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Meaning, Origin, Etymology
The unusual surname of Beard is of Anglo-Saxon and Olde French origins and is one of the oldest recorded names in England.  There is a legend about William the Lion the King of Scotland had become alarmed when a wild boar approached him while out on a hunting party.  There was a gentleman in the King’s train name Baird and he came forward to assist the King. Baird only needed one arrow to slay the boar and he was rewarded by William the Lion by granting him large areas of land, assigned a Coat of Arms and given the motto of “Dominus Fecit (The Lord Made)”.  The arms granted to this Baird can still be seen today in the Churchyard of Banff, Scotland on the monument to the Bairds of Auchmeddan. The most common origin of this name is derived from a nickname “the bearded”. When surnames came into use it was a time in history where it was an unnatural process to shave.  Coming from this nickname you get Beard, Blackbeard, Fairbeard, Longbeard, Heavybeard and Beardsman. A man with a hairy chin or bard.

Spelling Variations
Béard, Beard, Béart, Beart, Béar, Baird, Bard, Barde, Baard, Bayard, Beard

Early Marriage Records for Beard
Mary Beard married John Hudson July 25, 1689 in Dover, New Hampshire
George Beard married Abiel Buttolph December 17, 1691 in Boston, Massachusetts
Mary Beard married John Clough April 12, 1693 in Boston, Massachusetts
Marger Beard married Willus Hore June 17, 1544 in Ugborough, Devon, England
Elner Beard Married Thomas Payne February 3, 1551 in Fletching, Sussex, England
Ricardus Beard married Philicia Becket 1552 in Haven-Street, Hampshire, England
Willim Beard married Allys Classolds April 27, 1558 in Painswick, Gloucester, England
Joane Beard married Roger Garris January 18, 1559 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Joane Beard married william Tanner January 21, 1559 in Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Willmot Beard married Gregory Austin September 18, 1559 in Paignton, Devon, England
Dorothy Beard married John Lilliat July 23, 1565 in Oving, Sussex, England
Margaret Beard married Henry Clement October 4, 1569 in Cheveley, Cambridge, England
John Beard married Alice Brett July 13, 1572 in Balcombe, Sussex, England
Jone Beard married Nycolas Crose 1573 in Haddenham, Cambridge, England
Agnes Beard married Roger Stafford 1574 in Haddenham, Cambridge, England
Alse Beard married Bartholemew Godly November 20, 1577 in Rottingdean, Sussex, England
Edward Beard married Constanse Husbarn July 6, 1578 in Fletching, Sussex, England
Elizabeth Beard married Richard Beaken June 14, 1579 in Abbey or Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bath, Somerset, England

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Beard ranks 6,431st  in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 88,450 people carry the Beard surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: Texas, California, Georgia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Florida.  It ranks highest in the following countries: United states (64,379), England (13, 114), Australia (5,519), Canada (1,186), Dominican Republic (693), Wales (637).

Early Bearers of Surname
William Cum-Barba, Oxfordshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Richard Cum-Baiba, Oxfordshire. 1273. Hundred Rolls..
Hugh cum-Barba, Bedfordshire. 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Adam cum-Barba, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Gerrard van Holbrooke and Susan Beard: Marriage Lic. (London). 1622
Buried — Mr. Edward Bearde, grocer, in Cornhill: St. Michael, Cornhill. 1645
Married — Richard Beard and Ann Ginder: Canterbury Cathedral. 1771

