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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Douglas-Compton (Marquess of Northampton). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, sa. a lion pass. guard. or. betw. three esquires’ helmets ar., for Compton; 2nd and 3rd, quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar. a man’s heart gu. ensigned with an imperial crown ppr. and on a chief az. three stars of the first; 2nd and 3rd, ar. three piles issuing from a chief gu. on the last two stars of the first, all within a bordure az. charged with eight buckles or, for Douglas. Crests—1st, Compton: On a mount a beacon fired ppr. behind it a riband inscribed with the words Nisi Dominus; 2nd, Douglas: A sanglier sticking betwixt two clefts of an oak tree with a chain and lock holding them all ppr., and in an escroll above, this motto, “Lock sicker.” Supporters—Dexter, a dragon erm. ducally gorged and chained or; sinister, an unicorn ar. horned, maned, hoofed, and tufted sa. Mottn—Je ne cerche qu’un.
2) (Earl and Baron of Wilmington. Sir Spencer Compton, 3rd son of James, 3rd Earl of Northampton, was created a Baron 1728, and an Earl 1730. d. unm. 1743). Sa. a lion pass. guard. or, betw. three esquires’ helmets ar. Crest—A buck at gaze ar. attired or. Supporters—Two bulls ar. armed and unguled ppr. Motto—Tout bien ou rien.
3) (Carham Hall, co. Northumberland). Sa. a lion pass. guard. or, betw. three helmets az. Crest—On a mount vert a beacon or, enflamed on the top ppr. on the beacon a label inscribed, Nisi Dominus. Motto—Je ne cherche qu’un.
4) (Cheshire). Ar. a, chev. vert.
5) (Compton Castle, co. Devon; the co-heiresses m. Gilbert and Chiderlegh). Sa. a chev. erm. betw. three shovellers ar.
6) (Hartbury, co. Gloucester, bart., extinct 1773). Ar. a fesse nebulee gu. on a chief of the last a helmet betw. two lions’ heads erased or. Crest—A beacon ppr. Motto—Nisi Dominus.
7) (Lyndhurst and Minstead, Hants). Sa. a lion guard, or, betw. three esquires’ helmets ppr. garnished gold. Crest—A demi dragon erased wings elevated, the body encircled with a ducal coronet.
8) (Piersden, Hants (Visit, of 1634), and Surrey). Erm. on a bend sa. three close helmets or. Crest—On a chapeau purp. turned up erm. a fleur-de-lis gu.
9) (Somersetshire). Ar. three mascles gu. on a chief sa. a helmet of the first betw. two birds’ heads erased or.
10) (confirmed to Henry Compton, Esq., of Court, co. Limerick, commander R.N., son of Francis Compton, Esq., of Friarstown, same co., and of Willsgove, co. Roscommon, by Mary his wife, dau. and eventual heir of Henry Widenham, Esq., of Court). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Compton, sa. an esquire’s helmet ppr. betw. three lions pass. guard., two and one or; 2nd and 3rd, Widenham, ar. two bendlets gu. on a chief az. a lion pass. of the first crowned or. Crests— 1st, Compton: A lion pass. ppr. charged on the shoulder with a rose ar.; 2nd, Widenham: A lion’s head erased ppr. Motto—Clementia in potentia; and over the Crests—Be firm.
11) (Sutton, co. Somerset). Sa. three close helmets or.
12) Ar. a fesse nebulee gu. on a chief of the last a helmet betw. two hawks’ heads erased or.
13) Or, on a bend sa. three mullets of the field.
14) Sa. a lion pass. guard. ar. betw. three helmets of the second. Crest—A beacon enflamed ppr. Motto—Dum spiro spero.
15) Sa. three close helmets ar.
16) Sa. a chev. betw. three doves ar.
17) Ar. a fesse nebulee gu. on a chief of the last three helmets of the first.
18) Sa. three cats pass. guard. ar. collared and belled or.
19) (Marquess of Northampton, page 219). The arms of William, 4th Marquess of Northampton, who s. his brother 1877, are, Sa. a lion pass. guardant or, betw. three esquires’ helmets ar. Crest—On a mount, a beacon, fired ppr. behind it a riband, inscribed with the words, Nisi Dominus. Supporters — Dexter, a dragon erm. ducally gorged and chained or; sinister, a unicorn ar. horned, maned, hoofed, and tufted, sa. Motto—Je ne aerche qu’un.
20) (Sutton Bingham, Wigbear, and Petherton, co. Someraet; Thomas Compton, of Sutton Bingham, and Henry Compton, of Wigbear, temp. James I., sons of James Compton, of Petherton, in 1565. Visit. Somerset, 1626). Sa. three helmets close ar. a border or, quartering 1st, Trivet: Ar. a trivet sa. a border of the last; 2nd, Storke: Ar. a stork sa. collared or, beaked and legged gu. a border erm.

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