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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) Deaton - (co. Devon). Erm. a fesse gu. Source: Burke's.
2) Deighton - Ar. a lion pass betw. three crosses pattee gu. Crest—A fountain throwing up water ppr. Source: Burke's.
3) Dayton - (Bedfordshire). Or, on a fesse betw. three annulets gu. as many standing cups of the field. Source: Burke's.
4) Dyghton - Or, a pile sa. Source: Burke's.
5) Dighton - (co. Hertford). Erm. a lion pass. betw. three crosses formee fitchee gu. Crest—A lion’s gamb erased or, holding a cross formee fitchee gu. Source: Burke's.
6) Dighton - (Hostow, co. Lincoln, London, and Worcester). Ar. a lion pass. betw. three crosses formee fitchee gu. Crest—On a ducal coronet or, a hawk close ar. beaked and legged gu. belled of the first. Source: Burke's, also NEHGS, EAA.
7) Dighton - (Sturton, co. Lincoln). Per pale ar. and gu. an antelope pass, counterchanged. Source: Burke's.
8) Dighton - Per pale gu. and ar. an antelope counterchanged, on a chief, per pale or and az. two crosses crosslet fitchee, counterchanged. Crest—A squirrel sejant per pale ar. and gu. collared or, cracking a nut gold. Source: Burke's.
9) Ditton - Ar. a bend sa. Source: Burke's.
10) Ditton - Ar. on a bend sa. three martlets of the field. Crest—A demi griffin segreant ar. Source: Burke's.
11) Auton - Normandie - Jean Auton, Cure de Batilly - Source: d'Hozier.
12) Autin - Poitier - Charles Autin, M. Chirugien - Source: d'Hozier.

Origin, Meaning, Family History and Deaton Coat of Arms and Family Crest

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Deaton Coat of Arms Meaning

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