Beard Hall

History, Genealogy & Ancestry
Baird, William, Esq. of Elie, co. Fife, and Cambusdoon, co. Ayr born 1848 the eldest surviving son of the late William Baird, Esq. of Elie, M.P. for the Falkirk District of Burghs.
Lineage~ Alexander Baird, of Lochwood, co. Lanark, born 1765; died 1833 leaving issue by his wife, Jean Moffat, who died 1851, William Baird of Elie born 1796; died 1864; married Janet Johnston, and by her had issue 1) Alexander, d.s.p.; 2) William now of Elie, born 1848; 3) John-George-Alexander, now of Muirkirkk born 1854; 4) James-Douglas born 1856; 5) Henry-Robert born 1861; 6) Edward-William-David born 1864; 7) Jane married 1862 James-George Hay, Esq. of Belton; 8) Janet-Ann died 1868 9) Charlotte 10) Mary-Elizabeth 11) Cecilia-Margaret.  John (see Baird of Urie). Alexander, of Uie born 1799 died 1862, s.p. James of Auchmedden, co. Aberdeen, Knoydard, co. Inverness and Cambusdoon, co. Ayr, J.P., D.L., born 1802 married 1st 1852 Charlotte daughter of the late Robert Lockhart, Esq. of Castlehill, co. Lanark, who died 1857; and 2nd 1859 Isabella-Agnew, daughter of Admiral James Hay of Belton, East Lothian. Mr. Baird was first elected M.P. for the Falkirk Burghs 1851. He died June 20, 1876. Robert of Auchmedden born 1806 died 1856, s.p. Douglas of Closeburn born 1808; died 1854 (see Baird of Closeburn).  George of Stichill and Strichen born 1810; died 1870. (See Baird of Stichill). David of Stichill born 1816 died 1860 s.p. Janet married 1st Alexander Whitelaw, Esq., and had issue, 1) Alexander born 1823 married 1859 Barbara-Forbes, youngest daughter of the late Robert Lockhart, Esq. of Castlehill. 2) Thomas born 1826 died 1850, s.p. 3) Jane died in infancy. 4) Jane, married Thomas Thorneycroft, Esq. of Hadley Park, Salop. Janet (Mrs. Whitelaw) married 2nd John Weir, Esq., and has issue, 5) William born 1835. 6) Janet married David Wallace, Esq. of Glassingall. Jean married Thomas Jackson, Esq. and has issue 1) Thomas born 1833 2) alexander born 1841  3) Jane 4) Jessie married John-Mann Thomson, Esq. 5) Douglas 6) Jemima. Arms~Per pale, gu. and or, a boar, passant, counterchanged. Crest~ A griffin’s head, erased, or. Motto~ Dominus fecit. Seat~ Elie, Fifshire.

Baird, Alexander, Esq. of Urie and Rickarton co. Kincardine, J.P. and D.L., born 1849; married 1873, Annette-Maria, daughter of Sir Lawrence Palk, 4th bart. of Haldon House, co. Devon, and has issue, 1) John-Lawrence born 1874.  2) Alexander-Walter. 3) Evelyn-Margaret. 4) Janet-Norah.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  John Baird Esq. of Urie, co. Kineardine, and Lochwood co. Lanark, born 1798 2nd son son of Alexander Baird, Esq. of Lochwood; succeeded his brother Alexander in the estate of Urie 1860; married 1848 Margaret daughter of John Finlay, Esq. of Springhill, co. Lanark, and had issue, 1) Alexander now of Urie 2) John born 1852, now of Knoydart (See Baird of Knoydart). 3) Janet-Findlay.  Mr. John Baird who was J.P. and D.L. co. Lanark died 1870 and was succeeded by his eldest son. Arms~ As Baird of Elie but “per pale engrailed. Seat~ Urie, Kincardineshire.

Baird, Jane-Isabella and Charlotte-Marion, of Closeburn, co. Dumbires, twin daughters and co-heirs of the late Douglas Baird, Esq. of Closeburn, by his wife, Charlotte, only daughter of Capt. Henry Acton, 12th Royal Lancers, descended from Sir Edward Acton of Aldenham Hall, Shropshire, who was created a Baronet in 1643.  The elder of the co-heiresses, Jane-Isabella married July 20, 1869, Frederick-Ernest villiers, Esq., son of the late Hon. and Rev. Bishop of Durham; and the younger, Charlotte-Marion married July 12, 1869, Viscount Cole.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  Arms~ As Baird of Elie, but “per pale wavy.” Seat~ Closeburn, Thornhill, Dumfricashire.

