Hutchinson Coat of Arms

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hutchinson coat of arms
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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Hely-Hutchinson, Earl of Donoughmore). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale gu. and az. a lion ramp. betw. eight cross crosslets ar., for Hutchinson; 2nd, az. a fesse betw. three stags’ beads erased in chief ar. and a demi lion ramp. in base or, for Hely; 3rd, az. a garb or, betw. three wolves’ heads erased ar., for Nixon. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi cockatrice, wings elevated az. Supporters—Two cockatrices, wings elevated or, collared sa. combed and wattled gu. and each charged on the breast with a wreath of laurel vert. Motto—Fortiter gerit crucem.
2) (Synge-Hutchinson, Castle Sallah, co. Wicklow, bart.). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale az. and gu. a lion ramp. erm. betw. nine cross crosslets or; 2nd and 3rd, quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. three millstones ar., 2nd and 3rd, ar. an eagle displ. with two heads sa. Crests—1st: A cockatrice issuing out of a ducal coronet all ppr.; 2nd: An eagle's talon issuing from a ducal coronet all ppr. Mottoes —Non sibi, sed toti, for Hutchinson; Coelstia canimus, for Synge.
3) (Bishopwearmouth, co. Durham; descended of the Hutchinsons, of co. Cumberland, temp. Charles I.). (cos. Essex and York). Per pale gu. and az. a lion ramp. ar. betw. eight crosses crosslet or. Crest—A cockatrice, wings expanded az. combed, wattled, and membered or. Another Crest—A demi lion ramp. Motto—Cunctanter tamen fortiter.
4) (Owthorpe, co. Notts; Thomas Hutchinson, fifth in descent from Thomas Hutchinson, of same place. Visit. Notts, 1614). Per pale gu. and az. semée of cross crosslets or, a lion ramp. guard. ar. Crest—A cockatrice az. combed and legged or.
5) (Dublin; granted by St. George, Ulster, 1676, to Daniel Hutchinson, Alderman of Dublin). Az. semee of crosses crosslets or, a lion ramp. ar. on a chief of the last three trefoils slipped vert. Crest—A demi lion ramp. az. charged on the shoulder with a trefoil slipped or.
6) (Skirsgill and Crossfield House, co. Cumberland, and afterwards of Newbiggin Hall and Appleby, co. Westmoreland). Per pale gu. and az. crusily or, a lion ramp. ar. and a canton erm. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a cockatrice, wings endorsed az. beaked, combed, and wattled gu.
7) (Whitton, co. Durham). Per pale gu. and az. semée of crosses crosslet and a lion ramp. or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a cockatrice az. Motto—Nihil humani alienum.
8) (co. Lincoln; borne by Bingham Hutchinson, Esq., descendant of William Hutchinson, who emigrated, in 1633, from the neighbourhood of Boston, co. Lincoln and became one of the founders of Boston In America, where the family continued, holding offices of trust and importance until the American revolution in 1776, when the great-grandfather of the present Bingham Hutchinson, being Governor of Massachusetts, lost, through his fidelity to the crown, all his estates in America, and the family returned to England). Per pale gu. and az. semee of crosses crosslet or, a lion ramp. ar. armed and langued of the third. Crest—A cockatrice az. crested, jelloped, and armed gu. issuing out of a ducal crown or.
9) (granted to Lieut.-Gen. Sir William Hutchinson, Knt., K.C.H., Governor of Carrickfergus, Equerry to H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex). Per pale az. and gu. semee of cross crosslets or, a lion ramp. ar. on a canton of the fourth a mural coronet of the second. Crest—On a mural coronet or, a cockatrice ar. combed and wattled gu. gorged with a wreath of laurel or. Motto—Perseverando.
10) (Rockend, co. Dumbarton, 1856). Ar. a fess az. surmounted of three arrows, points downwards, meeting in base counterchanged, in chief a boar’s head erased sa. in base two escallops ermines. Crest—A stag's head erased gu. attired or. Motto—Memor esto.
11) (Carlowrie, co. Linlithgow, 1870). Ar. three arrows, points downwards, meeting in base ppr. surmounted of a fesse az. charged with a fox courant also ppr. Crest—A stag's head erased ppr. collared or. Motto—Scientiae laborisque memor.
12) (Edinburgh). As the last, within a bordure az.
13) (Scotland). Ar. a fesse vert surmounted of three arrows, the middlemost in pale, the other two bend dexter and sinister wise, points meeting in base gu. in chief a boar’s head erased sa.
14) (Drummalig, co. Down, and Clifton, co. Gloucester; descended from an ancient Scotch family, of whom was Francis Hutcheson, D.D., Professer in the University of Glasgow, an eminent writer, who d. 1746; William Hutcheson, Esq., of Clifton, m. Sarah Kyrle. the heiress of John Kyrle, called “ The Man of Ross,” and the dau. iu., in 1787, Philip Jones. Esq., of Cleve, co. Hereford). Gu. three arrows, points upward, or, on a chief vert a boar's head couped of the second. Crest—An arrow, pointed upwards, ppr.
15) (Scotland). Ar. on a fess vert betw. three boars’ heads erased sa. as many pheons of the first.

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Hutchinson Coat of Arms Meaning

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