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Hutchinson Surname Name Meaning, Origin, History, & Etymology
The Anglo-Scottish last name Hutchinson is a northern English patronymic/baptismal form (“son of”) of the medieval personal (first) name Hutchin, a nickname for the masculine given name Hugh, an Old French first name introduced into Britain by the Normans during the Norman Conquest of 1066 AD, consisting of the Germanic word hug, meaning heart, spirit, or mind, and the additive kin, meaning relative or son of. According to, the name Hugh was popular among the Norman French living in England “partly due to the fame of St. Hugh of Lincoln (1140–1200), who was born in Burgundy and who established the first Carthusian monastery in England”. Other claim the name was first used by Vikings (from Scandinavia) who settled in Scotland during medieval times. The family originated at Castle Cronenberg in Norway around 900 AD, and came to England when Hutchin, a Viking nobleman accompanied King Harold Harfager when he settled on the north eastern coast at Bishop Middleham in Northumberland, England.

Spelling Variations
Some spelling variants or names with similar etymologies include Hutchison, Hutchins, Houchen, Howchin, Huchone, Hutchings, Hutchieson, Hutcheson, and Hutchinsson.

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Hutchinson ranks 649th in popularity in the United Status as of the 2000 Census. The name ranks particularly high in the following four states: Maine, Wyoming, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.

The surname Hutchinson frequency/commonness ranks as follows in the British Isles: England (268th), Scotland (581st), Wales (561st), Ireland (719th) and Northern Ireland (144th).  In England, it ranks highest in counties Westmorland and Durham. In Scotland, the surname ranks highest in Sutherland and Wigtownshire. In Wales, it ranks highest in Caernarfonshire. In Ireland, it ranks highest in Queen’s County. In Northern Ireland, it ranks highest in county Londonderry. The name is also present throughout the remainder English speaking world:  Canada (602nd), New Zealand (394th), Australia (317th), and South Africa (1,524th).

Henry Brougham Guppy’s 1890 book Homes of Family Names in Great Britain states the following in regard to this last name: “In the 17th century the Hutchinsons held property around the city of Durham; at that time they were the most numerous and respectable of the yeomanry of the village of Bishop Middleham, but in the 18th century many of them migrated to Stockton and Whitton in the same county”.

Early Bearers of the Surname
The Poll Tax of 1379 AD lists one Isota Huchonson living in Yorkshire, England. Others mentioned in this document include Isabella Huchon, Willelmus Huchon, Wilelmus Hugchonson, Agnes filia Hugonis, and Mathew Huchonson. John Hucheson of Sheffield was recorded in Yorkshire in 1440 AD. James Hutchonsone held lands in Glasgow, Scotland in 1454 AD. An early marriage involving this surname was Agnes Hutchinson to Thomas Cordell at St. Botolphs Church, Bishopsgate, London in 1570. An early baptism involving this surname was Hanna, daughter of John Hutchinson at St. Vedast Church, Foster Lane, London in 1573.

Hutchinson/Hutchison Family Tree & Hutchinson Genealogy
The following is a discussion of five different noble, royal, landed, or aristocratic families bearing this last name.

