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Meaning, Origin, Etymology 
The surname Burgess  is derived from an occupation and is of Old French (burgeis), Old English (burge(i)s) and Old Flemish (burgeis) origins, meaning inhabitant and freeman of a fortified town, especially one with municipal rights and duties.  In Ireland the name is sometimes gaelicized as “Brugha” (de Brugha, de Bury, Burewe, Bru, Bury, Burrows, Burrowes and indirectly Burgess) meaning “at the borough” from residence herein. Burgesses generally had tenure of land or buildings from a landlord ‘burgage’ (Latin ‘burgagium’). In medieval England burgage involved the payment of a fixed money rent (as opposed to payment in kind); in Scotland it involved payment in service, guarding the town.

Spelling Variations
Burgess, Burgeis, Burghersh, Burges, Burgesse, Burgar, Bergiss, Bergess, Bargess, Bargeis, Bergeus, Burgeus, Burgeuss, Burgis, Burgise and Borges

Parkanaur Manor House
Parkanaur Manor House

Early Marriage Records for Burgess 
Elizabeth Burgess married Ezra Perry married February 12, 1651 in Sandwich, Massachusetts
John Burgess married Mary Worden September 8, 1657 in Yarmouth, Massachusetts
William Burgess married Hannah Stinson May 20, 1684 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
Thomas Burgess married Sarah Storrs February 26, 1696 in Barnstable, Massachusetts
Mary Burgess married Francis Traveres January 27, 1699 in Boston, Massachusetts
John Burgess married Anne Newton October 8, 1621 in Flixton, Lancashire, England
Margery Burgess married Tho. Pritchard February 2, 1623 in Saint Dunstan, Stepney, London, England
Sybilla Burgess married William Shacklet May 17, 1627 in Arborfield, Berkshire, England
Robt. Burgess married Eliz. Quince September 21, 1630 in Saint Paul, Bedford, England
Isaacke Burgess married Mary Beecher November 23, 1637 in Chiddingstone, Kent, England
Richard Burgess married Mary Rose in 1639 in Romsey, Hampshire, England
Thomas Burgess married Jana Marshall July 6, 1639 in St. Michael, Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
Alice Burgess married Robert Taylour October 11, 1639 in Boughton-Under-Blean, Kent, England
Richard Burgess married Maria Kniles September 25, 1640 in Topcroft, Norfolk, England
Susannah Burgess married William Ranger June 28, 1647 in West Hoathly, Sussex, England
Anne Burgess married Richard Starre June 18, 1650 in Heathfield, Sussex, England
Ales Burgess married John Thomasone October 9, 1652 in Flixton, Lancashire, England
Eliz Burgess married Rich Hunnux October 1656 in Luton, Bedford, England
Thomas Burgess married Sibbell Grickler August 14, 1658 in West Tarring, Sussex, England
Johannes Burgess married Anna Crossley January 30, 1661 in Penistone, York, England
Oliver Burgess married Martha Farthing October 29, 1661 in All Saints, South Lynn, Norfolk, England
Thomas Burgess married Easter Marson June 17, 1665 in Kings Cliffe, Northampton, England
Elizabeth Burgess married John Dauerson May 2, 1666 in Saint Benedict, Norwich, Norfolk, England
Elizabetha Burgess married Garretus Cotterell October 23, 1666 in Saint James, Paddington, London, England
Sarah Burgess married Robert Clarke January 16, 1666 in All Saints, South Lynn, Norfolk, England
William Burgess married Melony Eveley December 26, 1667 in Tiverton, Devon, England
Grace Burgess married John Lee June 7, 1669 in All Saints, South Lynn, Norfolk, England
Sarah Burgess married Robart Lumb April 27, 1674 in Darfield, York, England
William Burgess married Mrs. Mary Goffe September 12, 1676 in Ogbourne St Andrew, Wiltshire, England
Mary Burgess married Laurence Saywell October 11, 1677 in Little Wilbraham, Cambridge, England
Henry Burgess married Anne Justine May 21, 1678 in Congham, Norfolk, England
John Burgess married Sarah Waghorne June 10, 1678 in Wadhurst, Sussex, England
Authery Burgess married Henry Mawrice August 6, 1678 in Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, London, England
Frances Burgess married Thomas Stanley February 2, 1678 in Bebington, Cheshire, England
Margaret Burgess married John Harold January 14, 1678 in Congham, Norfolk, England
Martha Burgess married James Barnes February 21, 1679 in Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England
Robert Burgess married Anne Toes November 27, 1680 in Folkestone, Kent, England
James Burgess married Mary Cory April 15, 1681 in St Phillip & St Jacobs, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Maude Burgess married John Mcneer May 2, 1681 in Urchfont, Wiltshire, England
Margaret Burgess married Thomas Cox January 7, 1682 in Saint James Dukes Place, London, England
James Burgess married Ann Hills in 1683 in Saint Michaels, Withyham, Sussex, England
Elizabeth Burgess married William Hedgecock May 15, 1683 in Kennington, Kent, England
Tho. Burgess married Eliz. Coxe May 11, 1684 in Saint Katherine By The Tower, London, England
William Burgess married Peace Ridlington September 14, 1684 in Babraham, Cambridge, England
James Burgess married Elizabeth White January 27, 1686 in St Phillip & St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Obadiah Burgess married Hannah Saunders January 3, 1687 in St Phillip & St Jacob, Bristol, Gloucester, England
John Burgess married Letitia Harris April 17, 1688 in St Phillip & St Jacobs, Bristol, Gloucester, England
Robert Burgess married Annie Venn November 5, 1689 in Effingham, Surrey, England
Elizabeth Burgess married Thomas Bishope June 24, 1690 in Lamberhurst, Kent, England

Ynyr Burges
Ynyr Burges (1723-1792)

Popularity & Geographic Distribution 
The last name  ranks 3,304th  in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 170,411 people carry the  surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: California, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, and South Carolina.  It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (95,395), England (34,760), Australia (14,605), Canada (9,033), New Zealand (3,728), South Africa (2,618).

