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Meaning, Origin, Etymology
The common surname of Baird is primarily of Scottish origin.  There is a legend about william the Lion the King of Scotland had become alarmed when a wild boar approached him while out on a hunting party.  There was a gentleman in the King’s train name Baird and he came forward to assist the King. Baird only needed one arrow to slay the boar and he was rewarded by William the Lion by granting him large areas of land, assigned a Coat of Arms and given the motto of “Dominus Fecit (The Lord Made)”.  The arms granted to this Baird can still be seen today in the Churchyard of Banff, Scotland on the monument to the Bairds of Auchmeddan. One of the earliest places the Baird surname was found in the South of France where there were several families during the reign of Louis IV. The name showed up in Britain from Normandy to England with William the Conqueror.  It appeared in Scotland when the Bairds came with King William the Lyon when he returned from captivity around 1174. Wihin 60 years from 1174 these Bairds possessed many fine estates, and had made alliance from all over Scotland. Most of this families oldest writings have been lost through time.

Spelling Variations
Baird, Bard, Barde, Baard, Bayard, Beard

Sir David Baird

Early Marriage Records for Baird 
Elizabeth Baird married Abraham Little November 4, 1624 in Box, Wiltshire, England
James Baird married Mary Errington 1681 in Stannington, Northumberland, England
Edward Baird married Dorothy Turner June 10, 1686 in Woodhorn, Northumberland, England
William Baird married Mary Clampet December 20, 1703 in Holy Trinity, Gosport, Hampshire, England
John Baird married Ann Scotland April 22, 1704 in All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
Edward Baird married Elizabeth Williams June 28, 1716 in All Saints, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Mary Baird married John Bryce 1718 in Tynemouth, Christ Church, Northumberland, England
John Baird married Frances Cornelius January 15, 1726 in Westminster, Middlesex, England
Elizabeth Baird married William Scott May 29, 1727 in Ellingham, Northumberland, England
James Baird married Elinor Clavering April 12, 1729 in All Saints, Newcastle-Upon-Tyme, Northumberland, England
Alicia Baird married Hunter June 9, 1734 in Warkworth, Northumberland, England
Isaac Baird married Jane Lane July 19, 1736 in Saint Nicholas, Whitehaven, Cumberland, England
William Baird married Margaret Brown March 7, 1736 in Westminster, Middlesex, England
William Baird married Alison Johnston May 4, 1747 in Norham, Northumberland, England
James Baird married Elizabeth Bowlby November 11, 1750 in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham, England
David Baird married Jane Jamson June 9, 1752 in Bishop-Wearmouth, Durham, England
Thomas Baird married Ann More January 22, 1752 in Westminster, Middlesex, England
Ralph Baird married Elinor Wilson June 10, 1753 in Long Horseley, Northumberland, England
Thomas Baird married Mary Johnson August 18, 1753 in All Saints, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England
John Baird married Ursula Robson May 5, 1761 in Ponteland, Northumberland, England
Samuel Baird married Mary Watkins May 27, 1762 in Stroud, Gloucester, England
Alexander Baird married Mary Bowser May 5, 1763 in Scarborough, York, England
John Baird married Mary Shore January 17, 1771 in Chesterfield, Derby, England
Robert Baird married Bridget Morison Apri 13, 1771 in Braddan, Isle of Man, England

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Baird ranks 7,103rd in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 80,499 people carry the Baird surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: Texas, California, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, and New York.  It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (48,404), Canada (6,490), Scotland (5,542), England (5,523), Australia (5,298), and South Africa (2,114).