Hutchinson of Timoney
The lineage or ancestry of this branch of the Hutchinson family tree traces back to the founder of the family, James Hutchinson, son of John and Isabel, who was born in 1613 at Kirby Stephen, county Westmorland, England. He was a Captain in the army of Oliver Cromwell. He married Mary, daughter of John Godfrey of King Walton, and settled at Knockballymagher, county Tipperary, Ireland. He had a son and heir with her named James. He later married Mary, daughter of John Sandford of Castle Doe, and had issue with her as follows: Susannah, Martha, Rebecca, and David (born 1655, had daughters named Mary and Abigail). He died in 1689 and was succeeded by his son James. This son, James Hutchinson, was an Esquire of Knockballymagher and Timoney, who in 1681, married Mary, daughter of John Bennet of Kildare, and had children with her as follows: 1) Mary, 2) Elizabeth, 3) James (married Anne, daughter of Thomas Duckett of Philipstown, had issue with her named James, his heir, and Thomas), 4) John. He died in 1718 and divided his estates between his two sons. His second son, John Hutchinson, was an Esquire of Timoney who, in 1715, married Mary Bennet, daughter of Paul Chanders, and had issue with her named James (heir), Benjamin, John, Mary, and Elizabeth. His son and heir, James, was an Esquire of Timoney who was born in 1716. In 1748, he married Christiana, daughter of John Pim of Lacca, and had issue with her as follows: William (his heir), John, Mary (married Robert Powell of Ratoath), and Sarah (married Thomas Hutchinson of Knockballymagher). He died in 1791. His heir, William Hutchinson, was an Esquire of Timoney, Justice of Peace, and High Sheriff who was born in 1757. In 1791, he married Anna, daughter and co-heiress of John Dawson Coates, a banker of Dublin, and had the following children with her: 1) John Dawson (see below), 2) James (of Dungar), 3) William, 4) Dawson Hutchinson Lloyd Vaughan (Justice of the Peace, married Mary Lloyd), 5) Frederick, 6) Joseph Fade (Justice of the Peace of Dungar and High Sheriff for King’s County and Carlow), 7) Summers (married Matilda Jane, daughter of Reverend Charles Collins, had a daughter named Blanche Madeline and William Frederick), 8) Samuel (died in 1857 at Tanjore, India), 9) William, 10) Eliza Dawson, 11) Christiana (married Frederic Lidwill of Dromard, had issue), 12) Sarah Summers (married John Dawson Duckett of Duckett’s Grove), 13) Anna (married Michael Head Drought of Harristown), 14) Sophia (married John Pim of Lacea in 1831), 15) Henrietta, 16) Louisa (married Frederick Adolphus Jackson of Inane), and 17) Charlotte (married Samuel John Goslin of New Lodge, county Meath, Ireland, a Captain in the 49th Regiment, in 1844). He died in 1832 and was succeeded by his son John. John Dawson Hutchinson was an Esquire of Timoney and Justice of the Peace who was born in 1796. In 1844, he married his second wife, Eliza Hannah, daughter of George Waller of Prior Park, and had a daughter with her named Anna Christiana. In 1867, Christiana married Anthony Parker of Castle Lough, and had a son with him named Standish O’Grady John (born 1870), as well as two daughters named Eliza Martha (born 1868) and Anna Christiana (born 1868).

Hutchison of Montrose
Sir Robert Hutchison, The Baron Hutchison of Montrose, of Kirkcaldy, county Fife, Scotland, was born in 1873. He served in the 4th Dragoon Guards, 7th Dragoon Guards, and the 11th Hussars. He was Director of Organisation at War Office from 1917-1919. He was a Major-General who served in the South African War (received two medals and five clasps). He also served in World War I. He was raised to the Peerage in 1932. He was sworn to the Privy Council of Great Britain in 1937. He was the son of Alexander Hutchison of Braehead. He first married Agnes Begbie, daughter of William Drysdale of Kilrie, in 1905. He later married Alma, widow of James C. Drysdale, in 1942. The Hutchison coat of arms for this branch of the family tree are blazoned in the medieval European art of heraldry as follows: Argent, three arrows points downwards, meeting in base proper, on a chief gules a martlet between a portcullis and a rose of the field. Crest: A stag’s head proper. Motto: Memo resto.

Hutchison of Hardiston
The lineage or ancestry of this branch of the Hutchison family tree begins with Thomas Hutchison of Edinburgh, Scotland who died in 1851. With his wife Jane Wylie, he had a son named Robert. Robert Hutchison was of Carlowrie, Kirklison, and Midlothian who was born in 1834. In 1863, he married Mary Jemima, daughter of Reverend Adam Duncan Tait of Linlithgow, Scotland, and had children with her as follows: 1) Sir Thomas (see below), 2) Reverend Adam Duncan Tait (married Margaret, daughter of Andrew Menzies of Balornock, had issue named Colonel Cecil Tait and Lowrie Menzies), 3) Reverend Alexander (born 1870), and 4) Sir Robert (created a Baronet of 1939, see Hutchison of Thurle). The eldest son, Sir Thomas Hutchison, 1st Baronet, was born in 1866. He was created a Baronet in 1923. Je was a Justice of the Peace for Edinburgh, Deputy Lieutenant of Edinburgh, and Brigadire consul for Belgium in Leith. In 1894, he married Jane Moir Ogilvy, daughter of Alexander Ogilvy Spence, and had issue with her, including a son named Eric. Eric Alexander Ogilvy was the 2nd Baronet and succeeded his father in 1925. He was born in 1897. He was of Hardiston, county Kinross, Scotland. He served in both World War I and World War II. He was a member of the Royal Company of Archers (King’s Bodyguard for Scotland). In 1924, he married, Bethia Maud, daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Durand Stirling Fayrer, and had issue with her as follows: 1) Morna (married Desmond Berry of Winston Court, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia), 2) Shlela (born 1926), and 3) Patricia (born 1928). The Hutchison family crest for this Scottish family is blazoned as follows: Argent, three arrows, points downwards, meeting in base proper, surmounted of a fesse azure, charged with a fox courant, also proper. Crest: A stag’s head erased proper, attired or. Motto: Memo resto.

