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Bartholomew (12 Apostles)

Bartlett Surname Name Meaning, Origin, History, & Etymology
This popular last name, patronymic in origin, developed from the Middle English personal (first) masculine given name Barlet, a reduced or pet form of Bartholomew, which was originally a Jewish name that derives from an Aramaic name meaning “son of Talmai”, with bar being the Aramaic word for son, with Talmai coming from either telem, meaning furrow (rich in land), or could be a Hebrew version of the names Ptolemy (ancient Greek) or Filius. Hence, Bartholomew literally translates to “son of furrows” or “son of Ptolemy”. The most famous bearer of this first name was Bartholomew, one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ, who according to tradition, traveled as a missionary to India before returning to Armenia, where he was martyred by flaying. He was the saint of tanners, vintners, and butlers. The popularity of this saint caused many people in England to adopt the name during the Middle Ages, and from there it became a patronymic (son of) surname.

The family first rose to prominence in Sussex, England. According to author Evelyn Philip Shirley, in his 1866 book, The Noble and Gentle Men of England, “the head of this family, according to Dallaway, may be considered one of the most ancient proprietors of land residing upon this estate in this county. The first in the pedigree is Adam de Bartelott, said to be of Norman origin, father of John, who married Joan Stopham, coheiress of lands in the manor from whence the name is derived”. Adam was a minor nobleman and the personal esquire to a Norman knight named Guido de Brionne. The following except from states the following: “Guillaume, Duke of Normany, has decided to carry out an invasion of England. All those owing him their allegiance and others wishing to attend were called to serve. Guido de Brionne was one commanded to assemble with his men and materials. This included Adam de Berthelot. When the Normans landed on the beaches of Pevensey near Hastings in Sussex on September 19, 1066 Adam de Berthelot and Guido de Brionne were among them“.

Another author, Mark Antony Lower, in his 1860 book, titled Patronymica Britannica, states the following: “The Barttelots of Stopham have a tradition that they came into England at the Conquest, and settled at a place called La Ford, in that parish, in which they still reside”.

Bartlett Family Mottos
I have identified three family mottos for this surname as follows:
1) Mature
2) Deo favente cresco (I go by the increasing favor of God)
3) Fortitudine et fidelitate (By fortitude and fidelity)

Surname Spelling variants
Spelling or names with similar etymologies include Bartlet, Bertelot, Bartolot, Bartlot, Bartelet, Bartelt (German), and Bartalot (French).

Early Bearers of the Bartlett Surname
Godricus Bertelot was recorded in St. Benet of Holme, Norfolk c. 1157 AD. The Hundred Rolls of 1273 AD, a census of Wales and England, known in Latin as Rotuli Hundredorum lists two bearers of this surname: Thomas Bartolot (Cambridgeshire), William Bartolot (Oxfordshire), Alan Bartelet (Cambridgeshire), and Richard Bartelot (Oxfordshire). Walter Bertelot was recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296 AD. Thomas Bartlelot was listed in the Feet Fines of Cambridgeshire in 1294 AD. The Poll Tax Rolls of Yorkshire in 1379 AD also lists two bearer: Thomas Bartlot and Robertus Bartlot.

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Bartlett ranks 825th in popularity in the United Status as of the 2000 Census. The name ranks particularly high in the following three states: New Hampshire (158), Maine (168th), and Vermont (152nd).

The surname Bartlett frequency/commonness ranks as follows in the British Isles: England (1,997th), Scotland (430th), Wales (1,607th), Ireland (5,698th) and Northern Ireland (5,122nd). In England, it ranks highest in Dorset. In Scotland, the surname ranks highest in Highland. In Ireland, it ranks highest in Munster. In Wales, it ranks highest in Newport.

The name is also present throughout the remainder English speaking world: Canada (1,216th), New Zealand (994th), Australia (1,140th), and South Africa (5,801st). The name also ranks 219th in Germany.

