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Meaning, Origin, Etymology
The surname of Rich has three distinct separate origins.  The first developed from a nickname for a wealthy man from before the 9th century Olde French term “riche” meaning wealthy.  The second origin is a short form of the Germanic male personal name Richard. Richard a very popular name composed of the elements “ric” meaning power, with “hard” meaning hardy, brave or strong.  The 3rd origin is of topographical or locational surname from the Germanic and also the Olde English term “ric”, meaning a stream or channel so a residence by a stream. As a locational name it may derived from any place named with the element “ric” such as the ancient village now called Glynde Reach in the county Sussex in England or from a now lost place called Riche in Leicestershire.  (Teutonic and French-Teut.) 1 Wealthy, Powerful, Mighty [Middle English riche, ryche, Old English rice; also Old French riche from O.H.Ger. ríhhi (mod. reich] Hugo le Ryche.—Hundred Rolls 2 (later) a diminutive of Richard, q.v. Rich is a characteristic west of England name, being most frequent in Somerset and Wilts. Those of Somerset are most numerous in the Bridgewater district, whilst those of Wilts are most frequent in the Malmesbury district. Le Rich was the name of a Hampshire family of the 14th century (L.).

Spelling Variations
Rich, Riche, Richin, Riching, Richins, Richings, Riches, Richey, Richy, Richez, Ritche, Ricci, Ricco, Richi, Reich, Reicher and Richichi

Early Marriage Records for Rich
Elizabeth Rich married Anthonie Bamyter November 24, 1558 in St. Andrew, Penrith, Cumberland, England
Joane Rich married Christopher Gonge May 3, 1562 in Saint Leonard, Lexden, Essex, England
Roger Rich married Maltisda Thomas August 22, 1564 in Alberbury, Shropshire, England
John Rich married Elizabethe Brisle 1572 in Hawkshead, Lancashire, England
William Rich married Elizabeth Parker November 2, 1574 in Cranbrook, Kent, England
Thomas Rich married Margareta Rowland January 30, 1585 in Pontesbury, Shropshire, England
Andrew Rich married Elizabeth Peacocke November 21, 1591 in Saint Bride Fleet St., London, England

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Rich  ranks 6,089th  in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 93,746 people carry the Rich surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states:  California, Texas, Florida, New York, North Carolina, and Illinois. It ranks highest in the following countries:  United States (67,292), England (6,399), Australia (3,000), Russia (1,902), Canada (1,871), and Ghana (1,805).

Early Bearers of Surname
Edmund Rich, Saint Edmund (1175-1240) English churchman
Thomas filius Ricun, was listed in the Hundredorum Rolls in Huntingdonshire in 1274.
Robert Rich 1240 was an English biographer, second son of Reginald and Mabel Rich of Abingdon
Johannes Riche, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Matilda Ryche, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Reimbal le Riche. Calendarium Rotulorum Patentium in Turri Londinensi.
Gervase le Riche. Rolls of Parliament.
Henry le Ryche, Oxfordshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Hugo le Ryche, Oxfordshire, 1273 Hundred Rolls.
Bruman le Riche, Oxfordshire, 1273 Hundred Rolls.
William le Riche, Somerset, 1 Edward III: Kirby’s Quest.
John le Riche, Somerset, 1 Edward III: Kirby’s Quest.

Shirley House
Shirley House, home of Reverend Sir Charles Rice

History, Genealogy & Ancestry
SIR CHARLES-BOSTOCK RICH, of SHIRLEY-HOUSE, Hampshire; in holy orders, LL.D. Married Mary-Frances, only daughter and sole heiress of Sir Robert Rich, of Waverly, county of Warwick, Baronet, (by Mary, second daughter of Peter Ludlow, of Ardsalia, county of Meath, Esq. and sister of the first Earl Ludlow,) and took the surname and arms of Rich, by virtue of the royal license, December 23, 1790; was created a Baronet; has issue, Charles, a captain in the 15th light dragoons; married November 1806, Frances-Maria, youngest daughter of Sir John Lethbridge, Baronet.  Sir Charles has other children. Heir-Apparent – His son, Charles. Creation June 21, 1791.

Sir Almeric Frederic Conness Rich, 6th Bt., of Rose Hall; Gov. in H.M. Borstal Service; served in World War I 1914-19 as Lieut. R.G.A. (despatches); born February 9, 1897; succeeded his father 1948.