Hutchinson of Whitton House
The ancestry or pedigree traces back to a branch of the family that settled at Cowlam or Cowland, in Yorkshire, in the middle of the 1200s AD. From this family descend Richard and John Hutchinson, who went to Ireland, as well as Colonel Hutchinson, the parliamentary governor of Nottingham Castle.

Thomas Hutchinson, son of Thomas Hutchinson and a daughter of the Allanson family, in 1579, married Janet Armstrong, and had four issue with her as follows: 1) Robert (progenitor of William Hutchinson), 2) Thomas (born 1585, married Elizabeth Richardson and had a son named Henry who married Mary Legge in 1677), 3) Cuthbert (born 1590), and 4) Richard. The fourth son, Richard Hutchinson, was an Esquire born in 1592. He married Agnes Meriall and had two issue with her: 1) Merriall (married Cuthbert Speke) and 2) William. The son and successor, William Hutchinson, was born in 1620. In 1648, he married Ann Woodhouse of Brandon House, and had children with her. His third son was Thomas. This Thomas Hutchinson was born in 1661. He purchased the estate of Whitton. In 1705, he married Sarah, daughter and co-heiress of Henry Law of Billingham. He was succeeded by his son Henry. Henry Hutchinson was an Esquire of Whitton and Blahopton, born in 1706. In 1728, he married Mary, daughter of George Scurfield of Crimdon House, and had four children with her as follows: 1) George (his heir, see below), 2) Thomas (of Bishopton, married Mary Brown of Welbourne, had a son named Thomas who married Mary Sarah Stuart, and had issue with her including Henry, Thomas, John Alexander, George Stuart Dawson, Mary, Charlotte, Susannah Maria, Agnes, and Emily), 3) Henry (of Stockton and Kirklevington), and 4) John (of Penrith, Cumberland, who married Mary Monhouse and had issue, see Sutton of Elton). The eldest son and heir, George Hutchinson, Esquire of Whitton and Stockon, a banker by trade, married Catherine, daughter of Francis Forster of Buston, and had three children with her: George, Henry, and Frances Mary (married Charles Swain in 1800).  He died in 1804 and was succeeded by his son George. This son George was an Esquire of Whitton who was born in 1768. In 1793, he married Charlotte Barbara, daughter and co-heiress of Thomas Dawson of Tanfield, and had four issue with her as follows: 1) George Thomas (see below), 2) Charles Frances (of The Hall, Wear Gifford, North Devon, born in 1796, married Dorothy, daughter and co-heiress of John Clarke of Boston Lodge and Wakefield), 3) Charlotte, and 4) Catherine Mary (married to Jose-Luis Fernandez). He was a Deputy Lieutenant for the Palatinate. George Thomas Hutchinson was an Esquire of Whitton House, county Durham, was born in 1794. In 1828, he married Elizabeth, only daughter of Captain John Mercer. The Hutchinson coat of arms is blazoned as follows: Per pale, gules and azure, semee of cross-crosslets, and a lion rampant, or. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet, a cockatrice, azure. Motto: Nihil humani alienum.

Hutchison of Rockend
The history of this branch of the Hutchison family tree begins with the Reverend Patrick Hutchison, A.M., married Helen, daughter of Robert Graham of Tamrawer, county Stirling, and had seven sons with her as follows: James (see below), Robert, John, Peter, William (went to America), George, and Graham (married Annette Mary, daughter of Archibald Crawfurd of Ardmillian, county Ayr, Scotland, in 1847). His son, James Hutchinson, Esquire of Rockend, county Dumbarton, was a Justice of the Peace who married Annabella, daughter of George Gibson of Hampstead, and had a son with her named Patrick. In 1851, he later married Henrietta-Maxwell, daughter of James Graham of Glasgow and Janet Maxwell of Williamwood. The Hutchison family crest is blazoned as follows: Argent, a fesse, azure, surmounted by three arrows, points downwards, one in pale, the other two meeting in point, counterchanged, in chief a boar’s head, erased, sable, impaling with those of his wife, viz: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or, on a chief, ermines, three escallops of the first, for Graham: 2nd, argent, on a saltire, sable, an annulet, or, stones, azure, for Maxwell of Williamwood: 3rd, argent, on a saltire, sable, a martlet, or, within a border, invecked, gules, for Maxwell of Marksworth. Crest: A stag’s head, erased, gules, attired, or. Motto: Memo esto.

