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Meaning, Origin, Etymology

may pole
peasants dances around a maypole

The surname Green is one of the most common and widespread of English surnames, it was used as a nickname for someone who was fond of dressing the color green (Old English grene) or who had played the part of the ‘Green Man’ in the May Day celebrations, or a topographic name for someone who lived near a village green. In North America this name has no doubt come from other European languages, notably German Grun (see Gruen), Jewish (American), Americanized form of German Grun or Yiddish Grin, Ashkenazic ornamental names meaning ‘green’ or a short form of any of the numerous compounds with this element. Irish translation of various Gaelic surnames derived from glas ‘gray’, ‘green’ ‘blue’. Since very early times the word green has meant, young, fresh, immature or callow. Often a villager would be called ‘green’ because of something that they had done during their youth, the nickname would stick and in time it became the family name.

Spelling Variations
Greene, Green, Grene, Grean

Early Marriage Records for Green

Whittington Hall
Whittington Hall

Ellen Green married Thomas Fox May 24, 1650 in Cambridge, Massachusetts
William Green married Elizabeth Wheeler July 13, 1659 in Malden, Massachusetts
James Green married Elizabeth Anthony August 3, 1665 in Warwick, Rhode Island
John Green married Dorothy Benjamin August 24, 1673 in Richmond Co., Virginia
Dorcas Green married John Eaton November 26, 1674 in Reading, Massachusetts
Philitia Green married Abraham Hooper March 3, 1687 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sarah Green married Nathaniel Keene November 2, 1688 in York Co., Maine
Benjamin Green married Susannah Holden January 25, 1689 in Warwick, Rhode Island
Elizabeth Green married John Lynde August 25, 1691 in Maiden, Massachusetts
Priscilla Green marrried Samuel Grice July 14, 1691 in Boston, Massachusetts
John Green married Bethlah Messenger January 17, 1692 in Boston, Massachusetts
Richard Green married Hannah Sherrar June 1, 1692 in Boston, Massachusetts
Hannah Green married Nathaniel Henchman January 11, 1693 in Boston, Massachusetts
Lydia Green married Thomas Hatherly August 1, 1693 in Boston, Massachusetts
Anna Green married Nataniel Hinchman 1694 in Worcester, Massachusetts
Esther Green married Samuel Moody April 4, 1695 in Boston, Massachusetts
Elizabeth Green married Peter King October 29, 1697 in New York
Jabez Green married Mary Barton March 17, 1697 in Warwick, Rhode Island
Nicholas Green married Rebecca Clay March 22, 1697 in Boston, Massachusetts
John Green married Mary Green February 23, 1698 in Malden, Massachusetts
Joseph Green married Mary Beck July 30, 1698 in Boston, Massachusetts
Rebecca Green married Thomas Hayne January 9, 1699 in Boston, Massachusetts
Tobias Green married Mary Gent November 17, 1699 in Boston, Massachusetts

Popularity & Geographic Distribution
The last name Green ranks 622nd in popularity worldwide as of the 2014 Census and approximately 868,440 people carry the Green surname worldwide. The name ranks particularly high in the following six states: Texas, California, Florida, New York, Georgia, and Maryland. It ranks highest in the following countries: United States (531,821), England (143,400), Australia (39,545), Canada (32,261), South Africa (23,965) and Nigeria (17,359).

Early Bearers of Surname

Sir Frank W. Green, 1st Baronet of Belsize Park
Sir Frank W. Green, 1st Baronet of Belsize Park (1835–1902)

Sir Thomas de Green (c.1461-1506), Lord of Greens Norton, received Boughton, Greens Norton, and large monetary grants through his inheritance upon the death of his father in 1462; Dr. John Green, the Bishop of Lincoln
Geoffrey de Grene, who appears in the 1188 Pipe Rolls for Kent.
Deonisia ate Grene, 1273. Hundred Rolls.
Warin de la Grene, ibid.
Robert de la Grene, Close Rolls, 3 Edward I.
Petnis del Grene, 1379: Poll Tax of Yorkshire.
Adam del Grene, 1379: ibid.
Willelmus del Grene, 1379: ibid.
Roger del (‘of the’) Grene in Roxburghshire rendered homage in 1296 (Bain, II, p. 206)
Master John Grene, chancellor of Moray, 1463 (OPS., II, p. 838)
Richard de la Grene of the county of Norfolk in the year 1200
William Grene in the Hundred Rolls of Yorkshire in 1230; Robert Othegreen, and Henry on the Green, both of Worcestershire, in 1274