Leez Priory
Leez Priory, built by Richard Rich

Lineage ~ Richard Rich, 1st Lord Rich, of Leez Priory, Essex, Speaker of the House of Commons 1536, Lord Chancellor of England 1547-51, raised to the Peerage February 16, 1546-47, was descended from Richard Rich of London, Sheriff 1441-42 (whose will dated  April 2, 1403, was proved August 16, 1464). Lord Rich married Elizabeth (buried Dec. 18, 1558) the daughter and heiress of William Gynkes and died 1568 (will dated May 12, 1567, proved June 3, 1568). His son and heir, Robert 2nd Lord Rich, K.B. married Elizabeth the daughter and heiress of George Baldry of Hadley, son of Sir Thomas Baldry, Lord Mayor 1523.  He died February 27, 1580-81, having by her (who married 2nd, Robert Ford and was buried December 19, 1591) had issue, 1) Richard married Katherine the daughter and co-heir of Sir Henry Knevitt, Knight and d.v.p.s.p. 2) Robert, 3rd Lord Rich, created Earl of Warwick August 2, 1618, whose line expired in 1759, when all his honours became extinct 3) Edwyn (Sir) of whom we treat.  The 3rd son, Sir Edwyn Rich, of Mulbarton and Bracon Ashe, Norfolk, made a Knight Bachelor at Cadiz 1596 married Honora (or Margaret) the daughter of Charles Wolryche of Wickham Brook and of Cowling, Suffolk, and died before February 26, 1647, having had issue, 1) Robert married Elizabeth daughter of Sir Adam Felton of Playford, and d.s.p. 2) Edwyn (Sir) of Lincoln’s Inn and Mulbarton, Knighted July 10, 1666 married Jane Reeve, widow of Sir John Suckling and d.s.p. November 16, 1675.  3) Richard d.s.p. 4) Charles (Sir) of whom presently 5) Frances married Nathaniel Acton 6) Margaret 7) Honora. The 4th son, Sir Charles Rich, 1st Bt., of London, so created January 24, 1675-76, with remainder to his son-in-law (Robert Rich); born 1619 married November 28, 1641, Elizabeth daughter and eventual heiress of John Cholmeley, of Kirby Underwood, co. Lincoln and was buried May 30. 1677, leaving two daughters 1) Elizabeth married Pierre de Ceville, Capt. in the English Guards, who assumed the name of Rich.  His issue became extinct in the male line 1848.

Roos Hall
Roos Hall, property of Sir Edwin Rich via marriage to Lady Suckling

2) Mary married February 17, 1675-6, Sir Robert Rich, of Roos Hall, Suffolk, 2nd son of Col. Nathaniel Rich, of Stondon, M.P. for cirencester, and grandson of Robert Rich of Stondon, who was descended from the above-mentioned Richard Rich, Sheriff of London 1441-2. Sir Charles was succeeded by his son-in-law, Sir Robert Rich, 2nd Bt., M.P. for Dunwich 1680-99, Knighted at Whitehall February 14, 1675-76, one of the Lords of the Admiralty 1691-99; born 1648 married as above February 17, 1675-6, Mary (buried December 23, 1714), daughter and co-heir of Sir Charles Rich, 1st Bt., and died October 1, 1699 having had issue, 1) Charles (Sir), 3rd Bt., Capt. R.N., married (by license January 9, 1704-5) Maria daughter of Col. Francis White and d.s.p. buried October 19, 1706.  2) Robert (Sir), 4th Bt., succeeded his brother. The yr. son, Sir Robert Rich, 4th Bt., Field-Marshal in the Army, Gov. of Chelsea Hosp. 1740-68, M.P. for Dunwich 1715-20, Beeralston 1724-7, and St. Ives 1727-41 ; 6. 3 July, 1685 ; to. 28 Sept. 1714, Elizabeth (d. 13 Oct. 1773), eldest dau. and co-heir of Col. Edward Griffith, Clerk of the Board of Green Cloth to Queen Anne and Sec. to the Prince of Denmark, and d. 1 Feb. 1768, having had issue, 1. Robert (Sir), 5th Bt. 2. George (Sir), 6th Bt., b. 13 June, 1728 ; d. unm. 8 Jan. 1799, when the Baronetcy became extinct. He was bur. at Bucklebury, near Reading (will dated 14 Jan. 1783 ; proved 17 Jan. 1799). 1. Elizabeth, to. 10 Aug. 1749, 1st Baron Lyttelton (see Cobham, V.), and d.s.p. 17 Sept. 1795. He d. 22 Aug. 1773.

Sir Robert Rich
Field Marshal Sir Robert Rich, 4th Baronet of London (1685-1768)