Early Bearers of Surname
Geoffrey Burgeis, which was dated 1115, in the “Winton Rolls of Hampshire”
Ralph le Burgeis (1195), in the Pipe Rolls of Sussex
Philip Burges (1220), in the Cartulary of Oseney Abbey, Oxford
Hawise Burgeys, Bedfordshire, 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Philip Burgers, Oxfordshire, 1273, Hundred Rolls
John le Burges, Southamptonshire, 1273, Hundred Rolls
Thomas Burgeys, Norfolk, 1273, Hundred Rolls
Adam Burgeys, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Johannes Burges, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Robert Barges, Norwich, 1519: History of Norfolk.
Marriage of Davye Burges to Agnes Taylor on January 27th 1582 at St. Thomas the Apostle
Edward Burgis and Maud Goorde: St. Antholin (London). Married in 1614
Symon, son of  Alice Burgis: St. James, Clerkenwell. Baptised in 1624
Marriage of Robert Parrin Burgess to Mary Langford on February 10th 1750, at St. Bartholomew the Great

Lady Caroline Burges
Lady Caroline Burges

History, Genealogy & Ancestry 
Burges, John Ynyr, Esq. of Parkanaur, co. Tyrone and Thorpe Hall and East Ham, Essex, J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Tyrone 1829, born January 31, 1798 married March 21, 1833, Lady Caroline Clements younest daughter of Nathaniel the 2nd Earl of Leitrim, K.P., and by her (who died October 12, 1869) had issue, 1) Ynyr Henry, M.A., J.P., High Sheriff 1869 born January 31, 1834; married September 7, 1859, Edith the 3rd daughter of the late Hon. Richard Bootle Wilbraham, and sister of the present Lord Skelmersdale, and has issue i) Ynyr Richard Patrick born March 15, 1866 ii) Edith Alice iii) Ethel Margaret iv) Lilian Adela.  2) Charles Skeffington born August 19, 1835; deceased. 3) Clements Keppel died March 1840. 4) Wamphray John Richard Alexander born August 25, 1843; deceased. 5) Mary Anne Margaret. 6) Alice Caroline. Mr. Burges succeeded to the family estates upon the death, in 1838 s.p. of his relative, Margaret, Dowager Countess Poulett daughter and sole heir of his grand uncle, Ynyr Burges, Esq. of East Ham, by Margaret his wife the daughter of Governor Brown. Mr. Burges then assumed the additional arms of Lloyd.
Lineage ~ Joseph Burges, Esq. married 1716 Elizabeth the daughter of Ynyr Lloyd, Esq. of East Ham, Essex and had (with two daughters, Margaret and Alice, wife of Francis Methold, Esq.) three sons, Joseph died 1746; John of whom hereafer; Ynyr of East Ham married 1792 to Margaret the daughter of Governor Brown, by whom he had issue a daughter and heir Margaret married 1st Sir John Smith Bart., who took the additional surname of Burges, but d.s.p.; his widow married 2nd July 1816 John the 4th Earl of Poulett, of Hinton St. George, Somerset, but d.s.p. May 1838 when her kinsman, John Ynyr Burges succeeded her in her estates.  The 2nd son John Burges, Esq. married Novemeber 20, 1763, Martha the daughter of Robert Ford, Esq. and had issue (with two daughters, Mary married 1784 George Perry, Esq. of Mullaghmore, co. Tyrone; and Martha married 1787 James Johnston, Esq. of Knappagh, co. Armagh) a son, John Henry Burges, Esq. of Wood Park, co. Armagh, born July 15, 1768; married 1794 Marianne the eldest daughter and eventually co-heir of Sir Richard Johnston, Bart. of Gilford and had issue, 1) John Ynyr of Parkanaur and East Ham. 2) Richard deceased 3) Margaret Anne married July 1815 Lieut-Col. (afterwards Gen.) Thomas Charretie of the 2nd Life Guards who died January 1866.  4) Matilda died November 1805. Arms~ Quarterly 1st and 4th, or, a fess chequy arg. and az., in chief two cross crosslets gu., and in base a covered cup of the last for Burges; 2nd, paly of cight or and gu., all within a bordure of the second pelletee, for Lloyd; 3rd arg., a saltire sa., on a chief gu., three cushions or, for Johnston. Crests~ A dove rising arg., beaked and membered gu., in its beak a palm-branch ppr., for Burges; a lion rampant gu., langued az., in the dexter paw an annulet, enclosing a fleur-de-lis arg., for Lloyd. Motto~ Tace aut face. Seats~ East Ham and Thorpe Hall, Ilford, Essex; and Parkanaur, Dungannon, co., Tyrone.

