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Meaning, Origin, Etymology
The surname of Farrell or O’Farrell means warrior or champion and the son, grandson or descendant of King Fearghal who was killed in the Battle of Clontarf in 1014. Fearghal’s grandfather was Angall who had established control over Annaly (Anghaile). All variations of the name Farrell derived from the Gaelic name Fhearghail (fhear = man and ghal = valor). The O prefix is a later form of the name and is a form of “Ui” meaning the grandsons or descendants of Fhearghail. The O’Farrell surname can be found almost everywhere in present day Ireland especially in County Longford where it comes in as a close second only to the surname of O’Reilly. (Celtic) Warrior, Champion [Old Irish Ferghal—fer, man + the aspirated form of gab valour] Of course, the later form was O’Fearghail = Grandson or Descendant of Fearghal.

longford, ireland, map
Longford, Ireland in green

From the 11th to the 17th century the Farrell Clan maintained control over the region Annaly. It was only interrupted by the English invasions of the 12th and 13th centuries. Although after invasions the Farrell Clan regained total control and they had divided it into two seperate domains. North Annaly was ruled by the White O’Farrell and the South Annaly was ruled by the Yellow O’Farrell. Many members of the O’Farrell clan served in the Spanish Army in an Irish Regiment during the Eighty Years War in the 1500’s. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of Father Richard O’Farrell, which was dated c1615-1663, Annaly, County Longford, during the reign of King James 1 of England and V1 of Scotland, 1603-1625.

Spelling Variations
(O’)Farrell (O’)Farrall (O’)Farrely (O’)Farrel (O’)Farelly (O’)Farell (O’)Farely (O’)Farel (O’)Farley (O’)Farrill (O’)Ferrall, (O’)Ferraly (O’)Ferral (O’)Ferally (O’)Ferall (O’)Feraly (O’)Feral (O’)Ferrell (O’)Ferrill (O’)Frawley (O’)Fearghail

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Farrell ranks 3,975th in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 141,198 people carry the Farrell surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: New York, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Massachusetts, and Texas. It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (71,871), England (19,429), Ireland (16,971), Australia (10,045), Canada (8,972), South Africa (2,747)

Early Bearers of Surname

Cheadagh O’Ferrall of Annaly, Longford was killed at the Battle of the Boyne, Meath. (Died 1691)
Father Richard O’Farrell (1615-1663) of Annaly
Francis Fergus O’Farrell was born in County Longford. (Born 1650)
Richard More O’Ferrell (1797-1880)
Sir Thomas Farrell (1827-1900)

History, Genealogy & Ancestry


morin tower, morin castle
ruins of Morin Castle

Charles Richard John O’Farrell of Dalyston, County, Galway, J.P., High Sheriff 1906, b. 22 Sept. 1874. Succeeded his father 1892.
Lineage ~ The Farrells, now of Dalyston, claim descent from the O’Ferrals of Mornin and Bawn, County, Longford, who were of the Clan Boy. The old castle of Mornin still stands, and here the family were resident in 1688. Shortly after, on the defeat of King James II., they were dispossessed and their property confiscated. On a tombstone in the churchyard of Moydow, County Longford, the burial place of the O’Ferralls of Mornin and Bawn, are inscribed the names of Robert O’Farrell, of Bawn, and of his wife Alice, and also that of James O’Farrell, of Minard (son of Robert and Alice O’Farrell of Bawn), who died 26, Nov 1771, aged 86. This James is the first of the name of O’Farrell who resided at Minard. He never married and on fixing his residence at Minard, took his sister to live with him. This lady married a namesake of her own and had several children. 1) Richard O’Farrell, who died at an advanced age in France. 2) Robert who died at Minard 3) Alice who married Charles Evers and was mother inter alios, of Mary, the wife of James Farrell of Minard 4) Elizabeth who married Peter Farrell of Coldragh; and another daughter who married a Mr. Dalton. At the decease of James O’Farrell of Minard 26 Nov 171, the whole of his property devolved on his sister, from whom it passed to her son, Robert, at whose death it was divided between the husbands (Charles Evers and Peter Farrell) of his sisters, Alice and Elizabeth. James Farrell who married some time about 1772, Mary daughter of Charles and Alice Evers, was son of Patrick O’Farrell, who accompanied James O’Farrell, the first of Minard, to that place, and resided with his wife and family at Minard to the time of his death, 1780. Mr. James Farrell occupied a portion of the farms of Minard and Lorath and died 17 Jan. 1789, aged 38, being buried at Moydow. His son, Charles Farrell born at Minard, County, Longford 24 Aug. 1774, took the degree of M.D. at the University of Edinburgh 1798, and was much distinguished in the medical profession. He passed many years in high official position in the East. Dr. Farrell died 1855, having bequeathed his extensive property to his nephew, Charles George O’Farrell of Dalyston, County, Galway, J.P., born 1825; succeeded to his estates of his late maternal uncle,

