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Origin, Meaning, Family History and Baker Coat of Arms and Family Crest

baker, medieval, heraldry

Medieval Baker

Meaning, Origin, Etymology 
English: occupational name from Middle English bakere, backere 'baker' (Old English) bæcere. Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name probably adopted for cognates in other European languages such as German Bäcker, Becker; Dutch Bakker, De Becker, De Ba(e)cker, etc., or for Jewish Be(c)ker(man).
The surname of Baker is most likely derived from the Old English Pre 7th Century word of “boeccure,” which was a given name derived from the Old English word “baecere” which can be translated to mean “one who bakes” or “to bake.” The surname of Baker is occupational, but can have more than one meaning. The possible occupations for someone who would have originally been given the surname of Baker include: someone who was directly in charge of the baking ovens in a large establishment, such as a castle or monastery; someone who was in charge of the community or communal kitchen in a town or a village (because most of these sparse homes did not have a kitchen in feudal times, but rather a communal kitchen used by everyone in the town or village; except for nobility.) Another possibility for someone to earn the surname of Baker was for someone who specifically made fine breads and roles, of artisan quality. Another possible occupation for someone who had the surname of Baker was one who owned or maintained a kiln that was used to create building materials, such as pottery, or bricks. It is important to remember that occupational surnames were only given to the person who actually carried out the job associated with the surname. They were then given to the son of the original person who was named as such, but only if he followed his father into the career path. The name became hereditary after the second generation of men to carry out this task existed in a single family. The first recorded spelling of the surname of Baker can be found in the country of England. One person by the name of one William le Bakere, who was mentioned in the Pipe Rolls of Norfolk in the year 1177. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of one King Henry II, who was commonly referred to and known throughout history as “The Builder of Churches.” King Henry II ruled from the year 1154 to the year 1189. In England, the female form of this surname is said to be Baxter, and both names have almost fifty entries in the Dictionary of National Biography, and at that time, was arguably one of the most popular surnames in all of England. Those who carry the surname of Baker can be found in large concentrations in the counties of Devon, Hampshire, Essex, Surrey, and Sussex. The population of those who carry the surname of Baker can be found throughout the country of Scotland. However, the area with the largest concentration of those who bore the surname of Baker can be found in Lanarkshire County. The European Migration brought many settlers to the United States of America, which at that time was referred to as The New World, or The Colonies. The first person to bear the surname of Baker in the United States was one Edmund Baker, who arrived in the state of Maine in the year of 1630. In the year 1633, Geo Baker landed in the state of Virginia, closely followed by Daniell Baker and Dorothie Baker in 1635. Bakers are geographically well represented. The UK has towns called Baker’s End and Baker Street. No fewer than 8 US states have towns called Baker, and there are 3 Bakersfields as well. The United States also oversees an uninhabitable South Pacific Baker Island which was once British. Canada, Australia and the United States have Baker Lakes, while Chile has a Baker Canal.

Spelling Variations
Backer, Beaker, Bakker, Boaker, Bawker, Baiker, Bakeer, Bakery, Bakeri, Baker, Bakere, Baiker, Backer

Early Marriage Records for
Ann Baker married Thomas Bayes October 26, 1639 in Dedham, Massachusetts
Jeffery Baker married Ione Rockwell November 15, 1642 in Windsor, Connecticut
Thomas Baker married Alice Dayton June 20, 1648 in New Haven, Connecticut
William Baker married Mary Eddington July 28, 1651 in Boston, Massachusetts
Christian Baker married Simon Roberts May 18, 1654 in Boston, Massachusetts
William Baker married Pilgrim Edye February 22, 1656 in Boston, Massachusetts
John Baker married Joan Swift September 5, 1657 in Boston, Massachusetts
Mary Baker married Joseph Safford March 6, 1660 in Ipswich, Massachusetts
Sarah Baker married John Gould October 14, 1660 in Ipswich, Massachusetts
John Baker married Thankful Foster November 8, 1663 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
Joseph Baker married Ruth Holton 1663 in Northampton, Massachusetts
Hepsiba Baker married Caleb Pomery March 8, 1664 in Windsor, Connecticut
Sarah Baker married James White December 22, 1664 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
John Baker married Preserved Trott May 11, 1667 in Dorchester, Massachusetts
David Baker married Margaret Byrd May 1, 1550 in Grantchester, Cambridge, England
Martyn Baker married Alycye Wyott July 19, 1550 in Molland, Devon, England
Richard Baker married Hellen Sutton July 13, 1550 in Saint Lawrence Jewry and Saint Mary Magdalene Milklondont, London, England
Dorethy Baker married Eckonwold Rawlyns May 10, 1550 in Saint Lawrence Jewry and Saint Mary Magdalene Milklondont, London, England
John Baker married Ann Courteney January 18, 1550 in Shirwell, Devon, England
Robert Baker married Catherine Morishe February 9, 1550 in Bristol, Gloucester, England
William Baker married Elyn Warde November 13, 1550 in Thornbury, Gloucester, England
Ciceley Baker married Richard Styrmyer January 26, 1550 in St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Thomas Baker married Agnes Theker 1549 in Willoughby, Lincoln, England
John Baker married Jone Maryat November 10, 1549 in Saint Margaret, Westminster, London, England
Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Baker ranks 693rd in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 780,726 people carry the Baker surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: Texas, California, Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and North Carolina. It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (535,452), England (110,210), Australia (45,955), Canada (32,921), South Africa (10,192) and Wales (5,574).

Early Bearers of Surname
Aaron Eli Baker (1620-1683), an English colonial agent of the Honourable East India Company
Alan le Baker, Sussex, ibid.
Barnett Baker, born in Poland (Russian subject), in Census 1901 (Salford, Lancs)
Helena Baker, 1541 in IGI (Burton Upon Trent, Staffs)
Henry Baker, 1538 in IGI (Wartling, Sussex)
Isaac Baker, boot finisher, born in Russia, in Census 1901 (Whitechapel, Middx)
Israel Baker, machinist for tailor, born in Poland, in Census 1881 (Leeds, WR Yorks)
Jane Baker: St. Peter, Cornhill. Baptised 1551
Johannes Bakere, 1381 in Poll Tax (Woodham Ferreers, Essex)
John le Baker, Somerset, 1 Edward III: Kirby's Quest.
Lazarus Sebag Baker, born in Russia, in Census 1911 (West Derby, Lancs)
Lewes Baker, Hyman Baker, born in Russia in Census 1891 (Leeds, WR Yorks)
Osmond Pistor Regis (Domesd.), who held Windestorte and Galton, 1086, was ancestor of the Bakers of Dorset.
Robert Bakere, 1246 in Assize Rolls (Lancs)
Roger le Baker, Somerset, ibid.
Simon Baker, 1381 in Poll Tax (Canterbury, Kent)
Thomas Baker (1625?-1689), an English mathematician, best known for producing a solution of biquadratic equations; President of Madras (1652-1655)
Thomas Baker, 1478 in Feet of Fines (Shrops)
Walter le Backere, 1280 in Fransson (Hants)
Walter le Baker, Devon, 1271. Hundred Rolls.
William le Bakere, 1177 in Pipe Rolls (Norfolk)
William le Bakere, Oxfordshire, ibid.

baker, Historic England, Ellemore Hall

Elemore Hall

History, Genealogy & Ancestry

Baker, Henry-George, Esq. of Elemore Hall and Crook Hall, co. Durham ; b. May, 1850; m. 3 Dec. 1872, Alice, dau. of Mr. Joseph Woodward, of Christleton, co. Chester, and has issue. Lineage.—Sir George Baker, Knt., Recorder of Newcastle- on-Tyne, one of the loyal defenders of that town for King Charles, was 2nd son of Oswald Baker, of Durham, by Mary Heron his wife. He purchased, about the year 1635, Crook Hall, in which estate he was s. 1667, by his son, George Baker, Esq. of Crook Hall, father, by Margaret his wife, dau. of Thomas Forster, Esq. of Edderston, Northumberland, of a son and successor, George Baker, Esq. of Crook Hall, 6. 1 Aug. 1654 ; to. Elizabeth, only dau. and heir of Samuel Davison, Esq. of Widgate Grange, co. Durham (by Elizabeth, dau. and coheir of Dr. John Cosin, Bishop of Durham), and dying 1699, left an only son, George Baker, Esq. of Crook Hall, M.P. for the city of Durham, who m. Elizabeth, only dau. and heiress of Thomas Conyers, Esq. of Elemore, co. Durham, M.P., and d. 1 June, 1723, leaving, with a dau., Margaret, wife of Edward Shipperdson, Esq. of Piddington Hall, Garth a son, George Baker, Esq. of Elemore Hall, who to. Judith, dau. and co-heir of Cuthbert Routh, Esq. of Dimsdale, co. Durham, Bart.), and d. 1774, leaving, with a dau., Elizabeth, m. Christopher Tower, Esq. of Weald Hall, Essex, a son, George Baker, Esq. of Elemore Hall, who to. Isabella, dau. of John Dalton, Esq. of Sleningford, co. York, and had an only dau. and heiress, Isabella Baker, who m. 15 Feb. 1816, her cousin, Henry Tower, Esq. (see Tower of Weald Hall), and d. Nov. 1842, leaving, with other issue, an eldest son, Henry-John-Baker Tower, Esq. of Elemore Hall, 6. 29 •June, 1822, who (by royal license in 1844) assumed the name of Baker only in accordance with the will of his grandfather, George Baker, Esq., and had a grant of the arms of Baker and Tower, quarterly. Mr. Baker, who was Major in the North Durham Militia, and previously Lieut. 4th Dragoon Guards ; was iJ.P. and D.L. for co. Durham, and served as High Sheriff 1854; he m. June, 1849, Isabella, younger dau. of Robert-Lancelot Allgood, Esq. of Nunwick, Northumberland, by whom he had, with other issue, an eldest son, the present, Henry George-Baker, Esq. of Elemore. Mr. Baker d. 28 Jan. 1871. Arms—Quarterly: 1st and 4th, erm., on a saltier, engrailed, az., a maunch, between four escallops, or; on a chief, sa., a lion, passant, of the third for BAKER; 2nd and 3rd, sa..., a tower, or, charged with a peahen, of the field, within a bordure, of the second, charged with ten cross-crosslets, also of the field, for ToweR. . Crests—1st, BAKER, a lion, rampant, arg., charged on the shoulder with a saltier, az., and supporting between the paws a shield of the last, thereon a maunch, or; 2nd, ToweR, a griffin, passant, per pale, or and erm., the dexter claw resting on a shield, sa., charged with a tower, as in the arms. Motto—Love and dread. Seats—Elemore Hall, and Crook Hall, both co. Durham.

