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Headworth Origin:


Origins of Name:

The surname of Headworth comes from the village Headworth and derives from a locational near Jarrow in the county of Northumberland. This surname could also be granted to lords of the manor or their descendants, or when people arrived in the town in search of work. Normally people in medieval times would call people by their place of origin and even up until the 20th century if someone new arrived in town it was still commonplace. Normally a similar sounding name would also be used.


More common variations are: Hedworth, Hadworth, Heidworth, Hetworth, Hatworth, Hedwierth, Hoodworth, Hidworthy, Hadrath, Hadrith



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Headworth was in 1086 in the Domesday Book, and was listed as Heapeworp not Headsworth. This name meant the area of worp was covered by heather. The original recordings of Northumberland did not have any recordings of the name spelled as Headworth.

Other early examples of the surname was Adryan Hedworthe of Newcastle upon Tyne listed in 1642. Robert Headworth at the St Dunstans church in East, Stephney London in 1709 was also recorded. The first modern recording of the name was for Bridget Hedworthe in 1575 under Queen Elizabeth the first at St Martins in the Field.

The Monkton township in Durham was also significant to the family name of Headworth. The neighboring town of Southwidk was at one time the property of a family, Suthwyk, and they would be usurped by the growing family posessions of the Hedworths.

United States

The Great Migration saw many English families move to the New World. As thousands left England, many left but did not arrive in the US, but those that did would make a significant contribution to their countries. Early immigration records show that Alexander Hedworth at the age of 42 arrived at Ellis Island in North America. Doris Hedworth at the young age of 9 arrived at Ellis Island also from Shielas England in the year 1916. They would both eventually settle in America to form a new life.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Headworth:

United States 83, England 59, Canada 12, Scotland 1, Australia 1, Russia 1

Notable People:

Chris Hedworth (1964) center half fielder for English football club. 10 year career played for various clubs in northern England.

Henry Hedworth (1626 – 1705) The first person to introduce the Latin term Unitarian to the English language. This was a notable accomplishment at the time. He was a student of John Biddle and friends with Thomas Firmin. Bill Hedworth (1900) a maker of Northumbrian smallpipes and for a period of time the only person making these pipes. He was a lifelong businessman and considered very important in maintaining the instruments even when demand had fallen considerably.

Ian Hedworth (1926) was the baron of Gilmour of craigmillar. He was a conservative politician in the United Kingdom and was styled Ian Gilmore from 1977 onward. He was secretary of state for defense in 1974.

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

Ar. two bars gu. on a canton of the second a cross moline or.

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