Dalyston House
Dalyston House

Charles Farrell, of Dalyston, and assumed in consequence by Royal Licence 21 Feb. 1855 the surname and arms of Farrell instead of his patronymic CARROLL, and subsequently 28 Jan 1857 by Royal Licence, resumed the name of O’Farrell in lieu of that of Farrell; married 20 Jan. 1870, Kate Mary Constance, only daughter of James William MacLoghlin of Ballyglass, County, Westmeath, and had issue 1) Charles Richard John, now of Dalyston. 2) Richard 3) Henry 4) Frederick 5) Kathleen Maud Mary 6) Ethel married Claude W.R. Hutchinson of Eggleston Hall, Durham. Mr. C.G. O’Farrell (who was son of John Carroll, of Edgeworthstown, County, Longford, by Margaret his wife, daughter of James Farrell of Minard died 1892 and was succeeded by his son.
Arms – Per fesse or and vert a lion rampant counterchanged on a canton gu. an Irish harp of the first.
Crest – On an Eastern crown or, a greyhound courant per pale arg. and sa., gorged with a collar, therefrom a broken chain, both gu.
Motto – Cu Reabtha
Seat – Dalyston, near Loughrea, County of Galway

Edward Gerald More-O’Ferrall, of Balyna, County, Kildare and Lisard, County, Longford, J.P. and D.L. High Sheriff 1882, born 1846; married 1871, Juliana Margaret, daughter of Henry Lambert, M.P. of Camagh, County, Wexford, and has, with other issue, 1) John born 1872 2) Gerald More (Balyna, Moyvalley, R.S.O.), married 23 Oct 1907, Geraldine Mary, eldest daughter of late Lord Maurice FitzGerald and has issue, Edward George born 5 Aug. 1908. 3) Ellen Letitia, married 9 Jan 1904, Charles Hugh O’Conor, 3rd son of Right Hon. O’Conor Don, P.C.
Lineage ~ Charles O’More, of Balyna, died 1601, leaving (by Margaret Scurlock his wife) two sons and a daughter 1) Roger, Col. Confederated Catholics 1646, married Jane daughter of Sir Patrick Barnewall, Knt of Turvey, and had issue a) Charles, Col. in the Army, killed Aughrim 12 July 1691, died without issue. b) Anne, wife of Patrick Sarsfield of Lucan, and mother of Patrick, Earl of Lucan c) Eleanor, wife of Daniel MacMoragh Kavanagh. d) Mary wife of Tirogh O’Neill e) Elizabeth wife of Christopher Bealing. 2) Lewis, of whose line we treat 3) Margaret married Thomas Plunkett of Clonebraney. The 2nd son, Lewis More (Col.) one of the Confederated Catholics in 1646, married Mary daughter of Philip MacHugh O’Reilly and was father of Anthony More of Balyna, who married Anne, daughter of Alexander Hope, of Mullingar and had (with a daughter, Mary wife of Capt. Conor O’Reilly) two son, 1) Lewis his heir 2) Roger, who will (dated 1 March 1746) was proved 9 Jan. 1748. He married Elinor, daughter of William Wright and had issue, 1) Anthony O’More, Gen in the Spanish service. 2) May, wife of Robert Daly of Caulfield 3) Mary wife of Packington Edgeworth of Longwood. The elder son Lewis More of Balyna married Alicia daughter of Con O’Neill and had (with a daughter, Mary, maid of Honour to the Queen of Spain, married ____ Ward of Madrid) a son and heir, James More, of Balyna, whose will bears date 13 Dec 1778, by Mary, his wife (died 30 July 1771) daughter of Ambrose Madden of Derryhoran, he left an only daughter and heir Letitia More who married 19 April 1751, Richard O’Ferrall (whose sister Catherine married George Lattin of Morristown) only son of Ambrose O’Ferrall by Jane Dillon his wife and dying 1778 (her husband survived till 1790), left (with several daughters Mrs. Bougler, Mrs. Morris, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Pallas of Grouse Hall, County, Cavan, and Mrs. Nugent of Killasona, County, Longford) three sons, 1) Ambrose his heir 2) James, Major-General in the Austrian service died 1828 aged 75. 