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What is a Coat of Arms?

Sometime in the late 12th century when knighthood became prestigious, the concept of coat of arms was born – a heraldric emblem on a shield that celebrates the name and accomplishments of a person, a family or a country. Every coat of arms comes with a sense of royalty, honor and respect. It is a pride for a family to learn about its origins and armorial bearings. Thus arose the need to build a coat of arms library to help you search where you came from. Watch Video
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Who we are?

Welcome to COADB – We are the world’s premier research and retail website for coats of arms (sometimes known as family crests) and all things related.  We research surname histories, coat of arms, and genealogical lineage searches.  Our goal is to identify every coat of arms that was ever issued but we still have lots of research to do to identify them all.  As most coat of arms were not issued to family units and were issued to one person there could be multiple coat of arms for a single surname.  Our goal with providing genealogy research is to not only assist our customers in finding their direct lineages but to also identify if an ancestor in their lineage held a coat of arms. We are a small, family-owned and operated business based outside of Waldo, Kansas and we pride ourselves on our passion and personal service. If you have any questions, please get in touch. Thank you so much for visiting our site and sharing your journey with us.   Learn More

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What People Say

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Shane Wolfie Wiley September 09, 2020

Absolutely loved this, I thought that the other comments may be bots but in the end they truly proved to make it worth it! They took a little more than 10 days but they went much further than I ever expected and made sure to send me in-depth records for 19 generations back so far to the 1400s! So if you are thinking about it I am going to fully recommend to my friends and family.

Gary Rimmer May 05, 2020

I would highly recommend Tammy and the crew at COADB. Very professional and diligent as well as very accomodating to personal requirements , at a reasonable price. Great experience all round.

Robin Franklin

My researcher was prompt, thorough, precise, and dedicated to do as much as possible for me. I started with one ancestral name and soon had her do 3 additional names because she did such good work. I would highly recommend COADB. It’s absolutely worth it.

Lauryn Woodward

Tammy is exceptional. She is so prompt in her responses, and so diligent in her efforts. She’s done two family lines for my family now, and I strongly encourage anyone with any interest in their genealogy to utilise Coadb’s brilliant services. Couldn’t be happier.


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