Rutherford Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Hundalce, co. Roxburgh; derived from Nicol, third son of Sir Richard). Ar. an orle gu. voided or, and in chief three martlets sa.
2) (Lord Rutherford, and Earl of Teviot). Motto—Per mare, per terras; also, Provide. Ar. an orle gu. in chief three martlets sa. all within a bordure az. charged with thistles, roses, fleurs-de-lis, and harps or, alternately. Crest—A mermaid holding in the dexter hand a mirror, and in the sinister a comb all ppr. Supporters— Two horses ppr.
3) (England). Ar. a martlet within an orle gu. in chief two martlets of the second. Crest—On a rock a goose ppr.
4) (that Ilk in Teviotdale; derived from Sir Richard De Ruthuirfurde, “Dominus ejusdem” in 1390; Catherine, sister and heir of Richard Rutherford, of that Ilk, m. James Stewart, of Traquair). Motto—Nec sorte, nec fato. (Edgerston, 5) co. Roxburgh; Thomas Rutherford, of Edgerston, uncle and heir male of the last Richard Rutherford, of that Ilk; heiress in. Oliver, of Dinlabyre, who took the name of Rutherford). Ar. an orle gu. and in chief three martlets sa. beaked of the second. Crest—A martlet sa.
6) (Fairningtoun, co. Roxburgh). Motto—Arnico fidus ad aras. Ar. an orle engr. gu. in chief three martlets sa. beaked of the second. Crest—A martlet, as in the arms.
7) (Dr. Thomas Rutherford, Edinburgh, 1745). Motto—I pede fausto. As Rutherford, of that Ilk, with a crescent gu. in base for diff. Crest—A horse’s head couped ppr. bridled gu.
8) (Edinburgh, 1871; nephew of the eminent Scotch judge, Lord Rutherfurd). Motto—Per mare, per terras. Ar. an orle and in chief three martlets gu. a bordure erm. Crest—A mermaid holding in her dexter hand a mirror, in her sinister a comb ppr.

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