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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Clunie, Scotland) - Per fesse, ar. and az. a lymphad, with her sails trussed up, her oars in action of the first, in the dexter chief point a hand, couped, grasping a dagger, point upwards, gu. in the sinister chief point a cross crosslet, fitchee, of the last.-Crest, a cat, sejant, ppr.
2) (Pitmean, Scotland) - The same, per fesse, invecked.
3) (Invernesshire, Scotland) - The same as Mac Pherson, of Clunie, within a bordure gu.
4) (Cluny, co. Inverness; chief of the Clan MacPherson, claims to be chief of Clan Chattan, Current chief uses a wildcat sejant with sinister paw raised) - Per fesse or and az. a lymphad of the first, with her sails furled, oars in action, and mast and tackling all ppr. flags flying gu. in the dexter chief point a hand couped grasping a dagger, point upwards gu. in the sinister chief a cross crosslet fitche of the last. Crest - A cat sejant ppr. Supporters - Two Highlandermen in short tartan jackets and hose, with steel helmets on their heads, thighs bare, their shirt tied between them, and round targets on their arms all ppr. Motto - Touch not the cat, but a glove
5) (Invereshie, co. Inverness; derived from Gillies MacPherson, third son of Ewan Bawn MacPherson) - Same Arms, within a bordure gu. Crest - A cat sejant with her forefeet erect guards. ppr. Motto - As Cluny
6) (Pitmean, co. Inverness; derived from John MacPherson, second son of Ewan MacPherson) - Same Arms as of Cluny, per fesse invecked. Crest and Motto, as Cluny

Origin, Meaning, Family History and MacPherson Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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MacPherson Coat of Arms Meaning

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