2. Mary, d. unm. The elder son, Sir Robert Rich, 5th Bt., Lt.-Gen. in the Army, Gov. of Londonderry and the Culmore Forts 1756, cmd’d the 4th King’s Own Regt. at Culloden ; b. 1717 ; m. 1st , 31 May, 1752, Mary (d. 6 Sept. 1755), sister of 1st Earl of Ludlow, and d. 19 May, 1785, having had issue an only dau., Mary Frances, b. 31 May, 1755 ; m. 4 Jan. 1783, Rev. Charles Bostock, D.C.L., of Shirley House, 2nd son of Rev. John Bostock, D.D., Canon of the Collegiate Church and Vicar of New Windsor, by Mary his wife, dau. and eventual heiress of John Hopson, of Beenham, Berks. He was descended from the very ancient family of Bostock, of Bostock, co. Chester. Sir Robert m. 2ndly, 20 Sept. 1771, Elizabeth, widow of—Williams, and dau. of Richard Bell, and by her (who m. 3rdly, James Walker, and d. 22 July, 1788) had issue an only son, Charles, b. 23 Jan. 1775, d.v.p. 4 Feb. 1782. Sir Robert was s. as 6th Bt. by his brother (see above). His son-in-law, The Rev. Sir Charles Bostock Rich, 1st Bt., D.C.L. Oxford, of Shirley House, m. as above 4 Jan. 1783, Mary Frances (d. 20 May, 1833), only dau. and heiress of Lt.-Gen. Sir Robert Rich, Bt., and assumed, by sign-manual, 23 Dec. 1790, the surname and arms of Rich, and was created a Baronet 28 July, 1791. By her he had issue, 1. Charles Henry (Sir), 2nd Bt. 2. George (Sir), Kt., Chamberlain to the Vice-Regal Court of Ireland ; b. 1786 ; m. 10 July, 1816, Catherine Charlotte Jane (d. 3 April, 1863), elder dau. and co-heir of Dudley Loftus, of  Killyan, Meath, by Lady Jane, his wife, dau. of 2nd Earl of Arran, and d. 18 Sept. 1858, having had, with other issue, George Whitworth Talbot, C.B., Lt.-Gen. 71st Highrs. ; b. 30 April, 1822 ; m. 10 March, 1864, Adelaide Rachel (d. 1893), yr. dau. of Gen. Hon. Sir Charles Gore, G.C.B. (see Arran, E.), and d.s.p. 19 May, 1902. Catherine, m. 1843, Rev. Edward Randolph, Rector of Dunnington, York. He d. 1898, leaving issue. 3. William Osborne, ft. 12 Sept. 1788 ; m. 15 Dec. 1819, Elizabeth Sarah (d. 21 Sept. 1827), dau. of George William Frederick Newcome, and d. 24 March, 1848, leaving issue, Henry Osborn Ludlow, 6. 9 Nov. 1822 ; m. 1851, Juliana, dau. of Capt. Plunket, and d. 190-, leaving issue, three sons. Mary Caroline Lydia, m. 9 Oct. 1840, Rev. Canon William Henry Rich Jones, M.A. He d. 1885, leaving issue, 4. John (Rev.), M.A., Vicar of Ivinghoe, co. Buckingham ; 6. 27 Sept. 1789 ; m. 3 Aug. 1825, Georgiana (d. 1889), dau. of Charles Gordon, and d. 24 June, 1856, having had issue, 1. John (Rev.), M.A. Oxford, hon. Canon of Bristol, Rector of Kellaways, Wilts 1884-1913, Vicar of Chippenham, and Rural Dean of Malmesbury 1861-1905 ; 6. 24 May, 1826 ; m. 29 Jan. 1861, Clara Sophia (d. 3 Oct. 1911), dau. of Thomas Holmes Bosworth, of Westerham, and d. 18 March, 1913, having had issue, (1) Charles Edwin Frederick, D.S.O., educ. Winchester, Major and Brevet Lt.-Col. Lincolnshire Regt. (with which he served in France 1914-16), Provost Marshal of 12th Army Corps and Allied Forces, Constantinople, 1916, served in S. African War 1902 (medal with two clasps), and in World War I 1914-19 (despatches five times, D.S.O.), had Croix de Guerre (with palms), and Hellenic Orders of the Redeemer and Saviour, and medal of Mil. Merit (with palms), 1914 ; apptd. to H.M. prison service 1905, and served at Wakefield, Maidstone and Northampton till 1909, Gov. of H.M. Borstal Institution, Kent 1920-23, Gov. of H.M. Prison, Liverpool 1923-29, and of Wandsworth Prison 1929-31 ; ft. 6 July, 1871 ; m. 31 Aug. 1899, •Violet Cecile Annie (The Cottage, Weston, nr. Shrewsbury), dau. of Adm. Henry Craven St. John, of Thornbury, co. Gloucester (see Bolingbroke, V.), and d. 23 Feb. 1944, leaving issue, Charles Rodney St. John, Cmdr. R.N. (ret.), served in World War I 1917-19 ; late snr. partner of Messrs. Rich and Cowan, publishers (35a, Hertford Street, W.1 ; Naval and Military Club), 6. 29 Sept. 1900 ; m. 1st, 28 Aug. 1928, Felicity Chesterton (who obtained a div. 1936), yst. dau. of late Sir George Thompson I Hutchinson, of 55, Pont Street, S.W., and Rustington House, I Sussex, and has issue, Miles Rodney St. John, 6. 7 March, 1931. Felicity Ann St. John, 6. 7 Aug. 1929. 26*Deirdre Frances, 6. 