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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Kentesbury, co. Devon, 1583; originally of co. Berks; the heiress m. Jones). Sa. three demi lions ramp. erased sans tails ar. Crest—A staff couped and raguly, lying fessways vert, thereon a wolf pass. az. collared or.
2) or Randolph (Aylesford, co. Kent). Gu. on a cross ar. five mullets pierced sa. Crest—An antelope’s head couped or.
3) (London). Gu. on a cross ar. five mullets sa. a border or, semée of hurts. Crest—A buck’s head erased az. ducally gorged, lined, and ringed or.
4) (Wolston, co. Northampton, and Bonnington and Wilford, co. Warwick; granted by Cooke before 1597, to Richard Randall, of Wolston, and Thomas Randall of Bonnington). Gu. on a cross ar. five horseshoes sa. Crest—A bat, wings expanded sa.
5) (co. Wilts). Gu. on a crosa ar. five mullets sa. Crest—An antelope’s bead couped or.
6) (granted 22 May, 1573). Sa. on a saltire engr. or, five martlets of the field. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, an antelope’s head ar. attired gold.
7) (Peryn and Mevy, co. Cornwall. Visit. Cornwall, 1620). Ar. a lion ramp. betw. three fleurs-de-lis gu.
8) (Binfield, co. Berks). Az. on a cross erminois a cinquefoil vert betw. four mullets pierced sa. Crest—An antelope’s head couped or, holding in the mouth a rose slipped ppr. on the neck four mullets in cross gu. Motto—Nil extra numerum.
9) Ar. three mullets sa. a chief indented erm.
10) Sa. on a cross engr. or, four martlets of the field.
11) Gu. (another, sa.) three mullets or, a chief indented erm.
12) Gu. on a cross couped ar. five mullets pierced sa. Crest—A buck’s head erased ppr. ducally gorged and lined or.
13) or Randle (Reg. Ulster’s Office). Per saltire ar. and sa. a pale counterchanged, on a fess of the second charged with two barrulets of the first an inescutcheon erm.
14) Sa. on a chief ar. three lions’ heads erased gu. Crest—An arm in armour couped at the shoulder, embowed and resting the elbow on the wreath, holding a spiked club all ppr.
15) (Wallingford, co. Berks; confirmed by the Deputies of Camden, Clarenceux, to Thomas Randolph, Esq., of Wood Bennington, co. Warwick, third in descent from Richard Randolph, of Wallingford). Gu. on a cross ar. three horseshoes sa. Crest—A bat displ. sa.
16) (Rev. Thomas Randolph, M.A., Rector of Hadham, co. Herts, Prebendary of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, eldest surviving son of the late John Randolph, D.D., Bishop of Oxford 1806, and of London 1809, a lineal descendant of Bernard Randolph, Esq., of Biddenden, co. Kent, b. 1556, supposed to have sprung from the ancient and eminent Scottish family of Randolph). Gu. on a cross ar. five mullets pierced sa. Crest—An antelope’s head erased or.
17) (Hingeston-Randolph; Rev. Francis Charles Hingeston, Rector of Ringmorc, co. Devon, only son of Francis Hingeston, Esq., of Truro and St. Ives, co. Cornwall, m. 1860, Martha Jane, only dau. and heir of Rev. Herbert Randolph, and assumed the surname of Randolph). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. on a cross ar. five mullets pierced aa., for Randolph; 2nd and 3rd, gu. a naked arm couped below the shoulders and embowed ppr. holding a Danish battle axe ar., for Hingeston. Crests—1st, Randolph: An antelope’s head erased or; 2nd, Hingeston: A hind’s head couped or, holding in the mouth a holly slip ppr.
18) (Badelismer, co. Cambridge, and co. Wilts; confirmed 15 March, 1571, 13 Queen Elizabeth). Gu. on a cross ar. five mullets sa.
19) or Randal (co. Kent). Gu. on a cross ar. five mullets pierced sa.
20) (Earl of Murray, Scotland). Or (in later times, ar.) three cushions pendent, within a double tressure flory counterflory gu.
21) Gu. a swan ar. wings endorsed. Crest—A greyhound’s head ar. semée of torteaux.
22) Ar. a chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis sa.
23) Or, on a chief dancettée az. a lion pass. of the field.
24) (co. Norfolk). Gu. a boar pass. ar. tusked or.
25) Ar. two bars sa. in chief a crescent of the last.
26) Az. on a saltire engr. ar. five martlets sa.
27) Gu. on a cross ar. five horseshoes of the first. Crest—A bat ar. wings expanded.
28) Ar. on a cross vert five martlets of the field. Crest—A sheaf of wheat or.
29) Sa. three mullets ar. a chief indented erm.

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