Early Bearers of Surname
William Cum-Barba, Oxfordshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Richard Cum-Baiba, Oxfordshire. 1273. Hundred Rolls..
Hugh cum-Barba, Bedfordshire. 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Adam cum-Barba, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Gerrard van Holbrooke and Susan Beard: Marriage Lic. (London). 1622
Buried — Mr. Edward Bearde, grocer, in Cornhill: St. Michael, Cornhill. 1645
Married — Richard Beard and Ann Ginder: Canterbury Cathedral. 1771

Cambusdoon Castle

History, Genealogy & Ancestry
Baird, William, Esq. of Elie, co. Fife, and Cambusdoon, co. Ayr born 1848 the eldest surviving son of the late William Baird, Esq. of Elie, M.P. for the Falkirk District of Burghs.
Lineage~ Alexander Baird, of Lochwood, co. Lanark, born 1765; died 1833 leaving issue by his wife, Jean Moffat, who died 1851, William Baird of Elie born 1796; died 1864; married Janet Johnston, and by her had issue 1) Alexander, d.s.p.; 2) William now of Elie, born 1848; 3) John-George-Alexander, now of Muirkirkk born 1854; 4) James-Douglas born 1856; 5) Henry-Robert born 1861; 6) Edward-William-David born 1864; 7) Jane married 1862 James-George Hay, Esq. of Belton; 8) Janet-Ann died 1868 9) Charlotte 10) Mary-Elizabeth 11) Cecilia-Margaret.  John (see Baird of Urie). Alexander, of Uie born 1799 died 1862, s.p. James of Auchmedden, co. Aberdeen, Knoydard, co. Inverness and Cambusdoon, co. Ayr, J.P., D.L., born 1802 married 1st 1852 Charlotte daughter of the late Robert Lockhart, Esq. of Castlehill, co. Lanark, who died 1857; and 2nd 1859 Isabella-Agnew, daughter of Admiral James Hay of Belton, East Lothian. Mr. Baird was first elected M.P. for the Falkirk Burghs 1851. He died June 20, 1876. Robert of Auchmedden born 1806 died 1856, s.p. Douglas of Closeburn born 1808; died 1854 (see Baird of Closeburn).  George of Stichill and Strichen born 1810; died 1870. (See Baird of Stichill). David of Stichill born 1816 died 1860 s.p. Janet married 1st Alexander Whitelaw, Esq., and had issue, 1) Alexander born 1823 married 1859 Barbara-Forbes, youngest daughter of the late Robert Lockhart, Esq. of Castlehill. 2) Thomas born 1826 died 1850, s.p. 3) Jane died in infancy. 4) Jane, married Thomas Thorneycroft, Esq. of Hadley Park, Salop. Janet (Mrs. Whitelaw) married 2nd John Weir, Esq., and has issue, 5) William born 1835. 6) Janet married David Wallace, Esq. of Glassingall. Jean married Thomas Jackson, Esq. and has issue 1) Thomas born 1833 2) alexander born 1841  3) Jane 4) Jessie married John-Mann Thomson, Esq. 5) Douglas 6) Jemima. Arms~Per pale, gu. and or, a boar, passant, counterchanged. Crest~ A griffin’s head, erased, or. Motto~ Dominus fecit. Seat~ Elie, Fifshire.

Baird, Alexander, Esq. of Urie and Rickarton co. Kincardine, J.P. and D.L., born 1849; married 1873, Annette-Maria, daughter of Sir Lawrence Palk, 4th bart. of Haldon House, co. Devon, and has issue, 1) John-Lawrence born 1874.  2) Alexander-Walter. 3) Evelyn-Margaret. 4) Janet-Norah.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  John Baird Esq. of Urie, co. Kineardine, and Lochwood co. Lanark, born 1798 2nd son son of Alexander Baird, Esq. of Lochwood; succeeded his brother Alexander in the estate of Urie 1860; married 1848 Margaret daughter of John Finlay, Esq. of Springhill, co. Lanark, and had issue, 1) Alexander now of Urie 2) John born 1852, now of Knoydart (See Baird of Knoydart). 3) Janet-Findlay.  Mr. John Baird who was J.P. and D.L. co. Lanark died 1870 and was succeeded by his eldest son. Arms~ As Baird of Elie but “per pale engrailed. Seat~ Urie, Kincardineshire.