Abbie Burgess
Abbie Burgess

The origin of the name of Burgess will not admit of controversy.  It is a title, civil or official. The inhabitant or representative of a Burgh or Borough is a Burgess.  In England, the orthography of the name is well preserved, both in Church and State, and it may easily be traced back for three or four centuries; but in this country it has been corrupted into Burghess, Burges, Burgis, Borgis, Burge, Burg.  The ancestral line of Thomas in England and the date of his migration to this country, cannot yet be ascertained with full confidence. It appears that he arrived in Salem with a young family not far from 1630, and lodged for a time at Lynn. A section of land was assigned to him, in that part of Plymouth call Duxbury; July 3, 1637.  This section of land, being forfeited by his removal to Sandwich in the same year, was assigned to Nicholas Robbins, November 5, 1638, who made to the former occupant some remuneration for fences and culture. In the settlement of Sandwich, Thomas Burgess became associated with Edmund Freeman, Henry Feake, Richard Chadwell, William Almy, Thomas Tupper, William Wood, Edward Dillingham, John Carman, George Knott, and Thomas Dexter, “He was,” says Dr. Savage, “a chief man of them.”  In the church, instituted in 1638, under the pastoral care of William Leverich he was an original member. In process of time he became a large landholder, and with advancing age he was called Goodman Burgess. He served the town in every office, humble or honorable, from road-surveyor to deputy to the Court at Plymouth, for several successive years. There is a charm in the fact that the patriarchal estate has never been alienated from the family. Benjamin, – the founder of the commercial house of Benjamin Burgess & Sons, Boston, a lineal descendant of the sixth generation, held it in his possession, and in 1864, could point out the old cellar in which Thomas stored his fruits, and the bubbling fountain from which he drank for forty-eight years, dying, February 13, 1685, aged 82 years.  His grave was honored with a monumental slab, imported from England. “This was the only monument,” says Amos Otis, Esq. “set up for any pilgrim of the first generation.” Dorothy his wife died February 27, 1687. The descendants of Thomas Burgess thousands in number are dispersed from Maine to California. They are chiefly devoted, as it should be, to agriculture. Many navigate the seas. Some are employed in the mechanic arts,and others are found in the medical, clerical and legal professions. As a race, they hold fast their moral and religious integrity. But some do not so far appreciate their alliance to the Puritan Pilgrim of the Old Colony, as to send forward their names to be enrolled in these records. Such may find their curiosity stimulated, to trace out their genealogy more privately by the aid of a few direct lines of descent, from 1st to the 7th generations.  Second Generation: Thomas Burgess (2) the eldest son of Thomas the Pilgrim, was enrolled to bear arms in 1648 when probably 16 years old. He served the town as constable in 1654. He subscribed to repair the meeting house and to support the minister in 1657. In 1661 he left the Plymouth Colony, and removed to Newport. He was admitted a freeman in the Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, and served a grand juror in 1667. His first wife was Elizabeth the daughter of William Bassett, whom he married November 8, 1648. His second wife was Lydia, the daughter of Peter Gaunt, by whom he had one son, and probably other children. Thomas (3) born 1668. John Burgess the second son of Thomas was admitted a freeman in 1657, and served as grand juror in 1661. He early removed to Yarmouth, and was deputy from that town to the Court at Plymouth in 1680. He married Mary, the daughter of Peter Worden, September 8, 1657, and had a large family.  He died 1701 his wife in 1723. Their children: 7) John 8) Thomas 9) Joseph 10) Samuel 11) Jacob 12) Martha married Samuel Storrs. 13) Patience married – Nye. 14) Mercy married – Winslow. 15) Mary married – Ellis. 16) Sarah. Elizabeth Burgess the daughter of Thomas (1) married Ezra Perry, February 12, 1652 and died September 26, 1717 aged 88 yrs. In the Will of Thomas in 1685 he is called “my son”, and is appointed on of the Executors. Their children: 17) Ezra born February 11, 1653 18) Deborah born November 28, 1654 19) John born January 1, 1657. 20) Samuel born March 15, 1667. 21) Benjamin born January 16, 1670. 22) Remembrance born January 1, 1676. The family by the name of Perry became very large in Southern Massachusetts, along the Atlantic border. The naval officer, Commodore Oliver H. Perry, who did so much honor to his country, was a lineal descendant of Edward, of Sandwich, probably a brother of Ezra. (4) Jacob Burgess the third son of Thomas helped to repair the meeting house in 1644, and was early a member of the church.  He served the town for many years in the subordinate offices of surveyor, constable and grand juror. He took the oath of allegiance in 1657. He inherited, in behalf of his son Thomas the paternal estate in Sandwich, while the other brothers removed, Thomas to Newport, John to Yarmouth, and Joseph to Rochester. He was one of the Executors of his father’s will. He married Mary the daughter of Benjamin Nye on June 1, 1670 who died June 23, 1706. He died March 17, 1719. Their children: 23) Samuel born March 8, 1671. 24) Ebenezer born October 2, 1673. 25) Jacob born October 18, 1676. 26) Thomas born March 1680. 27) Benjamin died at Martha’s Vineyard 1753. 28) Mary married Christopher Gifford, of Conway. This Thomas was a child of four years, when the grandfather made his Will, and entailed to him the old homestead, both in honor of his name and to perpetuate the estate in the family. Vain are human plans. Having no male heir surviving he constituted Zaccheus, the eldest son of his brother Jacob, as his true and lawful heir, giving him a deed of he homestead, dated February 18, 1754.  (5) Joseph Burgess the fourth son of Thomas was a landholder in Sandwich in 1658. He was fined for selling liquor to the Indians in 1659. He was employed to drill the cavalry company in 1660. He was authorized to look abroad for lands in 1667. He sold out his property in Sandwich to Richard Bourne in 1677, and removed to Rochester; which town he represented in the Court at Plymouth in 1689. He died in August 1695. Patience his wife was the Executrix of his Will, with Jacob, of Sandwich, as her counsellor, and the guardian of her sons during their minority. Their children: 29) Rebecca born January 17, 1667 who married – Ross. 30) Dorothy born November 12, 1670 who married – Clifton. 31) Joseph born November 18, 1673 (died in childhood) 32) Benjamin born May 5, 1681. 33) Ichabod born 1684. As Joseph is not recognized in his father’s Will, it must be assumed that he died in childhood before the father’s death; and as it does not appear that Ichabod was ever established in a family, (and there are some evidences to the contrary,) the whole hope of Joseph’s family in the male line concentrates in Benjamin who married Priscilla -, and had four sons and five daughters.  