Baird , George-Alexander, Esq. of Stichill co. Roxburgh, and Strichen and Auchmedden, co. Aberdeen born 1861; succeeded his father in the estates of Stichill and Strichen 1870, and his uncle, James Baird, as heir of entail, in the estate of Auchimedden 1876.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  George Baird, Esq. of Stichill and Strichen born 1810; 7th son of Alexander Baird, of Lochwood, co. Lanark; succeeded his brother David in the estate of Stichill, 1860; married 1858, Cecilia, daughter of Admiral Hatton, of Clonard, co. Wexford, and by her had issue a son, George-Alexander, now of Stichill, Strichen, and Auchmedden.  Mr. George Baird died 1870. Arms~ Per pale indented gu. and or, a boar passant counter-changed. Crest~ A boar’s head, couped or. Motto~ Dominus feeit. Seats~ Strichen, Mintlaw; Stichill, Kelso.

Baird, John-George-Alexander, Esq. of Muirkirk, co. Ayr, born 1854, 3rd son of the late William Baird, Esq. of Elie, succeeded to the estate of Muirkirk, 1876, on the death of his uncle, James Baird, Esq. of Auchmedden.
Lineage~ See Baird of Elie.  Arms~ As Baird of Elie.

Baird, John, Esq. of Knoydart, co. Inverness, and Lochwood, co. Lanark, born 1852, 2nd son of the late John Baird, Esq. of Urie and Lochwood; educated at Harrow and Christ Church, Oxford, succeeded to the estate of Lochwood on the death of his father 1870, and to the estate of Knoydart, 1876, on the death of his uncle, James Baird, Esq. of Auchmedden, Cambusdoon, Knoydart, married 1878, Constance-Emilia, daughter of the late J.B. Harford, Esq. of Blaise Castle, Henbury, near Bristol.
Lineage~ See Baird of Urie.  Arms~ As Baird of Urie.