Baird, Jane-Isabella and Charlotte-Marion, of Closeburn, co. Dumbires, twin daughters and co-heirs of the late Douglas Baird, Esq. of Closeburn, by his wife, Charlotte, only daughter of Capt. Henry Acton, 12th Royal Lancers, descended from Sir Edward Acton of Aldenham Hall, Shropshire, who was created a Baronet in 1643.  The elder of the co-heiresses, Jane-Isabella married July 20, 1869, Frederick-Ernest villiers, Esq., son of the late Hon. and Rev. Bishop of Durham; and the younger, Charlotte-Marion married July 12, 1869, Viscount Cole.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  Arms~ As Baird of Elie, but “per pale wavy.” Seat~ Closeburn, Thornhill, Dumfricashire.

Baird , George-Alexander, Esq. of Stichill co. Roxburgh, and Strichen and Auchmedden, co. Aberdeen born 1861; succeeded his father in the estates of Stichill and Strichen 1870, and his uncle, James Baird, as heir of entail, in the estate of Auchimedden 1876.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  George Baird, Esq. of Stichill and Strichen born 1810; 7th son of Alexander Baird, of Lochwood, co. Lanark; succeeded his brother David in the estate of Stichill, 1860; married 1858, Cecilia, daughter of Admiral Hatton, of Clonard, co. Wexford, and by her had issue a son, George-Alexander, now of Stichill, Strichen, and Auchmedden.  Mr. George Baird died 1870. Arms~ Per pale indented gu. and or, a boar passant counter-changed. Crest~ A boar’s head, couped or. Motto~ Dominus feeit. Seats~ Strichen, Mintlaw; Stichill, Kelso.

Baird, John-George-Alexander, Esq. of Muirkirk, co. Ayr, born 1854, 3rd son of the late William Baird, Esq. of Elie, succeeded to the estate of Muirkirk, 1876, on the death of his uncle, James Baird, Esq. of Auchmedden.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  Arms~ As Baird of Elie.

Baird, John, Esq. of Knoydart, co. Inverness, and Lochwood, co. Lanark, born 1852, 2nd son of the late John Baird, Esq. of Urie and Lochwood; educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford, succeeded to the estate of Lochwood on the death of his father 1870, and to the estate of Knoydart, 1876, on the death of his uncle, James Baird, Esq. of Auchmedden, Cambusdoon, Knoydart, married 1878, Constance-Emilia, daughter of the late J.B. Harford, Esq. of Blaise Castle, Henbury, near Bristol.
Lineage~ See Baird of Urie.  Arms~ As Baird of Urie.

High Cross Farm

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Baird Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th & 19th Century
Andrew Baird, who landed in Massachusetts in 1672
James Baird who arrived in America in 1685
Alexander Baird, who arrived in New York in 1695
William Baird, who settled in New Hampshire in 1718
Francois Baird, who arrived in Pennsylvania in 1754
Archibald Baird, who arrived in South Carolina in 1770
John Baird, who settled in Charles Town [Charleston], South Carolina in 1773
Thomas Baird, who settled in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1774
John Baird, who landed in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania in 1807
Henry Baird, who landed in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania in 1810
Martha Baird, aged 40, who landed in Maine in 1812
Washington Baird, who landed in New York in 1813
George Baird, who landed in New York, NY in 1816

Baird Settlers in Canada in the 17th, 18th, & 19th Century
Phillip Baird (Beard) settled in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1677, and the Bairds also settled in Bay Bulls, Freshwater Bay, and Long Harbour, in Newfoundland
Mr. William Baird U.E. who settled in Saint John, New Brunswick c. 1783
James Baird, who arrived in Canada in 1820
George Baird, aged 50, a labourer, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship “Trial” in 1833
Margaret Baird, aged 50, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship “Trial” in 1833
Anne Baird, aged 28, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship “Trial” in 1833
Adam Baird, aged 22, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship “Trial” in 1833

Dominus fecit. The Lord hath done it.
Et viet virtute. Both by strength and virtue.
Sequor nec inferior. I follow, but am not inferior.
Viet virtute. By strength and valour .