This Joseph did not survive to the age of his father and brethren. Nor is it so easy to find the branches of his posterity in the subsequent generations. Third Generation: The old family cradle of Thomas Burgess was rocked near the sea-side. The bay was spread out in full view, and the roar of the surf was heard in every tempest. His athletic sons, early accustomed to adventure in the fisheries, and poorly rewarded by a sterile soil for work on the land, were often allured to seek their fortune on the treacherous ocean. Many of them have been ordinary mariners, and not a few of the brave commanders of ships. No pen has noted down the number of the lost, and no monumental stones indicate their resting place. In some instances, father and son, or two brothers, have fallen victims in the same disaster. Death has followed hardship and danger. In vain, anxious hearts have throbbed, and tears have freely flowed. The husband, the brother, the son, did not return. Where are so many wives made windows, and so many children fatherless, as along our maritime borders? How marvellous is the Christian doctrine, so contrary to our natural sense, “The sea shall give up the dead that are in it.”  The ocean cemetery has no inclosing wall, and no names and inscribed on its rocks. Every descendant of Thomas may know that many of his kindred sleep in tombs invisible and unvisited, around which the waves and storms chaunt a requiem. In this connection it is grateful to acknowledge that muchis done to improve the condition of mariners. There are Sailors’ Homes, Mariners’ Chapels, Libraries and Saving Institutions, besides the Light House, the Life Boat and other apparatus. The military element, too, has been strongly developed. The name in England inherits eleven distinctive heraldic emblems, or coats of armor. Thomas and his sons participated in the Indian conflicts. The patriotic fire burned in the souls of their descendants in the French war and in the Revolutionary struggle. Some fell in battle, and others died in the military camp and in the prison ship. Those who survived to return home, laid up in their houses the memorials of past danger and deliverance. The writer of these sentences, when a child, read with wonder the old parchment commissions to his father’s, with rich seals and signatures, and handled proudly their belts and swords putting on their wigs and three-cornered hats.  (6) Thomas Burgess of Little Compton, grandson of Thomas the Pilgrim of Sandwich was born in 1668 and died July 1, 1743. He married in 1691, Esther -, who was born in 1669, and died November 12, 1706. Their children: 34) Edward born 1692. 35) Deborah born 1694 married Jeremiah Brownell died July 1779. 36) Esther born 1696. 37) Lydia born 1700 married – Collins. He married again October 24, 1707, Martha Closson who was born August 20, 1684. 38) Joseph born August 6, 1708. 39) John born January 10, 1711. 40) Mary born September 18, 1712 married John Wood. 41) Thomas born May 25, 1714 died May 19, 1792. 42) Martha born March 28, 1716 died an infant. 43) Jacob born November 11, 1717 died September 18, 1768. He married a third wife, Patience -, in 1721. 44) Mercy born February 22, 1722 married Joseph Thurston. 45) Rebecca born June 1725. 46) Martha born April 1727. 27) Nathaniel born May 1720. (7) John Burgess eldest son of John and Mary Worden, of Yarmouth, grandson of Thomas and Dorothy of Sandwich married Sarah Nickerson the daughter of Nicholas, who was born 1674 died February 4, 1723. Their children: 48) Mary born December 24, 1695 married Einathan Ellis March 2, 1716. 49) Elizabeth born October 12, 1697 married Prince Wixon April 1, 1720.  50) Joseph born July 9, 1699. 51) Benjamin born May 3, 1701. 52) Samuel born February 3, 1703. 53) Ezekiel born August 9, 1705. 54) Thankful born June 7, 1708 married John Blossom April 6, 1727. 55) born October 1710. (8) Thomas Burgess the second son of John and Mary Wordon of Yarmouth married Sarah Storrs of Barnstable February 26, 1696. He removed with his family to Windham Co., Connecticut. Their children: 56) Mary born November 27, 1696 married Ebenezer Babcock October 9, 1722. 57) Thomas born August 8, 1698. 58) Hannah born May 2, 1701. 59) Martha born February 15, 1703 died February 9, 1718. 60) Sarah born January 4, 1705. 61) Thankful born January 10, 1707 married Daniel Cole September 19, 1728. 62) Ebenezer born June 13, 1709. 63) Matthias born March 4, 1711 64) David born August 23, 1713. (9) Joseph Burgess the third son of John and Mary Worden of Yarmouth, married Thomasine Bangs, the daughter of Jonathan and Mary of Harwich, who was born 1678. This Joseph and Thomasine, with Joseph Jr. and his wife Thankful -, were among the early members who constituted the 2nd or East Church in Yarmouth August 6, 1727. Rebecca Bangs, sister of Thomasine married Jonathan sparrow. Their Children: 65) Joseph born February 26, 1701 66) Lydia born May 2, 1704 married Jonathan Luce April 14, 1724.  67) John born April 5, 1706. 68) Jonathan born May 5, 1708 69) Mercy born January 1, 1712 married Judah Baker February 15, 1729. 70) Remember born June 21, 1716. 71) Simeon – (10) Samuel Burgess the fourth son of John and Mary Worden of Yarmouth married Elizabeth – . Their children: 72) Samuel born December 9, 1704 73) Patience born September 16, 1706 married Nicholas Cartwright February 1730. 74) Elizabeth born March 30, 1708. 75) Abigail born September 5, 1710 married Stephen Sears April 1733 76) Jacob born October 10, 1712 77) Remember born June 23, 1714 married Israel Cole Jr. 1737. 78) Thomas born June 7, 1721 79) Martha born September 23, 1723. 80) Keziah bapt. November 12, 1727 married Sylvanus Harding May 10, 1744. (11) Jacob Burgess son of Mary Worden of Yarmouth was Executor to the will of Thomas his brother in 1721. He became a member of the 2nd Church in Yarmouth June 29, 1735. No domestic records are found, but his tombstone stands in West Brewster, dated August 15, 1772 aged 92 years. Sarah his wife died April 17, 1765 aged 84 years. Their children: 81) Jacob and others. A doubt exists whether this Jacob, who became “Old Dea. Jacob,” of Lanesborough, was the son of Jacob or of Samuel. Jacob, sen., in his will, makes no recognition of any child, but gave his property wholly to William, “a kinsman”, who took the care of him and his wife in their old age.  In answer, it may be said that no coach, car or mail, was then established between Lanesborough and Barnstable County; and, further, it may be presumed that his property was fully exhausted in his board and apparel to the advance age of 92 years. On the other hand, our Jacob is thrice called junior, in the record of his admission to the second Church in Yarmouth, in his marriage with Ruth Wood, and in his letter of transfer to the church in Middisborough. As we believe that “junior” was applied only to a son in the old records, otherwise second or third was used to designate one of the same name, this evidence is nearly conclusive.