Baker, William-Robert, Esq. of Bayfordbury, co. Hertford, J.P., and High Sheriff 1836, b. 8 Oct. 1810 ; m. 4 Oct. 1839, Anna-Emma-Katherine, 1st dau. (by Katherine his 2nd wife, dau. of the Right Rev. Wm. Majendie, Bishop of Bangor) of Henry-Fynes Clinton, Esq., eldest son of the Rev. Charles-Fynes Clinton, D.D., and by her has a son and heir, William-Clinton, J.P. co. Herts, 6. 26 Sept. 1840; m, 12 April, 1864, Edith-M.-A. Majendie, eldest dau. of the Rev. H. Majendie, Vicar of Dunmow, Essex, and has issue, Henry-William-Clinton, b. 16 March, 1865. Lewis-Clinton, b. 16 March, 1866. Osbert-Clinton, b. 25 Sept. 1869. Geoffrey-Clinton, b. 1 Dec. 1871. John-Hugh-Clinton, b. 27 Dec. 1875. Estina-Anna, b. 24 Aug. 1S67.
Lineage— Sir William Baker, Knt., purchased, 1757, the manor and estate of Bayford, and between the years 1758 and 1762, built the present mansion-house of Bayfordbury, which he surrounded with a park. He m. 19 Jan. 1742, Mary, dau. of Jacob and Mary Tonson, and had six sons and a dau. The eldest son, William Baker, Esq. of Bayfordbury, Herts, M.P. for that county in five successive Parliaments, m. 1st, 23 May, 1771, Juliana, eldest dau. Of Thomas Penn, Esq. of Stoke Pogeis, by Juliana his wife, dau. of Thomas, 1st Earl of Pomfret, and by her had one dau., Juliana. He m. 2ndly, 7 Oct. 1775, Sophia, 3rd dau. Of John and Lady Henrietta Conyers, of Copt Hall, Essex, by whom he had numerous issue, and was s. by his eldest son, William Baker, Esq. of Bayfordbury, who to. 2 Aug. 1809, Ester, dau. of Robert Fagan, Esq., Consul-General of II.B.M. for Sicily and Malta, and had issue, Edward, d. Oct. 1811. William-Robert, now of Bayfordbury. Mary-Anne-Concordia, d. 1836. Mr. Baker d. 1813, and was s. by his only surviving son, the present representative. Arms—Per pale, ermine and gules, a greyhound, courant, between two bars invecked; in chief, two quatrefoils, and another in base, all counterchanged. Crest—A cockatrice, per fesse, indented, erminois and pean, combed and wattled gu., gorged with a collar uz., and in the beak a quatrefoil, slipped vert. Motto—So run that you may obtain. Seat— Bayfordbury, Hertford.

hardwicke court, gloucestshire, england

Hardwicke Court

BAKER, Thomas-Barwick-LLoyd, Esq. of Hardwicke Court, co. Gloucester, b. 14 Nov. 1807; J.P., D.L., and High Sheriff 1847; m. 10 March, 1840, | Mary, dau. of Nicholas-Lewis Fenwick, Esq. of Bedford Court, co. Worcester, by Mary-Anne his wife, dau. of Sir John-Saunders Sebright, Bart., and has issue, 1. Granville-Edwin-Lloyd, J.P., b. 6 Feb. 1841; m. 30 Dec. 1868, Catharine, 4th dau. of the Hon. Arthur Lascelles, of Norley, co. Chester. 11. Henry-Orde-Lloyd, b. 1 June, 1842. Lineage—The Rev. William-Lloyd BAKER, of Stouts Hill, co. Gloucester (son by Mary his wife, sister of the Rev. John Lloyd, of Ryton, of the Rev. Thomas Baker, vicar of Bibury, co. Gloucester, younger brother of John Baker, of Waresley), ºn. Mary, dau. of the Rev. John Lloyd, rector of Ryton, Durham, a descendant of Dr. William Lloyd, bishop of St. Asaph, Lichfield, Coventry, and Worcester, by whom he had issue, an only son, Thomas-John-Lloyd BAKER, Esq. of Hardwicke Court, J.P. and D.L., b. 17 May, 1777; m. 1st, May, 1800, Mary, dau. (by Catherine his wife, 5th dau. of Thomas Barwick, Esq. of London) of William Sharpe, Esq. of Fulham, co. Middlesex, and niece of Granville Sharpe, and by her (who d. at Dublin, 26 Dec. 1812) had issue, - Thost As-BARwick-Lloyd, now of Hardwicke Court. Catherine, n. 4 Feb. 1834, to the Rev. Thomas-Murray Browne, vicar of Standish, and hon. canon of Gloucester. Mary-Anne-Loyd, n. 25 March, 1832, to Col. Benjamin-Chapman Browne, of the 9th lancers. He m. 2ndly, Sept. 1815, Annabella, dau. of the Rev. William Ralfe, rector of Maldon, co. Bedford. Mr. Baker, who was high sheriff 1824, d. 3 May, 1841. Arms–Az., three swans' heads, erased, arg., gorged with ducal coronets, or. Crest—A naked dexter arm, ppr., erased, arg. Seat—Hardwicke Court, near Gloucester.

BAKER, Rev. Robert-Lowbridge, of West Hay, co. Somerset, b. 22 Feb. 1831; m. 1858, Mary Katherine, dau. of Charles Noel, Esq. of Bell Hall, co. Worcester. holding a swan's head, Lineage.—John-Innes BAKER, Esq., b. 5 July, 1746 (2nd son of Slade Baker, Esq., by Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Jeremy Innes, Esq. of Redland Court, Bristol, one of the grandsons of Sir Robert Innes, Bart.); m. 9 Dec. 1775, Mary, dau. of Robert Bright, Esq. of Brockbury, co. Hereford, and by her, who d. 13 Feb. 1825, had issue five sons and five daus. Mr. Baker d. 31 Jan. 1805, and was s. by his son, Robert BAKER, Esq., J.P. and D.L., b. 26 Nov. 1786: m. 5 April, 1826, Dorothea, dau. of the Rev. John Wylde, rector of Aldridge-with-Barr, co. Stafford, and had issue, Itobert-Lowbridge, now of West Hay. Fanny, m. to Rev. Reginald-Pyndar Turner, of Churchill, co. Worcester. Mary. Lucy. Emily, m. to W.-G. Prichard, Esq. Helen, m. to Col. Biggs, R.A. Mr. Baker d. 18 Dec. 1860. Arms—Az., on a fesse, engrailed, between three swans' necks, erased, or, gorged with ducal coronets, gu., as many cinquefoils, of the last. Crest—A dexter arm in mail, the under vest scen at the elbow, vert, the hand, ppr., grasping a swan's neck, as in the arms, beaked, gu. Seat—West Hay, Wrington, co. Somerset.

orsett hall, essex england, baker

Orsett Hall

Wingfield-Baker Richard-Baker, Esq. of Orsett Hall, Essex, late M.P. for South Essex, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff 1867, Barrister-at-Law, b. 1801 ; assumed the additional surname and arms of Baker, 1859 ; m. 27 Nov. 1837, Margaret-Maria, sister of John Lord Hanmer (created 1872), and by her (who d. 1873) has issue, Digby-Hanmer-Richard, late Capt. Royal Horseguards, D.L. Mr. Wingfield-Baker is 3rd son of the late William- Wingfield-Baker, Esq., M.P., Master in Chancery, by Lady Charlotte-Maria Digby his wife, dau., and in her issue, sole heiress of Henry, 1st Earl Digby (see Wingfield-Digby). Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th, arg., a greyhound courant between two bars sa., for Baker; 2nd and 3rd, arg., abend gu. between two cotises sa., with a crescent for difference, for WINGFIELD. Crests—1st, a cockatrice erm., combed and wattled gu., Baker; 2nd, a griffin pass, vert, Wingfield. Seat—Orsett Hall, Romford, Essex.