Bartlett Family Tree & Bartlett Genealogy

Sir Herbert H. Bartlett Grave

Baronet Bartlett
The lineage or ancestry of this branch of the Bartlett family tree traces back to Robert Bartlett of Hardington, county Somerset, born in 1803. In 1827, he married Anne Duppy, and had a son with her named Herbert. This son, Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett, 1st Baronet, was born in 1842. He was created a Baronet in 1913. In 1874, he married Ada Charlotte, daughter of Joseph Barr of Ampthill Square, and had nine issue with her as follows: 1) Herbert Evelyn, 2) Hardington Arthur (married Irene, daughter of Professor Henry Robinson and had issue with her as follows: Sir Basil Hardington, Henry David Hardington, and Irene Theodora), 3) Robert Dudley (Lieutenant of the R.N.V.R, married Mau Violet Martin and later a daughter of Charles Edward Simons), 4) Eric Oscar (married Irene, daughter of Lawrence Alport of Lexham Gardens, had issue named Betty Frances and Mary Augusta), 5) Reverend Philip Mandeville (Vicar of St. Savior’s Poplar), 6) Norman Edwin (Major of the R.F.A, married Mary Adelaide Leslie, daughter of Norman R. Forster of Wimbledon, had issue named Norman Alaric, John Leslie, and Hazel, secondly married Sheila Barton and had issue with her named Derek and Edwina), 7) Ada Nora (married Evelyn Ronald Brodrick Graham), 8) Ruby Hilda, and 9) Olive Florence Ivy (married Major Edward Cartwright Young of the Royal Army). He died in 1921 and was succeeded by his grandson, Basil. Sir Basil Hardington Bartlett, 2nd Baronet, of Hardington-Mandeville, county Somerset, England, was born in 1905. He earned a B.A. from Cambridge and was a Lieutenant Colonel who served an was wounded in World War II. In 1937, he married Mary, daughter of Sir Ian Malcolm of Poltalloch, and had issue with her as follows: Julia Jane, Lucy Mary Le Breton, and Annabel Kate. The Bartlett coat of arms or Bartlett family crest is blazoned in the medieval art of heraldry as follows: Argent two barrulets dancetty, between in chief two cinquefoils and in base a crescent issuant therefrom a cross formee fitchee all azure. Crest: A demi-eagle displayed azure winged or and supporting with the beak a pennon of the first, charged with the arms. Motto: Fortitudine et fidelitate. This family lived at The Cottage, Sandy Lane, Sunningdale, Berkshire, England.