Martha Beard Grave Marker

The name Baird – Bard – Beard is found in Europe from the tenth to the fourteenth century.  The records show one of this name among the early followers of William the Conqueror 1066. Hugo de Baird was one of the subscribing witnesses to “a safe conduct” by King Richard I to King William the Lion in 1194.  The name Beard is found in Scottish records as early as the thirteenth century (1296), and the family was numerous at that date mainly located in the Lowlands but also as far into the Highlands as Aberdeen. The fact that the Bairds did homage to King Edward I (1274-1297) shows that even at the time of the Conquest of Scotland by Edward I, Robert de Bard at this time had estates in England.  In the reign of King James I of England and VIth of Scotland (1558-1625) three sons of Gilbert Baird went to seek their fortunes in Ireland. From these, without doubt, came the Scotch-Irish branch that settled in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Records show that one Robert Beard died in Maryland 1685 and in his will written in 1683 and proven in 1685, he left a plantation named Beard’s Choice to an unnamed son of his brother Christopher Beard.  Richard Beard was in Arundel county Maryland in 1654, prominent in public affairs. All the Beard and Baird families in Pennsylvania probably descended from John and Rebecca Baird of Christiana Hundred, Newcastle county, Delaware; but it is believed that John Beard settled in Chester County, Pa. He was a taxable in New Londonberry township 1729-1744. “The family of the ancient name of Bard and Baird not satisfied with the derivation of the name from the ancient bards (poets) claim kindred with the Italian poet Boiardo; but we have Bairds and Bards, landed men, much earlier than suits this poetic origin” – quotation from Cosmo Innes in his essay on Scotch names.  In this country we find no settled uniformity in spelling, members of the same family often using different orthography. In Scotland it is chiefly Baird. In England Beard predominates. It is assumed that the Bard name is of Anglo Saxon origin, sustained by the fact that the name has been common in Germany for many generations. The name is found in Virginia as early as 1668. There were a number of Beard emigrants in New England, first of whom was Martha Beard, widow with sons Thomas, William, James and Jeremy. They settled in Boston, Ispwich, and Salem Mass; Dorn, New Hampshire, and eventually moved to Milford, Connecticut. This family’s history has been compiled by Mary Beard.  An Irish family who settled in Anne Arundel county, Maryland before 1654 had names identical to our branch of Beards who settled in Nantucket in 1710. The Maryland Beards were Richard, the father, whose wife was Rachel and their children were Richard Jr., John, Ruth, Rebecca and Rachel. Other families carried the names of David, John and William. We know of no relationship, but the similarity of names is interesting to add in this history. NANTUCKET BEARDS ~ In Ashburton parliamentary division of Devonshire, England, is a seaport and market town called Teignmouth. It lies partly on a peninsula between the river and the sea, about fifteen miles from Exeter, at the mouth of the river Teign on the English Channel.  This geographical location is where our emirant ancestor John Beard lived before he aspired to greater religious freedom and financial improvement in America. John Beard was presumably a widower, for his wife’s name is not recorded in this country. He brought with him two sons: John Junior and Richard. They settled on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, about 1710. Richard brought his wife Dorothy. John Beard emigrant ancestor born England. Wife’s name not recorded in America. Children: John Beard Jr. born England married Deborah Pease. Richard Beard born England married Dorothy. John Beard Jr. born England married November 2, 1731 Nantucket died April 2, 1795. wife Deborah Pease born July 7, 1714 daughter of Nathan & Hannah.  Their children: 1) Anna Beard, born August 14, 1732 married Nathaniel Gardner & Robert Fairwether. 2) Ruth Beard born November 29, 1733 married Ebenezer Gardner. 3) Elizabeth Beard born September 20, 1735 married John Waterman died September 19, 1759 in childbirth. 4) Mary Beard born June 20, 1740 married John Waterman, widower. 5) John Beard born May 25, 1743 married Ruth Russell. 6) David Beard born January 10, 1744 married at Dartmouth Massachusetts. 7) Matthew Beard born October 22, 1746 married Elizabeth Myrick. 8) Deborah Beard born February 28, 1748 married Zachariah Coffin the son of Joseph & Judith) married in 1769; died March 29, 1812. 9) Barrett Beard born October 21, 1750 died November 19, 1777, single. 10) Obediah Beard born June 23, 1754 died July 26, 1794, single.  11) Phoebe Beard born January 25, 1758 married Isaiah Nicholson died April 3, 1816. Anna Beard born 1732 married 1st Nathaniel Gardner born March 3, 1724 died November 5, 1765; married 2nd Robert Fairwether. Anna died July 16, 1802. The children of Anna and Nathaniel Gardner were: 1) Christopher Gardner born June 22, 1754 died July 1781. 2) William Gardner born December 21, 1756 married Mahitable Mayo 1779. 3)Rhoda Gardner born June 22, 1760. 4) Resolved Gardner born July 14, 1762 5) Charlotta Gardner bor June 22, 1764 married George Newbegin 1790 the son of James & Phebe Newbegin. Ruth Beard born 1733 married Ebenezer Gardner Jr. born December 2, 1732 the son of Ebenezer & Judith (Coffin) on November 21, 1751. Ruth died January 29, 1823. Ruth and Ebenezer had one son and one daughter.  John Beard III born 1743 married Ruth Russell the daughter of William and Mary on January 5, 1764. John died April 19, 1836. The children of John & Ruth are: 1) John Beard IV born October 24, 1764 died January 22, 1795 in snowstorm on Commons; single. 2) Ruth Beard born April 17, 1768 married Eliel Coffin & Judah Chase 1st December 29, 1789; Ruth died March 10, 1856. Eliel is the son of Hezekiah and Lydia (Folger) Coffin of Nantucket. 3) Matthew Beard born July 20, 1770 died June 27, 1778. 4) valentine Beard born July 28, 1772 died August 9, 1772. 5) Mary E. Beard born August 16, 1776 died April 5, 1813, single. 6) Phoebe Beard born October 28, 1778 died December 31, 1850. 7) Barrett Beard born May 16, 1781 married Hannah Earle. Barrett Beard born 1781 married Hannah Earle born May 17, 1782 died October 13, 1856 she is the daughter of Joseph and Hannah, married in 1804.  Barrett died December 1, 1861. Barrett & Hannah’s children are: 1) John Beard V, born May 16, 1805 married Maria Foy. 2) Sarah Beard born August 5, 1807 married Chas. Smith the daughter Carried married Wm. Vareese. 3) Mary Beard born 1809 died 1816. 4) Wm. H. Beard born September 3, 1811 died at sea age 16 years. 5) David O. Beard born May 9, 1816 died at sea single. 6) Ruth Beard born March 5, 1819 married Stephen Modley the son of Thomas & Rebecca; had son Wm. Modley died 1931, Nantucket. 7) Charles Beard born May 14, 1821 died single. 8) Martha Beard born 1823 died young. 9) Mary Beard born March 1825 married November 23, 1847; Louis R. Lavers, the son of Wm. & Susan Lavers of Novia Scotia. John Beard V born 1805 married Maria Foy born March 21, 1805 died May 9, 1878 the daughter of Obed & Hannah Foy on July 25, 1830. John died May 5, 1846. The children of John & Maria are:  1) Hannah Beard born September 3, 1835. 2) Eunice Beard born March 18, 1837 married Francis J. Rogers & Chas. Barnard died April 11, 1877. 3) Wm. B. Beard born January 9, 1841 died September 4, 1864 in Pittsburgh. 4) Elizabeth Beard born October 4, 1842 died May 30, 1880. 5)Henrietta Beard born September 18, 1844 married John B. Hasking March 25, 1864. 6) George H. Beard born June 27, 1846 married Amelia D. Allen. Matthew Beard born 1746 (the son of John and Deborah (Pease) Beard, assisted his country during the Revolutionary War by lending money to the Government. It is mentioned in Vol. 3 Report D.A.R. page 318, and in Starbuck’s history of Nantucket Freemasonry as third report of D.A.R. 56th Congress, Senate Document 219.) married November 28, 1771 to Elizabeth Myrick born September 17, 1748 the daughter of Isaac & Deborah she died April 23, 1817. Matthew died February 16, 1785.  Children of Matthew and Elizabeth are: 1) William Beard born January 17, 1773 died November 8, 1815, single. 2) Elizabeth Beard bor April 28, 1776 died November 8, 1819 married Reuben Hillman the son of John & Phebe Hillman. 3) Sarah Beard born January 27, 1778 married Joseph Gardner the son of Shubael & Hepsabeth. 4) Deborah Beard born March 12, 1780 married Reuben Starbuck & Chas. Hussey the son of Matthew Starbuck & Reuben Hussey. Willaim Beard the son of Matthew and Elizabeth left a will recorded at Nantucket 1815, said to include one-eighth of the ship Weymouth, value $1,600.00. NFT of John and Deborah Beard’s descendants. Richard Beard born England (no dates available) married Dorothy. The children of Richard and Dorothy are: Richard Beard Jr. born 1718 in Nantucket died 1803, N.C. Richard Beard Jr. born 1718 married September 4, 1742 Eunice Macy born November 14, 1721 the daughter of Jabez & Sarah (Starbuck) she died October 3, 1776.  Richard Jr. died 1803. The children of Richard Jr. and Eunice are: 1) David Beard died in infancy. 2) Eunice Beard born June 17, 1744 married Johnathan Gifford. 3) William Beard born August 11, 1751 married Levina Gifford. 4) George Beard born May 4, 1754 married Mary Way & Isabel Pierson. 5) Elizabeth Beard born May 3, 1761 married Thomas Bull. 6) Reuben Beard born April 18, 1763 married Mary Hoggatt. (Richard and Eunice (Macy) Beard’s marriage is recorded in the Sherburn legal records Book I page 112. Their certificate of removal from Nantucket to New Garden, North Carolina was granted in May 1772 and accepted at New Garden Monthly Meeting July 25, 1722. At this time a great many other Nantucket people settled in North Carolina.