Baker, William-Meath, Esq. of Hasfield Court, co. Gloucester, b. 1 Nov. 1857.
Lineage— Richard Baker, Gent., to. about 1690, Jane, dau. and co-heiress of George Dodd, Esq. of High Fields, co. Chester. His younger son’s descendant, William Baker, s. to his Staffordshire estates, and had Issue, William Baker, of Fenton, m. 1793, Mary, dau. of the late James Bourne, Esq., and sister of Ralph Bourne, Esq. of Hilderstone Hall, J.P. and D.L. co. Stafford, and by her (who d. 1855) had issue, William, his heir, d. unm. Aug. 1865. Ralph-Bourne (Rev.), of Hasfield Court. John, deceased. Charity (deceased), to. the late P.-B. Broade, Esq., J.P., of Fenton Manor House, co. Stafford. Mary (deceased), to. the late John Harvey, Esq.. J.P. , of Blurton, co. Stafford. Jane, deceased. Sarah, to. the late John Hitchman, Esq. of Leamington. Charlotte, of Fenton House, Staffordshire, d. 1874. Elizabeth, deceased. He d. 1833, and was s. by his 2nd son, Rev. Ralph-Bourne Baker, M.A., of Hasfield Court, formerly of Doveridge Wood House, co. Derby, and of Fenton, co. Stafford, Rural Dean of Stone, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Meath; to. 1855,Frances-Crofton, dau. of Dr. Singer, Bishop of Meath, by Mary his wife, granddau. Of Sir Morgan Crofton, Bart, of Mohill Castle, co. Leitrim, and had issue, i. William-Meath, now of Hasfield Court. i. Mary-Frances. ii. Letitia-Jane-Dorothea. Mr. Baker d. 25 May, 1875, and was s. by his only son. Arms—Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gules, a goat, passant arg. attired or, for Baker; 2nd, arg., on a fess gu., between two bars, wavy, sa. three crescents or, for Dod ; 3rd, per fess sa. and gu., an eagle, displayed, or, for Woodruffe. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a goat’s head arg., attired gold. Motto—Ars bona violentia. Seat—Hasfield Court, near Gloucester.

Hasfield Court, Gloucestershire, England, Baker

Hasfield Court Gloucestershire

Baker, Hugh, Esq. of Lismacue, co. Tipperary, J.P., b. 1845 s. bis father 5 Nov. 1868.
Lineage— Thomas Baker, Esq., the first of this family who settled at Lattinmore, co. Tipperary, went to Ireland with the Lord Deputy Sussex. His widow, Anne Baker, who was living at Knochroid, Barony of Clanwilliam, 8 July, 1642, put in her claim, and that of her son, Walter, as sufferers, in 1641. This son, Walter Baker, Esq., entered Trin. Coll., Dublin, 30 Sept. ; 1640, aged 17, as 2nd son of Thomas Baker, Esq. of Lattinmore, i being 6. At Ballincallagh, 1623. He got a grant of the lands of ) Killenaliff, Lattinmore, and Lattinbeg, Yorticord, and Kilpatrick, in co. Tipperary, containing 1,200 acres, which patent was enrolled 5 May, 1667. He to. Martha Osborne, and left issue, three sons and two daus., viz., i. Thomas, d. s. P. ii. Richard, his heir. hi. Walter, m. and had issue. The second son, Richard Baker, Esq. of Lattinmore, co. Tipperary, s. His father. He to. and left issue, 1 William, his heir. 2 Barnaby, to. Miss Harding. 3 Walter, to. and had issue. 1 Maria. 2 Martha. The son and heir, William Baker, Esq., s. his father in his estates, and purchased, 1700 (from Colonel Blount), the estate of Lismacue. and was High Sheriff co. Tipperary 1726. He to. 17 July, j 1700, Margaret, eldest dau. of Hugh Massy, Esq. of Duntryleague, co. Limerick, and had issue, seven sons and four daus. J i. Hugh, his heir. n. Charles. m. Thomas. iv. Richard. v. William. vi. Walter. vii. Godfrey, of Cork. to. 1744, Elizabeth, dau. of Peter I Cossart, Esq. of Cork, and had with two daus., Elizabeth, m. Nicholas Wrixon, Esq., and Katherine, to. Thomas Pope, 1 Esq., four sons, 1. Godfrey, m. Margaret, dau. of Hugh, 1st Lord Massy, I and by her (who to. 2ndly, Capt. Wheeler, R.N., and was mother of General Sir Hugh Wheeler, killed at Cawnpore), had issue, Godfrey-Hugh-Massy, to. Elizabeth, only child of Marmaduke Grace, Esq., and had an only dau. and i heiress, Eleanor, to. 1848, Richard-Rogers Coxwell 1 Rogers, Esq. of Dowdeswell Court, co. Gloucester, and has issue. 2 Hugh, to. Miss Phipps, and had issue, Godfrey-Phipps, Col. H.E.I.C.S. George, Capt. R.A., to., and had one dau., m. Capt. . Monck, 22nd regt. Hugh-Cossort, Major H.E.I.C.S., to. Mary Popplewell, and had issue, Hugh (Rev.), d. s. p. ; and Catherine, m. 1865, Augustin-William Langdon, Esq., and has issue. 1 Dorcas, m. General Peter Stewart, R.A., who d. 1867, leaving issue. 3 Peter, d. s. p. 1813. 4 William-Massy, Col. H.E.I.C.S., settled at Fort William Glanmire, co. Cork; to. 19 Feb. 1807, Mary Towgood; only child of the Rev. Richard Davies, of Dawstown, co. Cork, and d. 12 Nov. 1829, leaving issue, Godfrey-Thomas, of Fortwilliam, b. 18 April, 1810; to. 1841, Maria, 4th dau. of Charles Silver Oliver, Esq. of Inchera, co. Cork, M.P., and has had issue, Godfrey-William, b . 24 Oct. 1851; d. at Heidelberg, 11 Dec. 1865. Maria-Elizabeth-Thomasine. William, Col. H.E.I.C.S., to. Frances-Roupell, dau. Of James Simpson, Esq., and d. 1877, leaving issue, Godfrey- Alexander, B.A. Cambridge, and William-Savage, B.A.T.C.D., Lieut. 20th regt. Richard-Davies, Capt. 51st Light Infantry, d. S. p. 1873. Hugh-Percy, Capt. Fusiliers, d. s. p. 12 Jan. 1846. James-Swayne, Capt. R.E., d. S.p. 1871. Dorcas-French, to. Capt. Francis-J. Green, of Greenmount, co. Limerick, and d. s. P. 1830. Eleanor-Davies, to. 3 Aug. 1843, Edward-Hoare Garde, Esq. and has issue. Katherine-Pope. Elizabeth, to. — Bolton, Esq. Margaret, to. her cousin, the Rev. Godfrey Massy, of Mount Sion. Alice, m. — Shepherd, Esq. Amy, d. Unm. The eldest son, Hugh Baker, Esq. of Lismacue, to. 1730, Catherine, dau. Of Robert Ryves, Esq. of Ryves Castle, Ballyskiddane, co. Limerick, and had issue, William, his heir. Thomas, who had one son, deceased. Hugh, w. Sydney Coates, and had issue. Walter, d. unm. Edward, d. Young. Kilner, to. 1st, 9 Sept. 1783, Elizabeth, 2nd dau. and co-heir of the Rev. Robert Nettles, Rector of Ballinamona, co. Cork, and had issue a son and two daus. He to. 2ndly, the dau. of Kilner Brasier, Esq., by whom he had no issue. Elizabeth, to. her cousin, the Hon. John Massy, d. s. P. Margaret, to. Kilner Brasier, Esq. Catherine, d. Unm. The eldest son, William Baker, Esq. of Lismacue, Col. Irish Volunteers, m. Elizabeth, 2nd dau. of the Very Rev. Charles Massy, of Doonass, Dean of Limerick, and sister of Sir Hugh Dillon Massy, 1st bart. of Doonass, and had issue, i. William, his heir. ii. Hugh, to. Anne, dau. of James Reardon, Esq. of Tipperary, and d. 1801, leaving issue, 1 Hugh, who s. his uncle at Lismacue. 2 William, Rector of Shronel, co. Tipperary, to. Sidney, dau. of John Scott Baker, Esq., and has issue, Hugh-Sidney (Rev.), Preacher of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Cashel. 1 Elizabeth, d. unm. 1867. hi. Charles-Massey, Lieut. -Col. 14th Dragoons, d. Unm. iv. Robert, to. Miss. Collins. i. Elizabeth, m. Henry Fry, Esq. of Frybrook, co. Roscommon. xi. Catherine; to. Johnstone Stoney, Esq. of Oakley Park, King’s Co. hi. Grace, to. 1st, Richard Taylor, Esq. ; and 2ndly, Major- Gen. Robert Philott, R.A. iv. Margaret, d. Unm. Mr. Baker d. 18C6, anu was s. by his eldest son, William Baker, Esq. of Lismacue, s. his father 1808, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Roberts, 1st bart. Of Brightfieldstown, co. Cork, but d. s.p.; he was murdered 27 Nov. 1815, when he was s. by his nephew, Hugh Baker, Esq. of Lismacue, 6. 1 Aug. 1798. He to. Marion, only child of Charles Conyers, Esq. of Castlatown Conyers, co. Limerick, and d. 5 Nov. 1868, leaving issue, Hugh, his heir. Charles-Conyers Massy, 6. 1847. William. Augustine-Fitzgerald. Marion-Elizabeth, to. George-Cole Baker, Esq. J.P., d. 1870. Anne, m. Lieut.-Col. Morley-Stratford-Tyntc Dennis, of Barraderry, co. Wicklow. Elizabeth-Henrietta, to. J.-B. Gordon, Esq. Barrister-at- Law. Mary-Rachel, d. Unm. Mr. Baker d. 1868, and was s. by his eldest son, Hugh Baker, Esq., now of Lismacue. Seat—Lismacue, Tipperary, co. Tipperary.

The County Families of the United Kingdom Or, Royal Manual of the Titled and Untitled Aristocracy of Great Britain and Ireland

BAKER, SIR GEORGE, Bart., of Loventor, Devon (cr. 1776). Eldest son of the late Sir Frederick Francis Baker, Bart., of Loventor, by Harriet, dau. of the late Sir John Simeon, Bart. ; b. 1816; s. as 3rd Bart. 1830; m. 1st 1840 Mary Isabella, 2nd dau. of the late Robert Nassau Sutton, Esq.; 2nd 1858 Augusta Catharine, youngest dau. of Sir Robert FitzWygram, Bart. Educated at Ch. Ch., Oxford (B.A. 1837); is Lord of the Manor of Loventor.—Loventor, Totnes; Carlton Club, s.w.; 4, Hyde Park Square, w. Heir, his son Frederick Edward, b. 1843.