Joanne Burgess
Joanne Burgess

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers

Burgess Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th & 19th Century
Joane Burgess, who landed in Maryland in 1638
Alexander Burgess, who arrived in New England in 1651-1652
Joseph Burgess, who landed in Virginia in 1652
Robert Burgess, who landed in Virginia in 1652
Richard Burgess, who landed in Virginia in 1700
Tho Burgess, who arrived in Virginia in 1704
Eliz Burgess, who landed in Virginia in 1704
Edward Burgess, who arrived in Virginia in 1712
Thomas Burgess, who arrived in Virginia in 1714
Robert Burgess, who arrived in America in 1805
Samuel Burgess, who arrived in Washington County, Pennsylvania in 1840
George Burgess, who arrived in Allegany (Allegheny) County, Pennsylvania in 1847
Ann and George Burgess, who arrived in Boston in 1847
Alexander Burgess jumped ship, the “Royal George,” and settled at Witless Bay in 1847

Burgess Settlers in Canada in the 18th & 19th Century
Mr. Benjamin Burgess U.E. who settled in St. Andrews, Charlotte County, New Brunswick c. 1783 was part of the Port Matoon Association
Mr. John Burgess U.E. who settled in Canada c. 1783
Patrick Burgess, who settled in St. Mary’s, Newfoundland, in 1792
Daniel Burgess and his wife and their eight children, who settled in Prescott, Ontario in 1825
Daniel Burgess and his wife Avice settled in Prescott, Ontario, in 1825 with their seven children
Arthur Burgess, who immigrated to Quebec in 1850
Henry Burgess, who landed in Esquimalt, British Columbia in 1862

Burgess Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century
Thomas S. Burgess, a joiner, who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) sometime between 1825 and 1832
James Burgess, a baker, who arrived in Van Diemen’s Land (now Tasmania) sometime between 1825 and 1832
Henry Burgess, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Planter” in 1839
William Burgess, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Fairlee” in 1840
Elizabeth Burgess, who arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Fairlee” in 1840

Burgess Settlers in New Zealand in the 19th Century
Thomas Burgess, who landed in Bay of Islands, New Zealand in 1840
Isaac James Burgess, who landed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1840
W B Burgess, who landed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1840 aboard the ship Oriental
Mary Burgess, aged 38, a servant, who arrived in Wellington, New Zealand aboard the ship “Phoebe Dunbar” between 1841 and 1850

Tace aut fac. Say nothing or do.
Levius fit patientia. It is rendered lighter by patience.
Le bon temps viendra. The good day will come.
CONSILIO ET PRUDENTIA – By wisdom and prudence

BURGESS, Wm., Maryland, Or. a fess chequy gu and or. In chief 3 crosses crosslet gu.
BURGES, late Smith, John, of Havering-atte-Bower and Eastham, co. Essex, 10 June 1790, Vol. Xll, fol. 223. (Misc. G. et H., 3rd S., Ill, p. 237.)
BURGES, Sir James Bland, Bart. [1795], Knight Marshal of the Royal Household, of CO. Sussex, 17 . . ., Vol. XIX, fol. 207.
BURGES to Lamb, Sir James Bland, Bart., co. Sussex [Lamb and Barges quarterly], [25 Oct. 1821] Vol. XXXIII, fol. 55.
BURGES„ to Lamb, Sir James Bland, Bart., co. Sussex, 182 . ., Vol. XXXV, fol. 154.
BURGESS, Thomas, D.D. Oxf., of Winstow, co. Durham, and Odiham, Hampsh., 180 . ., Vol. XXn, fol. 159, afterwards [1825] Bp. of Salisbury.

