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Menzies Origin:


Origins of Menzies:

This famous Scottish tribe surname acquires from a Norman knight of the 11th century. When William, the invader conquered England in 1066, it said that he gained help from Scotland. Originally, some Norman nobles and companions received a land allowance in Scotland. According to these were companions called “de Meyners,” basically from the town of Mesnieres, in the department of Seine-Maritime. In England, the name is Manners, the family name of the Dukes of Rutland. The place name is a derivative of the Latin “manere,” which means to stay or reside. The name became famous in Scotland in the 13th century when Robert de Meyners, selected as a Great Chamberlain of Scotland in the year 1224, by King Robert I. Other previous documentations contain as David De Meyness, a noble person, and a representative of the Queen of Scotland’s retinue in 1248, while Robert de Mesnere, was the follower of King Henry III of England in 1255. The change to the (near) new form of Menzies was first listed in 1385 when Alexander de Meinzeis held documents of lands in Durisdeer. The book of Menzies written in 1894 showed a descent from King Fergus in 333 B.C. This is a fictional story, although it has long been held up as the truth.


More common variations are: Menezies, Menzzies, Meinzies, Menzes, Menzis, Mensies, Minzies, Manzies, Menezes, Menezis.


The surname Menzies first appeared in Midlothian, where it is quite reasonable that the citizen Gaelic had difficulty with this Norman surname, and it can found in different forms.

The very first recording spelling of the family was shown to be that of Arketil de Mannvers, dated about 1214, “recorded at that of Holyrood, Scotland. It was during the time of King Alexander II, dated 1214-1249. The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England.


Many of the people with surname Menzies had moved to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States of America:

Individuals with the surname Menzies landed in the United States in two different centuries respectively in the 18th, and 19th. Some of the people with the name Menzies who arrived in the United States in the 17th century included Archibald, and, Robert Menzies settled in Virginia in 1716. Archibald Menzies and Robert Menzies landed in Virginia in 1716. Elizabeth Menzies, who landed in North Carolina in 1739. Adam Menzies, who arrived in Virginia in 1750-1751.

The following century saw more Menzies surnames come. Some of the people with the name Menzies who arrived in the United States in the 19th century included William Menzies landed in New York, NY in 1803. James Menzies landed in New York, NY in 1812. Joseph Menzies, who arrived in Allegany (Allegheny) Division, Pennsylvania in 1875.


People with the surname Menzies who settled in Canada in the 18th century included Ensign. Alex Menzies U.E. born in New York, USA who settled in Saint Johns, New Brunswick near the year 1784.


Some of the individuals with the surname Menzies who landed in Australia in the 19th century included James Menzies arrived in South Australia in 1849 aboard the ship “William Money.”


Some of the population with the surname Menzies who arrived in New Zealand in the 19th century included Rachel Menzies arrived in Auckland, New Zealand aboard the ship “Bebington” in 1876. John M. Menzies arrived in Auckland, New Zealand aboard the ship “Apelles” in 1878.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Menzies: England 3,415; Australia 3,220; United States 2,808; Canada 2,226; Scotland 2,218; Vietnam 1,192; New Zealand 1,153; South Africa 785; Philippines 322; Germany 269.

Notable People:

Alex Menzies was a Scottish football player.

Alex Menzies (footballer, born 1882), was a Scottish international football player.

Archibald Menzies, (1754–1842), was a British specialist and biologist.

Charles Menzies was an anthropologist.

Charles Menzies (1783–1866), was a Royal Marines officer.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Castle Menzies, co. Perth, bart.). Motto—Vill God, I sall. Ar. a chief gu. Crest—A savage’s head erased ppr. Supporters—Two savages wreathed round the head and loins with laurel all ppr.
2) (Professer John Menzies, Aberdeen, 1672). Motto—Scopus vitæ Christus. Erm. on a chief az. a cherub’s head ar. Crest—A cherub with wings expanded ppr.
3) (Edinburgh, 1695). Motto—Ut crescit clarescit. Per pale ar. and or, three crescents gu. a chief of the last. Crest—A crescent ppr.
4) (Pitfoddel, co. Aberdeen). Motto—Malo mori quam foedari. Erm. a chief gu. Crest—A demi eagle with wings expanded ppr. Supporters— Two greyhounds ar. collared gu.
5) (Culdares, co. Perth). Motto—Fortem fors juvat. Ar. a sword in pale ppr. hilted and pommelled or, a chief gu. Cint—A demi lion holding in the dexter paw a baton ppr.
6) (Shian, co. Perth). Motto—Spero. Ar. a chief gu. a bordure chequy az. and of the first. Crest—A book expanded ppr.

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