History, Genealogy & Ancestry
Green, Charles, Esq. of Dunsby, Co. Lincoln, b. 1810; m. 1838 Mary, dau. and eventual co-heiress of Henry Everard, Esq. of Croyland and Spalding, Co. Lincoln (vide Everard of Fulney House) and has issue, 1) Rev. John Henry, M.A., of Elbworth, co. Leicester, b. 1839; m. 1868, Catherine Elizabeth, dau. of Rev. James R. Peake, M.A., of Whitechurch, Salop, and has issue a dau. 2) Charles Martin, of Richmond Surrey, b. 1841; m. 1870, Emily Frances, eldest dau. of Thomas Charlton, of West Bank House, Wrotham. Kent by Frances Maria, eldest dau. of Demetrius Grevis James, of Ightham Court, Kent, Esq., High Sheriff 1833 (vide Grevis, James) and has issue a dau. 3) Everard b. 1844.
LINEAGE~ This family was certainly settled at Dunsbye, near Bourn, Co. Lincoln, in the reign of Henry VIII, as appears by the parish registers, as also by the wills which are now at Lincoln, the earliest of which is that of Richard Grene, Esq. of Dunesby, dated 15 Dec. 1542. The first however of hte family who appears to be of much importance is John Greene of Dunsby, Gent., living in the reign of Charles I who by his wife Mary had issue, 1) John of whom hereafter. 2) Richard of Long Hedges, Dunsbye, Gent., m. 1686, Anne., dau. of Richard Quincey, Esq. of Rippingale, co. Lincoln, and d. 1702, leaving issue besides others a) Richard (Rev), M.A. of Magdalene College, Cambridge, Rector of Little Custerton, Rutland; m. 1723, Judith, dau. of Rev. Humphrey Hyde, Rector of Dowsby, Co. Lincoln, grandson of Sir John Trollope of Casewick, Co. Lincoln. b) John of Bourn b. 1695. John Greene, Esq. of Dunsbye, eldest son, s. his father. He was b. 1650 and m. 1681, Mary eldest dau. of John Toller, Esq. of Billingborough Hall, by Mary his wife, foundress of Billingborough School (1671); d. 1693, buried within the altar rails of Dunsby church. Under his name the Rector of that time has written in the parish register the following line from Horace: “Multis itle bonis biebilis occidit nuill flebilior quam mihi.” John Green, his son; b. 1683, succeeded him, and m. 1706, Mary, only dau. of Martin Johnston, Esq. of Spalding, Barrister-at-Law, by Mary his wife, dau. of John Lynne, Esq. of Southwick Hall, Co. Northampton, whose great grandfather, George Lynne, m. Martha, grand dau. of Sir George Threkmorton, Knt., whose wife, Katharine, dau. of Nicholas, Lord Vaux of Harrowden, the poet, was aunt to Queen Katharine Parr. He d. 1709, and was buried in Spalding Church, and was s. by his only child, John Green, Esq. (18th in descent from Edward III. through his mother), of Spalding. F.R.S., “an eminent physician,” m. Jane, eldest dau. of Maurice Johnson, “the Antiquary” of Ayscough-Fee, Spalding, by Elizabeth his wife, dau. and heiress of William Ambler, Esq. of Kirton-in-Holland, by Mary his wife, dau. of Sir Anthony Oldfield, Bart., and Elizabeth his wife, dau. of Sir Edward Gresham, Knt. (vide Johnson of Ayscough-Fee Halt). Dr. Green d. 1756, and was s. by his only surviving child, Charles Green, Esq. of Spalding, b. 1738 m. Elizabeth, dau. of John Dinham, of Spalding, M.D., and d. 1824, leaving with other issue, Charles Martin Dinham Green, Esq. of the Manor House, Spalding, Capt.-Commandant of the Volunteers of his day, b. 1763; m. 1799, Mary, dau. and sole heiress of Robert Holditch, Esq. D.L. of Spalding, Co. Lincoln, by Elizabeth Peach, his wife, grand niece and co-heiress of Thomas Peach, Esq. of Dingley, Co. Northampton, and by her had issue, 1) Robert Holdich b. 1805; d. unm. 1835. 2) Charles his successor 3) Martin Johnson, B.D. (Rev), late Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford and Junior Proctor of that University, now Rector of Winterbourne-Abbas-cum-Steepleton, Dorset, b. 1813; m. 1848, Elizabeth Laura Catharine, dau. of Rev. Thomas Holdich, M.A., Rector of Maidwell, Co. Northampton vide Holdich-Hungerford), and has issue, a) Martin Holdich, B.A. Trin. Coll. Oxon, b. 1849; b) John Maydwell b. 1854 d. 1873 c) Charles Edward b. 1856 d. 1861 d) Laura-Georgiana e) Jane Elizabeth f) Edith Mary g) Anne Cecilia. 4) Elizabeth Peach m. Rev. R. Youldon, M.A. 5) Mary Anne, m. John Wright of Louth, J.P. 6) Harriet d. 1817 7) Georgina m. William Hungerford Holdich, Esq. 8) Emily d. 1808. Mr. Green d. 13 Sept. 1837, and was buried in Spalding Church when he was s. by his eldest son, the present owner.
Arms~ Az., three bucks trippant or. Crest~ Out of a ducal coronet a buck’s head, ppr. Motto~ Da gloriar

Sir Walter Raymond Greene, 2nd Baronet, of Nether Hall
Sir Walter Raymond Greene, 2nd Baronet, of Nether Hall (1869-1947)