Nat. #202-B. Elected March 26, 1973, born Great Barrington, MA December 19, 1930 married New York, NY September 12, 1963, Annette Knowles Huddleston, born Montgomery, AL September 20, 1933.  Educ: Berkshire School; Williams College, B.A. in History; Columbia University, M.S. in Library Science. Member: Hereditary Order of Desc. of Colonial Governors (Genealogist General); Sons of the Revolution (Examiner, NY State); Soc. of Colonial Wars (Genealogist, NY State); St. Nicholas Soc. of City of New York (Genealogist); Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America (Registrar); St. Andrews Society; Americans of Royal Descent (Genealogist); Order of the Three Crusades (Genealogist); Order of the Crown of Charlemagne; Colonial Order of the Acorn.  Occup: Librarian and Genealogist, New York Public Library. Address 38 Barrow Street, New York, NY. Descended from: 1) Theophilus Eaton, Governor of the New Haven Colony 1639-58. 2) Hannah Eaton b. London, Eng October 6 1632 married William Jones b. England 1624; married London July 4, 1659. Hannah died New Haven, CT May 4, 1707; william died New Haven, CT October 17, 1706. 3) Sarah Jones born New Haven Aug. 17, 1662 married in New Haven Oct. 21, 1687 Andrew Morrison b. Scotland d. New Haven before Jan 30. 1702. 4) Ann Morrison b. New Haven Nov. 4, 1693 married in Guilford, CT Ebenezer Tallman b. in Guilford Sept. 1, 1692.  Ann died Guilford Oct. 4, 1773. Ebenezer died Guilford Sept. 2, 1770. …… 10) Gertrude Field Finley born Canandaigua on June 18 1869 married in Canandaigua to Maximillian Cornelius Beard born in Biloxi, MS November 27, 1864. Gertrude died Sheffield, MA April 20, 1941; Maximillian died in New Haven, CT February 19, 1924. 11) Stuart-Menteth Beard born in Canandaigua November 28, 1893 died Sheffield September 8, 1955 married Asbury Park,NJ June 30, 1921 to Natalie Sudler Turner born Wilmington, DE December 20, 1888 died Great Barrington, MA January 7, 1957. Inheritor: Walter Johnson Beard, Russell Stage Road, Blanford, MA 01008

