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England, Ireland, France

Origins of Henry:

The surname of Henry is said to have roots within three different cultures, including the Irish, the French, and the English. It is said that the original derivation of the surname of Henry actually comes from the Old Germanic language, and stems from the word of “haimirich” which can be translated to mean “home ruler.” The old Germanic word of “haimirich” itself comes from the elements of “haim” which can be translated to mean “home” and the word “ric” which can be translated to mean “powerful.” It is said to be a patronymic surname, meaning “the son of Henry.” In the Irish culture, the surname of Henry derives from the Old Gaelic surname form of “O’ hInneirghe” which is said to be able to be translated to mean “one who is easily roused,” or “one who rises early.” The Irish surname of “O’ hInneirghe” was eventually evolved into the surname McEnery, which is from where the surname of Henry hailed in this country. Throughout the ages, the personal given name of Henry rose in popularity due to the eight kings who bore this name. Thus the surname of Henry is quite common because of the patronymic connotations of the surname.


More common variations are: Hendry, Hendrie, Henson, Henery, Henrey, Henary, Hennry, Heenry, Heinry, Henrry, Henury, Henroy, Henri



The first recorded spelling of the surname of Henry was found in the country of England. One person who was born with the name of Willelmus Henryson was mentioned and named in the Poll Tax of Yorkshire in the year of 1379. This document was ordered, decreed, and written under the reign of King Richard II of England, who was commonly referred to throughout the ages as one “Richard of Bordeaux.” King Richard II of England ruled from the year 1377 until the year od 1399. Those who bear the surname of Henry can be found throughout the country of England. The areas with the larger concentrations of those people who bear the surname of Henry can be found in the counties of Yorkshire and Lancashire, as well as the areas in and around the city of London.


Those who bear the surname of Henry can be found within the country of Wales. The area within the country of Wales that has the largest population of those who carry the surname of Henry can be found within the county of Glamorgan.


Within the country of Scotland, there are many people who bear the surname of Henry. The area that has the most people who are known by the surname of Henry is Lanarkshire County, which is closely followed by the county of Kirkcudbrightshire.

United States of America:

Throughout the 17th Century, it became common for European citizens to migrate to the United States of America. This movement of people was referred to as The European Migration. The first person to carry the surname of Henry in the United States was one Andrew Henry, who landed in the state of Virginia in the year 1651. Those who bear the surname of Henry can be found within the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.

Here is the population distribution of the last name Henry: United States 182,339; Nigeria 81,308; France 43,583; Uganda 28,940; England 20,505; Tanzania 19,604; Jamaica 19,025; Canada 16,391; Haiti 10,932; South Africa 9,315

Notable People:

Gloria Henry (1923-1959) who was born with the name of Gloria McEniry, and who was an actress from America, who was most notably recognized for her portrayal of “Alice Mitchell” who was the mother on the popular CBS sitcom “Dennis the Menace” which ran from the year 1959 to the year 1963

William A. Henry III (1950-1994) who was an award-winning cultural critic from America, who was also an author who received the Pulitzer Prize for Criticism in the year 1980

Mike Henry (born in 1965) who is a writer, singer, producer, voice actor and comedian from America

Private Robert T Henry (1923-1944) who was a soldier from America who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in the year of 1944

Beulah Louise Henry (1887-1973) who was an inventor from America who was known by the nickname of “Lady Edison”

Benjamin Tyler Henry (1821-1898) who was an inventor from America, invented the Henry rifle

Augustine Henry (1857-1930) who was a botanist from Ireland, and who was the generator of names for many different kinds of plants, including but not limited to trees and shrubs

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Blazons & Genealogy Notes

1) (Poston, co. Hereford). (alias Harry). Ar. a fesse betw. three lozenges az. a bordure of the last. Crest—An angel’s head couped below the breast ppr., wings expanded, vested az.
2) Fitz-Henry, or Fitz-Harry, or Harry Ar. on a cross engr. sa. an annulet or.

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