Green-Emmott George-Emmott, Esq. of Emmott Hall, co. Lancaster, J.P., b. 1 March 1813; m. 10 March 1840, Louisa-Mary-Sheridan, dau. of the later John Macpherson, Esq. by Marianne Collete; his wife, 2nd dau. of John Addison, Esq. and has issue, 1) Charles-Richard-Emmott b. 16 Jan. 1847. 2) Marian-Caroline-Emmott m. 4 Oct. 1900 to John Cowper, Esq. 3) Georgina-Emmott d. 8 Sept. 1848 4) Louisa-Emmeline-Emmott d. 20 Oct. 1847 5) Gertrude-Emmott.
LINEAGE~ Of this family, established in England since the Conquest the first of whom any record exists is Robert De Emot, who held lands at Emmot for Edward II as appears by inquisition. His descendant the representative of the Emmotts, in the middle of the 17th century, was William Emmott, Esq. of Emmott, who d. in Aug. 1683. By Mary, his wife (who d. 1677) he left four sons and one daughter, viz. William of Emmott d. 13 May 1720, aged 51, s.p.; John, of Emmott, who d. 21 Oct 1746. aged 82 ; Thomas. d. in 1660 aged 29 ; Christopher, of London, merchant, d. unm 24 Feb 1745, aged 71 ; and Mary. m. to Mr. Wainhouse. This Lady, Mary Emmott, wife of Mr. Wainhouse, d. 10 Jan. 1722, aged 50, leaving a son, Richard Wainhouse, who assumed, as heir to his uncles, the name and arms of Emmott Hie death occurred 14 March. 1761, in the 60th year of his age. He left (with a dau., who m. Alexander Rosa, Esq ) a son, Richard Emmott, Esq. of Emmott, co. Lancaster, and Goldings, Herts, who entailed the former estate of his nieces. Of these ladies, tho eldest is Caroline, wife of Edward Parkins, Esq. of Chosfield Lodge, Herts ; and the 2nd was Harriet Susanna Ross, who m. 13 April, 1811, George Green, Esq. of Upper Harley Street, London, and had issue, George-Emmott, now of Emmott Hall Charles-Alexander, lieut home artillery, killed in the late war in India Edward Alfred, of the Bengal native infantry. Augustus- William, in holy orders. Walter Emmott. Harriet Susanna, m. to the 2nd son of John De’fer of Upper Harley Street Caroline -Fanny, in. Edward Fulcher, capt 87th foot Gertrude-Ellen-Emmott, m. to Saml. Brandram, Esq., barrister, and d. Sept 1859. Frederica-Emily, m. to Charles Barwell, col. Mrs. Green, the co-heiress of Emmott, d. 10 Aug. 1839, and Mr. Green d. 22 Oct 1849.


Thomas Greene
Thomas Greene 1794-1872, MP for Lancaster

Green, John, Esq. of Greenville, co. Kilkenny, M.P., b. in 1815, formerly lieut. 7th dragoon guards.
Lineage~ Godfrey Green, Gont., of Kilmanahan, co. Wexford, whose will is dated 19 May 1682, obtained a grant under the Act of Settlement in 1678 for use of his children, m. Frances dau. of Robert Cox, and by her (who d. before 1676) had issue, 1) John of whom presently 2) Godfrey of Moorestown, co. Tipperary, d. intestate administration 8 May 1680, m. the sister of Phanuel Cooks, of Ballygubben, co. Tipperary and had issue a) Godfrey of Moorestown b) Frances m. to _ Cooksey, Esq. c) Lydia 3) Mary 4) Frances. John Green, Esq. of Abbey, co. Limerick, whose will is dated 28 July 1745, m. Catherine dau of Capt. Anthony Horsey, of Kilcomer, and had issue, 1) Godfrey of whom presently 2) George of Abbey, co. Limerick, Esq., who will bears date 3 March 1759. The elder son, Godfrey Green, Esq. of Kilerony, co. Kilkenny, b. 1677; m. (marriage articles dated 6 Oct. 1710) Abigail, daughter of Chichester Phillips, Esq. and d. intestate (administration granted to his son John Green 9 May 1737) leaving issue, 1) John of whom presently 2) Godfrey of Dublin, who will is dated 10 May 1765 and proved 23 June 1768 3) William-Nassau 4) Robert 5) Abigail. The eldest son, John Green, Esq. of Greenbille, m. 1737 Frances dau. of Joseph Nicholson, Esq. and widow of – Reynett and by her had issue. 1) John his heir 2) Joseph 3) Thomas, in holy orders 4) Godfrey of Dublin whose will bears date 10 Nov. 1795 and proved 1 May 1798. 5) Catherine m. to Joseph Deane, Esq. 6) Lydia m. to John Hobson. The eldest son, John Green, Esq. of Greenville, whose will is dated 20 April 1803, and proved 23 Nov. 1803, m. 1st Mirauda, dau. of Samuel Boyce, Esq. and widow of Christopher Musgrave, Esq. and had issue, 1) John of whom presently 2) Godfrey m. Margaret dau. and co-heir of Rev. Mr. Poulter, Rector of Dunkett, co. Kilkenny, and had issue, a) Joseph b. 29 Oct. 1808 d. April 1837 b) John b. 1 June 1813; m. 27 Jan. 1848, Charlotte dau. of Samuel Perry, of Manchester and has issue two sons and one dau., John-Joseph b. Oct. 1848; Godfrey b. March 1852; and Charlotte-Letitia. c) Mirauda d) Eliza-Letitia e) Mary-Anne f) Letiita d. May 1858. 3) Margaret. He m. 2ndly Letitia dau. of Nuttal Green and widow of William Green of Kilmanahan and had issue. 1) Joseph of Lakefield m. Jane dau. of William Newport, Esq. and had issue a) John-Simon b) William-Newport c) Joseph d) George-Nuttall-Reginald e) Sarah m. John Waring f) Priscilla. The eldest son, John Green Esq. of Greenville m. Anne only child of John Grogan, Esq. of Johnstown by his wife Anne dau of Chidley Coots, Esq. and had with a dau. Anne-Coots wife of Powel Haughton of Kilmarnock, co. Wexford, Esq. the only son the present John Green of Greenville.