5 Nov. 1934. He m. 2ndly, 16 June, 1937, • Georgina Blanche, only dau. of Donald Francis Napier Dalrymple, of Paradise, Aldwick, Sussex. •Violet Laline St. John, m. 6 June, 1931, Cmdr. Ronald Crawford Wagstaffe Bett, R.N., eldest son of Henry Crawford Bett (The Cottage, Weston, nr. Shrewsbury, Salop). (1) Florence Clara, m. 19 Nov. 1908, Rev. Henry Verdot Prince, formerly Rector of Farthingstone, co. Northampton, and d.s.p. 28 March, 1947. He d. 23 Aug. 1945. (2) Frances Mary, m. 22 Sept. 1892, Cecil Samuel Joy, son of Rev. S. Joy, and d. 16 July, 1893, leaving issue. (3) Ethel Margaret, d. 9 July, 1935. (4) •Gertrude Louisa, (75, Marshfield Road, Chippenham, Wilts). (5) *Mabel Caroline, m. 19 April, 1910, Rev. Alan Leslie, M.A., Vicar of Langport, Somerset from 1943, son of Dr. Leslie, of Alton, Hants, and has issue. 2. Charles David, Lt.-Col. 9th Lancers ; 6. 19 July, 1827 ; d. unm. 1 Sept. 1898. 8. William Gordon, B.A. Ch. Ch. Oxford ; 6. 28 Feb. 1829 ; m. 21 Feb. 1856, Maria Stewart (d. 8 Nov. 1914), dau. of Joseph Maitland, and d. 5 July, 1912, having had issue, (1) Edwin William Gordon, ft. 7 Dec. 1856; m. Jan. 1897, •Margaret, dau. of the late Cottenham Kingsford, and d. 1910, leaving issue, 4 William Gordon, M.B., Ch.B., formerly Major, N.Z. Medical Service, ft. Dec. 1897 ; m. 1931, *Henrietta Dorothy, dau. of Henry Donate Tyacke, of West Meath, Ireland, and has issue, Urquhart David Gordon, 6. 1934. 26 John Patrick Gordon, 6. 1936. •Helen Gordon, 6. 1901. (2) Maitland Gordon, 6. 22 June, 1858 ; m. 1888, Mabel Montgomery (d. July, 1944), dau. of late Capt. F. W. Hutton, F.R.S., and d. April, 1919, leaving issue, Geoffrey ‘ Gordon, M.C., late Lieut. King Edward’s Horse, served in World War I 1914-18 (The Rock Cave, S. Canterbury, N.Z.) ; m. 1924, Sybil Catharine Dorothy, dau. of Major P. H. Johnson, of Mount Torlesse, Springfield, Canterbury, N.Z., and has issue, •Dorothy Georgiana Gordon, 6. 1927. 26 •Penelope Rosamund, 6. 1929. 36*Angela Maitland, 6. 1932. • • Annie Gordon, (Kilmead, Riccarton, Christchurch, N.Z.), m. 15 Jan. 1921, John Montgomery, and has issue. He d. Sept. 1946. (1) *Georgiana Gordon, m. 1882, E. S. Vernon, and has issue. (2) *Mary Gordon, (The Cottage, Swerford, nr. Oxford), m. 1st, 6 June, 1882, Walter Ralph Congreve, great-uncle of Sir Geoffrey Cecil Congreve, 1st and last Bt., D.S.O., and has issue. He d. 15 Oct. 1901. She m. 2ndly, 25 May, 1905, Major Alexander McDonnell Moore, formerly Royal Irish Fus. He d. 2 Oct. 1921. (3) Josephine Gordon, m. 1894, William Aitchison Haswell, D.Sc., F.R.S., formerly professor of biology, Sydney Univ., and d. Sept. 1939. He d. 24 Jan. 1925, leaving issue. 5. Edwin Ludlow, Vice-Adm. R.N. ; 6. 1794 ; m. .6 July, 1829, Sophia Letitia Josephine (d. 17 May, 1882), dau. of Capt. G. F. Angelo, of Hill, Southampton, and d. 25 July, 1869, having had issue, 1. Edwin Francis, 6. 19 Sept. 1830 ; m. •Elizabeth, dau. of Major Sir John L. C. Richardson, and d. 1901, having had issue, (1) Francis Arthur, C.E., B.Sc., 6. 1859 ; m. 1st, 1890, Mary Catherine (d. Jan. 1899), dau. of Gerard Spooner, of Elmdon, co. Warwick, and has issue, l)* Geraldine Vida. He m. 2ndly, 1899, •Henrietta (his deceased wife’s sister), dau. of Gerard Spooner, and by her has issue, la Ronald Philip, 6. 12 Nov. 1900. 2a Edwin Francis, 6. 25 Feb. 1903. (2) Alfred Edwin, 6. 1862. (1) *Amie Charlotte, m. 1893, her cousin, Frederick Arthur Ludlow Rich (see below). (2) Lissie Ethel, m. 1889, Herbert MacAndrew, Surgeon, and has issue. (3) •Winifred Shirley. (4) ® Hilda Vida. 2. Evelyn Arthur, Lieut. 34th Regt., 6. 7 Feb. 1842 ; m. 19 May, 1864, Agnes (d. 1884), widow of Capt. G. R. Pratt-Barlow, and dau. of Rev. E. T. J. Rocke, and d. 1892, having had issue, Frederick Arthur Ludlow, (192, Manukau Road, Parnell, Auckland, N.Z.) ; 6. 1866 ; m. 1893, his cousin, •Amie Charlotte, dau. of Edwin Francis Rich (see above). • Evelyn Agnes, (c/o Capt. Michael Browne Rich, R.A., Highcombe, The Punchbowl, Thursley, Surrey). 3. Montague Philip, 6. 13 March, 1845 ; d. 29 May, 1874. 1 Sophia Louisa Jacintha, m. 25 Oct. 1866, Thomas Erasmus Head Dowson, of Lattendales, Penrith, and has issue. 6. Robert James Evelyn, Major 66th Foot, 6. 31 July, 1797 ; d. unm.