Other Hutchinson Pedigree & Family Trees
James Hutchinson, son of Ursula Gregory, was born in Cowlan, Yorkshire, England in 1222 AD. He had a son named John. This son John Hutchinson was born in 1250 AD in Cowlam. He married Edith Wouldie Moublis, and had a son with her named Barnard. This son, Barnard Hutchinson, Esquire, was born around 1282 AD in Cowlam, East Riding, Yorkshire.  He married Mary Alice Boyvill and Beatrice Boyvill, daughters of John Boyvill, and had six issue as follows: Robert, Alicia, Mary, Andrew, Ruth, and John. His son, John Hutchinson, was born in Cowlam, East Riding around 1350 AD. He married Edith Wouldbie and had the following children with her: James, Barbara, Julia, and Margaret. His son, James Hutchinson was born in 1402 in Cowlam, Englamd. He married Ursula, daughter of Ernest Gregory, and had issue with her as follows: William, John, Oliver, Alice, Mary, Grace M., Barbara, and Eleanor. His son, William Hutchinson, was born in Cowlam in 1427. He married Anne, daughter of William Bennett, and had the following issue: Anthony, Oliver, Mary, and Alice. His son, Anthony Hutchinson, Esquire, was born in Cowlam, England around 1454. He married Isabel (daughter of Robert Harvie) and Judith (daughter of Thomas Crosland), and had the following issue: Randolph, William, John, Richard, Leonard, Edmond, Thomas, Andrew, Francis, and Thomas. His son, Thomas Hutchinson, Esq. of Owthorpe, was born in Cowlam, Yorkshire in 1492. He married Mary Drake and had the following issue with her: William, Lawrence, and Robert. His son Lawrence was born in Owthorpe, Nottinghamshire, England in 1512. He married Isabel, daughter of Harvie Harris, and had the following children with her: Robert, Thomas, Agnes, William, Richard, and Thomas. His son, Thomas Hutchinson I, of Cropwell Butler, was born around 1540 in Owthorpe, Nottinghamshire, England. He married Jane (daughter of Henry Sacheverell II of Ratcliffe) and Alice Bosworth and had the following issue: William, Joan, John, Sisly, Mary, and Thomas. His son, Sir Thomas Hutchinson, Lord of Radcliffe, was born around 1587 in Ownthorpe, England. He married Catherine Stanhope of Shelford, Alice (daughter of George Ingoldesby), and Lady Margret Byron and had the following either with you: Isabella, Charles, Stanhope, John, Humphrey, Robert, Isabel, Thomas, Richard, Elizabeth, Sir John, George, and William. His son Richard Hutchinson was born in Newark, Nottinghamshire, England around 1602. He went to colonial Massachusetts in America around 1633. He married three times: Alice Bosworth, Susanna Archard, and Sarah Standish. He had the following issue: Sarah (Whipple), Rebecca, Alice, Elizabeth, Mary (Hale), Joseph Sr., Ralph, Abigail (Lambert), Hannah (Boardman), and John. His son Joseph Hutchinson Sr. was born in North Muskham, Nottinghamshire, England around 1633. He went to Massachusetts with his father. He married four times and had the following children: Joseph, Benjamin, John, Abigail, Bethiah, Robert, Richard, Samuel, Ambrose, Lydia, and Robert. Five of his sons had issue:

1) Joseph Hutchinson was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1666. He married Elizabeth, daughter of Job Swinnerton and had three children: Ebenezer, Joseph, and Ruth (Putnam).
2) Benjamin Hutchinson was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1666. He married Jane, daughter of Walter Phillips, and Abigail Foster, and had the following issue: Israel, Benjamin Jr., Hannah, Bethiah, Nathaniel, Sarah, Bartholomew, Jane, John, and Jonathan.
3) John Hutchinson was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1666. He married Hannah and Mary (daughter of Thomas Gould) and had issue as follows: John, Eunice, Mary, Ebenezer, William, Abigail, Mary, and John. He married Rachel Prance (Bunce) and had a son named Stephen.
4) Richard Hutchinson was born in Salem, Massachusetts in 1681.
5) Ambrose Hutchinson was born in Essex, MA in 1684. He married Ruth, daughter of Sgt. John Leach, and had the following children with her: George, Israel, and John.

