Daniels Coat of Arms

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daniels coat of arms
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Which coat of arms or "family crest" is mine?

Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Daniell - or Danyell, or De Anyers (Over Tabley, Daresbury, &c., co. Chester, of Norman origin). Ar. a pale fusily sa. Crest—A unicorn's head couped ar. attired gold. Motto—Nec timeo nec sperno.
2) Daniel - (W. T. S. Daniel, Q.C., Judge of County Courts). Paly of six sa. and erm. a lion ramp. ar. Crest—A dexter naked arm erect, enfiled with a ducal coronet and holding a short sword. Motto—Sub lege libertas.
3) Daniel - (quartered by Amhurst, of Didlington Hall, co. Norfolk). Per saltire ar. and or, in fess two lions ramp. gu. in chief and in base a dexter arm couped at the elbow habited of the third cuffed az., the hand ppr. holding a cross crosslet fitchee also of the third.
4) Daniel - (Auburn, co. Westmeath). Arms same as last. Crest—In front of a trefoil, slipped, vert, a dexter arm fessways, couped, vested gu. cuffed az. the hand ppr. holding a cross crosslet fitchee erect also gu. Motto—Toujours pret.
5) Daniel - or Danyell (Bescoak, co. York, 1676). (Clifton and Rostherne, co. Chester). (Little Berkhampsted, co. Herts). (Aldridge Lodge, co. Stafford). (co. Wilts). (Scotland). Ar. a pale fusily sa. Crest—A unicorn's head couped ar. attired or.
6) Daniell - (Chester, Suffolk, and Wells). Same Arms. Crest—A tiger pass. reguard. ar.
7) Daniell - (Theydon Grove, near Epping, co. Essex; James le Geyt Daniell, Esq.). Same Arms, quartering ar. a wolf statant reguard. sa. Crest—A wolf, as in the arms.
8) Daniell - (Wigan, co. Lancaster, 1664, descended from Daniell, of Over Tabley, co. Chester). Same Arms. Crest—A unicorn’s head erased ar. armed or.
9) Daniell - (co. Suffolk). Same Arms, a border sa.
10) Daniell - (co. Chester). Ar. two lozenges in pale sa.
11) Daniell - (Cheshire). Sa. two flaunches ar.
12) Daniell - (Cheshire). Ar. two flaunches indented sa.
13) Daniell - (Truro, co. Cornwall). Per fesse erm. and sa. in chief two mascles of the last, in base, a panther pass, of the first. Crest—On two oak branches vert, fructed or, meeting saltireways in base, a pelican erm. vulning herself ppr.
14) Daniell - (Trelissick, co. Cornwall). Per fesse erm. and sa. in chief two lozenges of the last, in base a talbot pass. or. Crest—A pelican encircled with two branches of laurel, all ppr.
15) Daniell - (co. Durham). Gu. a bend and bordure engr. or.
16) Daniell - (co. Gloucester). Paly of six sa. and erm. a lion ramp. ar.
17) Daniell - Same Arms. Crest—A cubit arm erect, holding in the hand ppr. a sword, encircling the arm a ducal coronet or.
18) Daniell - (Beswick, co. York). Gu. on a cross or, five eagles displ. sa.
19) Daniell - Gu. a cross betw. four eagles displ. ar. armed az.
20) Daniell - (co. York). Or, (another ar.) a pale wavy sa. betw. eight cinquefoils gu.
21) Daniell - (co. York). Ar. a pale engr. sa.
22) Daniell - (temp. Edward II). Ar. a bend gu.
23) Daniell - Ar. a tiger pass. sa.
24) Daniell - (Tideswell, co. Derby: a co-heiress m. Meverell). Az. a, bend betw. six escallops or.
25) Daniell - Gu. a lion ramp. within an orle of eight fleurs-de-lis ar.
26) Daniell - (quartered by Sir John Pulteney, Lord Mayor of London, d. 1349, son of Adam Neale, alias de Pulteney, of Weston, co. Sussex. Visit. Leicester, 1619). Quarterly, gu. and or, in the first quarter a lion pass. ar.
27) Daniell - Az. on a bend or, three martlets sa.
28) Daniell - Gu. a bend and bordure engr. and in chief a martlet or, for diff.
29) Daniell - (Fun. Ent. of William Daniell or O’Donnell, Archbishop of Tuam, d. 11 July, 1628). Sa. two lions ramp. combatant, supporting a dexter hand couped at the wrist all ar., betw. three estoiles or.
30) Daniell - (confirmed to Robert Daniell, Esq. of NewForest, co. Westmeath). Ar. a pale fusily sa. in the dexter chief point a crescent gu. Crest—A unicorn's head erased ar. armed and crined or, charged with a crescent gu. Motto—Pro fide et patria.
31) Daniell - (Daresbury, co. Chester). Ar. a pale fusillee sa. Crest—A unicorn's head couped ar.
32) Daniels - (St. Austins, near Lymington, co. Hants). Per fesse erm. and sa. in chief two mascles of the second, in base an heraldic tiger ar. Crest—A pelican vulning herself ar. betw. two branches of oak ppr.
33) Danyell - Ar. on a bend sa. three escallops of the first.
34) Danyell - or Daniell - Per fesse az. and erm. a fesse counterchanged in chief three lions ramp. or.

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Daniels Coat of Arms Meaning

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