Oates Coat of Arms / Family Crest


British Isles

Blazon description

(Leeds, co. York, descended from William Oates, of Nether Denby, co. York, temp. Queen Elizabeth, whoso family had possessed landed estate in that locality from a remote period. His grandson settled at Leeds towards the close of the 17th century. The head of the family, Joseph Henry Oates, of Carr House, Meanwood, dying in 1868, that property was sold, and the local representation devolved on Mrs. Susan Oates, of Meanwoodside, Leeds only surviving daughter and heiress of Edward Grace, of St. Anne’s, Burley, Leeds, J.P.), and her surviving sons by the late Edward Oates, of Meanwoodside, younger brother of Joseph Henry aforesaid. The present William Henry Coape Oates of Langford Hall, Newark, late 97th Regt., High Sheriff of Notts, 1880, comes of the same family, whence also sprang the late Frederick William Oates, of Barlings, Lincoln, J.P., and the late Peninsular veteran, James Poole Oates, K.H., Lieut. Col. 88th Regt., Connaught Rangers). Ar. two bendlets engr. az. in ctief a cock gu. a canton erm. Crest—A cubit arm in armour ppr. charged with two bendlets engr. az. the hand grasping a dirk, the point upwards, also ppr. pommel and hilt or. Motto—Persevere, changed by some of the family for Esse quam videri and sua dextra cuique.

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