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Eady Origin:


Origins of Eady:

This interesting and unique surname is of English origin and a nickname of the Middle English given name Edwy, from old English pre 7th Century word Eadwig, a combination of the components “ead” which means “good fortune” or “luck” and the word “wig” which means “war.” The surname is dates back to the middle of the 13th Century. More recordings consist of one Adam Eadwy (1275), in “The premium Rolls of Suffolk.” Differentiation in the spellings of the name are Eddis, Edds, Edes, Edis, Edison, Edesin, etc. The marriage of Richard Eyddes and Johanna Edley in London in 1533 and Joan Eddie married William Woode in January 1600 at St. Nicholas Cole Abbey, London. Herbert Edes named in 1606 at University College, Oxford, and Thomas, son of Thomas and Frances Eddie, named in April 1653 at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, London.


More common variations are: Eaddy, Eady, Eaday, Eadyy, Eadya, Eadye, Eaidy, Eady, Edy, Ead.


The surname Eady was first found in many divisions all over the England such as The Hundredorum Rolls of the 1273 celebration. The first lists of the name consist of Edde in Norfolk, Edde filius Hugh in Huntingdonshire, William filius Ede in Suffolk, Robert filius Ede in Huntingdonshire and William Ede in Norfolk.

The very first recorded spelling of the family was shown to be that of Robert Edwy, dated about 1254, at St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. It was during the time of King Henry III who was known to be the “The Frenchman,” dated 1216 – 1272. The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England. Surnames all over the country began to develop, with unique and shocking spelling varieties of the original one.


Many people with the surname Eady had emigrated to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States of America:

Some of the people with the surname Eady who settled in the United States in the 19th century included Mrs. Eady who arrived in San Francisco, California in the year 1851.


People with the surname Eady settled in Canada in two different centuries respectively in the 18th and 19th Some of the individuals with the name Eady who settled in Canada in the 18th century included Private Daniel Eady from Vermont, who arrived in St Jean Sur Richelieu, Quebec about 1783. He served in the King’s Royal soldiers and passed away in 1784. He was married to Sarah Jones, and they had five children. Mr. Daniel Eady arrived in Canada in about 1784.

The following century saw much more Eady surnames arrive. Some of the people with the surname Eady who settled in Canada in the 19th century included John Eady came to Catalina, Newfoundland in the year 1848. William Eady was a fisherman of Bay de Verde, Newfoundland in 1871.


Some of the people with the surname Eady who settled in New Zealand in the 19th century included Mary Eady, Louisa Eady, William Eady, Thomas Eady and Arthur Eady, all arrived in Auckland, New-Zealand aboard the ship “Andrew Jackson” in the year 1865.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Eady: United States 4,095; England 995; Australia 366; Ireland 27; Canada 682; South Africa 365; Scotland 46; New-Zealand 303; Spain 23; France 49.

Notable People:

Charles Eady, (1870–1945), an Australian cricketer who played for Tasmanian clubs. He also played two times in Test cricket for Australia.

Charles Swinfen Eady, 1st Baron Swinfen, (1851–1919), was a British lawyer and justice.

Cornelius Eady is an American poet who paid special attention to the substance of race and society. His poetry often focused on jazz and blues, family life, intensity, and societal problems derived from questions of race and class.

David Eady is a resigned High Court judge in England and Wales. As a justice, he is famous for having presided over many high profile cases before him. He was born in the year 1943.

David Eady (film director), was a British film producer and director.

Hanna Eady was a Palestinian-American actor, entertainer, and composer.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Notes: None. Blazon: Ermine a chevron gules in chief two fleurs-de-lis vert. Crest —A fleur-de-lis environed with a serpent.

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