BAKER, SIR HENRY WILLIAMS, Bart., of Dunstable House, Surrey (cr. 1796). Elder and only surviving son of the late Vice-Admiral Sir Henry Lorraine Baker, Bart., of Dunstable House, by Louisa Anne, only dau. of William Williams, Esq., some time M.P. for Weymouth; b. 1821; s. as 3rd Bart. 1859; was educated at Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1844); is in Holy Orders; Vicar of Monkland, co. Hereford.—Dunstable House, Richmond, Surrey; Monkland, Leominster. Heir Pres., his cousin Henry Baker, Barrister-at-law (son of the late Rev. George Augustus Baker, Rector of Fingest, Bucks, who d. 1866, by Sophia, dau. of the late Peter Sherston, Esq., of Strawberry Hill, Somerset); b. 1814; m. 1842 Maria, dau. of the late John Burkeld, Esq.

BAKER, SIR SAMUEL WHITE, Knt. (cr.1866). Eldest son of late Samuel Baker, Esq., of Bromsgrove, co. Worcester; b. 1821; m. 1st 1843 Henrietta, dau. of Rev. Charles Martin ; 2nd 1860 Florence, dau. of M. Finnian von Sass. Is Hon. M.A. of Cambridge; Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and Victoria Gold Medallist; received the honour of knighthood as the discoverer of the Albert NYanza, the great basin of the Nile.—Athenæum Club, s.w.

BAKER, GODFREY HUGH MASSY, Esq., of Langlee House, Roxburghshire. Only son of the late Godfrey Evans Baker, Esq., by Margaret, eldest dau. of Hugh, 1st Lord Massy; b. 1786; m. 1812 Elizabeth, dau. of Marmaduke Grace, Esq., of Stephen's Green, Dublin, and has issue, * Ellen, m. 1848 R. R. Coxwell-Rogers, Esq. (whom see). Mr. Baker, who was educated at Harrow and St. John's Coll., Cambridge, is descended from the Bakers of Sissinghurst and Cranbrook, Kent, living there in 1369. —Langlee House, Jedburgh, N.B.

BAKER, HENRY JOHN BAKER, Esq., of Elemore Hall, co. Durham. Eldest son of Henry Tower, Esq. by Isabella, only dau. and heir of George Baker, Esq., of Elemore Hall (whose name he assumed on succeeding to this property 1843); b. 1822; m. 1849 Isabella, dau. of R. L. Allgood, Esq., of Nunwick, and has, with other issue, * Henry George, b. 1850. Mr. Baker, who was educated at Harrow, is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Durham (High Sheriff 1854); formerly Lieut. 4th Dragoon Guards.-Elemore Hall and Crook Hall, Durham.

BAKER, MRS.., of Adel Manor, Yorkshire. Hannah, dau. of the late Joseph Tatham, Esq., of Leeds, and co-heir under the will of her brother George North Tatham, Esq., of Leeds; m. 1805 William Baker, Esq., of London, Merchant, who d. 1809, and has 1SSue, * Hannah Maria, m. Edwin Eddison, Esq., of Leeds, and has issue. Mrs. Baker is Lady of the Manor of Adel.-Adel Manor, Leeds.

BAKER, THE REV. RALPH BOURNE, of Dove ridge-wood, Derbyshire, and Hasfield, Gloucestershire. Second and only surviving son of the late William Baker, Esq. (who d. 1833), by Mary, dau. of James Bourne, Esq., of Fenton, co. Stafford; b. 1804; s his brother 1865; m. 1845 Frances Crofton, eldest dau. of the Most Rev. Dr. Singer, Lord Bishop of Meath, and of Mary, grand-dau. of the late Sir Morgan Crofton, Bart., of Mohill, co. Leitrim, and has, with other issue, * William Meath, b. 1857. Mr. Baker, who was educated at Rugby and Trinity Coll., Cambridge (B.A. 1826, M.A. 1829), is a Magistrate for co. Stafford, Lord of the Manors of Hasfield, &c.; and Patron of Christ Church, Fenton; he was appointed Incumbent of Christ Church, Hilderstone, 1833; Rural Dean of Stone 1840; and Examining Chaplain to the Lord Bishop of Meath 1852. His family have been seated in cos. Chester, Hereford, Salop, and Stafford for nearly 200 years, and were originally from London and Norfolk.-Residence: Hasfield Court, Gloucester; Doveridge-wood House, Uttoxeter, Derbyshire; 6, Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol; University Club, Dublin; National Club, s.w.

BAKER, ROBERT, Esq., of West Hay, Somerset. Third son of the late John Innes Baker, Esq., of Bristol (who d. 1805), by Mary, dau. of Robert Bright, Esq., of Brockbury, co. Hereford; b. 1786; m. 1826 Dorothea, dau. of the Rev. John Wylde, Rector of Aldridge-with Barr, co. Stafford, and has issue, * Robert Lowbridge (Rev.), a Magistrate for Oxon; b. 1831; m. 1858 Mary Katherine, dau. of Charles Noel, Esq. Mr. Baker is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Somerset.—West Hay, Wrington, Bristol.

BAKER, SLADE, Esq., of Sandbourne, Worcestershire. b. 1791; m. 1820 Isabella, dau. of the Rev. John Broome, Incumbent of Forthampton, co. Gloucester, and has, with other issue, * Slade (in holy orders), M.A. of University Coll., Oxford, and Vicar of Clifton-upon-Teme, co. Worcester; b. 1825; m. 1858 Ann Fanny Eliza, dau. of the Rev. William Francis Raymond, Rector of Stockton, co. Worcester, and Vicar of Wilsford, Wilts. Mr. Baker, who is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Worcester and a Magistrate for Salop, is descended from a younger branch of the Bakers of Waresley, co. Worcester (a family now extinct in the male line), through his grand father, the late Rev. George Baker, Rector of Quenington, co. Gloucester, third son of John Baker, Esq., of Waresley.—Sandbourne, near Bewdley.

BAKER, THOMAS BARWICK LLOYD, Esq., of Hardwicke, Gloucestershire. Only son of the late Thomas John Lloyd Baker, Esq., of Hardwicke, by his 1st wife Mary, dau. of William Sharp, Esq., of Fulham, Middlesex (and niece of Granville Sharp, Esq., well known for his exertions in the cause of Negro emancipation); b. 1807; 8, 1841; m. 1840 Mary, dau. of Nicholas Lewis Fenwick, Esq., of Besford, co. Worcester, and has, with other issue, * Granville Edwin Lloyd, a Magistrate for co. Gloucester; b. 1841 ; m. 1868 Catherine, 4th dau. of the Hon. Arthur lles. Mr. Baker, who was educated at Eton and Ch. Ch., Oxford, is a J.P. and D.L. for co. Gloucester, and distinguished as a leader of the Reformatory movement. This family is a branch of the Bakers of Waresley, co. Worcester.—Hardwicke Court, Gloucester.

BAKER, WILLIAM HENRY, Esq., of Cottesmore, Rutlandshire. Eldest son of the late Richard Westbrook Baker, Esq., of Cottesmore (who was a Magistrate for co. Leicester, and High Sheriff of co. Rutland in 1841), by Anne, dau. of Henry Hind Brown, Esq., of Melton Mowbray, co. Leicester; b. 1832; s. 1861; m. 1st 1856 Elizabeth, only dau. of John Keen, Esq., of Campden, co. Gloucester; 2nd 1864 Monica Farquharson, 2nd dau. of John Cave, Esq., of Brambridge, Hants, and has by the former, with other issue, * Richard Westbrook, b. 1860. Mr. Baker, who was educated at Rugby, is Lieut. R. N. Gloucester Militia, and was formerly Lieut. 16th Gloucestershire Rifle Volunteers. In the fifteenth century the Bakers were a family of property in the North, and afterwards in Herts and Bucks.-Cottesmore, Oakham.

BAKER, WILLIAM ROBERT, Esq., of Bayfordbury, Herts. Eldest and only surviving son of the late William Baker, Esq., of Bayfordbury (who d. 1813), by Esther, dau. of Robert Fagan, Esq.; b. 1810; m. 1838 Anne Emma Katharine, eldest dau of the late Henry Fynes Clinton, Esq. (descended from Henry, 2nd Earl of Lincoln), and has issue, * William Clinton, educated at Ch. Ch., Oxford ; a Magistrate for Herts; b. 1839; m. 1864 Edith Mildmay Ashhurst, eldest dau. of the late Rev. Henry Lewis Majendie, Vicar of Dunmow, Essex, and has issue, * William, b. 1865. Mr. Baker, who was educated at Eton, is a J.P. and D.L. for Herts (High Sheriff 1836), and Patron of 1 living. This family is the present representative of Jacob Tonson, the eminent bookseller.—Bayfordbury, Hertford.

BAKER-CRESSWELL, ADDISON JOHN, Esq., of Cresswell, Northumberland. Eldest son of the late Francis Easterby, Esq., of Blackheath, Kent, who assumed by Royal licence the name of Cresswell on his marriage with Frances Dorothea, twin dau. and co-heir of John Cresswell, Esq., of Cresswell; b. 1788; s. 1820; m. 1818 Elizabeth Mary, dau. of Wilfrid Lawson Reid, Esq., of Champion Hill, Surrey, and heir of John Baker, Esq., of Hinton-on-the Green, co. Gloucester, and by her, who d. 1869, had, with other issue, Oswin. Addison, b. 1819; m. 1843 Ann Seymour, eldest dau. of Sir William Gordon-Cumming. Bart., of Altyre and Gordonston, co. Moray, and d. 1856, leaving issue, * Oswin Cumming, Lieut. 3rd Hussars, b. 1844. Mr. Baker-Cresswell, who was educated at C. C. C., Oxford (created an Hon. M.A. of Oxford 1810), is a J.P. and D.L. for Northumberland, and Patron of 2 livings; was M.P. for N. Northumberland 1841-7. —Cresswell, Morpeth.

