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Cramer Origin:

Germany, England, France, Scotland, Ireland

Origins of Cramer:

The surname of Cramer can be traced to Pre 7th Century England, deriving from the word “cram” which can be translated to mean “cream.” This surname of Cramer is said to be that of an occupational surname. This means that the original bearer of the surname of Cramer most likely was the maker or seller of dairy products, or was the keeper of a medieval trading post or shop keeper, meaning that he actually carried out this job. Occupational surnames were not originally hereditary surnames. They only became hereditary if the son followed in his father’s footsteps for a career; then the surname became hereditary and was used by the children and spouse of the son. Many of the early bearers of the surname of Cramer were said to roam through the town buying goods from people who grew them, and then reselling them at market.


More common variations are: Creamer, Crammer, Craymer, Craemer, Crameri, Crawmer, Craumer, Kramer, Kremer, Gramer, Graemer, Grammer


The first recorded spelling of the surname of Cramer can be found in the country of Germany. One person, who was recorded to bear the name of Walther der Kramer, was mentioned in the ancient rolls and charters of the area which was named as Eblingen, Germany. This recorded spelling was said to be in the year of 1272, under the reign of one Emperor Rudolf I of the German Empire. Emperor Rudolf I reigned from the year of 1272 to the year 1291. Other mentions of the surname of Cramer can be found within the country of Germany. One Berhtolt Grammer was mentioned in the charters of Rottweil, Germany in the year of 1282, whole one Gerhard Kremer was named as the cartographer who was to have invented the “Mercator Projection” which is what all maps were based upon. The surname of Cramer and all of the various spellings of this surname can be found in large concentrations throughout the country of Germany.


In the country of England, the first people to bear the surname of Cramer were found in the year of 1637. One person by the name of John Cramer was married to one Elizabeth Spillre on October 12th in the church of St. Mary Somerset, which is located in London, England. This marriage was performed under the reign of one King Charles I of England, who was beheaded shortly after this marriage was performed. In England, the emergence of the poll tax required surnames to be used in order to identify one person from another, which caused for an elevated number of people who bore the surname of Cramer to be found in the country of England.


In Scotland, those who bear the surname of Cramer can be found in the Old Statistical Account of the parish of Kirkden, which is located in the county of Angus, which was published in 1792, and were described as people who wandered the towns buying hens, eggs, butter and more to supply the Dundee Market. Those who bear the surname of Cramer within the country of Scotland can be found in large concentrations in the area known as Angus county.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Cramer: United States 35,146; Germany 12,306; Netherlands 2,490; South Africa 2,301; Sri Lanka 1,500; Denmark 1,121; Australia 1,073; England 1,070; Brazil 1,049; Canada 1,046

Notable People:

Grant Cramer who was born in the year 1961 who is a producer and actor from America

Douglas Schoolfield Cramer who was born in the year 1931 and who is a television producer from America who is most well-known for being the producer on The Brady Bunch, Mission: Impossible, and Dynasty

Roger “Doc” Maxwell Cramer (1905-1990) who was a baseball player from America who played for Major League Baseball as a left handed batter and center fielder and who was active from the year 1928 to the year 1948

Casey Ross Cramer who was born in the year 1982 and who was a football player from America who played the position of fullback

Floyd Cramer (1933-1997) who was a pianist from America who was well recognized for his “slip note” style of piano playing he was subsequently inducted into both the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as well as the Country Music Hall of Fame

Richard Ben Cramer (1950-2013) who was a writer and a journalist from America who was awarded a Pulitzer prize in the year 1979

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Motto—Non dormit qui custodet. Or, on a chief indented az. three fleurs-de-lis of the field, a canton erm. Crest—On a mount a cock with wings expanded ppr.
2) (Ireland). Per fesse dancettee az. and or, in chief two fleurs-de-lis of the last, a canton erm. Crest—A fleur-de-lis or, betw. two wings conjoined and erect sa.

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