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Atkins Origin:


Origins of Name:

The surname of Atkins stems from the Hebrew word “Ad” which translates to “red earth”. This was a reference to Adam who was created from the red earth, and shaped by God in the Biblical Creation story. Whether this story is true or not, the surname of Atkins comes stems from the Hebrew word, but also the Old English pre 7th Century diminutive suffix of “-kin.” Throughout the name’s history, the “d” was altered to a “t” creating the surname of Adkin into Atkin. Later, the patronymic form became Atkins, denoting through the addition of the “s” that this name now meant “son of.” Thus, the surname of Atkins literally means “son of Atkin.”


More common variations are:

Aitkins, Atkin, Adkinson, Atkinson, Adkins, Attkins, Aitkins, Atykins, Adtkins, Atikins, Atkiins, Atkinss, Atkinso, Atckins, Atkines, Aitken, Aitkin, Atkyns, Adkin



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Atkins was in the year 1327. One person named William Atkyns was recorded and mentioned in the “Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire” under the reign of King Edward II, who was sometimes referred to as “Edward of Caernafon” and ruled from the year 1307 to the year 1327. Other mentions of this surname came through church documents and survey rolls. Henry Atkins, was a doctor who lived from 1558 to 1635, and was President of of the College of Physicians six times between the years of 1607 and 1625, and was often mentioned in medical papers and journals throughout history. Henry Atkins was in charge of all of the medical decisions for Henry, Price of Wales in his last illness in the year 1612, making Henry Atkins one of the most well-known and recorded people with the surname of Atkins throughout history. In England, those with this surname can be found in the Buckinghamshire region. However, high concentrations of people who bear the surname of Atkins can be found in the following counties: Leicestershire, Kent, Norfolk, Berkshire, Huntingdonshire, and Warwickshire.


In Scotland, those who bear the surname of Atkins can be found throughout the country. Those who carry the surname of Atkins are found in high concentrations in the counties of Lanarkshire, Aberdeenshire, and Dumfries-shire. The first recording of the surname Atkins was of John of Akyne in Lanarkshire. In 1405 he has good seized by the English.


Augustine Atkins was the first Atkins in county Cork in the 1620s when he was given lands there. His descendants were prominent business leaders of Cork.

United States of America:

During the European Migration, which is when English settlers were fed up with their homeland and it’s poor living conditions, and emigrated out of their home country, many settlers sought out the United States of America, which at that time was referred to as the Colonies, or the New World. The first of these settlers who was recorded to bear the surname of Atkins was one person named Robert Atkins, who was just twenty-three years of age when he embarked on the journey to the New World. Robert Atkins was aboard the ship named the “Alexander” which sailed from London, England, to Barbados in the year 1635. The first person with the surname of Atkins to step foot on American soil was Richard Atkins, who arrived in the state of Virginia in the year 1622, becoming not only one of the first people in the New World with this surname, but also one of the first settlers in the American Colonies. The Atkins surname is found most often in New York, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Atkins Today:

United States 58, 153

England 17,961

Australia 8,077

South Africa 3,726

Canada 3,285

New Zealand 1,368

Wales 1,072

Scotland 807

Jamaica 410

Mexico 314

Notable People:

James Atkins (1967-2016) who was an American rock star, and was a bassist for the rock band Hammerbox

Douglas Leon “Doug” Atkins (1930-2015) who was an American football defensive end who was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Charles H. Atkins, who was an American politician, and a Candidate for the Michigan State House of Representatives from Kent County in the 1st District in the year 1932 and the year 1936

Charles A. Atkins, who was an American politician, and a Member of the Connecticut State Senate in the 21st District, from the year 1864 to the year 1865

Carl Clyde Atkins (1914-1999) who was an American politician, and also Southern District of Florida U.S. District Judge from the years 1966 to 1999

Brenda Atkins, who was an American Democrat politician, and a Member of the Rules Committee, and a Member of the Democratic National Convention in the year 1988

B. F. Atkins, who was an American politician, and was a Member of the North Carolina House of Commons from Cumberland County from 1844 to 1845

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Bristol and Somersetshire). Or, a cross quarterly pierced flory and counterflory az. betw. four mullets sa. Crest—Two hounds’ heads endorsed, collar dovetailed per pale or and az. counterchanged erased gu.
2) (Fountainville, co. Cork, now represented by Augustus Athelino A. M. Atkins, Esq., eldest son of the late T. R. Atkins, Esq., and his wife Susanna Augusta, dau. of Col. Nuttal Greene, of Kilmanahan Castle, co. Tipperary, J.P. and D.L.). (Firville, co. Cork, now represented by the Misses Charlotte Elizabeth and Henrietta Louisa Atkins, daus. and co-heirs of the late Rev. Philip Going Atkins-Going). Same an the elder line of Fountainville. One generation only bore the arms of Atkyns of Yelverton, Norfolk. Motto—By the sword; also, Honor et virtus. The Crest and Motto of the Gloucester family of Atkyns have been used by some of the branches. Ar. a cross of half fleurs-de-lis betw. four mullets sa. pierced of the field. Crest—A nag’s head erased sa. bridled ar.
3) (Staffordshire and London, confirmed by Camden, Clarenceux, to Henry Atkins, of London M.D.). Az. three barrulets ar. in chief as many bezants. Crest—A pelican ppr. preying on a wyvern vert.
4) Erm. in chief two lions ramp. az. Crest—A lion ramp. gu. supporting a flagstaff and ropes ppr. flag ar. charged with a cross gu.

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