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Origin, Meaning, Family History and Borisov Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Source: Russian Heraldry & Nobility by Mandich & Placek, 1992.
1) Per fess azure and gules, in chief a laurel chaplet proper enfiled in saltire by two sabers, their points downwards, argent, and in base a cross patty facetted Or. M: Dexter, azure lined argent; sinister gules lined argent. Crest: Rising from a ducal coronet Or, a plume of ostrich feathers argent. Supporters: On either side a lion reguardant proper.
2) Quarterly: 1st: Azure, an increscent in bend sinister argent; 2nd: Or, in bend sinister a sword, its point downward, proper; 3rd: Or, a plume of ostrich feathers argent; 4th: Azure, a decrescent in bend sinister argent. Mantling: Azure lined Or. Crest: Rising from a ducal coronet Or, a plume of ostrich feathers argent.
3) Per pale: 1st: Sable, on a chevron Or, between three mullets argent, as many grenades proper; 2nd: gules, three trail spades, the points upward, argent, and as many garbs Or, alternately arranged (2,2,2). Mantling: Dexter, gules lined argent; sinister, sable lined Or. Crest: A plume of ostrich feathers, two gules and as many argent, rising from a cap of the Life Guards proper, winged sable, each charged with three mullets of the second forming a crescent.

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