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Craik Origin:


Origins of Craik:

It is of English geographical origin from a place in Norfolk named as Creake, noted differently as Creic, Creich, and Suthcreich in the Domesday Book of 1086. The latter relates to South Creak as different from North Creak. The name acquires from the Olde Welsh “Creic” which means rock. It is also possible that the name acquires from Crayke in the North Riding of Yorkshire, also noted as Creic in the Domesday Book, and thought to have same origins. The surname from this source was first listed in the second half of the 13th Century. The name Creak was especially well listed in Norfolk Parish Records from the late 16th Century onwards. In December 1580 one, Margaret Creak named in St. Mary’s, South Walsham and in January 1584, Thomas Creak and Margary Leath married in West Rudham.


More common variations are: Craik, Craick, Craika, Crak, Crik, Chraika, Crawick, Crawiek, Craiq, Crick.


The surname Craik first appeared in Yorkshire where they held a family seat from old times. Craik is also a hamlet in Craik Forest, by the Airhouse Burn in the Scottish Borders.

The very first recording spelling of the family was shown to be that of Ralph Crake, dated about 1273, in the “Hundred Rolls of Yorkshire.” It was during the time of King Edward 1st, who was known to be the “The Hammer of the Scots,” dated 1272-1307. The origin of surnames during this period became a necessity with the introduction of personal taxation. It came to be known as Poll Tax in England. Surnames all over the country began to develop, with unique and shocking spelling variations of the original one.


Many of the people with surname Craik had moved to Ireland during the 17th century.

United States of America:

Individuals with the surname Craik landed in the United States in two different centuries respectively in the 18th, and 20th. Some of the people with the name Craik who arrived in the United States in the 18th century included James Craik, who landed in America in 1750

The following century saw much more Craik surnames arrive. Some of the people with the surname Craik who arrived in the United States in the 20th century included


Some of the individuals with the surname Craik who landed in Australia in the 19th century included Harriette Woodbridge Craik at the age of 30, who landed in America from London, in 1905. Mabel Craik at the age of 19, who landed in America from Edinburg, Scotland, in 1906. Harriette Craik at the age of 33, who shifted to America from London, England, in 1908. I. B. Craik, who moved to the United States, in 1911. Douglas E. Craik at the age of 15, who landed in the United States from London, England, in 1912.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Craik: England 667; Canada 567; Scotland 387; United States 383; Australia 271; El Salvador 258; South Africa 201; New Zealand 102; France 49; Wales 3.

Notable People:

Dinah Maria Craik (born Dinah Maria Mulock, also often recognized as Miss Mulock or Mrs. Craik) (April 1826–October 1887) was an English novel writer and poet.

Donald Craik (August 1931 – September 1985) was a leader in Manitoba, Canada. He was a Progressive Conservative representative of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba from 1966 to 1981 and gave services as a cabinet minister in the governments of Walter Weir and Sterling Lyon. He was born in Baldur, Manitoba, Craik trained at the University of Manitoba and the University of Minnesota, earning his Master of Science and Master of Education degrees.

Henry Craik (evangelist) (1805–1866), was a Scottish Hebraist and scholar.

Sir Henry Craik, 1st Baronet (1846–1927), was a Scottish representative of Parliament.

James Craik (1730–1814), was a Physician General of the United States Army.

John Craik-Henderson (1890–1971), was a British leader.

Kenneth Craik (1914–1945), was an English scholar and analyst.

Stephen Craik (born 1964), was a British DJ, artist, actor and rapper.

William Craik (1761–1814), was a United States Representative from Maryland.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Fraserburgh, 1672). Motto—Providence. Per fess az. and sa. a ship under sail or, masts, sails, and tacklings ppr. Crest—An anchor ppr.
2) (Colston-Pytte, co. York). (Ganton, Ryton, and Heslarton, co. York). Per fesse ar. and sa. a pale counterchanged, and three crosses of the second.
3) Ar. a fesse betw. three jays sa. Crest—An eagle’s leg erased at the thigh ppr.
4) (Scotland). Per fess ar. and vert, in chief three roses gu. in base a ship’s sails furled or.

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