Wilma Burgess
Wilma Burgess

Abbie Burgess (1839–1892), American lighthouse-keeper
Anthony Joseph Burgess (1938–2013), Australian-born Papua New Guinean Roman Catholic bishop
Graham Burgess (born 1968), English chess master
Martin Burgess (born 1931), English clockmaker
Samuel Burgess, 17th-century pirate captain
Thornton Burgess (1874–1965), U.S. conservationist and children’s author
Timothy Mark Burgess (born 1956), American lawyer
Warren Randolph Burgess (1889–1978), American banker and diplomat
William Burgess Powell (born 1948), an American man who suffered from dissociative amnesia and was known as Benjaman Kyle
Bryan Burgess, Canadian curler
Charlotte Burgess (born 1987), British archer
Erika Burgess (born 1984), New Zealand netball player
Graham Burgess (cricketer) (born 1943), English cricketer
Ian Burgess (born 1930), British Formula One driver
Jeremy Burgess (born 1953), Australian motorcycle racing engineer
Lauren Burgess (born 1986), New Zealand netball player
Reg Burgess (born 1934), Australian rules footballer
Shayne Burgess (1964), English darts player
Smoky Burgess (1927–1991), U.S. Major League Baseball player
Burgess Whitehead (1910–1993), American baseball player
Clive Burgess (1950–2006), Welsh rugby union footballer
Greg Burgess (rugby union) (born 1954), New Zealand rugby union player
Sam Burgess (born 1988), English Rugby League player
Derrick Burgess, NFL defensive end for the New England Patriots
Prescott Burgess (born 1984), American football linebacker
Rodney Burgess (born 1984), American footballer
Rudy Burgess (born 1984), American footballer
Burgess Owens (born 1951), American footballer
Chris Burgess (born 1979), American basketball player
Franklin D. Burgess (1935–2010), American basketball player and federal judge
Pete Burgess (born 1984), New Zealand basketball player
Andy Burgess (born 1981), English footballer (soccer)
Ben Burgess (born 1981), English-born footballer (soccer)
Cam Burgess (1919–1978), English footballer (soccer)
Charlie Burgess (born 1880), English footballer (soccer)
Christian Burgess (born 1991), English footballer (soccer)
Daryl Burgess (born 1971), English footballer (soccer)
Herbert Burgess (1883–1954), English football player
Joanne Burgess (born 1979), Australian footballer (soccer)
Kevin Burgess (born 1988), British footballer (soccer)
Lyndon Burgess (born 1980), Bermuda footballer (soccer)
Mac Burgess, English football manager
Nenita Burgess (born 1985), Australian footballer (soccer)
Oliver Burgess (born 1981), English footballer (soccer)
Romelle Burgess (born 1982), Barbadian footballer (soccer)
Stuart Burgess (born 1962), Scottish footballer (soccer)
Tyrell Burgess (born 1986), Bermudian footballer (soccer)
Edgar Burgess (1891–1952), English Olympic rower
Greg Burgess (born 1972), American swimmer
Nigel Burgess (1942–1992), British yachtsman
Reuben Burgess (born 1966), British canoeist
Charles Frederick Burgess (1873–1945), American chemist
Eric Burgess (1920–2005), freelance space consultant
Ernest Burgess (1886–1966), urban sociologist at the University of Chicago
Cathal Brugha (Charles William St. John Burgess), Irish nationalist and politician, active in the Anglo-Irish War and the Irish Civil War (1874–1922)
Henry Givens Burgess (1859–1937), Irish politician
Ken Burgess (died 2005), Canadian politician
Neale Burgess (born 1956), Australian politician
Franklin D. Burgess (1935–2010), American basketball player and federal judge
Gordon Burgess (born 1935), president of Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana
Isabel Burgess (1912–1999), American politician
Lathrop Burgess, American politician
Tim Burgess (Seattle), member of the Seattle City Council
Claude Bramall Burgess (died 1998), British Colonial Secretary of Hong Kong from 1958–1963
Guy Burgess (1911–1963), British double-agent
James Bland Burgess (1752–1824), English writer and politician
Joseph Burgess (1853–1934), British politician
Stanley Burgess (born 1889), British politician
Bruce Burgess, British documentary filmmaker
Gregory Burgess, Australian architect
Janice Burgess, American television producer
Lowry Burgess, American artist
Neil Burgess (comedian) (1846–1910), American vaudeville comedian
Alan Burgess (1915–1998), English author
Anthony Burgess (1917–1993), English novelist and critic
Beth Burgess (born 1980), British writer, author and Recovery Coach
Gelett Burgess (1866–1951), U.S. humorist
Haldane Burgess (1862–1927), Shetland writer
James Bland Burgess (1752–1824), English writer and politician
Melvin Burgess (born 1954), British author
Mitchell Burgess, American television writer
Thornton Burgess (1874–1965), U.S. conservationist and children’s author
Bobby Burgess (born 1941), American dancer and singer
Colin Burgess, Australian musician
Emma Burgess, American singer-songwriter
Iain Burgess (died 2010), British record producer
John D. Burgess (died 2005), Scottish bagpiper
Leroy Burgess, known as Black Ivory, disco producer
Lord Burgess, 20th-century American songwriter
Norine Burgess, Canadian singer
Rosie Burgess (born 1978), Australian musician
Sally Burgess (born 1953), British mezzo-soprano
Sharna Burgess (born 1985), Australian dancer on Dancing with the Stars (US)
Sonny Burgess (1931-2017), rockabilly musician
Tim Burgess (artist) (born 1967), lead singer of British band the Charlatans
Wilma Burgess (1939–2003), American country music singer
Burgess Gardner (born 1936), jazz musician
Adrienne Burgess, British actress
Dennis Burgess, British actor
Dominic Burgess (born 1982), British actor
Dorothy Burgess (1907–1961), American motion picture actress
Keith Burgess, American voice actor
Neil Burgess (actor) (born 1966), British actor
Tituss Burgess, American actor
Burgess Jenkins (born 1973), film actor
Burgess Meredith (1907–1997), U.S. actor