Nether Hall
Nether Hall
public domain

Green Thomas-Abbott, Esq. of Pavenham Bury Co. Bedford, J.P. high sheriff 1818 b. 30 April 1808; m. 27 May 1834, Mary the dau. of John Green Esq. of London and has issue 1) Francis-William 2) Henry-Hylton 3) Robert-Gambler 4) Fanny-Constantia 5) Annie-Margaret.
Lineage~ This family claims descent from the Greens of Greene Norton, co. Northampton. John Green, Esq. of Bedford, son of Jordan Green, Esq. of Bedford, m. Ann, dau. of John Abbott, Esq. of Olney, co. Bucks, and was father of Thomas-Abbott Green, Esq. of Marchment House who m. Elizabeth, dau. of __ Lampert, Esq. of Woburn, Beds and wa father of Henry Green, Esq. of Eyewood, Co. Hereford who in 1805 m. Anne dau. of William Hylton, Esq., descended from the Hyltone of Hylton Castle co. Durham and had 1) Thomas-Abbott now of Pavenham 2) Henry in holy orders, M.A. Vicar of Hambleton m. Margaret dau. of Robert Lindell, Esq. of Furfield, Bedfordshire 3) Francis-Edward, E.I. Co.’s service, Madras. 4) Anne-Eliza m. to William Stuart, Esq. of Prince Edwards Island 5) Rosalind m. to the Rev. John Foster, M.A. Rector of Ferearth, Essex.

Early American Immigration and New World Settlers
Green Settlers in United States in the 17th, 18th, 19th Century
Henry Green, who arrived in Maryland in 1634 [1]
Ellin Green, aged 32, who arrived in New England in 1635 [1]
Percivall Green, aged 32, who landed in America in 1635 [1]
Samuel Green, who arrived in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1635 [1]
Olivier Green, who landed in Virginia in 1640 [1]
Jane Green, who landed in Virginia in 1703 [1]
Phillis Green, who arrived in Virginia in 1705 [1]
Lawrence Green, who arrived in Virginia in 1714 [1]
Sarah Green, who landed in Virginia in 1717 [1]
Patrick Green, who landed in Rutland, Massachusetts in 1741 [1]
Joachim Green, who landed in Pennsylvania in 1801 [1]
Sally Green, who landed in New York, NY in 1811 [1]
Mary Green, who landed in Boston, Massachusetts in 1812 [1]
Mathew Green, aged 22, who landed in New York in 1812 [1]
James Chls Green, who landed in New York, NY in 1816 [1]

Green Settlers in Canada in the 18th, 19th Century

Gardiner Greene
Gardiner Greene Esq. of Boston (1753-1832)

Benjamin Green, who arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1749-1752
Ann Green, who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1750
Cuff Green, who landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1778
Mr. Charles Green U.E. who settled in Canada c. 1784 [2]
Mr. John Green U.E. who settled in Marysburgh [Prince Edward County], Ontario c. 1784
Henry Green, who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1810
Reginald Green, aged 31, who landed in Canada in 1815
Rose Green, aged 24, who landed in Canada in 1823
Abigail Green, aged 25, who arrived in Canada in 1823
Anne Green, aged 23, who landed in Canada in 1823

Green Settlers in Australia in the 19th Century
James Green, English convict from Middlesex, who was transported aboard the “Almorah” on April 1817, settling in New South Wales, Australia [3]
John Green, English convict from London, who was transported aboard the “Agamemnon” on April 22, 1820, settling in New South Wales, Australia [4]
John Green, English convict from Middlesex, who was transported aboard the “Agamemnon” on April 22, 1820, settling in New South Wales, Australia [4]
William Green, English convict from Lancaster, who was transported aboard the “Agamemnon” on April 22, 1820, settling in New South Wales, Australia [4]
Solomon Green, English convict from Dorset, who was transported aboard the “Albion” on May 17, 1823, settling in Van Diemen’s Land, Australia [5]

Green Settlers in New Zealand in the 19th Century
Henry Green, who landed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1840
Isaac Green, who landed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1840
James Green, who landed in Wellington, New Zealand in 1840
James Green, who landed in Auckland, New Zealand in 1840
Andrew Green, who landed in Wanganui, New Zealand in 1840

Ǣquam servare mentem. To preserve an equal mind.
Nec timeo, nec sperno. I neither fear nor despise.
Semper viridis. Always flourishing .
Virescit vulnere virtus. Her virtue flourishes by her wound.
Virtus semper viridis. Virtue is evor.