BAIRD, David, Maj.-Gen., Sir [K.Ii. 1809, G.C.I’.. 1815], Bart. 1809, with remainder over (died .’•.p.). Augmentation, 1804, Vol. XXIII, fol. 52. Supporters, fol. 54.
BAIRD late Forster, John, of Newcastle-upon-Tvne and Alnwick. Norlbumb., 182 . ., Vol. XXXII, fols. 231, 233 : William, fol. 233.

Baird Tomb

Absalom Baird (1824–1905), a Union Army general in the American Civil War
Andy Baird (born 1979), Scottish footballer
Boydson H. Baird (1912–2010), American college basketball coach
Brian Baird (born 1956), American politician
Briny Baird (born 1972), American professional golfer
Bruce Baird (born 1942), Australian politician, father of Mike and Julia Baird
Chris Baird (born 1982), Northern Irish footballer, currently playing as a defender for Fulham F.C.
Craig Baird (born 1972), New Zealand-born race car driver
Dan Baird (born 1953), American musician and member of The Georgia Satellites
Des Baird (1888–1947), Australian rules footballer
Diora Baird (born 1983), American actress and model
Dorothea Baird (born 1875), English stage and film actress
Sir Dugald Baird (1899–1986), British doctor specializing in obstetrics and fertility
Duncan Baird (born 1979), member of the Arkansas House of Representatives
Edgar Baird (1911–2005), Canadian businessman and park ranger, recipient of the Order of Newfoundland and Labrador
Edith Baird (1859–1924), British chess composer
Francis Baird (1802–1864), engineer and owner of Baird Works
Frank Baird (1912–2007), American basketball player
Hal Baird, American college baseball coach
Henry Martyn Baird (1832–1906), American historian of the Huguenots
Hugh Baird (1930–2006), Scottish footballer
Isabelle Turcotte Baird (born 1970), Canadian triathlon athlete
John Logie Baird (1888–1946), Inventor of the television
Joseph E. Baird (1865–1942), American politician from Ohio
Julia Baird (born 1947), half-sister of John Lennon
Julia Baird (journalist), Australian journalist, daughter of Bruce Baird
Julianne Baird (born 1952), American soprano
Kingsley Baird (born 1957), New Zealand sculptor
LaRoy Baird (1881–1950), American politician
Leah Baird (1883–1971), silent screen actress and screenwriter
Leanne Baird, Miss Canada International 1998
Margarite Frances Baird (1890–1970), artist (aka Peggy Cowley, Peggy Baird, Peggy Johns)
Matthew Baird (1817–1877), railroad and locomotive businessman
Michael Baird (footballer) (born 1983), Australian football player
Mike Baird (musician), professional drummer for the band Journey
Mike Baird (born 1968), Australian politician, son of Bruce Baird
Pamela Baird (born 1945), American actress
Patrick Douglas Baird (1912-1984), Scottish glaciologist
Rick Baird (born 1974), member of the 2002 U.S. Olympic Bobsled team
Roger Baird (born 1960), Scottish rugby player
Sam Baird (born 1988), professional snooker player from England
Sammy Baird, Scottish footballer
Scott Baird (born 1951), American curler and oldest athlete to ever participate in the Winter Olympics
Sharon Baird (born 1943), an American actress
Shiona Baird (born 1946), English politician and former member of the Scottish Parliament
Spencer Fullerton Baird (1823–1887), American ornithologist and ichthyologist
Stuart Baird, Academy Award nominated English film editor, producer, and director
Susan Baird, Labour Party Councillor for the Braidfauld ward of Glasgow, Scotland
Tadeusz Baird (1928–1981), Polish composer
Theodore Baird (1901–1996), American professor
Thomas D. Baird (1819–1873) American educator
Travis Baird (born 1986), Australian rules footballer
Vera Baird (born 1951), British politician and barrister
Zoë Baird (born 1952), American lawyer

American Revolution Veterans
John Baird, Vermont, Rank of Private
Thomas Baird, Virginia, Rank of 1st Lieutenant
Wm Baird, New York, Rank of Sergeant
James Baird, North Carolina, Rank of Captain
Robert Baird, New Jersey, Rank of Private