Descendants of Thomas Baker Jr. & Elizabeth Robinson Baker
THOMAS BAKER JR. was born on 16 Mar 1799 in Virginia. He died on 01 Feb 1856 in Irving, Lane Co, Oregon. He married Elizabeth Robinson Danforth (1807 - 1870) on 26 Jan 1823 in Cumberland Co., Kentucky. She was born in 1806 in Virginia 1 . She died in 1870 in Eugene, Lane, Oregon. Thomas: Thomas Baker Jr. was buried in Luper Cemetery, Irving, Lane Co., Oregon. Children: Louciller Jane Baker Rhea (1823 - 1865)* William Albert Baker (1825 - 1899) James Franklin Baker (1830 - 1906)* George H. Baker (1833 - 1879)* Thomas Nickolis Baker (1836 - 1897)* Tabitha Frances Baker Awbrey (1839 - 1921)* Robert Jefferson Baker (1842 - 1901)* Edmond Douglas Baker (1846 - 1927)
Thomas Baker, Jr. on January 16, 1823 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. They had nine children. The Baker family traveled to Oregon. Widow Elizabeth Baker married Joseph Danforth on January 23, 1859 in Lane county. Family links: Spouse: Thomas Baker (1800 - 1856)* Children: Louciller Jane Baker Rhea (1823 - 1865)* William Albert Baker (1825 - 1899)* James Franklin Baker (1830 - 1906)* George H. Baker (1833 - 1879)* Thomas Nickolis Baker (1836 - 1897)* Tabitha Frances Baker Awbrey (1839 - 1921)* Robert Jefferson Baker (1842 - 1901)* Edmond Douglas Baker (1846 - 1927)

WILLIAM ALBERT BAKER (son of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) was born on 02 Dec 1825 in Cumberland Co., Kentucky . He died on 17 Jul 1899 in Irving, Lane Co, Oregon. He married (1) ELIZA ELMIRA HUDSON on 01 May 1851 in Illinois. She was born on 20 May 1831 in England. She died on 26 Jul 1859 in Irving, Lane Co, Oregon. He married (2) MARY JANE PROCK on 03 Nov 1861 in Lane Co, Oregon She was born on 25 Dec 1841 in Missouri. She died on 09 May 1916 in Lane, Oregon JAMES FRANKLIN BAKER (son of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) 18 was born in Mar 1830 in Kentucky 19, 20 . He died on 27 Apr 1906 in Harney Co., Oregon 18 . James Franklin Baker lived in Lancaster, Lane, Oregon in 1870 20 . He lived in Curry, Harney, Oregon in 1900 19 . He was buried on 28 Apr 1906 in Burns Cemetery, Harney Co., Oregon. He also went by the name of James F Baker 19 . He also went by the name of James F Baker 20 .

GEORGE H BAKER (son of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) 21 was born in 1833 in Kentucky 21 . He died in Jan 1879 in Harney Co., Oregon. He married MARY ANN WATSON on 26 Sep 1858 in Lane Co, Oregon. She was born in 1840 in Kentucky 22

THOMAS N BAKER (son of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) 23, 24, 25, 26 was born in 1836 24 . He died on 16 Jun 1897 in Silver Creek, Harney Co., Oregon. He married (1) RHODA M AUD WOODEN in 1863 in Vancouver, Washington. She was born in 1850 in Indiana 27 . He married (2) LUCY PILKINGTON in 1892.

TABITHA FRANCES BAKER (daughter of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) was born in 1839 in Illinois 28 . She died on 14 Oct 1921 in Lane, Oregon 29 . She married MILTON T . AWBREY on 11 Aug 1856 in Lane Co, Oregon 30, 31, 32 . He was born in 1831 in Missouri 28, 33, 34 . He died on 03 Jun 1918 in Lane , Oregon 35

ROBERT J BAKER (son of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) 36, 37, 38 was born in Jan 1842 in Illinois 36, 37, 38, 39 . He died on 25 Nov 1901 in Harney Co., Oregon. He married (1) MARY ADELINE PEPIOT on 15 Oct 1865 in Lane County, Oregon 40 . She was born in 1850 in Ohio 41 . She died between 1877 - 1878 in Harney County, Oregon. He married (2) MARTHA J MCCONNELL about 1888. She was born in Sep 1853 in Missouri 38 . She died in 1912.

EDMOND DOUGLAS BAKER (son of Thomas Baker Jr. and Elizabeth Robinson) 42 was born in Dec 1846 in Illinois 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48 . He died on 17 Sep 1927 in Harney, Oregon 42 . He married MARTHA H ____ . She was born in Sep 1856 in Iowa

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers

Baker Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th & 19th Century
Edmund Baker, who landed in Maine in 1630
Geo Baker, who arrived in Virginia in 1633
Daniel Baker, who landed in Barbados in 1634
Daniell Baker, who arrived in Virginia in 1635
Dorothie Baker, who landed in Virginia in 1635
James Baker, who arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1720
Sarah Baker, a servant who was recruited in London and sent to Pennsylvania in 1727
Frances Baker, who arrived in New England in 1731
Elizabeth Baker, who landed in Georgia in 1736
Hans Georg Baker, who landed in Pennsylvania in 1737
Joh Ant Baker, who landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1806
Heinrich Baker, who arrived in Winchester, Va in 1807
Diederick Ouus Baker, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1807
Anther Baker, who arrived in New York in 1825
Bebedict Baker, aged 25, who arrived in Mobile, Ala in 1832

Baker Settlers in Canada in the 17th, 18th, 19th & 20th Century
John Baker, who immigrated to Fermeuse, Newfoundland in 1675
Edward Baker, who settled in Conception Bay, Newfoundland in 1706
Elizabeth Baker, who settled in Nova Scotia in 1750
James Baker, who landed in Nova Scotia in 1750
Jeremiah Baker, who landed in Nova Scotia in 1760
John Baker, who landed in Anapolis (Annapolis), Nova Scotia in 1760
Henry Baker, who landed in Canada in 1800
A. Baker, who settled in Quebec in 1815
Daniel Baker, who arrived in Canada in 1831
Thomas Baker, aged 40, a labourer, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1834 aboard the brig "Maria" from Cork, Ireland
William Baker, aged 20, a labourer, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1834 aboard the brig "Maria" from Cork, Ireland
H W Baker, who landed in Saint John, New Brunswick in 1907

Baker Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century
Daniel Baker, English convict from Staffordshire, who was transported aboard the "Asia" on September 3rd, 1820, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Thomas Baker, English convict from London, who was transported aboard the "Asia" on September 3rd, 1820, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Charles Baker, English convict from Bristol, who was transported aboard the "Asia" on April 1st, 1822, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Elisha Baker, English convict from Norfolk, who was transported aboard the "Asia" on April 1st, 1822, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Henry Baker, English convict from Wiltshire, who was transported aboard the "Asia" on April 1st, 1822, settling in New South Wales, Australia

Baker Settlers in New Zealand in the 19th Century
William Baker, who landed in Whangaroa, New Zealand in 1833
Charles Baker, who landed in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1836 aboard the ship Patriot
Charles Baker, who landed in Kororareka, New Zealand in 1837
John Baker, who landed in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1838
Benjamin Baker, who landed in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1840 aboard the ship Patriot

Dum spiro spero. While I have breath I hope.
Fidei coticula crux. The cross is the test of truth.
Finis coronat opus. The end crowns the work.
Love and dread.
Nemo sine cruce beatus. No one is happy but by the cross.
Non haec sine numine. These things are not without the Deity.
Non sibi, sed patria-. Not for himself, but for his country.
So run that you may obtain. (1 Cor. ix. 24.)
Persevero. I persevere.