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Beard Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th, & 19th Century
Jon Beard, who landed in Virginia in 1637
Joane Beard, who arrived in Virginia in 1638
Robert Beard, who landed in Maryland in 1641
William Beard, who arrived in New England in 1643
Rachel Beard, who landed in Maryland in 1650
John Beard, who landed in Delaware in 1728
Martin Beard, who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1739
Nicholas Beard, who landed in America in 1765
Andrew Beard, who landed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1766
Jean Beard, who landed in South Carolina in 1772
Ann Beard, aged 2, who landed in New York, NY in 1803
Peter Beard, who arrived in America in 1806
Hugh Beard, who landed in Maryland in 1810
Jane Beard, who arrived in South Carolina in 1813
Mr. Beard, who landed in Mobile, Ala in 1821

Beard Settlers in Canada in the 17th & 19th Century
Joseph Béard, who married in Longue-Pointe, Quebec in 1699
Ellen Beard, aged 25, who arrived in Saint John, New Brunswick aboard the ship “Ambassador” in 1834
David Béard was a store-keeper in Indian Cove, Newfoundland in 1871
George J Béard was owner of a coal yard in Montreal in 1871
John Béard lived in Montreal in 1871
Samuel W. Béard was owner of a coal yard in Montreal in 1871

Beard Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century
Henry Beard, English convict from Gloucester, who was transported aboard the “America” on April 4, 1829, settling in New South Wales, Australia
Elija Beard, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Royal Admiral” in 1838
William Frederick Beard, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Constance” in 1848
Robert Beard, aged 49, a farm labourer, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Calphurnia” in 1849
Susan Beard, aged 28, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Calphurnia” in 1849