For more of the Hutchinson genealogy, one can read this book titled “A Genealogy of the Hutchinson Family of Yorkshire and of the American Branch of the Family”.

Early American and New World Settlers
The book Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers, mentions 18 bearers of this last name:
1) Edward Hutchinson of Boston, son of Susanna (who came in 1636). He had sons named John (1634) and Ichabod (1637). He went to Rhode Island, and eventually returned to England.
2) Edmond Hutchinson, son of William, was a freeman in 1634 and was with the Artillery Co. in 1638. He was a Captain in 1657. He served in King Philip’s War in 1675 where he was mortally wounded by Native Americans. His first wife was Catherine Hamby. He had children named Elishua, Elizabeth, Elisha, Ann, William, Catherine, Susanna, Edward, Catharine, Benjamin, and Hannah. His second wife was Abigail, the mother of the last four children.
3) Edward Hutchinson of Lynn, likely the son of Samuel, had children named Thomas (1654), Mary (1656), Joseph (1658), and Sarah (1671).
4) Francis Hutchinson of Concord who died in 1661
5) Francis Hutchinson, born in England around 1630, married Sarah Leighton in 1661, may have had a son named Francis. He died in 1702.
6) George Hutchinson of Charlestown, likely came in the fleet with Winthrop, married Margaret, had a son named Nathaniel in 1633.
7) George Hutchinson, New London, 1680, married Margaret, who divorced him in 1686 for his desertion.
8) John Hutchinson of Salem, MA, his first wife was Alice and he had another wife name Sarah (perhaps the daughter of Thomas Putnam). He had a son named Richard who was born in 1643.
9) John Hutchinson of New Haven, Connecticut took an oath of fidelity in 1644.
10) Ralph Hutchinson, Boston, married Alice in 1656, had issue named John, Mehitable, Judah, Samuel, and Moses.
11) Richard Hutchinson of Salem, MA, married Alice, had issue named Abigail (1636), Hannah (1639), and John (1643). He married Susanna Archer and another wife. He may have had other children.
12) Samuel Hutchinson, Boston, brother of William, had a grant of land in Rhode Island in 1638
13) Samuel Hutchinson, of Lynn, 1637. Likely was in Reading in 1670.
14) Samuel Hutchinson, Andover, in 1686, married Elizabeth Parker, had several
15) Thomas Hutchinson of Charlestown, 1630, came in the fleet with Winthrop, brother of George perhaps, a very early member of the church
16) Thomas Hutchinson, Lynn, MA in 1637, may have moved to Long Island, and in 1664 he went to Connecticut.
17) Thomas Hutchinson, Boston, with wife Mary, had a son named Thomas who was born in 1672.
18) William Hutchinson of Boston, came in a shop with Reverend John Lathrop and Zechary Symmes in 1634, along with his with and children (Edward, Mary). He was from Alford, Lincolnshire, England. He also had sons named Richard and Francis.

William Hutchinson, age 21, came to Virginia aboard the Diana in 1618.
Joseph Hutchinson, age 22, came to Virginia aboard the Bonaventure in January 1634.
Joseph Hutchinson, age 47, came to Virginia aboard the George in August 1635.
Michell Hutchinson, age 16, came to Virginia aboard the Thomas in 1635.
Robert Hutchinson was living in Virginia in 1634.

Other settlers in colonial America bearing this surname include Charles Hutchinson (Virginia 1712), Nicholas Hutchinson (Virginia 1713), Jennet and Margaret, Hutchinson (Philadelphia 1740), and John Hutchinson and his wife Margaret and five children (New York 1774).