Baronet Barttelot
The genealogy of this family traces back to William Barttelot of Stopham, England, son of John, born in 1216 AD. He had a son named John. John had a son named Richard. Richard had a son named Adam. Adam Barttelot was listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1295 AD. He had a son named Thomas Barttelot. Thomas had a son named John. John had a son named Adam. Adam was of East Preston and Stopham and he married Assoline, daughter of John de Stopham. He had a son named John Barttelot of Stopford who married Joan, co-heir of William de de Stopham. This John took the Castle of Fontenay in France, for which Edward the Black Prince gave him a castle as his crest. He died in 1428 and was succeeded by his son John. This son, John Barttelot, of Stopham, fought in the famous Battle of Agincourt, and also represented Sussex in Parliament in 1434. He married Joan, daughter of and sole heir of Thomas, 3rd Baron Tregoz, and had issue with her, including: Richard and Thomas (of Oakhurst, Member of Parliament for Midhurst, married Elizabeth, daughter of William de Oakhurst). His son Richard married Petronella Walton and had a son with her named John. This son, John Barttelot, married Olyff, daughter of John Artour of London, and had issue with her as follows: John and Richard (married Elizabeth Gates, had issue named William, Thomas, and Edmund). His eldest son, John of Stopham, married Katherine Dawtrey of Moor House. He died in 1528 without a successor. He was succeeded by his nephew, William Barttelot, who married Anne, daughter of William Covert of Hascombe. They had a son together named Robert. Several generations later came Sir Walter Barttelot-Barttelot, 1st Baronet, so created in 1875. He was a Deputy Lieutenant, Member of Parliament, and Colonel of the 2nd Sussex Regiment who was born in 1820. He married Harriet, daughter and co-heir of Sir Christopher Musgrave, Baronet of Edenhall, and had issue with her as follows: Sir Walter George (2nd Baronet), Edmund Musgrave (Major who served in the Afghan campaign and Egypt campaign), Amy, Edith Harriet (married General Sir Henry Crichton Sclater), Evelyn Fanny (married Charles Munro Sandham of Rowdell), Blance, and Ada Mary (married Major General William Frederick of Birchenbridge). Skipping forth again, we come to Sir Brian Walter de Stopford Barttelot, 5th Baronet, of Stopham, Sussex, England was born in 1941. The family coat of arms is blazoned in heraldry as follows: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, sable, three sinister gloves, pendant, argent, tasseled, or for Barttelot; 2nd and 3rd quarterly, per fesse, indented, argent and gules four crescents, counterchanged, for Stopham. Crests: 1st, A swan, couchant, wings endorsed, argent; 2nd, A castle with three turrets sable. Motto: Mature. They were seated at Stopham House, Pulsborough, Sussex, England (present day United Kingdom).

Harold S. Bartleet
Harold Stock Bartleet was an Esquire of The Shrubbery, Worcestershire, England. He was the eldest son of Robert Smith Barleet, Esq., Justice of the Peace, and Deputy Lieutenatn, who died in 1902, and Harriet Anne, the daughter of Joseph Stock on Bournbrook Hall. He was born in 1853. In 1880, he married Edith Elizabeth, daughter of Ebenezer Walker Kemp of Castleford, and had four daughters with her. He was a Magistrate, Lieutenant-Colonel, and Major of the 3rd Battalion Worcestershire Volunteer Regiment. He resides at Woodhurst, Headless Cross.

Philip P. Bartlet
Philip Perking Bartlet, Esquire of Ludbrook Manor, Devonshire, was the only surviving son of Reverend John Moysey de Ludbroke-Bartlet, of Ludbrook Manor, and Charlotte Mary, daughter of General John Alexander Philips. He was born in 1868. In 1903, he married Edith Jessie, daughter of Hugh MacGregor of Castle Dykes. He was educated at St. John’s College, Oxford, where he received his M.A. in 1896.

Sir Herbert F. Bartlett
Sir Herbert Fogelstrom Bartlett, Knight, was the son of Edwin Thomas Bartlett, Esquire of Plymouth, and Eleanor, daughter of Nils Fogelstrom, Esquire of Stockholm, Sweden, and Plymouth. He was born in 1847. In 1876, he married Frances Mary, daughter of Ralph Linwood of Barth. He was educated at Plymouth and at Vienne, France. He lived on Bruce Road, Southsea.

Genealogical Pedigree of colonial settler Richard Barlett
Although the history goes back a bit further, we will begin with in the fourteenth century:
Sir Adam Barttelot (born 1328 in Stopham, Sussex, England)
Adam Barttelot (born c. 1348 in Stopham)
John Barttelot, Sr. (born c. 1375 in Stopham)
John Barttelot, Jr. (born c. 1398 in Stopham)
Richard Bartlett, Marshal to the Earl of Arundel (born c. 1424 in Stopham)
John Barlett Esq. (born c. 1452 in Stopham)
Richard Barttelot (born c. 1478 in Stopham)
William Bartlett (born c. 1504 in Stopham)
Edmund Bartlett (born c. 1520 in Stopham)
Edward Bartlett (born c. 1553 in Chichester, Sussex, England).