Beard Settlers in New Zealand in the 19th Century
John Beard, who landed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1840
James Beard, aged 22, a carpenter, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Alma” in 1857
Ann Beard, aged 21, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Alma” in 1857
Edward Beard, aged 2, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Alma” in 1857
James Beard, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Asterope” in 1864

Dominus fecit. The Lord hath done it.
Et viet virtute. Both by strength and virtue.
Sequor nec inferior. I follow, but am not inferior.
Viet virtute. By strength and valour .

BAIRD, David, Maj.-Gen., Sir [K.Ii. 1809, G.C.I’.. 1815], Bart. 1809, with remainder over (died .’•.p.). Augmentation, 1804, Vol. XXIII, fol. 52. Supporters, fol. 54.
BAIRD late Forster, John, of Newcastle-upon-Tvne and Alnwick. Norlbumb., 182 . ., Vol. XXXII, fols. 231, 233 : William, fol. 233.
BEARDE, William, North Kelsey, co. Line., confirmed 16 March 1562-3 (Harvey’s Grants). Add. MS. 16,940, fo. 12 ; Le Neve’s MS. 251 ; Add. MS. ,17,506.

Edward Beard, US Rep. from Rhode Island

Adrien Beard, American storyboard artist and three-time Emmy Award winning voice actor, best known as the voice of Token Black in South Park
Adrien Beard, American voice actor
Al Beard, former American basketball player
Alana Beard, American basketball player
Alana Monique Beard (b. 1982), American professional WNBA women’s basketball player with the Los Angeles Sparks
Albert “Al” Beard (b. 1942), retired American basketball player who played for the New Jersey Americans (1967-1968)
Alfred “Butch” Beard Jr. (b. 1947), former National Basketball Association player and coach
Amanda Beard, American Olympic swimmer and model
Andrew Jackson Beard (1849-1921), African-American inventor inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame for his work on railroad coupler design
Andrew Jackson Beard, American inventor
Annette Beard (b. 1943), American R&B and soul singer, an original member of the singing group Martha and the Vandellas during the 1960s
Bert Beard, Australian rules footballer
Bertram Beard, English cricketer
Butch Beard, American basketball player and coach
Charles A. Beard, influential American historian
Charles Austin Beard (1874-1948), American historian, one of the most influential American historians of the first half of the 20th century
Clarke Beard, American athlete
Clarke Briar Beard (1884-1978), American athlete at the 1908 Summer Olympics
Colin Beard, former Australian rules footballer
Daniel Carter “Uncle Dan” Beard (1850-1941), American illustrator, author, youth leader and founder of the Sons of Daniel Boone in 1905
David Beard, Australian volleyball player
DeLawrence Beard, American judge
Don Beard, New Zealand cricketer
Dympna Beard, Australian politician
Ed Beard (football player), American football player
Ed Beard, saloon keeper in the American Old West
Edward Beard, U.S. congressman from Rhode Island
Elspeth Beard, first Englishwoman to circumnavigate the world by motorcycle in the 1980s
Emma Beard, British singer
Frank Beard (golfer), American golfer
Frank Beard (musician), drummer in the American rock band ZZ Top
Gary Beard, American politician
George Miller Beard, American neurologist who coined the term “neurasthenia”
Gordon Beard, Canadian politician
Graeme Beard, former Australian cricketer
Hazel Beard, American politician
Henry Beard, founder of the American humor magazine National Lampoon
James Beard, American chef and food writer
James Henry Beard, American painter
Jim Beard, American jazz pianist
Kevin Beard, American football player
Malcolm Beard, former English footballer
Mathew Beard, African-American centenarian, first man to live to 112, 113 and 114
Nigel Beard, British politician
Pat Beard, American politician
Patrick Wayne “Pat” Beard (1947-2017), American steelworker and politician who served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1983 to 1994
Paul Beard (spiritualist), British president of the College of Psychic Studies
Paul Beard (violinist), English violinist, leader of the London Philharmonic and BBC Symphony orchestras
Percy Beard, American track and field athlete
Peter Hill Beard, American photographer
Philip Beard, American novelist
Ralph Beard (baseball), American Major League Baseball player
Ralph Beard, former American basketball player
Randal Beard, American engineer
Richard Beard (photographer), English photographer
Robin Beard, U. S. congressman from Tennessee
Santonio Beard, American football player
Stephanie Beard, Canadian actress
Tanoka Beard, American basketball player
Trevor Beard, British-Australian medical doctor
William Holbrook Beard, American painter