In Canada, one of the first settlers bearing this last name was Hannah Hutchinson who came to Nova Scotia around 1750. Marmaduke Hutchinson (born 1755) was a United Empire Loyalist (someone who remained loyal to the British Crown during the American Revolution) who came to Queen’s County, New Brunswick from Pennsylvania. In Australia, William Hutchinson, a convict from Yorkshire, England, came to New South Wales aboard the Ann in 1809. George Hutchinson, a saddler by trade, came to New South Wales around 1829. In New Zealand, a member of this family came to the city of Wellington aboard the Blenheim in 1840. In 1859, J.G. Hutchinson came to the city of Auckland aboard the William Watson.

Early Americans Bearing the Hutchinson Family Crest
Charles Bolton’s American Armory (1927) contains six entries for this surname:
1) Per pale gules and azure a lion ramp argent within an orle 12 crosses crosslet or. Motto: Libertatem coeo licentiam detestor. Gov. Hutchinson. In color in a window, State House, Boston, 3d floor. On bookplate of Thomas Leger Hutchinson, arms given with 8 crosses crosslet arg. Ancest. Rec. & Portr., vol. I, p. 394.
2) Per pale [gules] and [azure] a lion ramp [argent] over a field of crosses crosslet [or]. Engr. dish given in 1711 by Thomas Hutchinson, Boston. Second Church, Boston. Old Sil. Am. Ch., p. 41.
3) Per pale gules and azure a semée of crosses crosslet or, over all a lion ramp arg. Painted on the bookcase at “Scottowe,” Lawrence Park, Croton, Mass.
4) Per pale gules and azure a lion ramp argent over a semée of crosses crosslet or. Impaling: Chequy or and azure a fess erm (Calthrop of Co. Lincoln). Crest: a wyvern az. Motto: Perge et valeas. Gov. Thomas Hutchinson’s decorated octagonal china plate from the Province house. Bostonian Soc.
5) Per pale [gules and azure] a lion ramp argent within an orle of 9 crosses crosslet [or]. Crest: from a ducal coronet a wyvern. Engr. on a chocolate-pot, Judge Clearwater collection. Amer. Silver, by C. L. Avery, 1920, p. 22.
6) A lion ramp [argent] over a semée of crosses crosslet [or]. Crest: on a ducal coronet a wyvern. Copp’s Hill Yard, Boston. Slab on ground, east side. A hatchment (broken) is also mentioned in the Heral. Jour., vol. 2, p. 83. In Doc. Hist. of R. I., vol. 2, p. 93, the seal of Samuel Hutchinson is shown with 7 crosses crosslet.

Matthew’s American Armoury and Bluebook (1907) lists one bearer:
1) Richard Hutchinson of Salem, Massachusetts, 1647, son of Thomas, of Arnold, near Nottingham, England. Arms: Per pale gules and azure, semee of cross-crosslets or, a lion rampant argent. Crest: Out of a ducal crown or a cockatrice with wings endorsed azure, armed gules.

Crozier’s General Armory (1904) contains three entries for this surname:
1) Jeremiah L. Hutchinson of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Arms as borne by Richard Hutchinson of Durham, who took part in the first Crusade. Per pale gules and azure, a lion rampant argent, within a semee of cross-crosslets or. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet proper, lined vert, a cockatrice azure, combed, wattled and maned or. Motto: Fortiter gerit crucem
2) Frank M. Hutchinson, Esquire of Philadelphia, PA, bore same arms as Jeremiah L.
3) William Hutchinson of Boston, Massachusetts, 1633, from Boston, Lincolnshire, England. Arms: Per pale gules and azure semee of crosses-crosslets or; a lion rampant argent, armed and langued of the third. Crest: Out of ducal coronet or, a cockatrice azure combed, beaked, and wattled gules. Mottoes: Gerit crucem Fortier and Nihil humani alienum.

I have identified ten Hutchinson family mottoes:
1) Coelestia canimus (We sing of heavenly things)
2) Cunctanter tamen fortiter (Slowly yet resolutely)
3) Fortiter gerit crucem (He bravely supports the cross)
4) Nihil humani alienum (Nothing relating to man is foreign to me)
5) Sapiens dominabitur astris (A wise man will govern the stars)
6) Sursum (Upwards)
7) Surgam (I shall rise)
8) Memo resto (Memories remain)
9) Perge et valeas (If you proceed you shall succeed)
10) Libertatem coeo licentiam detestor (???)

