Grantham Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Goltho, co. Lincoln; John Grantham, Lord Mayor of London, 1328). Erm. a griffin segreant gu. Crest—A demi griffin ramp. gu. Motto—Honore et amore.
2) (Dunham, co. Lincoln). Erm. a griffin segreant coward gu. beaked and legged az. Crest—A Moor’s head couped at the shoulders ppr. crined or.
3) (Sunbury, co. Middlesex; granted 27 July, 1711). Per pale erm. and ar. on the first a griffin ramp. gu. beaked and membered az. on the second upon a mount three pine trees all ppr. over all a chief of the fourth charged with as many crescents or. Crest—A mercurial cap placed above a scymitar, the edge downwards, and a caduceus saltireways, thereon a Turk’s head full faced erased at the shoulders, ensigned with a turban all ppr.
4) Sa. a fesse erm. in chief two covered cups ar.
5) (Scotland). Gu. a target betw. three antique crowns or. Crest—A man’s hand erect couped below the wrist, holding a dagger all ppr.
6) (Barcombe Place, in the parish of Barcombe, co. Sussex). Erm. a gryphon segreant gu. holding betw. the claws an escocheon or, charged with a cross crosslet sa. in chief two cross crosslets of the second. Crest—A demi gryphon gu. charged on the body with two cross crosslets palewise or, betw. the claws an escocheon also or, charged with a cross crosslet sa. Motto—Forward.

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