Jane Greene
Martha Jane Greene

GREEN, …. 1725 [? 1625], by Le Neve Burke’s Armory.
GREENE, Edward, of Welby, Norfolk, gift 10 Aug. 1562. (Harvey’s Grants), Add. MS. 16,940, fo. 61; Grants II., 562.
GREENE,, Edward, of Shenley, Herts, arms and crest 18 July 1571, by Cooke. Harl. ]ISS. 1359, fo. 24, and 1422, fo. 50” ; Add. MS. 14,295, fo. 51” ; Q’s Coll. Oxf. jIS. 146, fo. 467 (coat as Thomas below).
GREENE„ George, of Awkley, Yorks, 22 Oct. 1564, by Flower. Add. ]IS. 14,295, fo. 72” ; called Tho® by Guii., p. 367, and Harl. MS. 6140, fo. 69.
GREENE„ Sir Richard, Knt., clerk of the check to the Hon. band of gent, pensioners, by R. St. George, Clar., not blazoned or tricked. Add. ^IS. 14,295, fo. 58.
GREENE„ (or Greve), Thomas, of Rotherham, Yorks, by letters patent in French 8 March, 13 H. VIII., 152[l-2], by Wriothesley, Gart., and Wall, Norr. Stowe MS. 706, fo. 10 ; see Edward above ; Harl. MS. 1433, fo. 18”.
GRENE, Thomas, of Knapton, Norfolk, gift …. (Harvey’s Grants), Add. MS. 16,940, fo. 52.
GREENE, William, of Essex, gent., descended out of Yorks, confirmed 17 July 1494, 9 Hen. YII., by J. Richmond Clar. Stowe MS. 676, fo. 5 ; Misc. Gen. et Her., 2 S., vol. v., p. 360 (plate) ; Harl. MS. 1507, fo. 6” (copy of grant, Brit. Mus.) ; llarl. MS. 1422, fo. 113” ; Add. ^IS. 14,295, fo. 77 ; Stowe ]IS. 692, fo. 47” ; copy of grant, Q’s Coll. Oxf. MSS. 37, fo. 6, and 38, fo. 16, and 146, fo. 29.
GREENE„ Sir William, of Oxfordshire, confirmed Feb. 1605-6, by Camden, Clar. Harl. MS, 6095, fo. 20 ; Guil., p. 157, adds father of Sir Michael ; Harl. MS. 5887, fo. 22”.
GREENE„ William, of Mitcham, Surrey, fined for Alderm. and Sheriff of London. 6 Jan. 1663-4, by Bysshe, Clar. Harl. MS. 1470, fo. 66 ; (copy of grant, Brit. Mus.) Harl. MS. 1105, fo. 17 ; Bysshe’s Grants, fo. 4, Her. Coll. ; Surrey Arch. Soc., iii., 350 ; Guil., p. 386.
GREEN, Sir Benjamin, Knt., 2nd s. of Richard, of Abingdon, Berks., s. and h. of Richard, also of Abingdon, Berks., and sometime of JIarlborongh, Wilts., 16 Dec. 1709, Vol. V, fol. 395 ; Add. MS. 14,830, fol. 33.
GREEN, Sir Beryn, Knt., late Sheriff, now Alderman, Wanl of Qucenhithe, Loudon, second s. of Richard, s. of Richard, &c., 1709.
GREEN„ John, of Great King’s Hill, Bucks., and Oundle, co. Northampton, 13 Dec. 1768, Vol. XI, fol. 338. (Berry.)
GREEN„ John, s. of John, of Bentley, co. York, and Loudon. Escutcheon of pretence, for Fisher, 17 . . ., Vol. XIV, fol. 332.
GREEN„ Maj.-Gen. William (s. of Farbridge Green), of co. Durham, 17 . . ., Vol. XVI, fol. 145.
GREEN, late Kent, . . . ., of Ponlton Laucelyu, co. Chester, 179 . ., Vol. XVIII, fol. 164.
GREEN„ late Kent, . . . ., 182 . ., Vol. XXXVII, fol. 417.
GREEN,, late CoAVAX, Thomas, of London, 17 . . ., Vol. XX, fol. 327.
GREEN, Col , Governor of Grenada, of London, 180 . ., Vol. XXII, fol. 81.
GREEN„ . . . ., of Stanway, co. Essex, 180 . ., Vol. XXIH. fol. 262.
GREEN to WILKINSON, Joseph (minor), of Loudon. Quarterly Arms, 1805, Vol. XXIII, fol. 265.
GREEN„ to Armytage, Joseph, of co. York, 180 . ., Vol. XXIV, fol. 400.
GREEN, . . . ., pat. by Le Neve, 1725 {see Berry).
GREEN„ John (and Elizabeth Gray, only dan. of William [Green], and wife of John Gray), of London ; Ledstone, co. York ; and Linton Abbey, co. Nottingham. Gray Arms, 180 . ., Vol. XXV, fols. 284 and 285.
GREEN TO COTTON, -widow of Green, of Bellaport, Shropsh., and Dallnirv and Etnall Hall, co. Derby, 182 . ., Vol. XXXII, fol. 14.
GREEN, Edward Humphrys, of Hinton Hall, co. Camb., 182 . ., Vol. XXXVI, fol. 145.
GREEN„ Edward Henry, of Hinton Hall, co. Camb., 1885, Vol. LXIII, fol. 75.
GREENE-de Freville, Edward Henry, of Hinton Hall, co. Camb., 188 . ., Vol. LXIII, fol. 153.
GREEN, late Verral, Arauuah, of Ringmcr and Chiddiugley, co. Sussex, 183 . ., Vol. XLI, fol. 87.
GREEN, A., of Launceston, Tasmania. 1890,* Vol. LXV^ fol. 331.
GREEN„ Sir Edward, Bart., of Wakefield, co. York, 1886,* Vol. LXIII, fol. 190.
GREEN„ Everard, of Heralds’ Coll., London, 1894,* Vol. LXVIII, fol. 20. (Crisp, IV, p. 45.)
GREEN„ Alderraau Samuel, of Bickley, Bromley, co. Kent, 1897, Vol. LXX, fol. 48.
GREEN-EMMOTT, Walter Egertou John, of Emmott Hall, C’olue, co. Laue., 1897, Vol. LXIX, fol. 323.