Edward married married Alice, daughter of Richard Grange, and had issue as follows: Richard Sr. and John. Richard Bartlett Sr. (sometimes spelled Barilet) was born in Ernley, Sussex, England in 1575. He was a shoemaker by trade. He went to colonial America and was living in Virginia as of 1623. He married Joanne de Wiltshire, and had issue with her as follows: Joanna, John, Thomas, Richard, Christopher Sr., and Anne. Three of his sons are discussed as follows:
1) John Barlett was born in Earnley Parish, Sussex, England in 1613. He came to colonial Massachusetts. He married Joanna Freeman and had issue with her as follows: John II.
2) Richard Barlett was born in Wiltshire, England in 1621. He came to colonial Massachusetts. He married Abigail, daughter of Isaac Wells, and had issue with her as follows: Samuel Sr., Richard, Thomas III, Abigail Emery, John Sr., Hannah, Rebecca, and Elizabeth. He was a shoemaker and cordwainer by trade.
3) Christopher Barlett was born in Earnley, West Sussex, England in 1623. He came to colonial Massachusetts. He married Mary, daughter of Sergeant Major John Hoyt Sr. of Upwey and Amesbury. He had issue as follows: Mary, Anne, Martha, Christopher Jr. Jonathan, Francis, and John.

Marriages of Bartletts
1) Elizabeth Bartlett married George Palmer in Long Itchington, Warwickshire, England in 1695
2) Letitiam Bartlett married Gulielmi Dixson in Middleton, Northamptonshire, England in 1667
3) John Bartlett married Sarah Baker in Dover, Kent, England in 1760
4) Robert Bartlett married Anne Wilcox in Staffordshire, England in 1742
5) John Bartlett married Mary Hancoy in Staffordshire, England in 1777
6) Thomas Bartlett married Ann Bullock in Chillenden, Kent, England in 1786
7) Stephen Bartlett married Lneyna Whitemore in Sutton, Massachusetts in 1785
8) Daniel Bartlett married Hannah Martin in Methuen, Essex, Massachusetts in 1796
9) Benjamin Bartlett married Lydia Morton in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1724
10) Laura Bartlett married James E. Dearborn in Candia, New Hampshire in 1884
11) Samuel T. Bartlett married Nettie Hynes in Cuyahoga, Ohio in 1868
12) James Henry Bartlett married Laura Gabriel Patrick in April 1891

Early American and New World Settlers
Some of the earliest settlers in colonial America bearing this name include:
1) Henry Bartlett came to Braintree in 1600
2) Richard Bartlett was recorded as living in Virginia in February 1623
3) Robert Bartlett, age 20, came to Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1623
4) Thomas Bartlett came to Watertown, Massachusetts in 1630
5) Robert Bartlett came to New England (to the “Plantacon” there) in 1632
6) John Bartlett came to New England in 1633
7) Christopher Bartlett came to Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635
8) Michaell Bartlett came to Virginia in 1638
9) Christopher Bartlett came to Virginia in 1639
10) John Bartlett came to Connecticut in 1640
11) George Bartlett came to Connecticut in 1641
12) Christopher Bartlett came to Newbury, Massachusetts in 1645
13) Richard Bartlett came to Virginia in 1645
14) Robert Bartlett came to New London, Connecticut in 1645
15) William Bartlett came to New London, Connecticut in 1645
16) Jane Bartlett came to Virginia in 1648
17) Philip Bartlett came to Maryland in 1648
18) Nathaniel Bartlett came to Kennebuck, Maine in 1651
19) Alex Bartlett came to Virginia in 1653
20) Ann Bartlett came to Virginia in 1654
21) Nicholas Bartlett came to Boston, MA in 1662
22) George Bartlett came to Maine in 1663