3) Charles Col in the Sardinian service died 1831 married Margaret daughter of John Whyte of Leixlip. The eldest son, Ambrose O’Ferrall of Balyna married 1796 Anne only child of John Bagot of Castle Bagot, County, Dublin, by Anne his 1st wife only daughter and heir of W. Walsh of Kilmurry County Meath by Elizabeth Nangle his wife, and by her (who died 1810) had issue, 1) Richard More (Right Hon.), of Balyna House 2) John Lewis More, of Lissard, County, Longford, and Granite Hall, County, Dublin, J.P. D.L, M.A., Barrister at Law, Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, Dublin married 1836, Clare daughter of Thomas Seagrave of Cabra, County, Dublin and died 21 Jan 1881, leaving a) Edward Gerald More, of Lissard and Balyna, to which latter estate he succeeded on the death of his cousin b) Mary c) Maria d) Ellen married 1879, the Right Hon. O’Conor Don, P.C. 3) James More died unmarried 4) Robert More (Rev.) died 1834. 5) Edward More of Kildangan, County, Kildare, High Sheriff County Kildare 1856-7 married 1849, Susan only child of Dominick O’Reilly, of Kildangan Castle, County, Kildare, and by her (who died 1854) left at his decease, 1875 an only son, Domonic More O’Ferrall of Kildangan, High Sheriff County, Kildare, J.P. and D.L. 1879, born 1854; married 1898, Annie daughter of Col. Francis MacDonnell, C.B. of Plas Newydd, County Monmouth and has issue, i) Roderic Charles born 25 July 1903 ii) Francis Ambrose born 15 Aug 1904 iii) Edward Roger born 30 May 1906 6) Mary Ann died unmarried 7) Letitia a nun 8) Louisa died unmarried 9) Catherine died 1886 10) Rose Anna (dec.) married Thomas Errington of Clintz, County York. Mr. O’Ferrall married 2ndly 1811, Margaret youngest daughter of Francis Dunne, of Brittas, Queens Co., which lady died 1826. He died 1835, aged 83 and was succeeded by his eldest son, Right Hon. Richard More O’Ferrall, of Balyna County Kildare, P.C., J.P. and D.L., born 1797; married 28 Sept. 1839, Hon. Matilda Southwell 2nd daughter and co-heir of Thomas Anthony, 3rd Viscount Southwell, K.P. and by her (who died 25 May 1882) had issue, 1) Ambrose, late of Balyna, County Westmeath. 2) Maria Anne married 19 July 1860 Sir Walter Nugent, Bart. of Donore. Mr. More-O’Ferrall, who was M.P. for County, Kildare 1830-47 and for County Longford 1859-65, was appointed a Lord of the Treasury 1835, Secretary to the Admiralty 1839, and Secretary to the Treasury 1841. From 1847 to 1851 he held the office of Governor of Malta. He died 27 Oct 1880. he was succeeded by his son, Ambrose More-O’Ferrall of Balyna, County, Kildare, J.P. and V.L. High Sheriff 1876, and J.P. County Carlow, High Sheriff 1887, born 26 Sept. 1846; married 24 Oct 1872, Jessie Frances, daughter of Patrick Robert Gordon-Canning of Hartpury Court, County, Gloucester. He died 16 April 1911 having had issue, 1) Mabel born 1873 married 1896 Major E.J.C. Dease eld. son of Edmund Gerald Dease, D.L. of Rath 2) Violet born 1874 3) Alice born 1880 married 1907 Alexander Lattin Mansfield, son of George Mansfield of Morristown, Lattin and has issue. He was succeeded by his cousin as seen above.
Arms – Quarterly; 1st and 4th vert, a lion rampant or (O’Ferrall); 2nd and 3rd vert, a lion rampant in chief three mullets or (O’More).
Crests – On a ducal coronet or, a greyhound springing sable (O’Ferrall). 2. A dexter hand couped gules (O’More).
Motto – Cu reu bhaid.
Seats – Balyna House, Enfield, County, Kildare, and Lisard, Edgeworthstown
Club – Kildare Street.

