Harris Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History


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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Earl of Malmesbury). Mottoes—Over the crest, on an orange-coloured label: Je maintiendrai, the motto of the House of Nassau; under the shield: Ubique patriam reminisci. Ar. a chev. erminois betw. three hedgehogs or, on a chief ar. the eagle of Prussia displ. sa. beaked, legged, and langued gu. on the breast the cipher F. R., and over it the electoral cap, in the dexter claw a sceptre, and in the sinister a mound all gold, and on each wing a trefoil ar. Crest—A hedgehog or, charged on the side with three arrows, one in pale and two in saltire ar. and across them barways a key az. Supporters—Dexter, the Prussian eagle, wings elevated sa. crowned and charged on the breast and wings as that on the chief of the arms; sinister, a reindeer ppr.
2) (Baron Harris). Motto—My prince and my country. Vert upon a chev. embattled erminois betw. three hedgehogs or, as many bombs sa. fired ppr. upon a chief of augmentation ar. the gates and fortress of Seringapatam, the draw-bridge let down, and the Union flag of Great Britain and Ireland hoisted over the standard of Tippoo all ppr. Crest—On a mural crown or, a royal tiger pass. guard. vert, striped or spotted gold, pierced in the breast with an arrow of the last, vulned gu. charged on the forehead with a Persian character for Hyder, and crowned with an Eastern coronet, both of the first. Supporters—Dexter, a grenadier soldier of the 73rd regiment, in his regimentals ppr. supporting with the exterior hand a staff, thereon hoisted the Union flag of Great Britain and Ireland, over that of the standard of Tippoo Sultan, and beneath the tri-coloured flag entwined, inscribed with the word “Republique;” sinister, a Malay soldier in his uniform ppr. supporting a like staff, thereon hoisted the flag of the E. 1. Co., ar. striped barwise gu. with a canton over the standard of Tippoo Sultan, with the tri-coloured flag entwined beneath, as on the dexter, inscribed with the word “Framjaise” all ppr.
3) (Cherston, co. Devon; Sir Edward Harris, Chief Justice of Munster, and his cousin, Arthur Harris, grandsons of Walter Harris, co. Monmouth. Visit. Devon. 1620). Sa. an antelope saliant ar. armed and crined or. Crest—A demi antelope, as in the arms.
4) (Radford, co. Devon, and Lanrest, co. Cornwall. Visit. Devon, 1620). Sa. three crescents ar. Crest—An eagle displ. or.
5) (co. Cornwall. Visit. Cornwall, 1620). Same Arms, with a border ar.
6) (Boreatton, co. Salop, bart., extinct 1685; Sir Thomas Harris, of Boreatton, Master in Chancery, created a bart. in 1622). Or, three hedgehogs az. Crest—A hedgehog or.
7) (Hayne, co. Devon, bart., extinct 1686; William Harris, temp. Edward IV., descended from Harris, of Radford, m. Thomasine, dau. and heiress of Walter Hayne, Esq., of Hayne). (Kenegie, co. Cornwall). Sa. three crescents ar. a border of the last.
8) (Windsor, co. Berks). Erm. on a bend az. three hedgehogs or. Crest—A demi pegasus gu. wings endorsed or.
9) (cos. Chester and Devon). Ar. on a fesse betw. three Moors’ heads couped at the shoulders sa. as many martlets of the field.
10) (co. Cornwall, Eyston, co. Devon, and co. Hertford). Sa. three crescents and a bordure ar. Crest—On a stump of a tree raguly, lying fesseways vert, a falcon rising erm. beaked and legged or. Another Crest—On the stump of a tree lying fesseways a hawk, wings expanded ppr. beaked, membered, and belled or.
11) (co. Cornwall). Gu. fretty ar. a canton of the second.
12) (cos. Devon and Monmouth). Sa. an antelope saliant ar. attired, tufted, and maned or. Crest—A demi antelope, as in the arms, saliant and erased.
13) (Cricksey, co. Essex). Or, on a bend engr. az. three cinquefoils ar. pierced of the field. Crest—A demi hare saliant ppr.
14) (Maldon, co. Essex). Or, on a bend az. three cinquefoils pierced of the field. Crest—A talbot sejant or. Another Crest—A buck’s head chequy ar. and az. attired or.
15) (granted to George David Harris, Esq., of the Bahamas). Motto—True and fast. Sa. on a fesse wavy betw. three sea dogs courant or, as many Cornish choughs ppr. Crest—In front of a rock ppr. a demi sea dog or, gorged with a collar gemel sa. and grasping a Cornish chough also ppr.
