D’Eyncourt Coat of Arms / Family Crest


British Isles


British Isles

Blazon description

(Lord D’Eyncourt. Waltek D’Eyncourt, & companion of the Conqueror, and cousin of Remigius, Bishop of Lincoln, who built that Cathedral, was a feudal Baron; his descendants, feudal Barons, were summoned to Parliament in 1299 and 1332; Barony carried by an heiress to Lovell). Az. a fess indented betw. ten billets or, four in chief and six in base.

(Tennyson D’Eyncourt, Bayons Manor and Usselby Hall, co. Lincoln. The Rt. Hon. Charles Tennyson, M.P., assumed the additional name and arms of D’Eyncourt, by royal licence, dated 27 July, 1835). Quarterly, 1st, az. a fesse dancettee betw. ten billets, four and six or, for D’Eyncourt; 2nd, gu. three leopards’ faces or, jessant-de-lis az. over all a bend of the last, for Tennyson; 3rd, ar. on a saltire engr. sa. nine annulets or, for Leke (Earl of Scarsdale and Baron D’Eyncourt); 4th, vair a fesse gu., for Marmion; 5th, barry of six ar. and az. a label of three points gu. on each three bezants, for Grey; 6th, az. three cinquefoils or, for Bardolph. Crests—1st, D’Eyncourt: A lion pass. guard. ar. on the head a crown of fleurs-de-lis or, the dexter fore paw supporting a shield, charged with the arms of D’Eyncourt ; 2nd, Tennyson: A dexter arm in armour, the hand in a gauntlet or, grasping a broken tilting spear, enfiled with a garland of laurel ppr. Mottoes—En avant, for D’Eyncourt. Nil temere, for Tennyson.

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