American Revolution Veterans
Abram Burgess, North Carolina, Rank of Sergeant
Archd Burgess, New York, Rank of Sergeant
Christian Burgess, Rhode Island, Rank of Private
Davison Burgess, Virginia, Rank of Sergeant
Dawson Burgess, Virginia, Rank of Sergeant
Ephraim Burgess, Connecticut, Rank of Private
Joe Burgess, Maryland, Rank of Captain
John Burgess, Massachusetts, Rank of Lieutenant
Thomas Burgess, Maryland, Rank of Private
Vachel Burgess, Maryland, Rank of Ensign
William Burgess, Massachusetts, Rank of Private

Burgess Military Officers
US Officers w/ Burgess surname






Civil War Veterans 
Abner Burgess, Kays Company, Georgia Infantry, Confederate, Georgia
Bat Burgess, 94th Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York
Chancey Burgess, 110th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Davis Burgess, 45th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina
Egbert Burgess, 101st Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Union, Ohio
Frank Burgess, 32nd Regiment, United States Coloed Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
George Burgess, 2nd Regiment, Florida Infantry, Confederate, Florida
Harrison Burgess, 9th Regiment, Minnesota Infantry, Union, Minnesota
Isaac Burgess, 32nd Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
James Burgess, 18th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Kennedy Burgess, 3rd Regiment, Arkansas Infantry, Confederate, Arkansas
Lewis Burgess, 109th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Marcus Burgess, 3rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry, Union, Wisconsin
Nathaniel Burgess, 1st Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, Confederate, Mississippi
Olin Burgess, 8th Regiment, New York Heavy Artillery, Union, New York
Peter Burgess, 8th Regiment, United States Colored Heavy Artillery, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Quincy Burgess, 8th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry, Confederate, Kentucky
Richard Burgess, 1st Regiment, Indiana Cavalry, Union, Indiana
Sandy Burgess, 51st Regiment, United states Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Thadeus Burgess, 18th Regiment, Alabama Infantry, Confederate, Alabama
Valentine Burgess, 111th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry, Union, Pennsylvania
Washington Burgess, 104th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
Zachariah Burgess, 9th Regiment, Illinois Infantry, Union, Illinois
Zephaniah Burgess, 3rd Regiment, North Carolina Artillery, Confederate, North Carolina
Zizer Burgess, 1st Regiment, Creek Mounted Volunteers, CSA, Confederate, Confederate Troops

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

William Burgess Memorial
William Burgess Memorial

1) (Bourgeois, of Champagne, in Picardy, one of whom, Robin de Bourgeois, of Gamache, in Picardy, a protestant refugee, settled at Canterbury, 1593, and is now represented by Major C. J. Burgess East Mascalls, co. Kent). Az. a fesse betw. a crescent in chief and a rose in base, all ar. Crest—A fleur-de-lis or. Motto—Le bon temps viendra. Source: Burke’s
2) Or a fess chequy gu and or. In chief 3 crosses crosslet gu. – Bookplate Wm. Burgess, Md. Source: Bolton’s
3) Or a fess checky gules and or in chief three crosses crosslet fitchy gules. Source: Colonial Families of the United States of America, Vol. VI, ed. by George Norbury MacKenzie, The Seaforth Press, Baltimore, Maryland, 1917
4) Grande-Bretagne – (Ex-Libris, Coll. Quantin) – D’argent à la fasce d’azur losangée de trois pièces et deux demies d’or acc en chef de trois macles rangées du second l’écu bordé d’azur à huit besants d’or 3 2 et 3 Cimier une tête et col d’aigle Devise LAVINS FIT PATIENTIA Source: Rietstaps
5) (Visit. Cornwall, 1620). Chequy gu. and or, on a chief ar. three crosses crosslet az. Source: Burke’s
6) (Westport, co. Dorset; granted 11 April, 1614). Ar. a fesse lozengy or and az. in chief three mascles of the third, within a bordure of the same bezantee. Source: Burke’s
7) (Westham, co. Essex). Ar. on a cross sa. a leopard’s face or. Crest—A Saracen’s head in profile ppr. wreathed about the temples ar. and sa. habited over the shoulders of the first in stripes paleways, thereon torteaux. Source: Burke’s
8) (Leicestershire). Ar. on a bend betw. six crosses crosslet gu. three lozenges of the field. Source: Burke’s
9) (Crendon, co. Lincoln, granted 1631). Ar. a fesse chequy or and sa. in chief three crosses flory of the last. Crest—On a mural crown chequy or and sa. a round buckle of the first, the tongue erect in pale. Source: Burke’s
10) (Beauport, Sussex). Per fesse ar. and erm. a fesse az. fretty or, a bordure of the third bezantee, on a canton gu. a bend of the first, charged with a baton of Knight Marshal ppr. Crest—A camel’s head ppr. bezantee erased gu. Source: Burke’s