Sir Robert Rich
Colonel Sir Robert Rich
credit: King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum

1. Louisa, d. March, 1836. Sir Charles Bostock Rich, d. 12 Sept. 1824, and was s. by his eldest son, Sir Charles Henry Rich, 2nd Bt., 6. 19 April, 1784 ; m. 6 Nov. 1806, Frances Maria (d. 20 Feb. 1852), yst. [dau. of Sir John Lethbridge, 1st Bt., and had, with other issue, 1. Charles Henry John (Sir), 3rd Bt. 2. Frederick Dampier, Capt. R.N. ; 6. 8 Feb. 1818 ; m. 25 Oct. 1854, Jessy Catherine Hesketh (d. 6 Oct. 1907), 2nd dau. of Sir J. H. Lethbridge ,3rd Bt., and d. 17 Jan. 1876, leaving issue, 1. Almerio Edmund Frederic (Sir), 5th Bt. 1 Jessie Katherine FitzRoy, m. 2 Oct. 1880, Major Nicholas Edward de Berner Fenwick, late K.R.R.C. 2. Eva Annie Noel, twin with her sister, m. 27 May, 1886, Major Edward Charles Trollope, R.A., and d. 14 July, 1924. He d. 23 Feb. 1904, leaving issue (see Trollope, Bt.). 3. Henry George William, 6. 7 July, 1819 ; m. 14 Dec. 1843, Mary, dau. of David Ross, of Madras, and d. 26 Jan. 1849, leaving issue, Henry Ross, Supt. Indian Govt. Telegraphs ; 6. 20 Sept. 1848 ; m. 20 June, 1884, Henrietta Georgina (d. 28 Sept. 1943), dau. of Capt. William Probyn Hurst, and d. 13 June, 1890, having by her (who m. 2ndly, 27 April, 1907, Claude Walter Kirkby, eldest son of late Rev. E. E W. Kirkby) had issue, (1) «Evelyn Essex Mary Ross, m. 17 Oct. 1906, Hugh Lenox, (62, St. Mary Abbots Court, Warwick Gardens,, 2nd son of George C. L. Lenox, of Ashstead, Surrey, and has issue. (2) «Zoe Dorothea Shirley, to. 9 Jan. 1912, Lieut. Reginald Simon Macnamara Creagh, The Rifle Bde., only son of late Major Simon Creagh, of Dangan, co. Clare. He was k. in action 5 Dec. 1917. Louisa Isabel, d. unm. 1902. 4. Arthur Newbolt, Gen. 33rd Madras N.I., J.P. Winchester; 6. 8 March, 1821 ; to. 8 March, 1849, Jane Albertina Frederica (d. 21 March, 1882), 4th dau. of Frederick Hill, of Southampton, and d. 11 Feb. 1912, having had issue, 1. Charles Frederic (Rev.), Vicar of Swaffham, M.A. Camb. ; 6. 16 Dec. 1851 ; to. 23 April, 1879, • Charlotte Mary, dau. of Charles John Longcroft, and d. 7 Oct. 1883, having by her (who to. 2ndly, 5 Jan. 1888, Rev. Edward Thomas Mortlock, who d. 24 May, 1908) had issue, Charles Longcroft, 6. 1 Nov. 1881 ; d. 11 Oct. 1883. Mary Longcroft, to. 21 Feb. 1905, Rev. Canon Alfred Allen, late Vicar of Rotherham, co. York, and d. 10 March, 1932, leaving Issue.  2. Henry McCalmont, b. 26 June, 1853 ; m. 29 April, 1893, • Lucretia Mary, dau. of Samuel Foulds, and d. 2 Feb. 1937, leaving issue, f Henry Lionel (Brooke Cottage, Little Harwood, Bletchley, co. Buckingham) ; heir presumptive ; b. 11 Nov. 1900. 3. Evelyn Arthur, b. 3 Oct. 1855 ; m. 11 Oct. 1882, Mary (d. 27 Jan. 1925), dau. of W. H. Gray, and d. 29 Oct. 1942, leaving issue, Ernest Evelyn, D.S.O., Major R.H.A., b. 14 May, 1884 ; m. 5 Aug. 1911, Claire (d. 1942), only dau. of Sir John Dewrance, G.B.E., of Wretham Hall, Thetford, Norfolk, and d. 1 Dec. 1917, of wounds received in action. •Muriel Evelyn (9, Harrowby Court, W.l), m. 1st , 15 July, 1913, Walter Jagger, M.B., C.M., and has issue. He d. 16 March, 1929. She m. 2ndly, 22 Jan. 1935, W/Cdr. Maxwell Henry Coote, K.A.F. (ret.) (see Coote, Bt.). 4. Albert Lethbridge, b. 14 April, 1863 ; m. ; d. 1940, leaving issue, • Ruth, m. — Sarconi (1194, South Irving, Denver, 2, Colorado, Frances Albertine, m. 29 Nov. 1894, Charles Henry James Tanner, and d. 26 Jan. 1932, leaving issue. He d. 11 May, 1926. 1. Louisa Anne, m. 25 March, 1845, Joseph Lawrence, and d. his widow, 15 June, 1887. 2. Caroline Jessinthia, m. 2 June, 1831, P. A. Browne, and d. 1894. He d. 1883. 3. Emily Catherine, m. Jan. 1845, George Byam, and d. 1896. I He d. 1853. Sir Charles d. 22 Oct. 1857, and was s. by his eldest son, Sir Charles Henry John Rich, 3rd Bt., b. 22 Dec. 1812 ; m. 27 Nov. 1855, Harriet Theodosia (d. 10 July, 1870), eldest dau. and co-heir of J. S. Sullivan, and had issue, 1. Charles Henry Stuart (Sir), 4th Bt. 1* Katharine Louisa. 2. Frances Zod, m. 18 July, 1896, Lt.-Col. Gustave Adolph Borrmann, 128th Regt. Prussian Army, and d. 27 Sept. 1931, leaving issue, Sir Charles d. 12 Dec. 1866, when he was s. by his only son, Sir Charles Henry Stuart Rich, 4th Bt., F.S.A., J.P. Wilts, b. 7 March, 1859 ; m. 27 July, 1881, Fanny Elizabeth Jane (d. 10 March, 1945), only dau. of Rev. Joseph Page, of Little Bromley, Essex, and had issue, Gladys Evelyn Fanny, m. 16 Nov. 1916, Capt. Alan Henry Dickinson, M.C., late Coldstream Guards (S.R.), son of late Charles A. Dickinson, of Westlands, Branksome Park, Bournemouth, and d. 5 Oct. 1921. Sir Charles d. 2 Jan. 1913, and was *. by his cousin, Sir Almeric Edmund Frederic Rich, 5th Bt., educ. R.M.C. ; Major Royal Garrison Regt., formerly Capt. 1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regt., Lt.-Col. attached R.A.O.C. during World War I, on Headquarter Staff, Aldershot 1918 ; b. 30 March, 1859 ; m. 1st, 26 July, 1894, Louise (d. 4 March, 1932), dau. of Hon. John Conness, of Mattapan, Massachusetts, late Senator of the U.S.A., and had issue, Almeric Frederic Conness (Sir), 6th and present Bt. Sir Almeric m. 2ndly, 20 Aug. 1932, • Edith, widow of Count Constantine Dousmani, of Corfu, and dau. of late David Durie, of | Edinburgh, and d. 2 July, 1948, when he was s. by his only son. Creation—28 July, 1791. Arms—Gu., a chevron erminois, between three crosses bottonSe | or. Crest—A wyvera with wings expanded arg. Motto—Garde ta foy. Residence—H.M.B.I., Huntercombe Place, Henley-on-Thames. Club—Royal Societies’.

