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Goodman Origin:


Origins of Name:

The surname of Goodman has three possible origins from which it may derive. The first of these origins is that it may be used as a form of status to describe the head of the household. This surname derives from the Old English word “god”. “God” has been thought to be translated to mean “good” and “-man” which was a term used to describe the “head of.” The second possible origin for the surname of Goodman is that in the country of Scotland, this surname is a locational surname and is used to describe a landowner. A landowner was someone who held their name not directly from the crown, but from a nobleman who was authorized by the king to do so. The final possibility for the origin of the surname of Goodman was that it may be of a pre 7th Century Anglo-Saxon origin, that hails from the name “Guethmund.” This name is comprised of the element of “gueth” which can be translated to mean “battle” and the element “mund” which can be translated to mean “protection” Thus this surname of Goodman was one of a range of like surnames that covered the virtues of war and authority.


More common variations are:

Goodmann, Goodmman, Goodaman, Goodmman, Hgoodman, Goadaman, Goodeman

Goodmana, Gooddmman, Godman, Goodmanw, Goodmaan



The First recorded spelling of the surname of Goodman was in the country of England in the year of 1115. One person, who was recorded by the name of Asteelinus Goodman, was mentioned in the Book of Wilton, from Hampshire. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Henry I, who was known as and commonly referred to throughout history as “The Lion of Wilton” and ruled from the year 1100 to the year 1135. Other mentions of the surname of Goodman include one Thomas Goodman, who was married to Parnell Dewey at St. James Clerkenwell in the year 1561, and was mentioned in early church registers from the city of London. Those who bore the surname of Goodman who lived in the country of England can be found in high concentrations in Warwickshire, Norfolk, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cornwall, and Northamptonshire counties, as well as in large quantities in the city of London.


Those who bear the surname of Goodman, and reside in the country of Scotland can be found all over the regions of this country. The specific counties were there is a higher population of those who bear the surname of Goodman are Midlothian, Kirkcudbrightshire, and Lanarkshire counties.

United States of America:

During the 17th century, European citizens began to migrate to the United States of America, which was then referred to as The New World, or The Colonies, looking for a new life. These settlers were interested in freedoms that were not afforded to them in their home countries, such as freedom from religious persecution, and the ability to live in better conditions and own land. The first person who bore the surname of Goodman and traveled to the United States was one Robart Goodman, who lande in the state of Virginia in 1619. Those who bear this surname live in New York, California, Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, and the state of Georgia.

Goodman Today:

United States 86,284

England 14,046

South Africa 5,881

Canada 5,040

Nigeria 4,127

Australia 4,068

Uganda 1,494

Ghana 1,358

Israel 1,202

New Zealand 982

Notable People:

Philip Solomon Goodman (1926-2016) who was a screenwriter, producer, and director, who was known for We Shall Return (1963) Japan Reaches for the 21st Century (1986) Rocky, King Detective (1950)

Mr. Arthur Goodman (died in 1915) who was a 2nd Class passenger from Rochester, New York, USA, and sailed aboard the RMS Lusitania and died in the sinking

Roy Matz Goodman (1930-2014) who was a politician from America, and a Member of the New York State Senate from 1969 to 2002

Major-General William Moses Goodman (1892-1958) who was a Commanding Officer from America, and was a member of the Anti-Aircraft Defenses, Los Angeles in 1942

Brigadier-General John Forest Goodman (1891-1947) who was a Commanding Officer from America for the 364th Infantry Regiment from the year 1942 to the year 1945

John Stephen Goodman (born in 1952) who was a Golden Globe-winning film, TV, and stage actor from America

Ellen Goodman (born in 1941) who was a reporter from America who won the 1980 Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

Oscar Goodman (born in 1939) who was a lawyer and politician

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Golborn, co. Chester, co. Hertford, and London). Gyronny of eight erm. and sa. an eagle displ. with two heads or. Crest—The battlement and upper part of a tower ar. thereon a woman couped at the knees, habited az. hair dishevelled or, in the dexter hand a rose gu. stalked and leaved vert.
2) (Chester, and Blazon, co. Leicester, 1619). Per pale sa. and erm. an eagle displ. with two necks ar.
3) (Ruthyn, co. Denbigh; granted 1572). Per pale erm. and sa. an eagle displ. with two heads or, on a canton az. a martlet of the third. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi eagle displ. with two heads erm.
4) (Dean of Westminster, d. 1601). Per pale erm. and az. an eagle displ. with two heads or, on a canton of the second a martlet of the third.
5) Per pale ermines and erm. an eagle displ. with two heads per pale ar. and sa.
6) (Reg. Ulster’s Office). Sa. three demi grey­hounds courant in pale dexter, and as many mullets pierced, in pale sinister, ar.
7) (Loughlinstown, co. Dublin; Rose, dau. of James Goodman, and wife of John Walsh, Esq., of Shanganagh, rf. 26 July, 1609). Sa. on a chev. ar. betw. three bucks’ heads cabossed or, as many trefoils slipped gu. on a chief dancettee of the second three hurts.

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