Farrell Clan History (more information can be found at http://farrellclanireland.com/#/history)
By 1014: Fergal’s Grandfather Angall established control over Anghaile.
1014: Fergal of Conmaicne was killed during the Battle of Clontarf. It is from this man that the Farrell clan claims their descent.
1262: The English of Meath pillage the lands of Lord of Annaly GiUa O’Farrell (the Just), causing him to take revenge by slaying many and destroying land in County Meath.
1316: The O’Farrell’s fought at the Second Battle of Athenry and were defeated by the English. They fought in support of Edward the Bruce’s Irish Campaign. Four prominent O’Farrells were recorded as dead.
1323: A large English army under Lord Bermingham attempted to attack the O’Farrells, but were repulsed and slain at the command of Donnell O’Farrell.
1329: The sons of John O’Farrell and a group of Meath English lured and murdered the Earl of Breifne at a house in Fore.
Between 1347 and 1583: No fewer than seven O’Farrells served as Bishop of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise.
1452: The Chief O’Farrell clashed briefly with the Earl of Ormond, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, over the imprisonment of Lord Bermingham’s son by the O’Reilly’s of East Breifne. O’Farrell buys Ormond off, and the Lord Lieutenant leaves to pursue O’Reilly.
1464: John O’Farrell and Redmond O’Farrell of the Annaly Lords died of bubonic plague along with members of their families.
1471: A battle between the O’Reilly’s and the O’Farrell’s took place at Clankee in which the O’Reilly commander was killed and the Chief O’Farrell was taken prisoner.
1475: A number of O’Farrells were banished to the English of Meath for killing a member of the clan.
1504: Chief O’Farrell (along with most other Irish chiefs) joined forces with the Lord Deputy, Gearóid FitzGerald, and they formed a very large army. This English/Gaelic army marched on Munster and were victorious over the O’Briens at the Battle of Knockdoe, one of the largest battles ever witnessed in Ireland.
1565: The Annaly O’Farrell’s repeatedly clashed with the new Lord Deputy to Ireland, Sir Henry Sidney, who planned to shire the county.
1618: The Farrell’s of Longford are finally deposed as Lords of Annaly by King James I, losing their lands and privileges forever. “They were deprived of their estates without any compensation whatsoever, or any means of subsistence assigned them” (Annals of the Four Masters).
1620: The first written record of a Farrell in the English language was by Father Richard O’Farrell, who was a priest in Annaly, Longford. He was a member of the Irish Catholic Confederacy, and later witnessed and wrote about conflicts on the European Continent.
1649: At the First Siege of Waterford, Oliver Cromwell battled with General Richard Farrell, who arrived in order to defend the city. Farrell, deputy to Owen Roe O’Neill, was victorious.

Enniscorthy Castle
Enniscorthy Castle

1649: In Wexford, Captain Daniel Farrell recaptured Enniscorthy Castle from the New Model Army.
1650: Francis Fergus O’Farrell was born in County Longford. He moved to the Netherlands, married a local girl, and had six children. Eventually, he served in the army of William of Orange and saw action in England and Ireland, fighting for the Protestants.
1652: After Waterford, General Richard Farrell appeared again in Irish history, this time defending Galway with Thomas Preston, 1st Viscount Tara against the New Model Army. Here the English Parliamentarians were victorious.
1657: The remnants of the O’Farrell clan, known as the Wild Geese, were in the service of the French Army, and commanded an access route to Brussels during the Franco-Spanish War. However, at the behest of exiled Charles II of England, they switched sides and allowed the Spanish to pass on the road and attack Brussels from Flanders.
1662: The O’Farrell clan, on the orders of the recently reinstated King Charles II, was commissioned to Tangier in North Africa. 381 O’Farrells make up the bulk of the Irish contingent, which was half of the Tangier Regiment, and sailed for Africa.
1691: Cheadagh O’Ferrall of Annaly, Longford was killed at the Battle of the Boyne, Meath. Cheadaigh’s three sons were recorded as fleeing to fight in French Brigades, with some settling in Picardy, France.
1709: Roger O’Ferrall authored a work entitled “Linea Antiqua, or, A Genealogical, Chronological, and Historical Account of the Gathelian, Melesian, Scottish or Irish People, or Nation, from the Beginning of time, to this Year of Our Lord 1709”, which collected together many genealogical pedigrees of the Gaels. It was later transcribed by Sir William Betham and copied by John O’Hart in his Irish Pedigrees. The document is held by the Genealogical Office at the National Library of Ireland.