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Rich Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th, 19th Centuries
Robert Rich, who landed in Bermuda in 1609-1610
Cutberd Rich, who arrived in Virginia in 1636
Susan Rich, who landed in Maryland in 1652
Walter Rich, who landed in Virginia in 1653
Abraham Rich, who arrived in Virginia in 1653
John Rich, who arrived in Massachusetts in 1751
Michael Rich, who landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1754
Jacob Rich, who landed in Pennsylvania in 1760
Thomas Rich, who arrived in North Carolina in 1764
Henry Rich, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1765
Godfrey Rich, aged 21, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1805
Barnabas Rich, who landed in America in 1823
David Rich, who landed in New York in 1832
William Rich, who arrived in New York in 1832
Catherine Rich, aged 54, who arrived in New York in 1849

Rich Settlers in Canada in the 19th Century
Gustavus Rich, who landed in Canada in 1834

Rich Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century
Mr. Phillip Rich, (b. 1807), aged 32, Cornish boot and shoe maker travelling aboard the ship “Alfred” arriving in New South Wales, Australia on 16th January 1839
Mrs. Elizabeth Rich, (b. 1811), aged 28, Cornish needlewoman travelling aboard the ship “Alfred” arriving in New South Wales, Australia on 16th January 1839
Miss Ann Rich, (b. 1835), aged 4, Cornish settler travelling aboard the ship “Alfred” arriving in New South Wales, Australia on 16th January 1839
Miss Mary Rich, (b. 1837), aged 1 year 5 months, Cornish settler travelling aboard the ship “Alfred” arriving in New South Wales, Australia on 16th January 1839, she died on board
Richard Rich, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Aboukir” in 1847

Garde la foi. Keep the faith.
Guarde la foy. Keep the faith.

RICH, . . . ., of Oxford, Kent, 1 April 1656. Harl. MS. 1105, fo. 16.” ? By Bysshe, Clar.
RICH„ Edward, of Horndou on the Hill, Essex, ? crest, a patent 30 May 1579, by Cooke : Rich quartering Shaa. Harl. MSS. 1359, fo. 120, and 1422, fo. 121” ; Add. MS. 4966, fo. 90.
RICH„ Thomas, of Leyton (or Lexden), Essex, …. 1590, by Ro. Cooke, Clar. : per pale sa. and gu., a cross bottonnee betw. four fleurs-de-lis or ; Crest, on the stump of a tree couped and erased or, a hawk, wings endorsed arg., preying on a pheasant ppr. Stowe MS. 670, fo. SS** ; Berry.
RICH„ Sir Richard, of Brendiche, Essex, coat exemplified and crest. Barker’s Grants, Harl. MS. 5846, fo. 87 ; Stowe MS. 692, fo. 82’’, “ Rich, and his wife in the other book ” ; see also Harl. MS. 6834.
RICH, late Williams, . . . ., of co. Camb., [1786] Vol. XVI, fol. 107.
RICH„ late BOSTOCK, Rey. Charles, LL.D. (Rich, wife of Bostock), of co. Surrey, [1791] Vol. XVII, fol. 382.
RICH„ late MILNES, James, of co. York, Busk, wife of. Escutcheon of pretence, 1802, Vol. XXI, fol. 456.
RICH, of Dock Head, London. (See Axx.a.xd.) [1813] Vol. XXVII, fol. 426.
RICH„ . . . ., of Sonning, co. Berks, [1862] Vol. LIV, fol. 348.

