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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Ireland, descended from David de Barrie, who accompanied Robert Fitz-Stephen to the conquest of Ireland, and landed at Banne, co. Wexford, 1st Hay, 1170). Ar. three bars gemels gu.
2) (Viscount Buttevant. David de Barry, descended from the above David de Barrie, Lord Justice of Ireland, 1267. “A rich noble baron,” had free warren in all his lands as Lord of Buttevant, 1273. William Barry sat in Parliament 1490, as Viscount Buttevant, and Premier Viscount; title dormant since 1824). Ar. three bars gemels. gu. Crest—Out of a castle with two towers, ar. a wolf's head sa. Supporters—Two wolves ducally gorged and chained or. Motto—Boutez en avant.
3) (Earl of Barrymore). David, Viscount Buttevant, was so created, 1628; extinct 1824). Arms, Crest and Supporters same as Viscount Buttevant. Mottoes—On Patent of creation as Earl: God’s providence is my inheritance. In Records Ulster's Office: Domino fides immobilis.
4) (Lord Santry. Descended of the same stock as the foregoing, created 1661; extinct 1751). (Lemlara, co. Cork). (Ballyclough, co. Cork). Barry of six ar. and gu. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, a wolf's head erased gu. collared gold. Supporters—Two wolves ar. guttee de gang collared az. Motto—Regi Iegi fidelis.
5) (Alderman, and at one time Lord Mayor of Dublin, from the funeral entry of his wife, d. 21st Sept. 1667). Barry of six ar. and gu.
6) (Smith-Barry, of Foaty, co. Cork, granted to John Smith-Barry, Esq., of that place, 1822, to his brother James Smith-Barry, and his sisters, Caroline-Augusta, Narcissa, and Louisa Smith-Babby). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. three bars gemels gu., for Barry; 2nd and 3rd, each quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. on a chev. or, betw. three bezants as many crosses pattee fitchee sa.; 2nd and 3rd, az. a fess ar. betw. three porcupines or. Crest—A castle ar. issuant from the battlements thereof a wolf's head sa. Motto—Boutez en avant.
7) (Winscot, co. Devon). Ga. three bars voided ar.
8) (Devon). Gu. three bars chequy ar. and az.
9) (Eynesham, co. Oxford, Visit. Oxon). Az. two lions pass. guard. or. Crest—A lion’s head erased gu. collared or. Motto—Fortitudine.
10) (Vincent Barry, Esq., of Thame, co. Oxford). Per pale az. and gu. two lions pass. guard. or.
11) Az. two lions pass.or
12) Gu. three bars componee ar. and az.
13) Ar. three bars embattled gu.
14) (Tollerton, co. Nottingham). Gu. three bars embattled ar. Crest—On a bar fessewise gu. charged with three roses or, the battlements of a tower farsonned of the first. Motto—A rege et victoria.
15) (Teversal, co. Nottingham; the heiress m. Greenhalgh). Barry of six ar. and gu. a label of three points ar.
16) (Roclaveston Manor, near Nottingham). Gu. three bars embattled ar. Crest—The battlements of a tower farsonned ppr. upon a fesse bar gu. charged with three roses or. Motto—A rege et victoria.
17) (quartered by Bayley, of Stockton-on-Tees). Barry of six ar. and gu. on a canton vair a human head ppr. Cren—A griffin’s head erased per bend sinister vair and ar. on a plain collar gu. two mullets or.
18) (Otter-Barry, Emperor’s Gate, London). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, gu. three bars embattled ar., for Barry; 2nd and 3rd, or, on a bend gu. guttee d’or, betw. two crosses pattee of the second, three crescents of the first, for Otter. Crest—1st, Barry; The embattlements of a tower gu. charged with three roses in fesse ar.; 2nd, Otter; Two crosses pattee, resting thereon a crescent, all or. Motto—A rege et a victoria.
19) (Dublin, Collection of Molyneux, Ulster, 1597-1632). Barry of six, ar. and gu. Crest—A wolf's head couped sa.
20) (Devonshire). Ar. two bars, and in chief a crescent gu. Crest—A wolf's head sa. charged with a crescent or.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Barry Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Barry Coat of Arms Meaning

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Chea Dukes commented on 11-Nov-2017
Barry from Cork as well i await an answer.
Layne M. Barry commented on 11-Nov-2017
I am not sure, My family is from Cork as well. Check out my new Book on Amazon 'The Grale of Scotland' Golf's untold story.
Sheena commented on 11-Nov-2017
How would I know what Barry coat of arms is correct .......Barry of cork ?