BAKER, William, New Windsor, Berks, 14 July 1655, by Bysshe. Grant, MSS. Ashm. 840, fo. 404 ; 858, fo. 206-7, copy of grant, .Bodleian Lib., and Guil. 206, who adds “declared void soon after the restoration.”
BAKER„ . . . ., of Mayfield, Sussex, by R. St. George, Clar. Harl. MS. 1105, fo. 5.
BAKER„ . . . ., London, draper, by Sir E. Bysshe, Gart. Harl. MS. 1441, fo. 148”.
BAKER,, Christopher, Hartford, Kent, by Cooke [1573]. Harl. MS. 1359, fo. 87 ; 1422, fo. 45 ; Add. MS. 4966, fo. 58.
BAKER,, Cicelle, dau. of Sir John, Kt., ux. Sir Thos. Sackville, Baron of Buckhurst, Lord high treasurer of Exchequer ; ? a grant of supporters to her Apr. 1602, by W. Dethick, Gart. Q’s Coll. Oxf. MS. 36, fo. 92 ; Stowe MS. 676, fo. 136”.
BAKER„ Daniel, Hatton Garden, par. of St. Andrew, Holborn, 21 July 1680. Stowe MS. 714, fo. 158 ; Grants III., fo. 105.
BAKER, Edmund, Calais, 14 Feb. by Barker. Stowe ]IS. (>92, fo. 2:4'* Harl. MS. .5846, fo. 11
BAKER„ George, London, surgeon to Q. Eliz., by Cooke. Harl. MS. 1359, fo. 87 ; 1422, fo. 45 ; Add. MS. 4966, fo. 66.
BAKER„ George, same coat, London, gent., s. of Christopher of Teiiterden, Kent, s. Of John of same, s. of Symond of Feversham ; confirmed 10 May 1573 to the posterity of Christopher, his father; another, with slight alteration in crest, 1 Apr. 1579, by Cooke. MS. Ashm. 840, fo. 403 ; 858, fo. 196—99, copies of grants, Bodleian Lib. ; Genealogist, N. S., vol. vi., p. 242, and Misc. Gen. et Her., ii., p. 1 ; MS. Ashm. 840, fo. 424-5, copy of grant, Bodleian Lib.
BAKER„ George, s. of Thomas of AVest Peckham, Kent, exemplified by Segar. Add. MS. 12,225, fo. 7.
BAKER„ Sir Henry, of Sissinghurst, Kent, Kt. and Bart., alteration by Segar. Add. MS. 12,225, fo. 6”.
BAKER„ Henry.
BAKER„ James, Bures Gifford, Essex, gift 1559 (Harvey’s Grants). Add. MS. 16,940, fo. 17. See Henry. Stowe MS. 670, by Cooke, Clar.
BAKER„ John, London, by Barker. Harl. MS. 5846, fo. 9 ; Stowe MS. 692, fo. 22’’.
BAKER„ John, Morpeth, Northnmbld., gent., 6 Apr. 1548, by G. Dethick, Xorr. Harl. MS. 1507, fo. 444, copy of grant, Brit. Mus., and Harl. MS. 1359, fo. 3’’; Q’s Coll. Oxf. Msk 37, fo. 18; 39, fo. 14, and 38, fo. 50; Grants L, 330 ; Le Neve’s MS. 444.
BAKER„ John, of Cambridge, 1577, by Cooke, Clar. Harl. MS. 1422, fo. 45 ; 6179, fo. 10”.
BAKER„ John, Shrewsbury, by Segar: sa., a gryphon rampt. segreant and dncally gorged or. Add. MS. 12,225, fo. 6 ; Guil. 266.
BAKER„ Sir Richard, Sissinghurst, Kent, by Segai'. Add. ]rS. 12,225, fo. 9.
BAKER„ Thomas, Chester, confirmed 1629, by Segar. Add. MS. 12,225, fo. 6 ; Stowe MS. 677, fo. 7”, of Nantwich, “ procured by me R. Mundy,” and Guil. 266 ; add. MS. 12,474, fo. 108 ; Harl. MS. 6140, fo. 64.
BAKER„ Thomas, Battell, Sussex, May 1615, by Camden. Harl. MS. 6095, fo. 32” ; Harl. MS. 1422, fo. 89” ; Guil. 307.
BAKER,, Thomas, Swaney, High Sheriff Salop, confirmed 14 Oct. 1649, by Ryley, Norr. MS. Ashm. 858, pp. 136-7, copy of grant, Bodleian Lib.
BAKER„ Tomason, wife to Edward Baeshe of London, 15 Nov. 1553 (by Hawlev). Add“ MS. 16,940, fo. 206”; Harl. MS. 1115, fo. 66”.
BAKER, Daniel, of Ilatton Garden, London, 16 . ., Vol. Ill, fol. 105.
BAKER„ John, of the City of Loudon, 15 Jan. 1702, Vol. V, fol. 89, and Add M8. 14,830, fol. 137 {xee Misc. G. et IT., 3rd S., IL, p. 65).
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BAKER„ Vice-Admiral Hercules, :M.P., of the Port of Ilvthe, co. Kent ? (1722 uutil his death 1 Nov. 1744), 21 Jan. 1720, Vol. Vll, fol. la.
BAKER BEFORE BEUE, MONTAGUE, of Timberseourt, co. Somerset, 7 Feb. 1776, Vol. XIII, fol. 166.
BAKER LATE ELSLET, Thomas Baker, of Mavfield, co. Sussex, and Cambridge, 17 . . ., Vol. XVIII, fol. 285 (see Hillier Kirby, 181 . ., Vol. XXVI).
BAKER, Robert, grandson of James, of Upper Dunstable House, co. Surrey, Nicholashayne, Ctilmsfock, co. Devon ; Bucklaw, par. of Diirston, co. Somerset, 17 . . .. Vol. XIX, fol. 255.
BAKER., (s. of Sir William), of Bavfordburv, co. Ilertf. [13 May 1802 ?], Vol. XXII, fol. 193.
BAKER TO TATUWILLl, of Stamford, co. Line, and Lyme, co. Dorset, 180 . .,Vol. XXIII, fol. 24.
BAKER, Richard, of Bridgnorth, Shropshire. Match with Guest and Boulton, 181 . ., A'ol. XXVII, fol. 235.
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BAKER LATE LITTLELIALES, Bart., of Kanstoiie, Iwerue Courtney, co. Dorset ; Moiilsey, co. Surrey, 181 . ., "'ol. XXX, fol. 101.
BAKER TO WATSON, Richard, of Ebberston, Pickering, and Old Malton Abbev, CO. York, 181 . ., Vol. XXX, fol. 310.
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BAKER LATE WINGFIELD, William, Q.C., of Orsctt Hall, co. Essex, 1849, Vol. XLIX, fol. 264.
BAKER, William, of Derby, 185 . ., Vol. L, fol. 435.
BAKER„ John, s. of Richard Chaffey, Bart., of Lopen, Iluiinster, co. Somerset, aud Morialta, Adelaide, South Australia, 186 . ., Vol. LIV, fol. 154.
BAKER„ Maj.-Gen. Sir William Erskine, K.C.B. [1 Feb. 1870], of Presteigu, Radnor, 187 . ., Vol. LVIN, fol. 42.
BAKER„ Thomas, of Skorton House, Manchester (and Alfred Baker, of Birmingham),
187 . ., Vol. LVIII, fol. 269. (Berry's Suppl.)
BAKER TO RHODES, Frederick Edward, of Loveuton, co. Devon, aud Ticehurst, CO. Sussex, 1879, Vol. LX, fol. 235.
BAKER, L. J., of Ottershaw Park, Chertsev, co. Surrev, aud Queen's Gate, Lomlon, 1889, Vol. LXV, fol. 283.
BAKER„ Sir S. White, of Sandford Orleigh, Highwcek, co. Devon, 1886,* Vol. LXIII, fol. 215.
BAKER„ Sir George, Bart., of Loveuton, Du on, 1879, Vol. LX, fol. 218.

Bobby Baker, Lyndon Johnson

Robert Gene "Bobby" Baker (1928-2017)

David Nathaniel Baker Jr. (1931-2016) who was a symphonic jazz composer from America
Lennie Baker (1946-2016) who was a singer and saxophone player from America, was a member of the rock group Danny and the Juniors, which was prevalent in the 1950’s era
Elzie Wylie “Buddy” Baker Jr. (1941-2015) who was a NASCAR racecar driver from America
Miss Amelia Millie Anne Baker (died in 1915) who was a First Class passenger from New York, New York, who was aboard the RMS Lusitania at the time of the sinking, and who perished in the sinking of this vessel in the year 1915
Miss Eva Baker (died in 1915) who was a Second Class passenger from New York, New York, who was aboard the RMS Lusitania at the time of the sinking, and who perished in the sinking of this vessel in the year 1915
Lynne Rudder Baker (1944-2017), American philosopher and author
Gloria Shayne Baker (1923-2008), born Gloria Adele Shain, an American composer and songwriter best known for composing the Christmas carol "Do You Hear What I Hear?" in 1962
Robert Gene "Bobby" Baker (1928-2017), American political adviser to Lyndon B. Johnson
Gilbert Baker (1951-2017), American artist and gay rights activist who designed the rainbow flag in 1978
David Nathaniel Baker Jr. (1931-2016), American symphonic jazz composer
Lennie Baker (1946-2016), American singer and saxophone player for the 1950s rock group, Danny and the Juniors
Elzie Wylie "Buddy" Baker Jr. (1941-2015), American NASCAR racecar driver
Major-General Walter Campbell Baker (1877-1957), American Chief of the Chemical Corps, War Department (1937-1941) [5]
Brigadier-General Frayne Baker (1891-1968), American Deputy Chief of Staff, US Army Forces Pacific (1943-1946) [6]
Howard Henry Baker Jr. (1925-2014), American former Senate Majority Leader, Republican U.S. Senator from Tennessee, White House Chief of Staff, and a former United States Ambassador to Japan, recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom

American Revolution Veterans
There were over 2,600 men that served in the American Revolution with the surname of Baker. Below you will find just a few of these men.
Abiel Baker, Rhode Island, Rank of Fifer
Bristol Baker, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Conrad Penny Baker, Virginia, Rank of FIMAJ
George Baker, Maryland, Rank of Private
Isaac Baker, Vermont, Rank of Private
Jesse Baker, New York, Rank of Captain
John Baker, North Carolina, Rank of Sergeant Major
Oliver Baker, New Hampshire, Rank of Sergeant
Rice Baker, New York, Rank of Private
Richard Baker, Virginia, Rank of Dragoon
Samuel Baker, New Hampshire, Rank of Captain
Silas Baker, Massachusetts, Rank of Private
Simeon Baker, Massachusetts, Rank of Corporal
Thomas Baker, South Carolina, Rank of Private

Civil War Veterans
There were over 14,000 men that served in the Civil War with the surname of Baker. Below you will find just a few of these men.
Alexis Baker, 16th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Union, Massachusetts
Benjamin Baker, 49th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia
Charles Baker, 8th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Dewitt Baker, 40th Regiment, Iowa Infantry, Union, Iowa
Esaies Baker, 14th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate, Arkansas
Francis Baker, 15th Battalion, South Carolina Heavy Artillery, Confederate, South Carolina
George Baker, 107th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Horatio Baker, 16th Regiment, Maine Infantry, Union, Maine
Ivy Baker, 20th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina
Josiah Baker, 68th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Kingsley Baker, 44th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York
Lafayette Baker, 2nd Regiment, Mississippi Cavalry, Confederate, Mississippi
Madison Baker, 5th Regiment, United States Colored Cavalry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Norval Baker, 55th Regiment, Virginia Infantry, Confederate, Virginia
Ottawa Baker, 9th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry, Union, Connecticut
Paris Baker, 138th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Patrick Baker, 7th Regiment, New Hampshire Infantry, Union, New Hampshire
Robert Baker, Waul's Texas Legion, Confederate, Texas
Solomon Baker, 13th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Turner Baker, Kelly's Company, South Carolina Ligh Artillery, Confederate, South Carolina
Ulrich Baker, 21st Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry, Union, Pennsylvania
Valentin Baker, Confederate States Zouave Battalion, Louisiana, Confederate, Louisiana
Willis Baker, 44th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Yost Baker, 102nd Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Union, Ohio
Zack Baker, 30th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama

Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Loventor, co. Devon, bart.). (Claives and Hill Court, co. Worcester). Ar. on a saltire engr. sa. five escallops of the tirst, on a chief of the second a lion pass. of the field. Crest—A dexter arm embowed vested az. cuff ar. holding in the hand ppr. an arrow of the last.
2) (Upper Dunstable House, co. Surrey, bart.). Motto—Fidei coticula crux. (Modbury, co. Devon). Ar. a saltire sa. charged with five escallops erminois, on a. chief az. a lion pass. of the third armed and langued gu. Crest—A demi lion ramp. per fesse indented erminois and pean, supporting in the paws an escallop ar. charged with an ermine spot.
3) (late Littlehales). (Ranston, co. Dorset, and Asbcombe, co. Sussex, bart.). Motto—Finis coronat opus. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a castle betw. two crosses pattee in chief, and in base a key erect sa. on a chief az. two keys also erect or, for BAKER; 2nd and 3rd, ar. on a bend cottised sa. three cinquefoils or, a chief gu. charged with three arrows erect, points downwards ppr., for LITTLEHALES. Crests—1st, Baker, A horse’s head erased ar. charged on the neck with a cross pattee fitchee gu. in the mouth a trefoil slipped vert; 2nd, LITTLEHALES, Betw. two wings elevated or, an armed arm embowed ppr. garnished gold, the hand in a gauntlet, grasping an arrow entwined with an olive branch ppr.
4) (Wattisfield and Wrentham, co. Suffolk). Erm. on a fesse engr. az. three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest—A demi ostrich, wings expanded, holding in its mouth a horseshoe.
5) (co. Kent). Ar. on a fesse nebulee betw. three keys sa. a tower triple-towered of the first.
6) (Chester). Sa. a griffin segreant erm. armed or. Crest—The same as Baker of Shrewsbury, only the tilting spear entire, and on the shaft a ring or.
7) (Elemore Hall, and Crook Hall, co. Durham). Motto—Love and dread. Quarterly, 1st and 4th, erm. on a saltire engr. az. a maunch betw. four escallops or, on a chief sa. a lion pass. of the third, for BAKER; 2nd and 3rd, sa. a tower or, charged with a peahen of the field within a bordure of the second, charged with ten cross crosslets, also of the field, for TOWER. Crests—1st, BAKER, A lion ramp. ar. charged on the shoulder with a saltire az. and supporting betw. the paws a shield of the last thereon a maunch or; 2nd, TOWER, A griffin pass, per pale or and erm. the dexter claw resting on a shield sa. charged with a tower as in the Arms.
8) (Monckwith, co. Essex). Barry of ten or and sa. a bend gu.
9) (Exeter). Erm. on a fesse super engr. sa. three fleurs- de-lis or.
10) (Sisinghurst, co. Kent). Az. three swans’ heads erased ar. beaked gu. Crest—A dexter arm naked ppr. holding a swan’s head erased ar. beaked gu.
11) (Thorngrove, co. Worcester, and Lypeat Park, co. Gloucester). Motto—Persevero. Az. on a fesse betw. three swans’ heads erased or, ducally gorged gu. as many cinquefoils pierced of the last. Crest—A swan’s head erased or, ducally gorged gu.
12) (Waresley, co. Worcester). (Somersetshire). Az. on a fesse engr. betw. three swans’ heads and necks erased or, ducally gorged and beaked gu. as many cinquefoils of the last. Crest—A naked dexter arm, embowed ppr. grasping a swan’s head, and ducally gorged as in the Arms.
13) (Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. Thomas John Lloyd Baker, of Hardwicke Court, near Gloucester, sheriff of the county in 1824, son and heir of the late Rev. William Lloyd Baker, of Stout's Hill, by Mary, his wife, dau. of the Rev. John Lloyd, of Ryton, in Durham, a descendant of William Lloyd, bishop of Worcester). Az. three swans’ heads erased ar. ducally gorged or. Crest—A naked dexter arm ppr. holding a swan’s head erased ar.
14) (Kent). Az. on a fesse betw. three swans’ heads erased or, and ducally gorged gu. as many cinquefoils of the last. Crest—An arm embowed, habited with green leaves, in the hand ppr. a swan’s head erased or.
15) (Kent and Sussex, granted to Thomas Baker, of Battell, co. Sussex, by Camden, Clarenceux, 1625). Ar. a tower betw. three keys erect az. Crest—A musk-rose branch, with buds, all ppr. (another, the roses ar. seeded or).
16) (Lincolnshire and Smallborough, co. Norfolk). Lozengy or and az. on a chief gu. three lions ramp. or. Crest—A demi unicorn erased ar. armed and maned or.
17) (London, granted 1702). Ar. a saltire sa. on a chief of the second, five escallops erm. three and two. Crest—On a mount vert, a tower ar. betw. two laurel branches ppr.
18) (Derby). Motto—Dum spiro spero. Or, three piles one issuant from the chief and two from the base az. each charged with a swan’s head erased ar. Crest—A dexter arm embowed in armour grasping a caduceus in bend surmounting the truncheon of a tilting spear in bend sinister splintered, all ppr.
19) (Northfleld, co. Worcester, and London, confirmed by Reyley, Blue Mantle, 1646). Motto—Nemo sine cruce beatus. Erm. a fesse engr. betw. three horses’ heads couped sa. Crest—A hand issuing out of clouds ppr. holding a cross calvary sa.
20) (West Hay, co. Somerset). Az. on a fesse engr. betw. three swans’ necks erased or, gorged with ducal coronets gu. as many cinquefoils of the last. Crest: A dexter arm in mail, the under vest seen at the elbow vert the hand ppr. grasping a swan’s neck as in the arms, beaked gu.
21) (Elemore, co. Durham, originally of Crook Hall, founded by Sir George Baker, Knt., Clerk of the Chancery of Durham, who d. in 1667). Ar. on a saltire az. five escallops of the first on a chief az. a lion pass. ar.
22) (Wingfield-Bakes, Orset Hall, co. Essex. William Wingfield, Master in Chancery, assumed the additional name and arms of Baker, 1849, on succeeding to the estates of Richard Baker, Esq. of Orset Hall). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a greyhound courant betw. two bars, sa., for BAKER; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a bend gu. betw. two cottises sa. with a crescent for diff., for WINGFIELD. Crests— 1st, a cockatrice erm. combed and wattled gu., BAKER; 2nd, a griffin pass, vert, Wingfield.
23) (Benjamin Baker, of Miltown, Queen’s Co., d. 21 Feb. 1681, Fun. Ent. Ire.). Az. a fesse or, betw. three swans’ heads erased ar. ducally gorged and beaked of the second. Crest—An eagle displ. sa.
24) (Awsworth, co. Nottingham). Erm. on a chief vert. two boars' heads couped or.
25) (London and Worcestershire). Erm. a fesse engr. betw. three horses’ heads couped sa. Crest—A hand issuing out of the clouds ppr. holding a cross calvary sa. over it this motto, on a scroll—Nemo sine cruce beatus.
26) (Walton, co. Norfolk). Or, on a fesse engr. betw. three cinquefoils sa. as many swans’ heads erased of the first. Crest—On a chapeau az. turned up erm. a stag’s head cabossed or.
27) (alias Lloyd). (Terington, co. Norfolk). Or, on a fesse wavy az. betw. three escallops sa. as many birds ar.
28) (Northumberland). Ar. three bears’ heads erased sa. muzzled or, in chief three torteaux.
29) (Radnorshire). Ar. on a fesse sa. three escallops of the first, in chief nine ears of wheat, in three bunches, two saltireways and one in pale gu. in base three swans’ heads erased of the last, ducally gorged or. Crest—A hawk’s head ar. betw. two wings gu. holding in the beak three ears of wheat of the last.
30) (Shrewsbury). Sa. a griffin segreant (another, reguard.) erm. ducally gorged or, beaked andmembered gu. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet an embowed dexter arm vested or, and gauntlet of the same, holding a broken tilting spear in bend gold, without bur or vamplate, enfiled with a garland vert.
31) (Wells, co. Somerset). Ar. on a fesse gu. three falcons’ heads erased of the field.
32) (originally of Battel, co. Sussex). Ar. a tower betw. three keys erect sa. Crest—On a tower sa. an arm embowed in mail, holding in the hand a flintstone all ppr.
33) Ar. on a fesse engr. sa. fimbriated or. betw. two greyhounds courant of the second, three fleurs-de-lis of the third. Crest—A greyhound’s head erased ar. gorged with a fesse engr. sa. fimbriated or, charged with three fieurs-de- lis of the last.
34) (Lismacue, co. Tipperary). Motto—Honos virtutis satelles. (Fort William, co. Cork). Az. three swans’ heads erased ar. ducally gorged or. Crest—A dexter hand and arm naked holding a swan's head erased ar.
35) (London, confirmed by Cook, Clarenceux, to George Baker of London, and to the descendants of his father, Christopher Baker, of Tenterden, 1573). (Feckenham, co. Wortcester, Visit., 1682). Or, a greyhound courant betw. two bars sa. Crest—A cockatrice erm. combed and wattled gu.
36) (Bayfordbury, Herts). Motto—So run that you may obtain. Per pale erm. and gu. a greyhound courant betw. two bars invected, in chief two quatrefoils, and another in base, all counterchanged. Crest—A cockatrice per fesse indented erminois and pean, combed and wattled gu. gorged with a collar az. and in the beak a quaterfoil slipped vert.
37) Gu. on a cross pattee or, five annulets sa.
38) A goat pass. ar. attired or.
39) (Aldesworth, co. Notts, Visit 1614). Erm. on a chief vert, two boars’ heads couped or. Crest—A boar’s head couped or.