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Bernard Ferrell immigrated 1891 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship City of Chester
Deryas O’Farrell immigrated 1845 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship Shenandoah
Frank O’Farrell immigrated 1887 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship Arabic
Gerald Farrell immigrated 1913 Ellis Island from Waterford, Ireland on the ship Campania
Helena Ferrell immigrated 1883 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship City of Berlin
John O’Farrell immigrated 1845 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship Empire
Mary Farrell immigrated 1913 Ellis Island from Manchester, England on the ship Mauretania
Mary Ferrell immigrated 1860 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship Great Western
Mary O’Farrell immigrated 1848 Ellis Island from Great Britain on the ship City of New York
Michael Ferrell immigrated 1880 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship Devonian
Sarah O’Farrell immigrated 1861 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship Lucy Thompson
Sylvia Farrell immigrated 1910 Ellis Island from St. Petersburg, Russia on the ship Oceanic
Tom O’Farrell immigrated 1873 Ellis Island from Ireland on the ship City of Montreal
Walter Farrell immigrated 1910 Ellis Island from Barncho, England on the ship Arabic

Cou rebu. I have broken my hold.
Cor et mantis concordant. Sly heart and my hand are in concord.
Cu re bu, sometimes Cu reab ha. The hound broken loose.
Spes mea Deus. God is my hope.

Farrell to Skeffixgtox, William Charles, of Skeffiiigtou, co. Leic. (Bart.), 13 June 1772, Vol. XII, fol. 197.

Andrew Farrell (soccer), American soccer player
Andrew Farrell, English rugby league and rugby union player
Angela Farrell, Irish singer
Bernadette Farrell, English composer, hymn writer
Bobby Farrell (1949–2010), Dutch DJ
Brian D. Farrell, bioinformatician and museum curator
Brian Farrell (broadcaster), Irish author, journalist, academic & broadcaster
Charles Farrell (1901–1990), American actor
Ciarán Farrell, Irish composer
Colin Farrell, Irish actor
Craig Farrell (footballer), English footballer
Craig Farrell (politician), member of the Tasmanian Legislative Council
Damien Farrell, Antiguan and Barbudan footballer
Dan Farrell, American basketball player
Daniel F. Farrell (c.1869–1939), New York politician
Dave Farrell, bassist with Linkin Park
Dessie Farrell, Irish Gaelic footballer
Dillon Farrell, American football player
Edelmiro Julián Farrell, President of Argentina (1944–1946)
Eibhlis Farrell, Irish composer.
Eileen Farrell, American opera and concert singer soprano
Frank Farrell (rugby league), Australian rugby league footballer and policeman
Frank J. Farrell, co-owner of the New York Yankees
Gail Farrell, American singer/songwriter
Glenda Farrell, American actress
Greg Farrell, Scottish footballer
Hec Farrell, Australian rugby league footballer in the 1952 NSWRFL season
Henry Farrell (political scientist), political scientist at George Washington University
Henry Farrell, the author of the Hollywood horror novel What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?
Herman D. Farrell Jr. (1932-2018), New York politician.
James T. Farrell, American novelist
Joe Farrell, jazz saxophonist and flautist
John Farrell (VC), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross
John Farrell (poet), American poet
John Farrell (speed skating), American speed skater
Johnny Farrell, American professional golfer
Judy Farrell, American actress
Kathleen Farrell (judge), Australian judge
Kathleen Farrell, British novelist
Kerby Farrell, American baseball player
Kyron Farrell, English footballer
Lennox Farrell, head of the Caribbean Cultural Committee
Lisagh or Lewis Farrell, Civil War soldier (Royalist)
Luis Farell, Mexican Air Force Combat Pilot
Mairéad Farrell (1957–1988), Provisional IRA volunteer
Mark Farrell, Canadian comedian and writer
Mary Jane Farrell, American bridge player
Michael James Farrell (1926–1975), British economist
Mike Farrell, American actor
Niamh Farrell, Irish singer and songwriter, member of the band HamsandwicH
Nicholas Farrell, British actor
Owen Farrell, English rugby union player
Paul Farrell (1893–1975), Irish actor
Peggy Farrell (1920-2003), Irish politician
Perry Farrell, American musician
Red Rocks Farrell, American criminal
Renita Farrell, Australian field hockey player