Several thousand members of the Bartlett family came to the United States through Ellis Island, during the nineteenth century, including:
1) Hubert Bartlett came from England aboard the City of London in 1871
2) William, Henry, and Ellen Bartlett came from England aboard the Nevada in 1871
3) Mary Bartlett came from England aboard the Edna in 1869
4) John and Emma Bartlett came from England aboard the City of London in 1871
5) John Bartlett came from England aboard the City of Limerick in 1871
6) John Bartlett came from England aboard the City of Antwerp in 1869
7) William Bartlett came from Coventry aboard the Cymric in 1902
8) George Bartlett came from England aboard the Saint Louis in 1902
9) Francis Bartlett came from England aboard the Philadelphia in 1902
10) William Bartlett came from Birmingham aboard the Celtic in 1902
11) Elizabeth Bartlett came from England aboard the Saint Paul in 1902
12) Harry Bartlett came from England aboard the Philadelphia in 1902

Some of the earliest settlers in Canada bearing this name include:
1) Theophile Bartlett came to Montreal in 1721
2) Mary Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1750
3) Phoebe Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1760
4) Sarah Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1760
5) John Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1761
6) Lydia Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1761
7) Mary Robinson Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1761
8) Richard Bartlett came to Nova Scotia in 1761
9) George Bartlett came between 1832-1837
10) Benjamin Bartlett came in 1841

Some of the earliest settlers in Australia bearing this name include:
1) William Bartlett, of Aberdeen, Scotland, came to New South Wales aboard the Pitt in 1787
2) Thomas Bartlett, of Hampshire, England, came to New South Wales aboard the Barwell in 1797
3) Thomas Bartlett, of Southampton, England came to New South Wales aboard the Perseus, Coromandel in 1802
4) Elizabeth Bartlett, of Dorset, England, came to New South Wales aboard the William Pitt in 1805
5) Sophia Bartlett, of Surrey, England, came to New South Wales aboard the Admiral Gambier, Eolus in 1808
6) Clement Bartlett, of London, England came to New South Wales aboard the Batavia in 1817
7) Richard Bartlett, age 29, came to New South Wales aboard the Lalla Rookh in 1841
8) Stephen and Leah Bartlett came from Sussex, England to Tasmania aboard the Raleigh in 1854
9) George Bartlett came to Tasmania aboard the John Pirie in 1844
10) Richard Bartlett, age 47, came to Brisbane, Queensland aboard the Eastern Empire in 1866

Some of the earliest settlers in New Zealand bearing this name include:
1) John Bartlett, age 37, came to Gravesend aboard the Olympus in 1842, along with daughters Ann, Maria, and Mary, and son Joseph
2) Elizabeth Bartlett came to Gravesend aboard the London in 1841
3) James Bartlett, age 14, and Susan Bartlett, age 33, came to Hawke’s Bay aboard the Bebington in 1874

Weston House

4) William Bartlett, of Somerset, England, came to Canterbury aboard the Atrato in 1874
5) Samuel Bartlett of Somerset, England came to Canterbury aboard the Waipa in 1876
6) Sarah A. Bartlett, age 21, of Middlesex, England came to Canterbury aboard the Pleiades in 1874

Grantees of Arms
1) Thomas Bartlett of Holwell House, Cranborne, county Dorset, and Harnham, Wiltshire, 1700s
2) Bartlett after Stucky, Barnaby John, of Weston House, Branscombe, county Devon, 1800s
3) Sir Ellis A. Bartlett, of Grosvenor Street, London, and Grange House, Eastbourne, county Sussex, 1881
4) William L. A. Burdett Coutts Barlett, of Piccadilly, London, 1880s
5) John Adams Bartlett, of Pembroke Place, Liverpool, 1880
6) John A. Bartlett, Solicitor, Lynton, Wavertree, county Lanc., 1890s
7) Reverend J.M. of the Manor House, Ludbrooke, Ermington, county Devon, 1894
8) Ellis Bartlett, Branscomn, Devon, 1661-2 by Sir E. Bysshe