We have 19 coats of arms for the Hutchinson surname depicted here. These 19 blazons are from Bernard Burke’s book The General Armory of England, Ireland, and Scotland, which was published in 1848. The bottom of this page contains the blazons, and in many instances contains some historical, geographical, and genealogical about where coat of arms was found and who bore it. People with this last name that bore n Hutchinson Coat of Arms (or mistakenly called the Hutchinson Family Crest)
1) Hutchinson of Uekfield, county Sussex, Match with Wilson
2) Lieutenant General Sir John Hely, 28 May 2801, brother of Earl of Donoughmore
3) Hutchinson to Staveley, Captain Thomas Kitchinman
4) Hutchinson of Bury, county Lanc., 1818
5) Hutchinson to Sutton, G.W. of Stockton, county Durham, 1823
6) Hutchinson of Newbiggin Hall and Appleby, county Westmorland, and Wollaston, co. Nottingham
7) Robert Hutchinson, Mayor of Liverpool, co. Lanc., England, 1861
8) Edward Hutchinson of Wickham, Yorkshire, England, by Flower, by letters parent 4 July 1581
9) Edward Huchinson (or Hochinson), son of Richard, of Wykeham, county Yorkshire, confirmed 4 June 1581, and to his brethren, by Flower.

There are hundreds of notable people with the Hutchinson surname. This page will mention a handful. Famous people with this last name include: 1) Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643), born as Ann Marbury, wife of William Hutchinson, was an Puritan preacher in New England and mother of 15, 2) William Asa Hutchinson II (1950) who was a member of the US House of Representatives for Arkansas from 1997-2001 and became Governor of Arkansas in 2015, born in Bentonville, AR, 3) William Forrest “Wild Bill” Hutchinson (1859-1926) who was an American professional baseball player from New Haven, Connecticut, who played in the National League from 1884-1897, 4) Elizabeth Hutchinson Jackson, a Scots-Irish colonist in America who was the mother of President Andrew Jackson, 5) Edward Hutchinson (1613-11675) who was the Captain of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, signer of the Portsmouth Company, who died of wounds obtained during King Philip’s War, born in Alford Lincolnshire, England, 6) James “Hutch” Hutchinson (1953) is an American bassist from Lynn, MA who is best known for his work with Bonnie Raitt, but has recorded with various other artists such as Willie Nelson, Al Green, B.B. King, and Ringo Starr, 7) Frederick Charles Hutchinson (1919-1964) who was an American professional baseball pitcher who played for the Detroit Tigers from 1939-40 and 1946-1953, 8) Young Timothy Hutchinson (1949) who served in the US House of Representatives from 1993-1997 and US Senator from Arkansas from 1997-2003, 9) Michael Hutchinson (1973) is a British/Irish professional racing cyclist who was born in Northern Ireland, and 10) John Dyson Hutchinson (1822-1882) who served in the English House of Commons from 1877-1882 and was also twice Mayor of Halifax.

Hutchinsons in the American Revolution
There are numerous bearers of this surname who served in the Revolutionary War. A handful are listed below:
1) Sergeant John Hutchinson of Virginia
2) Private Peter Hutchinson of New Jersey
3) Private Richard Hutchinson of Virginia
4) Sergeant Amos Hutchinson of Connecticut
5) Sergeant Charles Hutchinson of Virginia
6) Private Eliphon Hutchinson of New Hampshire
7) Lieutenant Colonel Israel Hutchinson, Esquire, of Massachusetts
8) Private John Hutchinson of New Hampshire
9) Private John Hutchinson of Pennsylvania
10) Corporal Samuel Hutchinson of New Hampshire
11) Corporal Samuel Hutchinson of Vermont

