Carruthers Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (The Mediaeval Arms of Carruthers of Mouswald 1, borne as early as the 1200s AD) Or, two chevrons engrailed sable. Source:
2) The Mediaeval Arms of Carruthers of Mouswald 1) Or, two chevrons engrailed azure. Source:
3) (Howmains, Scotland). Gu. two chev. engr. betw. three fleurs-de-lis or. Crest—A seraphim volant ppr. Motto—Promptus et fidelis. Source: Burke’s General Armory.
4) Same as above, but the crest is a cherub’s head between three pairs of wings proper. Source: Berry’s.
5) (Steward Depute of Annandale, 1672). The same Arms, within a bordure ar. Crest—A seraphin standing, vested ppr. Motto—Paratus et fidelis. Source: Burke’s General Armory.
6) (Mitchell-Carruthers, Scotland, 1876). Quarterly, 1st and 4ih, gu. two chevronels, engr. betw. three fleurs-de-lis, or, for Carruthers; 2nd and 3rd, sa. a fesse counter-embattled betw. three mascles or, for Mitchell. Crest—Dexter, Carruthers: a cherub’s head ppr.; sinister, Mitchell: St. Michael in armour, holding a spear in his right hand, face, neck, arms and legs bare, all ppr. wings ar. and hair auburn. Mottoes—Promptus et fidelis, and Virtute cresco. Source: Burke’s General Armory.
7) (The Arms of Sir Simon Carruthers of Mousewald). Gules a chevron or between three fleur-de-lis or. Source:
8) (The Arms of Sir Simon Carruthers of Mousewald). Gules a chevron argent between three fleur-de-lis argent. Source:
9) (Arms of Major John Peter Carruthers Wade)
10) (November 1965, arms were matriculated by the Reverend Arthur Stanley Carruthers).
11) January 2017 Arms granted to Dr George Carruthers by the Lord Lyon, Gules, two chevronells engrailed between in chief two fleurs-de-lys and in base a pheon Or.

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