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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Munster Grillagh, co. Londonderry, bart.) Quarterly, 1st and 4th, az. on a fesse betw. three lozenges ar. a trefoil slipped vert, for Griffith; 2nd and 3rd, gu. a chev. erm. betw. three Englishmen’s heads in profile, couped at the neck and bearded ppr., for Griffith, of Penrhyn. Crest—On a ducal coronet a griffin segreant or, charged on the shoulder with a trefoil vert. Motto—Jovis omnia plena.
2) (Bristol; granted 1 November, 1623). Barry of six ar. and sa. three griffins segreant or. Crest—A wolf’s head couped sa. semee d’estoiles or.
3) (Penrhyn, co. Carnarvon). Gu. a chev. erm. betw. three old men’s heads in profile, couped at the neck ppr.
4) (Woodhouse and Barrow-Super-Soar, co. Leicester; Francis Griffith, aged 16, Visit. 1619, grandson of Francis Griffith, Page to Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, temp. Henry VIII.). Per chev. ar. and gu. three stags’ heads cabossed counterchanged.
5) (Wales). Ar. a chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis gu.
6) (Wales). Gu. a chev. ar. betw. three stags’ heads cabossed per pale of the second and or.
7) (co. York). Erm. a bend gu. cotised or.
8) (Burton Agnes, co. York, bart., extinct 1656; Sir Henry Griffith was so created in 1627; his dau. and eventual heiress, Frances, to. Sir Matthew Boynton, of Boynton and Barmston, bart.). (Wichnor, co. Stafford). Gu. on a fesse dancettee ar. betw. six lions ramp. or, three martlets sa.
9) Same Arms. Crest—A woman’s head couped at the shoulders ppr. hair or.
10) (William Griffith, Esq., co. Gloucester). Same Arms. Crest—A female head affrontee ppr. and over it the Motto—A fin.
11) Or, a lion ramp. sa. Crest—A lion ramp. sa.
12) Gu. a chev. ar. betw. two Saracens’ heads in chief couped or, wreathed az. and sa. in base one of the same erased of the second, haired and bearded of the third. Crest—A buck’s head cabossed per pale or and ar.
13) Az. a fesse betw. three fusils (another, lozenges) ar.
14) Gu. on a fesse indented betw. six griffins segreant or, three martlets sa.
15) Sa. three crosses pattee or, a label ar.
16) Sa. a chev. betw. three fleurs-de-lis ar. Crest—A stag’s head erased holding in the mouth a sprig of oak ppr.
17) (John Griffith Griffith, Esq., of Bangor, co. Carnarvon). Paly of eight gu. and sa. a lion ramp. or, a bordure nebulee of the last. Crest—Upon a mount vert a lion statant, tail extended erm. charged on the body with three crosses pattee in fesse gu.
18) (John Griffith, Esq., of Llwynduris, co. Cardigan; registered in the College of Arms). Per chev. gu. and ar. two chevronels counterchanged betw. as many men’s heads in profile, armed in helmets, vizors up ppr. garnished or, in chief, and a lion ramp. reguard. sa. in base, for Griffith; quarterly, vert and erm. in the 2nd and 3rd quarters a trefoil slipped ppr. on a bend wavy ar. a cinquefoil gu. betw. two caltraps sa., for Sandham. Crest—Griffith: A griffin reguard. sa. wings elevated or, in the mouth an arrow, the barb, downwards ppr. the dexter fore-claw resting upon a man’s head in profile armed in a helmet, as in the arms. Motto—Le bon temps viendra.
19) Gu. a cross ar.
20) or Griffon – Sa. a griffin segreant or.
21) Ap Griffith – Or, a lion ramp. gu. Crest—A buck’s head cabossed per pale or and ar.
22) Griffith Maelor (Lord of Bromfield, eldest son of Madoc ap Meredith, last Prince of Powys-Fadoc. Descendants: 1) Owen ap Griffith Vychan, Lord of Glyndwrdwy, celebrated as Owen Glendower; 2) TUdor ap Griffith Vychan, Lord of Gwyddelwern). Paly of eight ar. and gu. over all a lion ramp. sa.
23) Griffith ap Cynan (King of North Wales, Founder of the 1) Royal Tribe of Wales, derived from Anarawd, King of North Wales, eldest son of Rhodri Mawr, King of Wales. Descendants: 2) Princes of North Wales; 3) David Goch, ap David, Lord of Penmachno; 4) Roderick, ap Owen Gwynedd, Lord of Anglesea). Gu. three lioncels pass, in pale ar. armed az.
24) Griffith ap Jenkyn (Wales; quartered by Glynne Mytton, Esq., of Pontyscowred and North Cleobury, co. Salop). Sa. a chev. or, betw. three owls ar.
25) Griffith ap Nicholas (co. Herts). Ar. a chev. sa. betw. three Cornish choughs of the last, beaked and membered gu.
26) (Garn, co. Denbigh; derived from Madoc Ddu, of North Wales, a descendant of Edwin, Lord of Tegengl). Paly of six ar. and sa.
27) (Caer Rhun, co. Carnarvon, Brongain, co. Montgomery, &c.; descended from Idnerth Benvras, Lord of Maesbrook, descended from Edwin, Lord of Tegengl). Ar. a cross flory engr. sa. betw. four Cornish choughs ppr. on a chief az. a boar’s head couped ar. tusked or, and langued gu.
28) (Rev. Thomas Griffith, M.A., Prebendary of St. Paul’s, son of Benjamin Griffith, by his wife, the dau. and co-heir of Richard Jackman, Esq.). Or, on a bend gu. betw. two griffins segreant az. three mullets pierced ar. quartering, Jackman, viz., Per saltire ar. and sa. two eagles displ. of the last. Crest—A griffin’s head erased sa. guttee d’or.
