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Craigie Origin:


Origins of Craigie:

Listed in many spellings including Craigie, Craighead, Craghead, Craighall, and perhaps Craighill, Craghill, and Cragell, this is a difficult surname of Scottish, and probably sometimes, English origins. It is clearly locational and means in the Gaelic “rocky place,” to which has added many Olde English suffixes like slope or hill, and confusingly hall. It was considered that the spelling as Craighall was considered as starting from the lands of Craigie, now Craighall in West Lothian. It is also similar that name ancestors in the spelling of Craighill, Craghill, and Cragell, may have a similar origin. However, there is a place called Craighill in Perthshire, although there is no proof that any name ancestors started from this hamlet. As Craigie, the name acquires from the above place, or from another estate known as the lands of Craigie in Ayrshire, with John de Cragyn noted as giving homage to the republican government of Scotland in 1296. As Craighead, the name perhaps acquires from Craighead in Lanarkshire, but the first record was from Aberdeen in 1613 when William Craigheid noted as being a baker.


More common variations are: Cragie, Craige, Crigie, Graigie, Craggie, Craigio, Caragie, Carigie, Criagie, Craigii.


The surname Craigie first appeared in Ayrshire, previously a division in the southwestern Strathclyde period of Scotland, that today makes up the Cabinet Areas of South, East, and North Ayrshire.


Many of the people with surname Craigie had moved to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States of America:

Individuals with the surname Craigie landed in the United States in two different centuries respectively in the 18th, and 20th. Some of the people with the name Craigie who arrived in the United States in the 18th century included James Craigie, who landed in Pennsylvania in 1729. James Craigie who arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1729. Margaret Craigie settled in Savannah Georgia in 1774.

The following century saw more Craigie surnames arrive. Some of the people with the surname Craigie who arrived in the United States in the 20th century included David Craigie, who landed in America from Collingworth, in 1903. Fanny Craigie, who landed in America from Manchester, in 1906. Geo. Craigie, who moved to the United States from Glasgow, in 1906. Alexander E. Craigie, aged 23, who settled in America from Montrose, Scotland, in 1909. Edith Craigie, who moved to America from Liverpool, England, in 1911.


People with the surname Craigie settled in Canada in 20th Some of the people with the surname Craigie who came to Canada in the 20th century included Alexander Craigie, who moved to Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1916.


Some of the individuals with the surname Craigie who landed in Australia in the 19th century included Helen Craigie arrived in Adelaide, Australia aboard the ship “Rajasthan” in 1838. Thomas Craigie arrived in South Australia in 1852 aboard the ship “Adelaide.” John Craigie arrived in South Australia in 1854 aboard the ship “William Hammond.”

Here is the population distribution of the last name Craigie: England 839; Australia 758; United States 620; Scotland 486; Canada 339; South Africa 292; New Zealand 258; Ireland 82; Spain 9; Zimbabwe 5.

Notable People:

Claude Craigie was a Scottish football player.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Kilgraston, co. Perth). Motto—Honeste vivo. Per pale az. and sa. a chev. ar. betw. three crescents or.
2) (Dumbarnie, co. Perth). Motto—Honeste vivo. (The heiress Anne, dan. of John Craigie, of Dumbarnie, Esq., one of the Lords Justiciary in Scotland, by Susan his wife, eldest dau. of Sir John Inglis, Bart., to. Charles Halkett, Esq., of Hall Hill, co. Fife). Per pale az. and sa. a chev. engr. ar. betw. three crescents or.
3) (Glendoick, and later family of Dumbarnie). Motto—Honeste vivo. Per pale sa. and az. on a chev. erm. betw. three crescents or, a cross moline of the first. Crest—A cornucopia ppr.

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