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Gredig Coat of Arms Meaning

See glossary for symbol meaning.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Gredig Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Coire – Palé de quatre pièces d’azur d’or de gueules et d’azur Cimier un homme issant habillé aux armes de l’écu les manches parties d’or et de gueules rebrassé d’azur tortillé des émaux de l’écu tenant de sa main dextre une épée la senestre appuyée sur sa hanche Lambrequin à dextre de gueules d’or et d’azur à senestre d’azur et de gueules English: Paly of four pieces – azure, or, gules and azure; Crest: a man issuant dressed with the charges from the shield, the sleeves per pale or and gules, turned back [of cuffs etc.] azure, his head wreathed with the colours from the shield, holding in his dexter hand a sword, the sinister hand resting on his hip; Mantling: to the dexter gules, or and azure, to the sinister azure, or and gules.

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