigree Chart created by an expert Genealogist that traces your lineage over hundreds of years and gives you the names, dates, and locations of your ancestors.

Your custom Coat of Arms Consultation provided by our own resident Heraldry Expert that gives you details about Coats of Arms that may have been granted to members of your family, if any.

We also include all Ancestral Photos & Documents that we uncover, such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, draft cards, as well as all historically significant photographs we find during our search.



$369 fee

What you receive is the lineage for ONE surname in your tree; all documents, records, manuscript pages and photos if found, and a coat of arms search for the ONE surname being researched and a direct lineage report. Lead Time is 30 to 45 days after information is received from you.


What you receive is the lineage for TWO surnames in your tree; all documents, records, manuscript pages and photos if found, and a coat of arms search for both surnames being researched and a direct lineage report. Lead Time is 45 to 60 days after information is received from you.


What you receive is the lineage for FOUR surnames in your tree; all documents, records, manuscript pages and photos if found, and a coat of arms search for the FOUR surnames being researched and a direct lineage report. Lead Time is 60 to 90 days after information is received from you.


What you receive is all documents, records, manuscript pages and photos if found for one particular ancestor in your family tree. Lead time is approx. 30 days after information is received from you.


What you receive is a report that contains the Meaning, Origin, Etymology, Spelling Variations, Early Bearers of Surname, History, Genealogy & Ancestry of the Surname, Mottoes, Grantees, Notables and Blazons (Coat of Arms Description) for the surname you choose. This report is general in nature and does not pertain to a specific family lineage but may lead to relatives who lived around the 12th century. Length of the report depends on the information found for the surname being researched. Lead Time is approx. 30 days for research of the surname.


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