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Hague Origin:



Origins of Hague:


This unique and unusual name has a few possible origins. The first origin of this unique surname evolved originally from the Anglo-Saxon, geographical name for someone who lived by or in a hurdle or barrier. However, most of these names of various places had developed originally from the ancient Old English pre 7th Century term “haga”, or its Old Norse associated form “Hagi”, such as the three places called Haigh. It was developed irrespective of different formations of spellings. The second origin of this unusual name evolved originally from West Yorkshire and the other near Manchester. These places are first listed respectively as “Hagh” (1198), “Hagh” (1379), and “Hage” (1194). In a few cases the present name Hague, perhaps a locational from “The Hague” in the Netherlands, in Dutch “Den Haag”, which called from the Old Dutch “haag,” enclosure, match and same with the Olde English and Old Norse details and conditions. One William de Haghe registered in the assistance Rolls of Yorkshire in the year 1327, and John Hague married Alice Marshall listed in Bradfield, Yorkshire, on 7th February in the year 1589. A Coat of weapons granted to a Hague people of Micklegate, York, Yorkshire is per chevron gold and silver, two mullets blue, in prime and a red crescent, on the base. The Crest is a griffin’s head eliminate silver.




More common variations of Hague are: Heague, Haique, Hoaque, Hauque, Haqu, Hauke, Hoque, Hauke, Hauquey, Hauquay, Houaque.




The origins of the surname Hague were in Yorkshire, where Jollan de Hague registered in the year 1229. The Scottish people lived in Bemersyde for many centuries after their emigration from Scotland.


The very first recording spelling of the family was shown to be that of Jollan de Hagh, dated 229, in the “Close Rolls of Yorkshire”. It was during the time of King Henry III, who was known to be the “The Father of the Navy,” 1216 – 1272. The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England. Surnames all over the country began to develop, with unique and shocking spelling varieties of the original one.


United States:


Some of the people of Hague family who settled in the United States in the 19th century included Walter Edward Hague, aged 26, who landed in New Haven, Conn in the year 1867.




Some of The Hague people who settled ultimately in Australia in the 19th century included Caroline Hague, aged 18, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Marion” in the year 1849. Joseph Hague, who also arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Susannah” also in the year 1849. Charles Hague, whose age was 33, a Sawyer, also aboard the ship “Epaminondas”.




The settlement of Hague family began in New-Zealand in 19th Century. People who arrived in the 19th century included Thomas Hague, Eliza Hague, and John Sea Hague who arrived in Auckland, New-Zealand aboard the ship “Queen of the age” in the year 1874.


Here is the population distribution of the last name Hague: The United States 3,004; England 3,071; Australia 869; Canada 741; South Africa 329; New-Zealand 265; Scotland 249; France 404; Peru 214; India 151.


Notable People:


Albert Hague (1920–2001), was a German-American music or songwriter, musician, and actor. He wrote many fantastic songs.


Arnold Hague (1840–1917), was an American geologist.


Charles Hague (1769–1821), was an English musician and composer.


Sir Douglas Hague (1926–2015), was a British economist.


Frank Hague (1876–1856), was a famous politician. He was born in America.


Jim Hague (born 1961), was an American sports writer.


Joan B. Hague was a New York assemblywoman. She started her services in the year 1979 and retired in 1982.


Joe Hague (1944–1994), was an American baseball player.


Keith Hague was an English professional footballer. He was born in 1946.


Kevin Hague was a politician. He was born in New-Zealand in the year 1960.


Matt Hague was an American professional baseball player who was born in 1985.


Mel Hague, who was a British singer born in 1943.


Michael Hague was born in the year 1948. He was an American cartoonist.


Richard Hague (born 1947), was an American poet. He was born in 1947 and wrote many books about poetry.


Rob Hague was a British drummer.


Sam Hague (19th century), was the owner of a music group.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Notes: (Micklegate, co. York; descended from a Berkshire family of that name). Blazon: Per chevron or and argent two mullets azure in chief and a crescent gules in base. Crest—A griffin’s head erased argent.

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