Muschamp Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Feudal Barons of Wooler, co. Northumberland; descended from Rorert de Muschamp, who obtained divers lordships from Henry I., left an only dau. and heir, Cicely Muschamp, m. Sir Stephen de Bulmer, second son of Bulmer, of Sheriff Hutton, co. York, and her descendants assumed the name of Muschamp; Robert de Muschamp, Baron of Wooler, great-grandson of Sir Stephen and Cicely, d. 1249, leaving three co heiresses: Cicely, m. Odinel, de Ford; Mary, m. Valise, Earl of Strathearn, in Scotland; and Isabella, m. William de Huntercombe). A deed of Robert de Muschamp’s, ratifying certain grants of land in Howburn to the monks of Durham, bears his seal, “or, three bars gu.;” but the more ancient ensigns of the family were: Ar. a chev. vert betw. three flies ppr. The charges in the arms are in some authorities called bees, in others butterflies or beetles, but they are obviously “flies,” allusive to the presumed derivation of the name from “musca.”
2) (Barmoor, co. Northumberland; descended from Sir William de Muschamp, Knt., of Barmoor, 1267, son of Stephen de Muschamp, third son of Thomas de Muschamp, Baron of Wooler, and grandson of Sir Stephen Bulmer by Cicely Muschamp, his wife). Or, three bars gu. Crest—A mastiff dog ppr. collared ar.
3) (Brotherlee, co. Durham; descended from John Muschamp, fifth son of George Muschamp, Esq., of Barmoor, High Sheriff co. Northumberland, 1596). Ar. a chev. vert betw. three flies ppr. Crest—A lion ramp. gu. holding in the dexter paw on a banner az. a crescent or. Motto—Vulneror non vincor.
4) (Camberwell, co. Surrey; allowed at Visit. London, 1568, to Thomas Muschamp, goldsmith, of London, son of William Muschamp, Esq., of Camberwell). Or, three bars gu. a martlet for diff. Crest—A mountain cat ppr. tied round the neck with a scarf ar. charged on the breast with a martlet for diff.
5) (Horsley, co. Surrey). Or, three bars gu. Crest—A mastiff dog ppr. collared or.
6) (Dublin and Cork; granted by Carney, Ulster, 1685, to Denny Muschamp, Esq., of the city of Dublin. Muster Master General of Ireland, son of Major Agmondisham Muschamp, of the city of Cork, who was second son of Sir Agmondisham Muschamp, Knt., of Robarnes, co. Surrey. The eventual heiress of the family Mary Muschamp, dau. of the Muster Master General, to. Right Rev. Sir Thomas Vesey, Bishop of Ossory, ancestor of Viscount De Vesci.) Or, three bars gu. on a canton az. a harvest fly displ. of the first. Crest—On a cannon royal mounted or, a cat-a-mountain pass. guard. ppr. Motto—Quid gens sine mente.
7) (Fun. Ent. Ulster’s Office, 1661, William Muschamp, Esq., descended from Muschamp, of Barmoore. co. Northumberland). Sa. three flies ar. quartering ar. three boars pass. sa. armed and hoofed or, for Swyne, and az. a chief indented or, for Dunham.
8) Az. a fesse engr. or, betw. three talbots’ heads erased ar.
9) Az. three butterflies volant or.
10) Or, a chief az.
11) Or, three bends gu.
12) Gu. two bare or, a crescent in chief of the last.

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