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Batson Origin:


Origins of Batson:

The surname of Batson is derived from the country of England, and is believed to stem directly from the English personal given name of “Batt,” which can be translated to mean “son of Bate,” or “son of Batt.” Both the nicknames “Batt,” and “Bate” are said to be shortened forms of the personal given name of “Bartholomew,” or from the Old English Pre 7th Century personal given name of “Bata.” The personal given name of “Bartholomew,” itself comes from the Aramaic patronymic word of “bartalmay,” which can be translated to mean “having many furrows.” Thus, the personal given name of “Bartholomew,” can be translated to mean “rich in land,” and was a very popular personal given name in the Middle Ages, both because of the luck associated with those who were given this name, and also because of St. Bartholomew. St. Bartholomew was the patron saint of tanners, vinters, and butlers, and was a popular name among the Christians of the Middle Ages, both because of the notoriety of the saint, but also because of the returning crusaders from the Holy Land. The Old English nickname of “Bata,” is said to be a nickname. It is a common element of surnames throughout Europe that many of them originally derived from nicknames, as it was a very common practice in medieval times. In the beginning, nicknames were applied to people who had distinguishing characteristics, such as moral or mental peculiarities, a similar appearance to a bird or animal, a similar disposition to a bird or animal, occupation of an individual, their habits, or their manner of dress. In the case of the nickname of “Bata,” it can be translated to mean “batt,” which can be translated to mean “cudgel.” This nickname of “Bata,” was given to a man who was stout, or thicker than most other men.


More common variations are: Bateson, Battson, Bates, Batts, Batkin, Bate, Batt, Batey, Bartle, Badson, Battsoon, Battison



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Batson can be traced to the country of England. One person by the name of Bate de Butwick was mentioned in the document known as the Hundred Rolls of the county of Lincolnshire in the year of 1273. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Edward I of England, who was known throughout the ages and commonly referred to as “The Hammer of the Scots.” King Edward I of England was such nicknames because of the trials, conquests, and horrors that he placed among the people of Scotland throughout his reign. King Edward I of Scotland ruled from the year of 1272 to the year of 1307. Other mentions of the surname of Batson within the country of England include one Martha Battson, who was the daughter of Richard Battson and Sarah Battson, and who was baptized in January of the year of 1642 in the city of London. One Thomas Bateson was recorded in the document known as the Poll Tax Records of the West Riding of Yorkshire in the year of 1659.

United States of America:

Within the United States of America, there is a sizable population of people who bear the surname of Batson, due to the large migration of people who arrived in the United States. This large movement of people was known as the European Migration. Among those who migrated to the United States of America, which at that time was known as the New World or the Colonies, was one Stephen Batson, who arrived in the state of Maine in the year of 1636.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Batson: United States 10,622; England 1,291; Australia 719; Canada 428; Barbados 364; Guyana 267; Trinidad and Tobago 208; Panama 98; Tanzania 97; Israel 82

Notable People:

Wayne Thomas Batson (born in 1968) who was a writer from the United States of America.

Ruth M. Batson (1921-2003) who was an education activist and civil rights activist from the United States of America.

Captain Matthew Arlington Batson (1866-1917) who served as a United States Army Officer, and who was the recipient of the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Philippine-American War, and who was from the United States of America.

Felix Ives Batson (1819-1871) who was a lawyer and politician, and who was very well-known, was also from the United States of America.

Daniel Batson (born in 1943) who is a social psychologist from the United States of America.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Notes: None. Blazon: Argent three bats’ wings sable on a chief gules a lion passant guardant or. Crest—A lion passant guardant argent.

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