Adam Rich (born 1968), American actor
Adrienne Rich (1929–2012), American poet
Buddy Rich (1917–1987), drummer
Charlie Rich (1932–1995), American singer and musician
Christopher Rich (theatre manager) (1657–1714), 17th century English producer and theatre manager
Claudius James Rich, British orientalist
DJ Richie Rich, British disc jockey
Daniel Rich (born 1990), Australian rules footballer
Frank Rich (born 1949), American writer
Georgina Rich, British actor
Heather Rich, Oklahoma high-school student murdered in 1996
Helen Rich (1827-1915), American writer
Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland (1590–1649), English courtier and soldier
Herb Rich (1928–2008), American 2x All-Pro football player
Hugo Rich (aka Olaf Dietrich), Australian criminal (Dietrich v The Queen)
Irene Rich (1891–1988), American actress
Jodee Rich, Australian businessman
John Rich (born 1974), American musician
John Rich (producer) (1692–1761), 18th century English producer and theatre manager
John Treadway Rich (1841–1926), American politician, sometimes referred to as John Tyler Rich
Katherine Rich (born 1967), New Zealand politician
Lillian Rich (1900–1954), British-born American silent film actress
Marc Rich (aka Marc David Reich) (1934–2013), American businessman
Martin Rich (1905–2000), German conductor
Matty Rich (born 1971), American film director and screenwriter
Michael D. Rich, American executive
Michael Rich (cyclist) (born 1969), German cyclist
Mike Rich (born 1959), American screenwriter
Patricia Vickers-Rich (born 1944), Australian palaeontology
Patrick Rich, English rugby league player

Richard Rich
Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich (1496-1567), Speaker of House & Lord Chancellor

Ralph M. Rich (1916–1942), American aviator
Randy Rich (born 1953), American football player
Richard Rich (director), American animated film director
Richard Rich, 1st Baron Rich (1496–1567), Lord Chancellor
Richie Rich (rapper) (aka Richard Serrel), American rapper
Rishi Rich (aka Rishpal Rekhi), British Asian music producer
Robert E. Rich Sr. (1913–2006), American food-processing pioneer
Robert Rich (musician), American musician
Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick (1587–1658), British naval officer and politician
Robert Rich, pen name used by American screenwriter and novelist Dalton Trumbo
Sharon Rich, American biographer
Sir Henry Rich, 1st Baronet (died 1869), British politician
Sir Robert Rich, 4th Baronet (1685–1768), British field marshal
Stephen Gottheil Rich (1890–1958), philatelist of New Jersey
Tommy Rich (aka Thomas Richardson) (born 1956), American professional wrestler

American Revolution
land grants to veterans of American Revolution

American Revolution Veterans
Amos Rich, New Hampshire, Rank of Drummer
Cesar Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Coser Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Cozar Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Daniel Rich, Virginia, Rank of Private
David Rich, Vermont, Rank of Sergeant
George Rich, New York, Rank of Private
Henry Rich, New York, Rank of Sergeant
Hows Rich, Massachusetts, Rank of Private
James Rich, Virginia, Rank of Private
Jash Rich, New Jersey, Rank of Private
Jedediah Rich, New Hampshire, Rank of Private
Lemel Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Levi Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Nathaniel Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Oeasar Rich, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Samel Rich, Vermont, Rank of Fifer
Stephen Rich, Massachusetts, Rank of Private
Thomas Rich, Virginia, Rank of Private
William Rich, Virginia, Rank of Private
Zacheus Rich, Massachusetts, Rank of Sergeant

William Wofford Rich
Lt. Col. Henry William Wofford Rich, CSA (1823-1892)

Civil War Veterans
Adabbert Rich, 81st Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York
Byrd Rich, 2nd Regiment, Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate, Tennessee
Charles Rich, 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Cavalry, Union, Massachusetts
Daniel Rich, 36th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Edward Rich, 1st Regiment, Maryland Cavalry, Confederate, Maryland
Francis Rich, 120th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
George Rich, 38th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Henry Rich, 23rd Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Ira Rich, 1st Regiment, New York Cavalry, Union, New York
Jacob Rich, Kilcrease Light Artillery, Florida, Confederate, Florida
Kendall Rich, 73rd Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
Lysander Rich, 5th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry, Confederate, Kentucky
Maurice Rich, Signal Corps, US Volunteers, Union, Union Volunteers
Nathaniel Rich, 10th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Oliver Rich, 47th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Philemon Rich, 15th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina
Reinzi Rich, 5th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry, Union, New Hampshire
Samuel Rich, 14th Regiment, Texas Infantry, Confederate, Texas
Thomas Rich, 91st Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
Valentine Rich, 56th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
Watson Rich, 46th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Zachariah Rich, 8th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, Confederate, Mississippi

Sir Charles Henry Rich
Sir Charles Henry Rich, 2nd Baronet of Shirley House (1784-1857)
Sir Robert Rich
Colonel Sir Robert Rich
credit: King’s Own Royal Regiment Museum
Sir George Edward Rich
Sir George Edward Rich (1863-1956), Justice of the High Court of Australia
Lillian Rich
Lillian Rich (1900-1954)