Civil War Veterans
Abner Baird, 12th Regiment, Michigan Infantry, Union, Michigan
Benjamin Baird, 58th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina
Charles Baird, 127th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Daniel Baird, 11th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Union, Pennsylvania
Edward Baird, 20th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate, Arkansas
Frank Baird, 59th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
George Baird, 1st Regiment, New Jersey Cavalry, Union, New Jersey
Henry Baird, 2nd Battalion, Maryland Cavalry, Confederate, Maryland
Isaac Baird, 1st Regiment, District of Columbia Infantry, Union, District of Columbia
James Baird, 10th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia
Lewis Baird, 1st Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Union, Tennessee
Martin Baird, 20th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Confederate, Tennessee
Nicol Baird, 94th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York
Oscar Baird, 13th Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, Confederate, Virginia
Patrick Baird, 1st Regiment, Delaware Infantry, Union, Delaware
Robert Baird, 51st Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia
Samuel Baird, 139th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
Thomas Baird, Phelan’s Company, Alabama Light Artillery, Confederate, Alabama
Ulrich Baird, 61st Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Union, Pennsylvania
William Baird, 19th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Young Baird, 34th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate, Arkansas
Zachariah Baird, 150th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Auchmedden, co. Aberdeen, last of main line d. 1777, represented by Fraser of Findrack as heir of line). Gu. a boar pass. or. Crest—A griffin’s head erased ppr. Motto—Dominus fecit.
2) (Newbyth, co. Aberdeen, cadet of Auchmedden, bart. 1695). Gu. a boar pass, or, a canton erm. charged with a sword paleways ppr. Crest—A boar’s head erased or. Motto—Vi et virtute.
3) (Saughton Hall, co. Edinburgh, bart. 1696). The same Arms with a crescent or, surmounting the sword for diff. Same Crest and Motto. Sir James Gardener Baird was allowed, in 1845, to drop the crescent, having become representative of Newbyth.
4) (Newbyth, bart. 1809, cadet of Saughton Hall, as recorded in London for Sir David Baird of Ferntower, co. Perth, 1st bart, and G.C.B.). Gu. in chief within an increscent an etoile of eight points ar. (in allusion to the badge of the Ottoman Order) in base a boar pass. or, on a canton erm. a sword erect hilted and pommeled or. First Crest—A mameluke mounted on horseback, holding in his dexter hand a scymetar all ppr. Second Crest—A boar’s head erased ppr. Supporters (personal to Sir David Baird)— Dexter a grenadier in the uniform of the 50th regt. of foot ppr., sinister the royal tiger of Tippoo Saltaun guard. vert, striped or, from the neck pendent by a ribbon an escutcheon gu. charged with an etoile of eight points within an increscent ar. and on an scrol under the escutcheon the word “ Scringapatam.” Motto—Vi et virtute.
5) (Posso, co. Peebles). Az. on a fesse ar. a boar’s head couped gu. betw. three mullets in chief and a boar pass, in base ppr.
6) (Elie. Fife, 1867). Per pale gu. and or, a boar pass, counterchanged. Crest—A griffin’s head erased or. Motto—Dominus fecit.
7) (Ury, co. Kincardine, 1867). Per pale engr. gu. and or, a boar pass. counterchanged. Same Crest and Motto.
8) (Auchmedden, co. Aberdeen, 1867). Per pale invecked gu. and or, a boar pass. counterchanged. Crest and Motto.
9) (Stichell, co. Roxburgh, 1865). Per pale indented gu. and or, a boar pass, counterchanged. Same Crest and Motto.
10) (Maturin Baird. Granted to Daniel Baird Maturin, Esq. of Newtownstewart, co. Tyrone, on his assuming, by Royal Licence, the additional surname and arms of BAIRD). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per fesse or and gu. a boar pass. ppr. betw. two crescents in chief of the second and a dagger erect in base of the first, for BAIRD; 2nd and 3rd, ar. a chev. betw. two martlets in chief gu. and a mount in base ppr., for MATURIN. Crests—1st, A boar’s head erased ppr. betw. two branches of shamrocks vert, for BAIRD; 2nd, a horse in fulL speed ar., for MATURIN. Motto—Vi et virtute.

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