Sir Thomas Farrell
Sir Thomas Farrell (1827-1900)

Robert C. Farrell, member of the Los Angeles City Council 1974–1991
Sir Terry Farrell (architect), English architect

Sir Thomas Farrell (sculptor), sculptor
Sir William Farrell-Skeffington, 1st Baronet, British Army
Stephen Farrell (journalist), journalist
Suzanne Farrell, American ballerina
Tami Farrell, Miss Teen USA 2003
Terry Farrell (actress), American actress and fashion model
Terry Farrell (politician), Canadian politician
Thomas Farrell (general), US Army Major General
Timothy Farrell, American actor
Tommy Farrell, American actor
Turk Farrell, American baseball player
Warren Farrell, American writer
William Farrell (architect) (died 1851), Irish architect
Willie Farrell (1928–2010), Irish politician

American Revolution Veterans
John B. Farrell, Rank of Private, Orleans Territory, DuBourg’s Battalion Militia, Served in 1806
John Ferrell, Rank of Private, Territory South of the Ohio River, Knox County Regiment Hamilton District Militia, Served in 1792
Nicholas Farrell, Rank of Lieutenant, Second Regiment, Served in 1791
William Ferrell, Rank of Private, Kentucky, Huston’s Battalion Mounted Volunteers, Served in 1794
William Ferrell, Rank of Sergeant, Territory South of the Ohio River, Knox County Regiment Hamilton District Militia, Served 1792

Civil War Veterans
Amos M. Farrell born 1820 in Connecticut
Andrew Farrell born 1819 in New York
Barney Farrell born 1819 in Ohio
Bernard Farrell born 1819 in New York
Charles Farrell born 1819 in New York
Daniel Farrell born 1819 in New York
David P. Farrell born 1820 in Putnam, Indiana
Edmund Farrell born 1819 in New York
Edward Farrell born 1818 in District of Columbia
Edward Farrell born 1819 in New York
Fargus Farrell born 1819 in New York
George Farrell born 1819 in New York
Hugh Farrell born 1820 in New York
James Farrell born 1818 in Michigan
James Farrell born 1819 in Madison, Illinois
James Farrell born 1819 in Missouri
James Farrell born 1820 in New York
Jas Farrell born 1819 in Monroe, Ohio
John Farrell born 1819 in Missouri
John Farrell born 1820 in New York
Laurence Farrell born 1819 in New York
Luke Farrell born 1820 in Wisconsin
Martin Farrell born 1820 in New York
Mathew Farrell born 1819 in New York
Michael Farrell born 1819 in Rensselaer, New York
Michael Farrell born 1820 in New York
Owen Farrell born 1819 in Illinois
Patrick Farrell born 1819 in Johnson, Iowa
Patrick Farrell born 1820 in Connecticut
Simon Farrell born 1820 in Maryland
Thomas Farrell born 1819 in New York
Thomas Farrell born 1820 in New Jersey
Timothy Farrell born 1820 in Ohio
William Farrell born 1819 Illinois