American Revolution Veterans
Abajah Beard, Massachusetts, Rank of Corporal
Abel Beard, Massachusetts, Rank of Private
Archer Beard, Virginia, Rank of Private
Benjamin Beard, Rhode Island, Rank of Private
Ebenezer Beard, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Francis Beard, New York, Rank of Private
Henry Beard, South Carolina, Rank of Private
James Beard, Virginia, Rank of Private
John Beard, New Hampshire, Rank of Sergeant
John Beard, Rhode Island, Bombardier
Joset Beard, New Jersey, Rank of Private
Josiah Beard, Massachusetts, Rank of Private
Kiah Beard, Connecticut, Rank of Corporal
Marshal Beard, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Robt Beard, New York, Rank of Bombardier
Sall Beard, Connecticut, Rank of Sergeant
Samuel Beard, New Hampshire, Rank of Fifer
Samuel Beard, New Jersey, Rank of Sergeant
Samuel Beard, Pennsylvania, Rank of Ensign
Stumblyton Beard, New Jersey, Rank of Sergeant
Thomas Beard, Virginia, Rank of Sergeant
William Beard, New Hampshire, Rank of Private

Civil War Veterans
Alanson Beard, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Cavalry, Union, Pennsylvania
Barnwell Beard, 11th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry, Confederate, South Carolina
Charles Beard, 115th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
David Beard, 17th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry, Union, Kentucky
Edmond Beard, 22nd Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, Confederate, Mississippi
Frank Beard, 13th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
George Beard, 2nd Company, Massachusetts Sharpshooters, Union, Massachusetts
Henry Beard, 2nd Battalion, Maryland Cavalry, Confederate, Maryland
Isaac Beard, 13th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Julius Beard, Griswold’s Company, North Carolina Local Defense, Confederate, North Carolina
Kinchen Beard, Stone County Regiment, Missouri HOme Guard, Union, Missouri
Lewis Beard, 108th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Marshall Beard, 96th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York
Nelson Beard, 108th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Orren Beard, 56th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina
Patrick Beard, 1st Regiment, Delaware Infantry, Union, Delaware
Richard Beard, 5th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Samuel Beard, 68th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Theodore Beard, Brown’s Independent Company, Indiana Legion, Union, Indiana
Uriah Beard, 2nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Provisional Heavy Artillery, Union, Pennsylvania
William Beard, 40th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Young Beard, 34th Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate, Arkansas
Zebedee Beard, 1st Regiment, Union, Tennessee

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Beard Hall, co. Derby). Az. a chev. ar. betw. three trefoils slipped or.
2) (Beard Hall, co. Derby; the heiresses m. Ashenhurst, Holt, and Yeaveley). Ar. three men’s heads couped sa. within a bordure az.
3) (North Kells, co. Lincoln). Sa. on a chev. betw. ten martlets ar. five ogresses. Crest—A lion’s gamb couped or, grasping a horse’s leg erased above the knee sa.
4) (Aberton and Cowfold, co. Sussex). Erm. on a quarter sa. a saltire or, charged with five fleurs-de-lis gu. Crest—On a chapeau gu. turned up erm., a tiger couchant or, tufted maned and armed sa.
5) Ar. three men’s heads couped ppr.

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