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Truesdale Origin:

England, Ireland

Origins of Truesdale:

This unique and fascinating surname is Anglo-Saxon and it is also a regional name acquiring from an area called Troutsdale in the church of Brompton, near Scarborough, in North Yorkshire. The area was listed in the Domesday Book of 1086 as “Truzstal”, and came as “Trucedale” in 1314. It came along with the Old English before the 7th Century components “truht,” trout, along with “stall, steall,” which have different meanings like “area, balanced, lake in a river.” After sometime, pronunciation variations have converted the final component of the name similarly to the Olde English “dael”, Dale, which means a valley. Regional surnames used as a factor of recognition, particularly for those who migrated from one place to another place. The new name types range from Trousdale and Trowsdale to Truesdale, Trowsdall, and Trosdall. Examples from Yorkshire Church Schedules consist of John Trousdale (1585), Thomas Trowsdaile (1593), Dorithy Troysdall (1663) and Richard Trowesdayll (1666). The wedding of Bernardus Trowsdale and Elizabeth Atkinson listed in November 1668, at Danby in Cleveland.


More common variations of this surname are: Trouesdale, Trusdale, Truesdal, Tresdale, Truesdle, Trousdale, Truisdale, Trewsdale, Truesdall, Trusedale.


The origins of the surname Lent found in Lincolnshire where people held a family seat from early times as Kings of the palace. The Saxon effects of English history declined after the war of Hastings in 1066. The language of the court was French for the next three centuries and after the Norman control. But Saxon surnames remained, and the family name first set down in the year 1275 when Clemence de Lentone held estates.

The very first recorded spelling of the family was shown to be that of Alice Trosdall, dated about 1577, in the named in Kirkleatham, Yorkshire. It was during the time of Queen Elizabeth I, dated 1371 – 1390, who was known as the” Good Queen Bess.” The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England. Surnames all over the country began to develop, with unique and shocking spelling variations of the original one.

United States of America:

Individuals with the surname Truesdale settled in the United States in three different centuries respectively in the 17th, 19th, and 20th. Some of the people with the name Truesdale who settled in the United States in the 17th century included Richard Truesdale arrived in Massachusetts in 1635.

Some of the people with the name Truesdale who settled in the United States in the 18th century included H B Truesdale landed in San Francisco, California in 1850.

Some of the people with the name Truesdale who settled in the United States in the 20th century included Annie E. Truesdale at the age of 20 landed in America from Ireland, in 1902. Ruby Truesdale at the age 25, who landed in America from division Waterford, Ireland in 1903. Samuel Truesdale at the of 48 from Newcastle, Ireland, Jane Truesdale, at the age of 58, from Bolton, England, and William Truesdale at the age of 39, from Belfast, Ireland all these arrived in the same year in 1907.


Some of the people with the name Truesdale who settled in Canada in the 20th century included Laura Truesdale at the age of 12 settled in Brantford, Canada, in 1918.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Truesdale: United States 4,881; England 387; Northern Ireland 334; Scotland 144; Australia 108; New Zealand 47; Sweden 22; Nicaragua 3; Spain 2.

Notable People:

C.W. “Bill” Truesdale was a producer of New Rivers Press in the United States.

Calvin Truesdale was an old producer of Rock Island, Illinois.

Donald Leroy Truesdale was an American Marine Troops Medal of Honor receiver.

Frank Truesdale was an American player in baseball. He was also a second baseman in Major League Baseball who played from 1910 through 1918 for the St. Louis Browns (1910–1911), New York Yankees (1914) and Boston Red Sox (1918).

John C. Truesdale was an old chairperson of the National Labor Relations Board in the United States.

William Truesdale was an American railroad manager.

Yanic Truesdale was a Canadian artist and entertainer famous for his representation of Michel Gerard in the television series Gilmore Girls, a role that motivated the Daily to name him one of “10 Actors to Watch.”.

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Argent three piles sable over all a fess gules a canton ermineines. Crest—A boar’s head couped and erect in pale ppr.

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