Perczynski Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Perchinski is the Americanized form of the Polish name Perczyński.  The Perczyński family Coat of Arms or Herb as it is referred to in Poland falls under the grouping with the Lubicz Herb.  The Lubicz Herb is a Shield with a blazon of Azure, a single horseshoe argent, heels to base, surmounted of a yellow cross patée, and a second cross patée within the heels of the horseshoe.

I have located marriage records for the Perczyński family in Sierpc, Poland dating back to 1838. This was part of the Russian partition of Poland at that time. The first known Perchinski in the United states was Adam Perchinski (Born about 1847 Died 06 Oct 1911).  The name on Adam’s grave was still listed with the Polish spelling.  Adam was born in or near Sierpc, Poland; where he married Józefa Rutkowska (Born about 1846 died 15 Jan 1935) in Sierpc, Poland in 1869.

Upon arrival to the United States, they settled into the town of Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania. Adam was the son of Jakub Perczyński, who married Marianna Grzywaczewska in Sierpc, Poland in 1838.  Jakub was the son of Jan Perczyński, who married Urszula Bieńkowska.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

War cry (zawołanie): Lubicz! First notation: 1190(?), 1348 W polu błękitnym podkowa srebrna z krzyżem kawalerskim złotym (cometimes argent) zaćwieczonym na barku i takimż samym krzyżem w środku. Klejnot: trzy pi”ra strusie.

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