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Henry Rich
Henry Rich, 1st Earl of Holland, Lord Kensington (1590-1649)

1) (Earl of Warwick and Holland, extinct 1759; Sir Richard Rich, Lord Chancellor of England, was created Baron Rich 1547; the third baron was created, 1618, Earl of Warwick; Sir Henry Rich, his second son, was treated, 1624, Earl of Holland, and the two earldoms became united 1673). Gu. a chev. betw. three crosses botonnee or. Crebt —On a mount ppr. a wyvem rising ar. Ancient Crest—A greyhound’s head couped per pale or and gu. Supporters— Two reindeer ppr. Motto—Garde la foy.
2) (London, bart., extinct 1785; Charles Rich, Esq., of Mulbarton, co. Norfolk, youngest son of Sir Edwin Rich, Knt., of Mulbarton,the brother of Robert, third Lord Rich, ancestor of the extinct Earls of Warwick and Holland, was created a bart. 1676, with special remainder to the husband of his dau. Mary, Robert Rich, Eaq., of Stondon, co. Essex, who was also a distant kinsman; the fifth bm. left an only dau.. Mary Frances Rich, m. Rev. Charles Bostock, LL.D., of Shirley House, co. Hants, who assumed the name of Rich, and was created a bart. 1791). Gu. a chev. betw. three crosses botonnée or. Crest—On a mount vert a wyvern, wings elevated ar.
3) (Shirley House, co. Hants, bart.). (Sir George Rich, Knt., Chamberlain of the Household to the Marquess of Wellesley, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, second son of the late Sir Charles Rich, Bart., of Ruse Hall, by Mary Frances, his wife, only dau. and heir of Lieut.-General Sir Rosest Rich, Bart.). Gu. a chev. erminois betw. three crosses botonnée or. Crest—A wyvern with wings expanded ar. Motto—Garde la foy.
4) (Sunning, co. Berks, bart., extinct 1803; Thomas Rich, Esq., of Sunning, son of Thomas Rich, Alderman of the city of Gloucester, and grandson of William Rich, Esq., of Minty, co. Gloucester, amassed a considerable fortune as a Turkey merchant, and was created a bart. 1661; the fifth bart. d. without legitimate issue, when the title expired). Or, on a saltire ragulée gu. five crosses crosslet fitchée of the fleld. Crest—An armed arm and hand ppr. holding a cross crosslet fitchée gu.
5) (Lexden, co. Essex; granted 1590). Per pale sa. and gu. a cross botonnée fitchée betw. four fleurs-de-lis or. Crest, granted by Cooke, Clarenceux, 1578—On the stump of a tree couped and erased or, a hawk, wings endorsed ar. jessed and belled or, preying on a pheasant ppr.
6) (Cerney and Dowdeswell, co. Gloucester). Same Arms and Crest, quartering Bouchier, of Barnesley.
7) (London; John Rich, Apothecary to Queen Elizabeth, d.s.p. to., William Rich, who had a son John, and Henry Rich, mercer, who had a son Thomas, of London, mercer, b. 1590, sons of Thomas Rich, Esq., of Marston, co. Bedford. Visit. London, 1568). Az. a chev. or, betw. two lions pass. ar. Credit—Out of a ducal coronet ar. a demi lion issuant, tail double queued erm.
8) (Hornden Hill, to. Essex, Austy, co. Herts, London, Mulbarton, co. Norfolk, and Lambeth, co. Surrey). Gu. , a chev. betw. three crosses botonnée or. Crest—On a mouut vert a wyvern rising ar.
9) (Otford, co. Kent). Sa. a chev. erm. betw. two lions pass. ar. Crest—A demi lion ramp. sa. betw. two spears erect ar.
10) (co. Lancaster). Quarterly, or and az. a chev. betw three roundles all counterchanged.
11) Quarterly, or and az. a chev. betw. three roundles, each charged with a lion ramp. all counterchanged.
12) Gu. a chev. betw. three crosses crosslet (another, flory) or.
13) Az. on a cross ar. five mullets of the first.
14) (Thornes House, co. York; exemplified to John Milnes, who m. one of the co-heirs of Rich, of Bullhouse, upon his assuming, by royal licence, 1802, the surname of Rich, but. his wife dying d. s. p., he resumed his paternal surname of Milnes). Gu. a chev. erm. betw. three crosses botonnée or, on a cfief of the last a buglehorn sa. stringed of the first betw. two roses barbed and seeded ppr.
15) (confirmed by Roberts, Ulster, 1647, to Stephen Rich, captain of the ship-of-war “Rebecca;” descended from Rich, of co. Essex, and then resident in Ireland). Gu. a chev. wavy betw. three crosses crosslet or. Crest—A demi sea lion gu. armed and langued az. finned or.

Robert Rich
Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Warwick (1587–1658)
Edward Rich
monument to Edward Rich, 8th Earl Warwick & 5th Earl Holland (1695-1759) in St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington
wiki: John Salmon, SA2.0
Robert Rich
Robert Rich, 3rd Baron Rich, 1st Earl of Warwick (1559-1619)
wiki: Richard Croft, SA2.0
Sir Thomas Rich
Sir Thomas Rich, 1st Baronet of Sunning (c. 1601-1667)

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