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Hely-Hutchinson, Earl of Donoughmore). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale gu. and az. a lion ramp. betw. eight cross crosslets ar., for Hutchinson; 2nd, az. a fesse betw. three stags’ beads erased in chief ar. and a demi lion ramp. in base or, for Hely; 3rd, az. a garb or, betw. three wolves’ heads erased ar., for Nixon. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a demi cockatrice, wings elevated az. Supporters—Two cockatrices, wings elevated or, collared sa. combed and wattled gu. and each charged on the breast with a wreath of laurel vert. Motto—Fortiter gerit crucem.
2) (Synge-Hutchinson, Castle Sallah, co. Wicklow, bart.). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale az. and gu. a lion ramp. erm. betw. nine cross crosslets or; 2nd and 3rd, quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. three millstones ar., 2nd and 3rd, ar. an eagle displ. with two heads sa. Crests—1st: A cockatrice issuing out of a ducal coronet all ppr.; 2nd: An eagle’s talon issuing from a ducal coronet all ppr. Mottoes —Non sibi, sed toti, for Hutchinson; Coelstia canimus, for Synge.
3) (Bishopwearmouth, co. Durham; descended of the Hutchinsons, of co. Cumberland, temp. Charles I.). (cos. Essex and York). Per pale gu. and az. a lion ramp. ar. betw. eight crosses crosslet or. Crest—A cockatrice, wings expanded az. combed, wattled, and membered or. Another Crest—A demi lion ramp. Motto—Cunctanter tamen fortiter.
4) (Owthorpe, co. Notts; Thomas Hutchinson, fifth in descent from Thomas Hutchinson, of same place. Visit. Notts, 1614). Per pale gu. and az. semée of cross crosslets or, a lion ramp. guard. ar. Crest—A cockatrice az. combed and legged or.
5) (Dublin; granted by St. George, Ulster, 1676, to Daniel Hutchinson, Alderman of Dublin). Az. semee of crosses crosslets or, a lion ramp. ar. on a chief of the last three trefoils slipped vert. Crest—A demi lion ramp. az. charged on the shoulder with a trefoil slipped or.
6) (Skirsgill and Crossfield House, co. Cumberland, and afterwards of Newbiggin Hall and Appleby, co. Westmoreland). Per pale gu. and az. crusily or, a lion ramp. ar. and a canton erm. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a cockatrice, wings endorsed az. beaked, combed, and wattled gu.
7) (Whitton, co. Durham). Per pale gu. and az. semée of crosses crosslet and a lion ramp. or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a cockatrice az. Motto—Nihil humani alienum.
8) (co. Lincoln; borne by Bingham Hutchinson, Esq., descendant of William Hutchinson, who emigrated, in 1633, from the neighbourhood of Boston, co. Lincoln and became one of the founders of Boston In America, where the family continued, holding offices of trust and importance until the American revolution in 1776, when the great-grandfather of the present Bingham Hutchinson, being Governor of Massachusetts, lost, through his fidelity to the crown, all his estates in America, and the family returned to England). Per pale gu. and az. semee of crosses crosslet or, a lion ramp. ar. armed and langued of the third. Crest—A cockatrice az. crested, jelloped, and armed gu. issuing out of a ducal crown or.
9) (granted to Lieut.-Gen. Sir William Hutchinson, Knt., K.C.H., Governor of Carrickfergus, Equerry to H.R.H. the Duke of Sussex). Per pale az. and gu. semee of cross crosslets or, a lion ramp. ar. on a canton of the fourth a mural coronet of the second. Crest—On a mural coronet or, a cockatrice ar. combed and wattled gu. gorged with a wreath of laurel or. Motto—Perseverando.
10) (Rockend, co. Dumbarton, 1856). Ar. a fess az. surmounted of three arrows, points downwards, meeting in base counterchanged, in chief a boar’s head erased sa. in base two escallops ermines. Crest—A stag’s head erased gu. attired or. Motto—Memor esto.
11) (Carlowrie, co. Linlithgow, 1870). Ar. three arrows, points downwards, meeting in base ppr. surmounted of a fesse az. charged with a fox courant also ppr. Crest—A stag’s head erased ppr. collared or. Motto—Scientiae laborisque memor.
12) (Edinburgh). As the last, within a bordure az.
13) (Scotland). Ar. a fesse vert surmounted of three arrows, the middlemost in pale, the other two bend dexter and sinister wise, points meeting in base gu. in chief a boar’s head erased sa.
14) (Drummalig, co. Down, and Clifton, co. Gloucester; descended from an ancient Scotch family, of whom was Francis Hutcheson, D.D., Professer in the University of Glasgow, an eminent writer, who d. 1746; William Hutcheson, Esq., of Clifton, m. Sarah Kyrle. the heiress of John Kyrle, called “ The Man of Ross,” and the dau. iu., in 1787, Philip Jones. Esq., of Cleve, co. Hereford). Gu. three arrows, points upward, or, on a chief vert a boar’s head couped of the second. Crest—An arrow, pointed upwards, ppr.
15) (Scotland). Ar. on a fess vert betw. three boars’ heads erased sa. as many pheons of the first.

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