16) (co. Salop; granted by Camden, Clarenceux, 1604, to Sir Thomas Harris, Serjeant-at-law). Barry of eight erm. and az. three annulets or. Crest—An eagle preying on a. cock ppr.
17) (Loughton, co. Essex, and Prickwell, co. Sussex). Ar. on a chev. engr. betw. three wolves’ heads erased sa. a lozenge or, betw. two fishes of the first.
18) (co. Hants). Erm. five bars gu.
19) (co. Kent). Erm. on a chev. az. betw. two anchors in chief and a crescent in base gu. a cinquefoil betw. two escallops or.
20) (London). Sa. three crescents and a bordure ar. Crest—A winged heart gu. imperially crowned or.
21) (co. Essex). Ar. on a chev. engr. sa. betw. three hounds gu. a trefoil or, betw. two fusils of the field.
22) (Middle Temple, London; granted 10 April, 1671). Ar. on a bend engr. sa. three cinquefoils of the first.
23) (Abcot, co. Salop). Motto—Ubique patriam reminisci. Az. a chev. erm. betw. three hedgehogs or. Crest—A hedgehog or. Another Crest—A pelican in her piety ppr. (another, a demi pelican ppr.)
24) (Stockton, co. Salop). Az. a chev. ar. betw. three hedgehogs or. Crest—A hedgehog or.
25) (co. Surrey). Sa. a chev. betw. three hedgehogs ar.
26) Ar. a chev. erminois betw. three hedgehogs or, a label for diff. Crest—A hedgehog or, charged on the side with a key in pale az. Motto—Ubique patriam reminisci.
27) (Cousland). Ar. a thistle vert flowered gu. betw. three hedgehogs sa.
28) Ar. a lion ramp. gu. over all a chev. or.
29) Erm. on. a bend az. three urchins or.
30) (Cusgarne, co. Cornwall; quartered by Williams, of Tregullow, bart.). Sa. a tilting spear fesswise betw. three crescents ar.
31) (Rosewarne, in Camborne, co. Cornwall). Quarterly, 1st and 4th, per pale sa. and az. on a fesse engr. betw. three crescents or, as many crosses fitchee sa.; 2nd, sa. three cresceuts ar.; 3rd, gu. three paschal lambs ar., for Rowe. Crest—A falcon rising erm. belled and spurred or.
32) (Ratcliffe Hall, co. Leicester; John Dove Harris, Esq., M.P. for Leicester). Motto—Virtute et opera. Az. on a pile betw. two cinquefoils in base ar. a cinquefoil of the field. Crest—A fernbrake ppr. therefrom rising a dove reguard. az. beaked and me­bered gu. in the beak a trefoil vert.
33) (Ireland; Fun. Ent. of Sir Thomas Southwell, Knt., of Polenelony, co. Cork, d. 1626, vi. Anne, dau. of Mr. Serjeant Harris, and sister of Sir Edward Harris, one of the Justices of the Court of Chief Pleas in Ireland). Sa. three crescents ar. in chief three plates.
34) (Sir Edward Harris, Judge of the King’s Bench in Ireland. Fun. Ent. of his wife, 1637). Sa. three crescents ar. in chief as many plates.
35) (Impalement Fun. Ent., 1666, Judge Griffith). Barry of eight erm. and az. three annulets or.
36) (Lakeview, Blackrock, co. Cork; confirmed to William Prittie Harris, Esq., of that place (of the family of Harris, of Assolas, co. Cork), son of the late William Harris, of Kilbarny, and grandson of Richard Harris, of Lisgriffin Castle, co. Cork, and their descendants). Motto—Industria veritas et hospitalitas. Az. a chev. betw. three hegdehogs or, on a chief ar. as many cinquefoils pierced gu. Crest—A demi lion ramp. or, holding betw. the paws a cinquefoil pierced gu.
37) (Lunefield, Kirkby Lonsdale, Carnforth, co. Lancaster and Oxton Hall, Tadcaster, co. York, Alfred Harris, Esq., son of Richard Harris, Esq., of Walworth). Az. on a chev. erm. betw. three hedgehogs or, as many wheat stalks bladed vert in precise middle chief a faggot of the third, banded of the fourth. Crest—In front of a demi pelican displ. collared gemel az. and charged on the breast with three gouttes de sang, a faggot fesseways ppr. banded vert.
38) (Westcotes, co. Leicester). Motto—In Deo solum robur. Sa. three piles, two issuant from the chief and one from the base or, each charged with a bull’s head cabossed of the field. Crest— Owl of the battlements of a tower or, a bull’s head sa. on the neck a cinquefoil gold.