Anne Catherine Hoof Green
Anne Catherine Hoof Green (1720-1775)

Charles Green (1793—1841) astonished the world by flying from Vauxhall Gardens, London, to Weilberg, Germany (480 miles), in just under 18 hours (1836). In all, he made 527 ascents, including one which exceeded 27,000 feet in height.
George Green (1793—1841) is widely regarded as the father of modern physics in Great Britain. He was the first to attempt to apply mathematical formulae to electricity and magnetism. ‘Green’s Theorem’ is named after his work.
Baron William Wyndham Grenville (1759—1834), as Prime Minister, abolished Britain’s overseas slave trade on his last day in office.
American Revolution: politician George Grenville (1712—70) initiated the tax acts which caused the colonies to revolt.
David Green (1886—1973) is better known by his pseudonym, David Ben-Gurion, Israeli statesman and first Premier of his country.
Edward W. Green committed the first bank robbery in American history, in 1863. He was caught within 24 hours.
Hetty Green (November 21, 1834 – July 3, 1916), nicknamed the “Witch of Wall Street”, was an American businesswoman and financier known as “the richest woman in America” during the Gilded Age. Known for both her wealth and her miserliness, she was the lone woman to amass a fortune as a financier when other major financiers were men

American Revolution Veterans
There were over 4,000 men that served in the American Revolution. Below you will find just a few of these men.
Andrew Green enlisted in South Carolina with the rank of Matross
Bradbury Green enlisted in New Hampshire with the rank of Fife
Caleb Green enlisted in New York with the rank of Corporal
Ezra Green enlisted in Connecticut with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant
John Green enlisted in Virginia with the rank of Captain
Obadiah Green enlisted in Connecticut with the rank of Private
Robert Green enlisted in Maryland with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant
Thomas Green enlisted in Massachusetts with the rank of Captain

Civil War Veterans
There were over 15,000 men that served in the Civil War. Below you will find just a few of these men.
Almond S. Green, 8th Regiment, Maine Infantry, Union, Maine
Berryman Green, 5th Consolidated Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, Confederate, Virginia
Charles W. Green, 35th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry, Union, Massachusetts
Davis Green, 44th Regiment, Tennessee Infantry, Confederate, Tennessee
Emanuel Green, 6th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
George Green, 19th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, Confederate, Mississippi
Hinton Green, 54th Regiment, United States Colored Infantry, Union, U.S. Colored Troops
James A. Green, Hanleiter’s Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Jo Thompson Artillery), Confederate, Georgia
Nicholas F. Green, 81st Regiment, New York Infantry, Union, New York
Reuben H. Green, 55th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, Confederate, North Carolina
Samuel G. Green, 47th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry (Militia), Union, Massachusetts
William Green, 16th Independent Battery, ohio Light Artillery, Union, Ohio

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

General Sir William Green, 1st Baronet, marass
General Sir William Green, 1st Baronet, of Marass (1725-1811)
1) (Marass, co. Kent, bart., extinct 1825). Per chev. vert and ar. in chief two castles of the second, in base another, surrounded by a fortification ppr. over all a chev. or, charged with three torteaux. Crest—Out of a mural crown gu. a horse’s head ar. maned or.
2) (Milnrow, co. York, bart., extinct 1831). Or, three leopards pass. ppr. on a chief sa. a demi griffin segreant betw. two cinquefoils erm. holding a key also ppr. Crest—A griffin’s head erased sa. langued gu. doubly collared or, betw. the collars a cinquefoil, as in the arms, holding in the beak a key or. Motto—Aequam servare mentem.
3) (Sampford, co. Essex, bart., extinct 1676). Per fess sa. and ar. a lion ramp. counterchanged.
4) (Leventhorp, co. York; granted as a quartering to Charles Chadwick, of Healey Hall). Ar. on a bend vert three fleurs-de-lis or.
5) (Araunah Green, Esq., of Chiddingly, co. Sussex, who, upon his marriage, changed his patronymic, Verral, for the name of Green). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, vert three stags trippant, two and one, betw. two crosses crosslet in chief and one in base or, for Green; 2nd and 3rd, gu. a fesse compony or and az. betw. three mullets, two in chief and one in base ar., for Verral. Crests—1st, Green: In front of a spear erect ppr. therefrom pendent a buglehorn sa. stringed gu. a stag statant or; 2nd, Verral: A mount vert, thereon an antelope erm. horned or, the dexter forefoot resting on a hurt charged with a cross crosslet gu.