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Tammy Eledge commented on 17-Nov-2019
This comment was sent to us by: Terry Baker terrysbaker@gmail.com I have been researching armigerous Baker families for some years now and am attempting to find the links between families having the same or similar coats of arms, as shown in Burke's Landed Gentry and elsewhere. In some cases I have succeeded. The reason for this message is that you have UNKNOWN for family no. 38 in your list, and I know quite a lot about this family/families because the goat arms are on the ledger slabs of my 6th great grandfather Rev. Abraham Baker [1668-1751] and his son Rev. Samuel Baker [1709-1787] in Kirby Cane church, Norfolk. I have found the same and similar arms in other locations (listed below). First of all the shield color is gules (red) not azure (blue). I have never come across these arms with azure. Most of these Baker arms are 'gules, a goat passant argent', but variations will be listed below:- 1. The ledger slabs of both the Rev. Abraham (born in Cambridge where his father Abraham was churchwarden of St. Mary the Less) and the Rev. Samuel Baker in the chancel of All Saints Kirby Cane contain a Coat of Arms, described as ‘gules, a goat passant argent’. The Rev. Abraham Baker became Rector of Ditchingham, Norfolk in 1733. An enquiry to the College of Arms in London revealed that these arms were not official, but were recorded in a manuscript by William Mauduit, who was a pursuivant then herald between 1690-1726. This manuscript, EDN alphabet, also known as EDN Armoury, contains both official and unofficial heraldry. 2. There is a Rev. William Baker, [1698-1762], who was rector of several parishes in Norfolk, whose arms (gules, a passant argent) were reported by Francis Blomefield to be displayed in the church at Little Wacton, Norfolk. I found that, unfortunately, these were on a curved surface and have since been eroded away. This William Baker was born in Cambridge, a son of William Baker, butler (manciple) of St. John’s College, Cambridge from 1699 until his death in 1736. William Baker Snr. was also assistant to the previous butler from 1682. In his father’s will, the Rev. William Baker is described as living in Ditchingham, Norfolk, and at that time he was Rector of nearby Hedenham, where he is buried. There is a memorial to him in the church there, but no coat of arms on it. He had no sons, only two daughters. 3. The Rev. William Baker had an elder brother Rev. John Baker [1689-1740], also born in Cambridge, who became Rector of Pocklington, Yorkshire, and headmaster of the grammar school there. He had two-three sons William, John and Harvey (his wife’s maiden name). Nothing is known of them except for the fact that John and Harvey are both buried at Pocklington church, as is their father. There is no coat of arms on his ledger slab. 4. The ledger slab of Rebecca Brooke (nee Baker) at St. Andrew, Kirby Bedon, Norfolk (just southeast of Norwich) who died in 1726, also has the Baker arms (gules, a goat passant argent). She was the wife of the rector there, Rev. Francis Brooke. Rebecca was baptized in 1683 at St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, a daughter of Richard Baker, a confectioner of Norwich. At one time he was nominated to be mayor of Norwich, but was turned down on the grounds that ‘he was not of sufficient means’. 5. William Proctor Baker [1834-1907] and his brother Arthur Baker [1841-1909], were both born in Bristol, Gloucestershire, sons of William Baker [1802-1867], who was first a malster then later a flour manufacturer/corn miller, then mealman and then merchant in Bristol. These two sons became partners in his father’s business, which became William Baker and Sons. The firm eventually merged with Spillers in 1870 to be named Spillers & Baker. In 1871 William Proctor Baker was Mayor of Bristol and in 1891 Arthur was Sheriff of Bristol. A book held at Bristol Record Office (Bristol Corporation - Ricards Maior's Kalendar) has entries for both of the above with drawings of their arms (gules, a goat passant argent). Another son who was reputed to use these arms (from an MSS in the British Library), the Rev. Septimus Valentine Baker [1843-1905] was Vicar of Tywardreath, Cornwall, where he died. Neither his memorial in the church nor his gravestone exhibits these arms. 6. Burke’s Landed Gentry (BLG) contains the Baker families of (a) “Highfields”, Audlem, Cheshire, (b) Fenton (near Stoke), Staffordshire and (c) Hasfield Court, Gloucestershire. I have researched family trees for all of these and have found that they are all the same family, and I have linked them together. I have also visited these places and found:- 10a. “Highfields” is the home of John Bellyse Baker and the Baker coat of arms (gules, a goat passant argent) is present above the front door of the property and in the lounge fireplace. 10b. The Baker arms are displayed on the front of the Town Hall at Fenton (built by William Meath Baker [1857-1935]) a pottery manufacturer (Baker and Bagnall). These arms are also featured in the windows of the adjacent Christchurch church, Fenton. 10c. The Baker arms are also shown on a large family tombstone at St. Mary, Hasfield, Gloucestershire. This contains several family members including the above William Meath Baker. His grandson William Gregory Francis Meath Baker now lives at Hasfield Court. 7. Addison John (Cresswell) Baker is of the Baker-Cresswell family of Northumberland (now of Preston Tower, Chathill), and also listed in Burke’s Landed Gentry ), who in 1840 were officially granted arms. These were described as ‘gules a goat statant argent armed and crined between 3 saltires of the last’. The examination of a picture of the arms shows that the goat is passant, not statant. This family was from Spitalfields, London. John Baker [1737-1818] a brewer, then a silk merchant, died unmarried, a very wealthy man, and specified in his 32 page will with 10 codicils, that most of his fortune would go to his cousin Elizabeth Mary Reed b1797 in Hackney, London, daughter of Captain (RN) Gilfrid Lawson Reed, an Elder Brother of Trinity House, London. John Baker specified a condition that Elizabeth’s future husband had to take the additional surname of Baker and adopt his coat of arms. In 1818 she married Addison John Easterby, later Cresswell (who had adopted his mother’s surname). John Baker’s father, also John Baker [1694-1783] was a gold & silver and flowered silk weaver and he was a silent partner in the brewery firm of Truman, Hanbury and Buxton (formerly the Eagle Brewery) in Spitalfields, London. I know that his father was Henry Baker who died in 1738, of Clapton, St. John's, Hackney, London, and I have a copy of his will, but have not managed to trace his parents. In 1692 he was a weaver of Montague Street, Stepney, London. In 1691 he married Sarah Taylor at Holy Trinity Minories, Stepney, London. His son William purchased the Manor of Hinton-on-the-Green, Gloucestershire in 1840, which then passed to his brother John Snr (above). 8. At the church of St. Nicholas, Rattlesden, Suffolk, there is a ledger slab showing a goat statant for George Baker [1620-1684]. Nothing is known about him except that he was born there, the son of another George Baker. He had a brother named Samuel. There were many earlier and later Bakers in Rattlesden, including a George baptised in 1567. I do not know the tinctures of the arms. Nor is it mentioned in Burke's Armory. Following my inquiry, The College of Arms has told me that William Mauduit (see para. 1 above) made 2 ‘goat’ entries for Baker shields:- (1) Staff[ordshire]. Baker. Gules, a goat passant argent. (2) Baker. Gules a goat passant argent armed or. The College of Arms also told me that because they did not hold an official record of John Baker Jnr’s of Spitalfield coat of arms, the arms granted to Addison John Cresswell (later Cresswell Baker, then later Baker Cresswell) were ‘differenced’ by adding the saltires to frame the goat in the shield, and in the crest the collar gemel and saltire were added to decorate the goat’s head erased. Thus it appears that the arms of John Baker were ‘gules, a goat passant argent’, the same as those for my own Baker family, and the other Baker families mentioned above. Coincidentally, my mother knew the Baker Cresswell family and was possibly a girlfriend of one who was killed in WW2. The only other mention of these ‘Baker’ arms that I found was in the “Sheriffs of Montgomeryshire” p223. It was reported that in 1684 when the Duke of Beaufort, President of Wales visited Lloydyarth (now Llwydiarth), Montgomeryshire, the seat of Edward Vaughan, there were 2 shields of arms cut in stone above the entrance porch. One of these was for Vaughan, and the other was described as ‘a coat like the first (quarter) is borne by the name of Baker, viz. gules, a goat passant, argent, by that name’. It then goes on to describe the accompanying text which is found in Guillam’s book, ‘ The goat is not so hardy as politicking, therefore that marshall man which useth more policy than valor in atchieving a victory may very aptly bear for his coat-armor this beast’. I think that this is a red herring because:- (a) being cut in stone the tinctures of the arms are not actually known. (b) the accompanying text in Guillam does not refer to the Baker coat of arms, but to the preceding entry for Carfew of Cornwall in which the colour is sable (i.e. black, instead of gules/red) . (c) it seems that these arms are those of the Lloyd family of Dolobran, descended from Llewelyn of Llwydiarth and Celynin, who married Gwladus, heiress of Llwydiarth (see http://www.achau.co.uk/extrapgs/llwydiarth.php).
A Beginner's Guide to Heraldry & Family Coat of Arms commented on 11-Nov-2016
[…] Arms of American Armiger DS Baker. His Shield-Shows his familial origins on both sides (Paternal and Maternal) The Leopard Jessant […]


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