Governor Josiah Bartlett

There are hundreds of notable people with the Bartlett surname. This page will mention a handful. Famous people with this last name include:
1) Josiah Bartlett (1729-1795) was an American physician and statesman who served as a delegate to the Continental Congress for New Hampshire, signed the Declaration of Independence, and served as the 4th Governor of New Hampshire from 1790-1794, born in Amesbury, Massachusetts Bay
2) Edward Lewis “Bob” Barlett (1904-1968) was the US Senator from Alaska from 1959-1968 and a member of the US House of Representatives from 1945-1959, born in Seattle, Washington
3) Jason Alan Bartlett (1979) was a Filipino American former professional baseball player who played from 2004-2014 for three different teams, primarily for the Minnesota Twins, born in Mountain View, California
4) John Henry Bartlett (1869-1952) was the 57th Governor of New Hampshire from 1919-1921, born in Sunapee, a graduate of Darthmouth College
5) John Russell Bartlett (1843-1904) was an American oceanographer and naval office born in New York who was aboard the Brooklyn during the American Civil Warduring the capture of Forts Jackson and St. Philip, the capture of New Orleans, and the Siege of Vicksburg
6) John Bartlett (1784-1849) was a minister and co-founder of two of the earliest hospitals in the United States: Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital, born in Concord
7) Kevin Francis Bartlett (1962) was a former professional footballer (soccer player) who played for seven different teams from 1980-1993, including Portsmouth and Cambridge United, born in Portsmouth
8) Neil Bartlett (1932-2008) was an English-American chemist who is best known for creating the first noble gas compound, born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne
9) Thomas Bartlett Jr. (1808-1876) was a member of the US House of Representatives from Vermont from 1851-1852, a lawyer, born in Sutton
10) William Francis Bartlett (1840-1876) was General in the Union Army during the American Civil War and later became an executive in the iron industry, born in Haverhill, Massachusetts
11) Bonnie Bartlett (1929) was an American TV and fil actress from Wisconsin whose career began in 1951, known for her roles on the daytime drama Love of Life and St. Elsewhere
12) David John Barlett (1968) was the 43rd Premier of Tasmania, Australia from 2008-2001, born in Hobart
13) Robert Abram Barlett (1875-1946) was an Canadian explorer of the Artic, born in Brigus, Newfoundland

Bartlett America Civil War Veterans
There were several soldiers with the last name Bartlett who served in the American Civil War, including the following:
1) William L. Bartlett of the 8th Regiment Michigan Cavalry (Union)
2) Ansil L. Barlett of the 30th Regiment Indiana Infantry (Union)
3) Joshua K. Bartlett of the 111th Regiment Ohio Infantry (Union)
4) Prescott Bartlett of the 1st Regiment Connecticut Heavy Artillery (Union)
5) Albert J. Bartlett of the 3rd Regiment Massachusetts Heavy Artillery (Union)
6) Richard Bartlett of the 7th Regiment Iowa Infantry (Union)
7) Charles M. Bartlett of the 6th Kentucky Cavalry (Union)
8) David A. Bartlett of the 45th Regiment Virginia Infantry (Confederate)
9) Jacob S. Bartlett of the 11th Regiment North Carolina Infantry (Confederate)
10) Francis C. Bartlett of the 2nd Regiment South Carolina Infantry (Confederate)
11) Wiley J. Bartlett of the 12th Regiment Alabama Infantry (Confederate)
12) Henry T. Bartlett of the 27th Regiment Texas Cavalry (Confederate)
13) Jesse H. Barlett of Farris’ Battery Missouti Light Artillery (Confederate)
14) Robert W. Barlett of the 16th Regiment Louisiana Infantry (Confederate)