Poulton Hall
Poulton Hall

6) (Poulton Hall, co. Chester). Az. three bucks trippant erminois, on a chief or, three crescents sa. Crest—A demi buck springing per fesse or and az. charged with two crescents counterchanged.
7) (John George Green, Esq., of Buckden, grandnephew of the late Dr. John Green, Bishop of Lincoln, descended from an old and respectable Yorkshire family). Az. three stags trippant or.
8) Ar. on a fesse wavy gu. betw. two torteaux in chief, each charged with a bull’s head couped of the field, and in base a ship in full sail ppr. a griffin pass. betw. two escallops or. Crest—On a mount vert a squirrel sejant ppr. holding an escallop az.
9) (Abingdon, co. Berks, and London). Az. a pheon betw. three bucks trippant or. Crest—A stag’s head erased and attired or, charged on the neck with a pheon sa. underneath which are three guttees de sang.
10) (Great Kingshill, co. Buckingham; granted 13 Dec. 1768). Az.a chev. engr. ar. guttee de sang fimbriated or, in base an estoile of the second, on a chief embattled gold, two leopards’ heads vert. Crest—Out of a mural crown ar. a demi lion ramp. purp. in the dexter paw a slip of laurel vert.
11) (Boys’ Hall, co. Essex, and co. Oxford; confirmed by Camden). Az. three bucks trippant (another, courant) or.
12) (Bristol, and Barnet, co. Herts). Az. three bucks trippant or, a crescent for diff. Crest—A buck’s head erased erm. attired or.
13) (Samford, co. Essex). Gu. a lion ramp. ar. crowned or, a bordure engr. of the third.
14) (co. Essex). Per fesse sa. and ar. a lion ramp. counterchanged, a bordure engr. gu.
15) (co. Essex). Ar. on a cross engr. gu. an annulet or. Crest—A lion sejant per pale or and sa.
16) (Gurlingham). Ar. a buglehorn betw. three griffins’ heads erased sa.
17) (Dunsby, Spelding, co. Lincoln, and Great Caddesden, co. Herts). Az. three bucks trippant or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet a buck’s head all ppr.
18) (cos. Hertford and Nottingham, and Awkeley Hall, co. York). Ar. on a fesse az. betw. three pellets, each charged with a lion’s head erased of the first, a griffin pass. betw. two escallops or. Crest—A woodpecker picking a staff couped, raguled, and erect, all ppr.
19) (co. Kent). Gu. a cross crosslet erm. a bordure gobonated ar. and sa.
20) (co. Leicester, and Drayton, co. Northampton). Ar. a cross engr. gu.
21) (London and Norwich). Az. a chev. embattled betw. three bucks or. Crest—A buck’s head erased or, attired ar. murally gorged and chained of the last.
22) (Milton-Chevsdon, co. Somerset; granted 1529). Ar. a fret az. charged with nine bezants, on a chief sa. a stag trippant or, betw. two mullets of the last pierced gu. Crest—A cubit arm erect, vested vert, cuffed or, holding in the hand a bunch of holly ppr. fructed gu.
23) (co. Norfolk). Az. a chev. betw. three bucks trippant or.
24) (co. Norfolk, and Wilby). Per pale az. and gu. a chev. betw. three bucks trippant or. Crest—A stag’s head erased az. attired or.
25) (Knapton, co. Norfolk). Az. a fret engr. ar. betw. three bucks pass. or. Crest—A dragon without wings pass. per fesse or and vert.
26) (co. Norfolk). Ar. on a cross engr. gu. five crescents of the field.
27) (co. Northampton). Az. three bucks pass, or (another, ppr.).
28) (co. Northumberland). Az. three bucks pass. ar.
29) (co. Oxford, 1605). Az. three bucks or, a mullet for diff. Crest—A buck’s head or, charged on the neck with a mullet sa.
30) (Newby, co. York). Ar. a chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis sa.
31) (Stock Newton). Same Arms. Crest—A demi greyhound.
32) (co. Suffolk). Vert a chev. or, betw. three bezants.
33) (co. Suffolk). Or, a cross engr. gu.
34) (Wykin, co. Warwick, and Rolleston, co. Leicester). Az. three bucks trippant, within a bordure or, quartering Pell, Fortrey, Jocelyn, Bardolf, &c. Crest—Out of park pales, in a circular form, a stag’s head ppr. attired or.

