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Meaning, Origin, Etymology
With regard to the English surname Wyche, this name is of local origin, being derived from the place of origin of the initial bearer or from the place where he held land. In this instance, the name Wyche is derived from one of a number of place names including Wix, Wick, Wyke or Week. All of these places derive their origin from the Old English term “wic” which signifies “a dwelling place or homestead”. It was later used to denote a dairy farm and as such is found as a suffix in many English place names. Early records of this name may be traced to the eleventh century.

Spelling Variations
It is an uncommon and interesting surname. It was listed in a wide range of spellings forms like Weech, Week, Weeke, Weekes, Wich, Wych, Wyche, Weetch, Wick, Wickes, Wicks, Wix, Wike, Witch, Wykes, Wyache, Wychue, Weyche, Wych, Weyuche, Wiche, Wache, Weche, Wuche, Woche.and Whick.

Early Marriage Records

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The population distribution of the last name Wyche: United States 5,070; England 134; Japan 3; France 3; Afghanistan 2; Spain 2; Georgia 1; Australia 48; Canada 39; South Africa 19.

Early Bearers of Surname
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History, Genealogy & Ancestry
The surname Wyche first originated in Cornwall where they held a family seat as Kings of the Castle of Westcott. Cornwall was a real estate specified apart, an estate of character and foreign tax, more hardly relevant to Brittany and Wales than to England. They did not admit the Saxon rules of England till the 10th Century. Their effect displaced east into Devon, Somerset and Dorset, since then. Richard of Chichester (1197-1253), also famous as Richard de Wych was an Administrator of Chichester (1244-1253) is a religious person and glorified in 1262. A tomb established in Chichester Cathedral associated to Richard and had appeared a center of the holy trip. During the rule of Henry III, the tomb was displaced and ruined by the command of Thomas Cromwell in 1538. St Richard of Chichester is well-wisher religious person of Sussex since 2007, his adopted martyr’s day of 16 June celebrated as Sussex Day. Wych Street was a point which located in London that ran west from the parish of St Peaceful Danes on the Strand to an area towards the southern terminating of Drury Lane. It declined by the London Division Council in almost 1901, as an area of the redevelopment that established the Kingsway and Aldwych.

This section has not been researched yet, please check back soon.

This section has not been researched yet, please check back soon.

C. Thomas Wyche (1926-2015), was an American advocate and environmentalist.
Cyril Wyche (1632-1707), was a minister of the Royal Society.
Cyril Wyche (1695-1756), was a 1st Emperor and an agent to Russia.
James Wyche (b. 1982), is an American player in football.
Monty M. Wyche (1926-2014), was an American instructor.
Nathaniel Wyche (1607-1659), was an administrator of the English East India Company.
Peter Wyche (1593-1643), was an English agent to the Ottoman Empire.
Peter Wyche (1628-1699), was an English minister of Russia and Poland
Richard Wyche (1197-1253), was a religious figure and officer of Chi Chester.
Richard Wyche (1554-1621), was a manager of the English East India Company.
Sam Wyche (b. 1945), is a retired American football player.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

(Davenham, co. Chester; confirmed 28 June, 1587). Azure a pile ermine. Crest—A dexter arm embowed habited gules turned up or, holding in the hand proper a sprig vert.

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