Bartlett America Revolution Veterans
There were several soldiers with the last name Bartlett who served in the Revolutionary War, including the following:
1) Corporal John Bartlett of Massachusetts
2) Private James Bartlett of Virginia
3) Private Benjamin Bartlett of Virginia
4) Cornelius Bartlett of Massachusetts
5) Edward Bartlett of Massachusetts
6) Isaac Bartlett of Connecticut
7) Private Jeremiah Bartlett of New Hampshire
8) John Bartlett of New Hampshire
9) Sergeant Josiah Hall Bartlett of New Hampshire
10) Private Nathan Bartlett of New Hampshire
11) Private Nicholas Bartlett of New Hampshire
12) Lieutenant Philip Bartlett of New Hampshire
13) Richard Bartlett of New Hampshire
14) Private Robert Bartlett of Virginia
15) Samuel Bartlett of Rhode Island
16) Solomon Bartlett of Massachusetts
17) Stephen Bartlett of Massahcusetts
18) Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Bartlett of New Hampshire
19) Private William Bartlett of Georgia
20) Corporal Joseph Bartlett of Massachusetts

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Weston in Branscombe, co. Devon, settled at Hole in that shire since the early part of the 16th century). Ar. two bars betw. three cinquefoils sa. Crest—A demi griffin sa. collared gemelle ar. holding a cinquefoil of the second.
2) (Marldon and Ludbrook House, Devon). Per fesse indented ar. and gu. four crescents counterchanged.
3) (from St. Martin’s Church, Oxford, the Arms of Richard Bartlett, Visit. Oxon). Az. three annulets (or crescents) ar.
4) (Ashmead-Bartlett. Ellis Bartlett, Esq., of Plymouth, in. Sophia, dau. of John King Ashmead, Esq., and had, Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, M.P. for Eye, and William Lehman Ashmead Bartlett Burdett Coutts, m. 12 Feb. 1881, Angela Georgina Baroness Burdett-Coutts). Per fesse dancette, sa. and az., in chief, three sinister gauntlets, pendent, ar., tasselled or, fessewise, and in base four crescents in cross of the last. Crest—In front of a tower ppr. a demi swan, wings elevated, ar. collared sa. Motto—Mature.
5) Bartlett-Burdett-Coutts (exemplified to William Lehman Ashmead Bartlett Burdett Coutts, Esq., of Piccadilly, M.A. Oxford). Quarterly, first and 4th, Coutts; arg. a stag’s head erased gu. betw. the attires a pheon az. the whole within a bordure embattled of the last charged with four buckles or, for distinction in the dexter chief point a cross crosslet also gu.; 2nd, Burdett, az. two bars or, each charged with three martlets gu. for distinction in the centre chief point a cross crosslet gold; 3rd, Bartlett, as above. Crests—Coutts, a man from the middle shooting an arrow from a bow all ppr. charged for distinction with a cross crosslet or. On the dexter side the crest of Burdett, a lion’s head erased sa. charged for distinction with a cross crosslet or, and on the sinister side, the crest of Bartlett, as above.
6) (John Adams Bartlett, Esq., Pembroke Place, Liverpool). Quarterly, ar. and gu., five lozenges conjoined in fesse, betw. four crescents all counterchanged. Crest—On a mount vert, a moor cock, sa. couched and wattled gu., in the beak an ear of wheat, leaved and slipped ppr. resting the dexter claw on a crescent also gu. Motto—Deo favente cresco.
7) (Gloucester). Quarterly, per fesse indented az. and gu. four crescents counterchanged.
8) (Kent). Ar. a chev. betw. three martlets sa.
9) (Kent). Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three Cornish choughs ppr.
10) (London). Az. on a chev. flory betw. three doves ar. charged with as many trefoils slipped vert pierced or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet or, two demi dragons, without wings vert tied back to back with a cord az. issuing from the middle of the coronet, passing under their throats, and meeting above their heads in two bows.
11) (co. Sussex). Sa. three sinister gauntlets ar.
12) Sa. on a chev. flory counterflory betw. three doves ar. as many trefoils slipped ppr.
13) Quarterly, per pale indented ar. and gu. a crescent counterchanged.

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