How COADB’s Genealogy Research Works

Our goal is to give you and your family a deeper understanding of where you came from and a closer connection to your history.

Every family tree and coat of arms search begins with what the family already knows about their lineage. That is then entered into what we call a working tree.

The next step is to find any and all supporting documents to prove the next ancestor back. In the Campbell case, the family tree information was known for the first four generations.

Once all the known generations are verified with Census Records, Birth and Baptismal Records, Genealogies, books such as Burkes Family Records, and Parish Records, we move on to searching online databases as far back as they go.

After this initial search is done we can go back even further by contacting repositories such as libraries, historical societies, or archives.

In the last 16 years we’ve helped tens-of-thousands of families discover who and where they come from.

We serve families and individuals who are descended from English, Irish, Welsh, Scottish, German, French, Spanish, Swiss, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Dutch, Belgian, Italian, Russian, Austrian, Polish, Portuguese, and even some Eastern European countries.