General Sir Charles Green, 1st Baronet
General Sir Charles Green, 1st Baronet, of Milnrow (1749-1831)

35) (Stanleche, co. Wilts, and co. York). Ar. on a cross engr. gu. five crescents or, a chief az. charged with three bezants. Crest—A griffin’s head erased, quarterly, or and sa. in the beak a trefoil slipped of the last.
36) (Horsforth Green, co. York). Ar. on a chev. bettv. three fleurs-de-lis sa. as many escallops of the field.
37) (granted by Le Neve, 1725). Gu. on a lion ramp, within a bordure engr. ar. a boar’s head couped sa. Crest—A rose gu. barbed vert, seeded or, environed by two laurel branches of the second.
38) Ar. three griffins’ heads erased sa.
39) Gu. a demi lion ramp. ar. crowned or.
40) Ar. fretty sa. on a canton of the second a buck pass. or.
41) Az. a fesse betw. three catharine wheels ar.
42) Chequy or and ar. (another, or and az.) within a bordure gu.
43) Ar. a fesse dancettee betw. three leopards’ faces sa.
44) (Thundercliffe Grange, Sheffield; granted by Richard St. George, 6 Oct. 1612, to Thos. Green, of Cawthorn, co. York, father of James Green, of Thundercliffe). (Bancke, co. York, 1666). Az. three demi lions ramp. erased erminois. Crest—Out of a mural crown gu. a demi lion ramp. erminois.
45) (Little Sandford, co. Essex). Gu. a lion ramp. per fesse ar. and erm. crowned or.
46) Ar. three bars az. on a bend gu. as many bezants.
47) Per chev. az. and gu. three bucks in full course or.
48) (Poulton Hall, co. Chester). Az. three stags trippant or, on a chief of the last three crescents sa. Crest—A demi stag per fesse or and az. charged with two crescents counterchanged. Motto—Virtus semper viridis.
49) (Alkley, co. Nottingham). Ar. on a fesse az. betw. three pellets, each charged with a lion’s head erased of the field, a griffin pass. betw. two escallops or. Crest—A woodpecker, with his beak against the trunk of a tree ppr.
50) (Lichfield). Az. three stags trippant or, quartering, ar. a cross wavy sa. in the dexter chief quarter an eagle displ. of the last, for Webb, and, or, a torteau betw. four saltires hummetee gu., for Jevon. Crest—A stag’s head erased or.
51) (confirmed by Camden, Clarenceux, to Sir William Greene, co. Oxford, 1603;. Az. three stags trippant or, a mallet for diff. Crest—A buck’s head couped or, charged with a mullet for diff.
52) (quartered by Verney, of Compton, co. Warwick. Har. MS. 1167). Az. three stags trippant within a border or.
53) Chequy or and az. a bordure gu.
54) (Navestock, co. Essex). Az. a stag trippant or. Crest—A stag’s head or.
55) (Mitcham, co. Surrey; granted Jan. 1663). Per pale az. and sa. three bucks trippant or.
56) (Slyne, co. Lancaster, temp. James I., an ancient family now represented by Thomas Greene, of Slyne, near Lancaster, and of Whittington Hall, Burton, co. Westmoreland, Esq., M.P.). Vert on a fesse invecked or, betw. in chief two pheons ar. and in base a buglehorn ar. stringed gu. three fleurs-de-lis of the last. Crest—A atag ppr. gorged with a collar invecked vert, a shield suspended therefrom or, charged with a rose gu.
57) (Alderman of Chester, 1602). Gu. a lion ramp. per fesse ar. and sa. crowned or, langued az. charged on the shoulder with a trefoil vert.
58) (Greene’s Norton, co. Northampton). Az. three bucks trippant or.
59) (New England; descended from John Greene, a descendant of the Greenes, of co. Northampton, who emigrated to New England in 1635; was a companion of Roger Williams, and a party to the Providence Purchase from the Indians; his descendant, Gardiner Greene, Esq., of Boston, m. Elizabeth Clarke Copley, sister of Lord Lyndhurst). Same Arms Crest—A buck’s head or.

Sir Edward Green, 1st Baronet, of Wakefield
Sir Edward Green, 1st Baronet, of Wakefield MP (1831-1923)

60) (Kilmanahan Castle, near Clonmel, Ireland). Az. three bucks trippant or. Crest—Out of a ducal coronet a buck’s head or. Motto—Nec timeo nec sperno.
61) (Kilranalagh, co. Wicklow). Az. three bucks trippant or. Crest—A buck’s head or. Motto—Nec timeo nec spemo.
62) (Wexford; Reg. Ulster’s Office). Vert three stags trippant or.
63) (Kilmainham; Reg. Ulster’s Office). Ar. on a chev. az. betw. three pomeis, each charged with a stag trippant or, a horse’s bit betw. two stirrups of the last.
64) (Greeneville, co. Kilkenny). Az. three stags trippant or. Crest: Out of a ducal coronet a stag’s head or. Motto—Nec timeo nec sperno.
65) (Milton Clifton, co. Somerset; John Greene, temp. James I., son of Bartholomew Greene, grandson of Mathew Greene, and great-grandson of William Greene, all of same place. Visit. Somerset, 1623). Ar. on a fret az. five bezants a chief sa. charged with a buck statant betw. two mullets or, pierced gu. Crest—An arm erect habited vert, holding in the hand a branch of holly ppr. fructed gu.