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Bardwell Origin:


Origins of Bardwell:

This old geographical surname is listed with spellings as Bardwell, Bearwell, and Beardwell. It acquires from the hamlet of Bardwell in Suffolk or may be from Barwell in Leicestershire. Both have a similar meaning, ultimately. It is from the Olde English ‘barre’ which means barrier or gate, and ‘waella’- which means a lake or flowing pond. Apparently, the water source was fenced to avoid the area being damaged by animals, especially important if this was the only clear water source in the area. This was around the 16th century where the real hamlet was ‘cleared’ by the land owners, and the residents were driven off. The surname spread widely during that time. A Royal symbol given to the name ancestors has the blazon of a silver field embellished with a hart, attired in gold. According to old documentation one Nicholas Beardwell of Somerset was recorded in the year 1273, while John Bardwell, moved from London, England, on the ship ‘Constant Warwick’, in March 1678, obligated for ‘Virginia, New England.’ He was one of the earliest travelers to the new American colonies.


More common variations are: Beardwell, Boardwell, Bardowell, Bardawell, Bardewell, Bardell, Bardwel, Bardwll, Bardiwelli, Bardwelljo.


The origins of the surname Bardwell was found in Suffolk where people held a family seat from early times. Some say before the success of Normans and the entrance of Duke William at Hastings1066 A.D.

The very first recorded spelling of the family was shown to be that of Tedricus de Berdewaella, dated about 1190, in the “pipe rolls of the division of Norfolk.” It was during the time of King Richard I, who was known to be the “The Lionheart,” dated 1189-1199. The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation.


Many of the people with surname Bardwell had moved to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States of America:

Some of the people with the surname Bardwell who settled in the United States in the 17th century included William Bardwell, who landed in Massachusetts in 1638. Robert Bardwell, who arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in 1670.


Some of the people with the surname Bardwell who settled in Canada in the 19th century included G. S. Bardwell who arrived in Ontario in 1837.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Bardwell: United States 3,515; England 602; Australia 275; Canada 171; South Africa 128; New Zealand 45; Singapore 18; France 3; Wales 2; Scotland 2.

Notable People:

Martin Louis Amis was born is August 1949. He is a British novel writer. His famous novels are Money (1984) and London Fields (1989). He received the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for his biography Experience and had received the Booker Prize twice to date (shortlisted in 1991 for Time’s Arrow and longlisted in 2003 for Yellow Dog).

Sherman Bardwell (August 1828 – October 1900) was an American businessperson and leader. He was born in Allegany Division, New York, Bardwell shifted to Wisconsin and settled in Plainfield, Wisconsin.

Tennyson Bardwell is an American movie and TV commercial manager and composer.

Thomas Bardwell (1704 – September 1767) was an English portrait and figure artist, art copyist, and author.

Elisabeth Miller Bardwell was born in December 1831 in Colrain, Massachusetts and died in May 1899 in Greefield, Massachusetts. She was an American astronomer. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1866, she continued there as an advisor until her death.

Keith Bardwell was a Louisiana judge.

Leland Bardwell (1922–2016), was an Irish poet, novel writer and composer.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Norfolk). Gu. a goat salient (or pass.) ar. attired or.
2) Ar. a hart sa. attired or.
3) (or Bardwellyn) Gu. three bars gemelles or, a quarter ar.

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