Thorpe Hall
Thorpe Hall

11) Chequy ar. and gu. on a chief or, three crosses botonee az. Crest—A lion ramp. gu. holding in the dexter paw an annulet enclosing a fleur-de-lis ar. Source: Burke’s
12) (Ballymore, co. Westmeath, 1736, afterwards of Dublin). Ar. a fesse lozengy or and gu. in chief three mascles of the last, all within a bordure of the same bezantee. Crest—A camel’s head couped gu. bezantee. Source: Burke’s
13) (Parkanaur, co. Tyrone, and Thorpe Hall and East; Ham, co. Essex, confirmed to John Ynyr Burges. Esq., J.P. and D.L., High Sheriff co. Tyrone, 1829, son and heir of John Henry Burges, Esq., of Wood Park, co. Armagh, by Marianne, his wife, dau. and co-heir of Sir Richard Johnston, Bart). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, or, a fesse chequy ar. and az., in chief two cross crosslets gu. and in base a covered cup of the last, for Burges; 2nd, paly of eight or and gu. all within a bordure of the first pellettee, for Lloyd; 3rd, ar. a saltire sa., on a chief gu. three cushions or, for Johnston. Crests—A dove rising ar. beaked and membered gu. in its beak a palm branch ppr., for Burges; A lion ramp. gu. langued az., in the dexter paw an annulet enclosing a fleur-de-lis ar., for Lloyd. Motto—Tace aut face. Source: Burke’s
14) Vert a fesse or, fretty gu. betw. three doves ar. membered of the third. Source: Burke’s
15) Ar. on a bend sa. three plates. Source: Burke’s
16) Lozengy gu. and vair. Source: Burke’s
17) Quarterly or and az. a bend gu. Source: Burke’s
18) Per pale: A fess checky in chief three crosses crosslet fitchy; impaling On a fess three escallops. Source: The Heraldic Journal; Recording the Armorial Bearings and Genealogies of American Families, 4 volumes, W.H. Whitmore, ed., Boston, 1865-1868
19) A fess checky argent and gules in chief three crosses crosslet fitchy. Source: The Heraldic Journal; Recording the Armorial Bearings and Genealogies of American Families, 4 volumes, W.H. Whitmore, ed., Boston, 1865-1868
20) Thomas BURGESS, Bp. of S.David’s, 1803; of Salisbury, 1825-37. – Or, on a fesse gules, five fusils argent; in chief three mascles azure, in base a fret of the second; all within a bordure of the fourth, entoyre of bezants Source: Parker’s

Bishop Thomas Burgess
Bishop Thomas Burgess

21) Burges du Solier – Bresse, Bugey – De sable à la croix ancrée d’or Source: Rietstaps
22) de Burges – Flanders – Adrien Nicolas de Burges, Con. Et. Procur du Roy – See https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k1105894/f156.image Source: ARMORIAL DE FRANCE EN 1696 PAR D’HOZIER
23) Provence – N. (???) de Burges, Enseigne du Por(?) de Toulon – See https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k111476m/f640.image Source: ARMORIAL DE FRANCE EN 1696 PAR D’HOZIER
24) Beurgas ou Burges – Lorraine – (An., 1464) – D’azur au chevron d’or acc en chef de deux coquilles d’argent et en pointe d’un cygne du même Cimier le cygne de l’écu Source: Rietstaps
25) Beurges (de) ou de Burges – Lorraine – Originaire d’Anjou – D’azur au chevron d’or acc en chef de deux coquilles d’argent et en pointe d’un cygne du mesme tenant en son bec une couleuvre au naturel Couronne de comte ou casque Cimier le cygne de l’écu Supports deux aigles Source: Rietstaps
26) Espagne – D’or à une aigle mornée de sable Source: Rietstaps
27) Bourboun – Eleonore de Burgues Seine de N (???) du Buisson des Aix. See – https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k111462r/f122.image Source: ARMORIAL DE FRANCE EN 1696 PAR D’HOZIER
28) de Burgues – Provence – Gabriel de Burgues, bourg’ de Toulon – See https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k1114770/f6.image Source: ARMORIAL DE FRANCE EN 1696 PAR D’HOZIER
29) Provence – Honore de Burgues, Cade(?) -Jaque de Burgues – Pierre de Burgues, Lieutenant de du (Royal?) Commandt une. Compagnie Franche de la Mariue(?) auporz de Toulon – See https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/bpt6k1114770/f27.image Source: ARMORIAL DE FRANCE EN 1696 PAR D’HOZIER
30) Edouard-Thomas de BURGUES MISSIESSY (1756-1837), vice-amiral, comte de l’Empire par lettres patentes du 23 février 1811. Règlement d’armoiries – Ecartelé : au 1er, des comtes militaires ; aux 2e et 3e, de gueules à la tour d’or, ouverte du champ, ajourée de sable ; au 4e, d’azur à l’ancre d’argent. Source: Armorial Noblesse Empire.

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