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) or or O’Ferrall (Clarendon MSS., 4639, British Museum). Vert a lion ramp. or, armed and langued gu. Crest—A greyhound in full course ppr.
2) (Glin and Killindowde, co. Longford; allowed by Hawkins, Ulster, 1775, to Richard O’Farrell, of Havanna, in tbe West Indies, descended from O’Farrell, of Killindowde, a branch of O’Farrell, of Glin). Same Arms. Crest—A greyhound springing ar. collared gu. Motto—Cu reubha.
3) (Dalyston, co. Galway; exemplified to Charles Carroll, Esq., J.P., of Dalyston, maternally a descendant of O’Farrell, of Momyng and Bawn, co. Longford, of the Clanna Boy, upon his succeeding to the estates of his maternal uncle, the late Charles Farrell, Esq., M.D., of Dalyston, and assuming, by royal licence, 1855, the surname and arms of O’Farrell, in lieu of those of Carroll). Per fess or and vert a lion ramp. counterchanged, on a canton gu. an Irish harp of the first. Crest—On an Eastern crown or, a greyhound courant per pale ar. and sa. gorged with a collar gu. therefrom a broken chain of the last. Motto—Cu reubha.

Battle of Clontarf
Battle of Clontarf 1014 AD

4) O’Ferrall Buoy (Lords of Annaly, formerly Angliaile, co. Longford; descended from Fearghail, Chief of the Sept, who fell at tbe Battle of Clontarf, A.D. 1014). (Ballintobber, co. Longford; descended from O’Ferrall Buoy). (Mornin, co. Longford, and Conskeagh, co. Roscommon; Fun. Ent. Ulster’s Office, 1640, Edmond O’Ferrall,, of the latter, son of Irial O’Ferrall, of the former, who was son and heir of Faohny O’Ferrall, and grandson of Brian Ferrall, both of Mornin). Vert a lion ramp. or. Crest—On a ducal coronet or, a greyhound springing sa. Motto—Cu reubha (I have broken my hold).
5) (Tenelick, co. Longford; Fun. Ent. Ulster’s Office, 1620, Connall O’Ferral, of that place). Same Arms, quartering, 1st, az. a talbot pass. ar. collared and langued gu.; 2nd, az. a griffin segreant ar.; 3rd, ar. a lizard displ. vert. Same Crest and Motto.
6) O’Ferrall Bane (Bawne, co. Longford; descended from the same Sept as O’Ferrall, of Tenelick). Same Arms, Crest, and Motto, without the quarterings.
7) (Balyna, co. Kildare). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, vert a lion ramp. or, for O’Ferrall; 2nd and 3rd, vert a lion ramp. or, on a chief az. three mullets of the second, for O’More. Crest—On a ducal coronet or, a greyhound springing sa.
8) (Carmichael-Ferrall; exemplified, 1852, to Catherine Carmichael, of Sloane Street, Chelsea, Middlesex, widow of Major-Gen. Hugh Lyle Carmichael, and dau. and heir of John Ferrall, M.D., of Jervis Street, Dublin, on her assuming, by royal licence, the additional surname and arms of Ferrall, in compliance with her father’s will). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, vert a lion ramp. or, for Ferrall; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a fess wreathed gu. and az. in chief a trefoil vert for diff., for Carmichael. Crests—1st: Out of a ducal coronet or, a dexter hand gu., for Ferrall; 2nd: An arm embowed in armour grasping a broken lance all ppr. charged with a trefoil or, for Carmichael.
9) or O’Ferrall (Connaught, Ireland; the Princes of Annaly). Vert a lion ramp. or. Crest—On a ducal coronet a greyhound courant gorged with a collar, to which is affixed by a broken chain suspended over him, a regal crown all ppr. Motto—Cu reabtha.
10) or Ferrall (Dublin; certified by Hawkins, Ulster, 1707. to Richard Ferrall, of Dublin, eldest son of Richard Ferrall, Esq., of Ballenry, co. Longford, descended from William O’Ferrall, Bishop of Ardagh, 1486). Same Arms. Crest—A dexter hand appanmee gu.
11) (Dalyston, co. Galway; exemplified 5 March, 1855, to Charles Fabrell, Esq., son of John Cabroll, of Edgeworthstown, co. Longford, by Margaret, his wife, dau. of Charles Farrell, Esq., of Dalyston, on his taking, by royal licence, the name and arms of Farrell, in lieu of those of Carroll). Per fess or and vert a lion ramp. counterchanged, on a canton gu. an Irish harp of the field. Crest—On an eastern crown or, a greyhound courant per pale ar. and sa. gorged with a collar gu. therefrom a broken chain of the last. Motto—Cu reabtha.
12) (co. Warwick). Sa. three palets or.