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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

P. de Liège - D'argent à un bouclier d'or à nombril du même acc de trois merlettes mal-ordonnées de sable. English: Argent (white), to a shield Or (gold, or, yellow), with nombril point (A point mid-way between the bottom and centre of the shield.) of the same, accompanied of three set 1 and 2 martlets Sable (black). (Source: Rietstap's Armorial General).
(Note from Coadb.com Artist: This seems a Dutch/Belgian blazon and the correct surname is Spreuwaerts. Am I allowed to use Spreuwaerts in filename and nameplate? The blazon seems to get the tincture of inner shield wrong. I found some Dutch blazon which states the shield is Azure. Since Or shield would violate the rule of tincture, I would say we should go with Azure. Spreauerts seems French distortion of original surname, but since such version exists in Rietstap, I can make this version as well if you like.)

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Spreuaerts Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Spreuaerts Coat of Arms Meaning

See glossary for symbol meaning.

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