29) (arms in the Crown Inn, Aylesbury, co. Bucks. Visit. Oxon, 1574). Sa. a wyvern or.
30) (Prince of Upper Powys). Or, a lion’s gamb erased in bend gu.
31) (Sir Howel ap Griffith, Knt) – Gu. a chev. or, betw. three stars of the second.
32) (ap Rhys) (Gloddoeth, in Cryddyn, whose dau. and heiress, Margaret, vi. in 1640 Howel ap Evan Vychan, ancestor of Mostyn, Bart., of Mostyn, co. Flint). Gu. a chev. ar. betw. three plates.
33) (co. Warwick). Sa. a griffin segreant ar. a crescent for diff.
34) (Penprompren, co. Cardigan, and Trevalyn Hall, co. Denbigh; an ancient family in that county, of which was John Griffith. Esq., High Sheriff of the county in 1757). Ar. a lion pass. sa. betw. three fleurs-de-lis gu. Crest—A lion pass. sa.
35) ap Llewellin (son of Hwlkyn ap Howell ap Yerworth, which Howell altered his paternal coat of arms. He was descended from Hwva ap Kynddelw, “one of ye 15 Tribes in accompt amongst ye Brittaines ’’). Gu. a lion pass. ar.
36) Griffith Goch (Lord of Ross and Rhyvoniog; lineally descended from Marchudd ap Cynan, Founder of the VIII. Noble Tribe of North Wales). Descendants: 1) Conway, of Bryn Eirin; 2) Hughes, of Cefen Garlley; 3) Lewis, of Llwyn Gwren; 4) Lloyd, of Dolin Ederion. Or, a griffin segreant gu.
37) (Fun. Ent. of Judge Griffith, buried in Christ Church, Dublin, 2 Nov. 1666). Sa. semee of roses and a lion ramp. ar.
38) (city of Durham, originally of co. Carnarvon; represented by John Charles Griffith, Esq., of Prior’s Mesne, co. Gloucester, J.P., and of Morden, co. Durham). Erm. a lion ramp. gu. Crest—A demi man az. with a cloth round the loins indented at the bottom, on the dexter breast a sun, and on the sinister a crescent and on the stomach seven stars, in the dexter hand a spear the end resting on the thigh all or, the sinister arm resting on that thigh.
39) (Chwaen, Isle of Anglesea). Gu. a chev. betw. three lions ramp. or.
40) (Thorn Grove Park, near Worcester). Or, a lion ramp. gu. Crest—A demi lion ramp. gu.
41) Gu. a chev. betw. three Saxons’ heads in profile, two in chief couped ar. charged with an erm. spot ea. the one in base erased per fesse of the last. Crest—A stag’s head cabossed per pale gu. and az. betw. the attires or, an estoile of eight points gold.
42) (co. Hereford). Ar. on a fesse dancettee gu. voided of the field three blackbirds ppr. in chief a griffin segreant betw. two crickets of the second. Crest—A wolf’s head sa. semee d’estoilcs or. Motto—Firmitas et sanitas.
43) (Henry St. George Griffiths, Esq.). Ar. two bars dancettee gu. betw. in chief a griffin segreant betw. two grasshoppers, and in base three ravens sa.
44) (Dinthill, co. Salop; of whom were Samuel Griffiths, Esq., Sheriff, 1759, and Joseph Griffiths, Esq., Sheriff, 1771. The late representative, Leighton Delamore Griffiths, Esq., sold the estate). Ar. three boars’ heads couped sa.
45) Erm. a lion ramp. gu. Crest—A griffin’s head erased or (another, ppr.). Motto—Non crux sed lux.
46) Az. a fesse betw. three lozenges ar.
47) Gu. six escallops ar. three, two, and one, a chief embattled of the second.
48) (Anglicized form of Gruffudd, of Penrhyn, Llandygai, Wales descended from Gwilym ap Gruffudd ap Gwilym) Gules, a chevron sable between three human heads, argent (or proper). (Source: Siddon’s Welsh Heraldry)
49) (Motto: Omnis a Deo protestas. Bookplate —– Griffith, Phila., and R. Eglesfield Griffith) Ermine a lion rampant or Crest: a griffin’s head erased or. (Source: Bolton’s American Armory)
50) (Motto: Benevolentia et justitia Bookplate William Griffiths of Phila. Zieber’s Heral., pp. 324-5.) Argent on a cross sable five crescents In the dexter chief a spear head erect Crest: a griffin passant.
51) (William Griffith of Oneida County, New York, 1721, from Cardigan, Wales). Gules, three lioncels passant in pale argent, armed azure. Crest: A demi-lion rampant sable armed gules. Motto: Virtus omnia nobilitat. (Source: Crozier’s General Armory)
52) (Willaim Herrick Griffith of Albany, New York, born 1866, the son of Edwin Henry Griffith and Mary Louisa Knowlton. He descended from William Griffith who came to American from Cardigan, Wales in 1731, a lineal descendant of Llewellyn, Price of North Wales. He had a daughter named Margaret Frances in 1892).
53) Quarterly, 1st and 6th gules, three lions passant argent in pale, armed azure (for Griffith); 2nd argent, a fesse vaire or, and gules (for Herrick); 3rd argent, a chevron gules, between three ducal coronets sable (for Knowlton); 4th azure, three lozenges or (for Freeman); 5th argent, a chevron between three cross-crosslets sable (for Southworth). (Source: Matthew’s American Armoury).

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